Westminster Official Blood Bowl League- Rules for Season 1

Thank you for participating in Season 1 of the Westminster Official Blood Bowl League
(WOBBL)! The goal is for all Coaches (that’s you!) to have fun with this wonderful game
which we believe has the perfect mix of friendliness, randomness, and competitiveness.
League Basics
1. All Coaches are required to read these rules and are expected to know them.
2. The WOBBL uses the Blood bowl rules that can be found at this link http://www.gamesworkshop.com/MEDIA_CustomProductCatalog/m1310002_BB_Complete_Blood_Bowl_Rulebook.pdf

3. The league commissioner is myself (Mike Kehs). Should you have any questions,
suggestions, complaints, etc. please direct them to me.
4. There is a no fee to join in the league. I ask that you please donate food and/or snacks
during league gatherings for use by all.
Game Basics
1. Coaches are required to have his/her own team. Each model must be clearly
identifiable in relation to their position. For example, you may not have 4 of the same
model which serves as several separate positions. Please make sure your opponent is
familiar with each model and what position they represent before each game. In addition,
each player must be numbered, either on the model or on the base.
2. Coaches should have their own d6s. Block dice will be provided, but if you have them
bring them. The League Staff encourages all participants to work on obtaining everything
needed to play games without having to borrow necessary Blood Bowl gaming supplies
such as a range ruler, pitch, throw-in templates, d8, d16 (or d20), dug outs, timer, etc., but
these are not required......although having these can lead to great benefits to your team!
(see “Sponsorship Dollars” for more information).
3. Cocked Dice: When players are required to roll one or multiple dice and one or more
are “cocked” (or those that roll off the table) then all dice must be rerolled, not just the
“cocked” dice. A dice is defined as “cocked” if it has not come to rest completely on one
side. If there is any question or debate, ask for arbitration from a third party.
4. Each Coach is required to create a team roster and provide it to me. These rosters must
be updated after each match and the most up-to-date roster must be present during each
game being played.
5. Remember that the league’s main purpose is for Coaches to have fun and become
better at the game of Blood Bowl. Therefore, do not cause any unpleasantness by means
of cheating.
6. A match report must be filled out for each WOBBL regular season and post season
7. All inducements as described in the rulebook are available to Coaches. In addition,

Choose your skills carefully as all skill selections are final after the match report is complete and team roster is updated. These are the games that count for the purpose of the regular season is to win matches to seed your team in the play-offs which ultimately give Coaches a chance to go to the championship match! Match reports are required to be completed for each game (in pencil) as the results recorded will enable the League Staff to determine who will be seeded where in the play-offs. November 10.Coaches may take special play cards which are treated exactly like inducements and available for that game only. practice and more practice. Preseason: Preseason is a time of preparation. or not at all. Season 1 The WOBBL is divided into seasons. 2012 and will conclude by Saturday. 2012 and will conclude by Saturday. post season matches generate twice the number of fans and gold earned by each team! The Playoffs and The championship . October 17. Overtime is played just like a regular game with the exception that the first player to score wins and there are no team rerolls! The regular season officially begins on Saturday. with the exception of the championship game which. in front of League Staff member. Friday. ties are not allowed! Match reports are required to be completed for each match (in pencil) and team rosters must be updated. October 6 and will conclude on Saturday. rerolls. is the final match of the season. In each match the team who wins will advance to the next round. and play-offs/post season. Play-offs/Post Season: The play-offs will be a “win or go home” style bracket which is spread over a 1 day period. Overtime must be played in the post season. regular season. 8. Regular Season: The regular season lasts for 6 weeks where Coaches must complete 2 games against each other coach (see “Regular Season Schedule” below for more information). A tie is the default outcome if neither Coach can agree on how to settle the game. etc. This is also the time to try and get “last minute” Coaches to join the league and the fun! Match reports do not have to be filled out for preseason games. fan factor. preseason is all about practice. Each season is has three parts: preseason. September 21. painting and numbering the models that will represent their players. Be sure to go through the pre and post match sequence as described in the rulebook! If by the end of the second half in each game the scores are tied players can choose to call it a tie or play overtime. in summation. During this time Coaches should be putting their teams together which include assembling.) in determining what will work best for them before committing to how their team will be set up at the start of the regular season. September 21. All advancement rolls must be made in front of your opponent. Preseason is also an opportune time for coaches to try different races or roster combinations (positions. Please note that the inducements of star players and unlimited mercenaries are not available for post season games. In addition. October 6. of course. Teams will be seeded by the highest ranking team facing the lowest ranking team and so on. Season 1 officially begins on Friday.

