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1. Petrochemical wastewater treatment by photo-fenton process
Rubio-Clemente, Ainhoa (1); Chica, E. (2); Peñuela, Gustavo A. (1)
Source: Water, Air, and Soil Pollution, v 226, n 3, March 2015; ISSN: 00496979, E-ISSN: 15732932; DOI: 10.1007/
s11270-015-2321-x; Article number: 62; Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers
Author affiliation: (1) Grupo de Diagnóstico y Control de la Contaminación-GDCON, Facultad de Ingeniería,
Universidad de Antioquia UdeA, Calle 70, Medellín, Colombia (2) Departamento de Ingeniería Mecánica, Facultad de
Ingeniería, Universidad de Antioquia, Calle 67, Medellín, Colombia
Abstract: In recent decades, the rise in the generation of extremely toxic and refractory wastewaters, as petroleum
refinery plant effluents, is demanding increasingly efficient treatment technologies, among which photo-Fenton
advanced oxidation processes are highlighted due to their rapid and effective petroleum-derived pollutant degradation.
However, these systems are costly for their application at industrial scale, especially due to the associated electric
energy and reagent costs. Several strategies have been adapted for overcoming these limitations, including the use
of ferricarboxylate complexes or heterogeneous iron catalysts, the automated dosing of the oxidant, and even the
combination of different AOPs, such as photo-electro-Fenton or sono-photo-Fenton hybrid methods. Nonetheless, the
reduction of energy costs is not successfully accomplished. In this sense, further studies are required for minimizing
operational costs by taking profit of solar light and coupling photo-Fenton-derived processes to biological treatments
so industries can afford to implement these degradation systems and thus meet environmental legislation. © 2015
Springer International Publishing Switzerland. (82 refs)
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Controlled terms: Biochemical engineering - Catalysts - Costs - Effluents - Oxidation resistance - Petrochemicals Wastewater treatment
Uncontrolled terms: Advanced Oxidation Processes - Biological treatment - Hybrid method - Petrochemical
wastewater - Photo-Fenton system - Solar light
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DisposalIndustrial Wastes Treatment and Disposal - 539.1 Metals CorrosionMetals Corrosion - 741 Light, Optics and
Optical DevicesLight, Optics and Optical Devices - 803 Chemical Agents and Basic Industrial ChemicalsChemical
Agents and Basic Industrial Chemicals - 804 Chemical Products GenerallyChemical Products Generally - 804.1
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