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Código: 106565947l5
Número de Grupo: 111
Inglés A2

Licenciado en Inglés
Tutor de Curso

Universidad Nacional Abierta y a Distancia – UNAD
Ingeniería Industrial

Valledupar – 06/09/2016

d.ASSIGNMENT 1. Blog Debate Assignment 9. Unit 2 Test Assignment 7. There is an activity where you have to meet with your tutor by Skype or another media. Writing Session Assignment 4. Speaking Session Assignment 6. How many exams does the final evaluation have? It has only one attempt allowed. Your tutor’s name is Karen Villalba Ramos. Recognition Forum Assignment 2. Final Exam Grade 15 10 75 50 75 50 50 50 125 Closed on 06-Septiembre-2016 06-Septiembre-2016 17-octubre-2016 19-octubre-2016 07-Noviembre-2016 13-Noviembre-2016 26-Noviembre-2016 10-Noviembre-2016 11-Diciembre-2016 a. RECOGNITION FORUM PART 1 Activity Assignment 1. Take a screen shot of your profile in this course. Unit 1 Test Assignment 5. Previous Knowledge Assignment 3. your course director is María Cristina Otálora and your group is 111. Unit 3 Test Assignment 8. Speaking Session c. b. with all the information actualized Example: . which one is it? It’s the Assignment 5.

This language also serves me to disseminate knowledge learned with my family and friends . I’m student of industrial engineering.either that really need it or who are interested in learning it and handle it. What are you studying? e.Your opinion Build a small paragraph (10 lines) answering why english is important in your life and how do you think it will be used in your carrier. What do you do in your free time?  My name is Guillermo Ruiz. PART 3. I think it is important for my life because one of my biggest ambitions has always been go to live in London and dominate the english would be a requirement and a great platform to meet my goal.PART 2. I live in the city of Valledupar in the neighborhood of Alamos 2. I’m 22 years old. in my spare time i like jogging and watch movies.About you a. How old are you? c. I believe that in my training as an engineer and to being formed with knowledge of English would help me find a job more quickly and I would give the ability to access good job offers. . being an honor for me to propagate one of the languages I find most amazing. What’s your name? b. achieving so not only improve my style and quality of life but also that of my family. The english for me has always been important. have always felt very attracted by this fascinating language. Where do you live? (city and neighborhood) d.