For example. Coaches are not required to play their games in order. or the like. For example. If you only have one game left and the Coach you need to face is unresponsive then please report it to the League Staff. If additional coaches decide to play before the start of the season. any players that suffered an injury before the bye-week that would normally prohibit them from playing in their next game will be eligible to play in their next game. Stay in communication. “Week 3”. The Schedule At the start of the regular season the League Staff will release a week by week schedule showing which teams will be facing off. Each situation will be handled on a case by case basis. You are. etc. but we all need to make the effort to keep the season running smoothly.” If no regular season game or challenge game (see more below under “Challenge Games”) is played during the bye-week we can assume that the Coach has wisely chosen to give his beaten up team some time off in order to heal. To support this aspect each . “Week 6”. The reasoning behind this is due to league participants having varied “real life” schedules and the League Staff understands that certain opponents may not be available on any particular week. however only 2 regular season games can be played per week. encouraged to schedule your games as far as in advance as possible to ensure you complete your schedule. Thus. If at any time you are having trouble getting in touch with a Coach. had an unexpected emergency that would prohibit you from playing. please report it immediately to the League Staff. We very well could reward you with a victory and hand that Coach a loss under the rules of conceding! If two Coaches are obviously trying their best to make a match happen and simply can’t make it work before the end of the season or without playing two matches in one week then let the League Staff know. This can be a result of poor communication or just “real life” situations not permitting. Because you have six weeks to play all your games this means your team will typically have a “week off” or a “bye-week. if you’re trying to schedule a game with one particular Coach and can’t get a hold of him/her then move on to another game in your schedule. If we reach the end of the regular season and games are unresolved and it doesn’t look like anyone has made the necessary effort then we very well might just hand out losses! Challenge Games Blood Bowl is a great game and league participants will obviously want to do whatever they can to play more as well as earn more gold and SPPs. Again. each situation will be handled by the League Staff on a case by case basis. A particular savvy Coach will be proactive in completing all their games in the first 6 weeks in order save their “week off” right before the playoffs so they can go into the post season at full strength! Be sure to write which game you are playing at the top of the match report in regards to what week of your schedule the match falls under. Communication is the key to a successful season! One thing we’ve learned from season to season is that there are times when Coaches simply can’t connect to play their scheduled games. let us know what is going on.match will be played and resolved on Saturday. playoffs may be handled differently to limit the number of players. We might make an exception and allow more regular season matches to be played in a week or simply call the match a tie. November 17 from noon until we complete. however.

a Coach would hate to lose his most valued players in a match that won’t help him get to the post season! A match report must be filled out for each challenge game (in pencil) and you will need to write “Challenge Match” at the top of the report. are based and numbered: 50.000 gold pieces Cheerleaders: Models representing at least two cheerleaders (must be painted and based): 10.000 gold pieces Coaching Staff: Models representing a full coaching staff. losses and ties in challenge games do not count toward your regular season record. Please note that you can only receive sponsorship dollars in each category once per season and after your season roster has been finalized. Wins. and for Coaches to increase their Blood Bowl gaming supplies.000 gold pieces Wizard: An appropriate model representing the wizard inducement (must be painted and based) 5. though not by the same player. To reflect this.000 gold pieces Bribe: A referee model representing the bribe inducement (must be painted and based): 5. one assistant coach and an apothecary or Igor (must be painted and based): 15. i. These challenge games can be scheduled or simply simply impromptu during the week. however since the game hasn’t had time to be effectively promoted in Blood Bowl fantasy land you will draw less fans and less the gold. however be mindful of playing such games.Coach can play up to 4 challenges games during the regular season. There are no restrictions on who you can challenge or accept challenges from. Grudge Matches If at any time during the regular season you face the same opponent more than twice you can make an additional "foul action" each turn. Full Painted Team: All models on the roster have at least 3 colors.000 gold pieces Pitch: You have your own pitch and dugouts: 50.e. roll a D3 for determing the amount of fans and winnings in challenge games. Sponsorship Dollars To encourage the hobby aspect of the game.000 gold pieces Coach: A model that represents you or the Coach of your team (must be painted and based): 15.000 gold pieces Halfing Master Chef: An appropriate model representing the halfing master chef inducement (must be painted and based) 5.000 gold pieces Bloodweiser Babes: An appropriate model (or models) representing the Bloodweiser . sponsorship dollars will be given in the form of gold pieces and immediately added to each Coach’s treasury upon completion/obtaining the below.

and 1d16 (or 1d20): 5. .000 gold pieces Running Demos: You have ran a Blood Bowl demonstration during the season to teach someone how to play the game: 10. moderation will be used whether you like it or not! Post Season 1. on anyone who inflicts injury on a player who danced in your end zone. Just remember. Think you can make 200. you just got taxed by the WOBBL Make a Wish Foundation. honest and 100% legit! The League Staff will not tolerate cheating or treasury illegitimacy! Be advised that the League Staff can (and will!) at anytime shut down anyone who tries to take advantage of this clause. Use extra money in your treasury to bet on who might win a particular match. Try and convince Coaches to challenge one another in hopes of your team being able to face a deeply injured opponent before your next schedule match. Most Violent Awarded to the player with the most casualties inflicted during the regular season.000 gold pieces Dice: You have 2d6s. To reflect this.000 gold pieces Templates: You have a range ruler and scatter template: 5. 1d8. gambling. corruption and politics.000 gold pieces off one match? Think again.000 gold pieces Customize!: Did you build your own pitch? Seriously convert your team? Have an incredibly detailed paint scheme? Show all of your work to the League Staff to see if it would qualify for additional sponsorship dollars! The better it is the more you get! The Creativity Clause The world of Blood Bowl is full of greed.000 gold pieces Fan(s): A model (or models) representing your fans (must be painted and based): 5. Post cash rewards. anything committed to during the league is considered part of the league so any gold pieces that changes hands are expected to be fair. At the end of the season the awards will be rewarded to the players that earn them. In other words. aka bounties. Each award gives the player the Fan Favorite skill and increases his/her value by 30.000 gold pieces.Babe inducement (must be painted and based) 5. If there is a tie for any of these awards then both players receive the award! Top Passer Awarded to the player with the most completions during the regular season. If a player receives two awards he/she does not receive any additional skills though will be recognized for his greatness by resounding praise from the League Staff and other coaches. the League Staff encourages players to showcase this aspect of the game. 3 block dice.

You can still play the same race with the same models and even the same team name! It simply means that all players on that team are returned to rookie status. but Blood Bowl is a vicious game and will ultimately take its toll on those that suit up for the pitch again and again. if the team has played for three seasons. have no earned SPPs. Top Interceptor Awarded to the player with the most interceptions during the regular season. . Players from a previous season roster can be carried over. A team being carried over to the next season starts with the funds accumulated in their treasury at the end of the previous season plus 1 million gold pieces. League Celebrity Awarded to the player with the most SPPs at the end of the regular season. aka not carry over to the next season. but they must be purchased for their listed value at the end of the season. Upon the end of each season a team must retire. In other words they are a brand new team.Most Lethal Awarded to the player with the most deaths inflicted during the regular season. Rules of Retirement: Teams can carry over from one season to the next. 3. Most Touchdowns Awarded to the player with the most touchdowns during the regular season. Note that retiring a team does not mean you can’t use the same team next season. 2. and their costs are reduced to their initial recruitment costs.