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November 2016

N O T J U S T A N E W T V.
OLED’s next generation pixel construction allows for unique screen architecture
which is so light and thin it can be bonded to a transparent piece of glass.
This stunning television produces an incredible picture with infinite contrast that
is complimented by an innovative sound bar stand that produces superb audio.
A masterful television from LG’s award winning OLED TV range.

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we present Mu-so – a range of compact. in breathtaking quality. . Channelling forty years of audio engineering and design excellence. you can sync up to five systems to play the same song beat-for-beat in any room of your home.Your home. so you can unleash your music wherever it’s stored. yet commanding wireless music systems. selected Apple stores and our network of specialist audio retailers AirPlay is a trademark of Apple Inc. Simple to connect. alive with music Experience at John Lewis. Mu-so offers total control via the Naim App. With a host of versatile features. .

CONS ON THE COVER p12 p46 The big Apples HOT STUFF 12 The Hot Four ● PS4 Pro & Slim ● Apple Watch Nike+ ● Amazon Echo & Echo Dot ● Leica Sofort 22 Gigapixel PitPat Yep. 7 Plus. fixed via Bluetooth 92 Group test Chromebooks Time to throw out the Windows laptop? 94 Long-term test Samsung Gear 360 An all-round camera 96 Tested Games Deus Ex: Mankind Divided . AirPods and Watch Series 2 74 First test Fujifilm X-T2 Is the sequel even better than Fuji’s original? 76 Versus Lightning headphones Audeze and Philips fight over your new iPhone 79 Tested UA Gemini 2 Record Equipped Trainers that know how far you’ve run 90 Tested Jura E8 Your caffeine fix. Woof! 24 Apps Make your Apple Watch tick like a clock 28 Start menu A belt that tells you to stop eating pies 30 Vital stats Canon EOS 5D Mark IV The swanky DSLR gets user-friendlier 32 Choice Pens If all this ‘typing’ seems a bit too futuristic 34 Icon HP Pavilion Wave A Windows PC camouflaged as a speaker 36 Games Resident Evil’s gone a bit unpleasant 38 Best of Wired headphones Reports of their demise are unfounded 41 Your month Dare to watch Daredevil on Blu-ray 6 P45 TESTS p48 The Pod couple p18 The home help 45 First test special Apple iPhone 7. it’s a fitness tracker for dogs.

reading. messaging.11. driving. from p115. The Stuff Top Tens are shoppable on your phone! Find out how on p115 7 . at least… ● Mod your tech ● Un-selfie your selfies ● Search everywhere TOP 10 OF EVERYTHING Looking to buy something but need a bit of advice? Turn to our Stuff Top Tens: our expert listings of all gadgetry. plus the best new albums and some music movies to stream PROJECTS 104 Beta yourself Instagram Take better pictures. fragging. pre-Pro PS4 112 The big question What should I do with my old phone? 113 5-minute hacks If nothing else. training and more – and they won’t cost you a penny 81 Stuff picks Urban bikes We go to work on an e-bike. an all-rounder. watching.16 WIN! p42 P104 P81 FEATURES 53 The 100 best free apps Apps for playing. and Phil Collins 108 Upvoted Best sub-£500 watches Got Rolex tastes with a Casio budget? 110 Instant upgrades PlayStation 4 Get more from your pre-Slim. a crossbreed and a folder 88 Gadget doctor A reader who’s bought a 4K telly asks Stuff what he can actually do with it 98 Media hoard A different kind of cult film. share better pictures 106 Playlist Remasters Great-sounding music. drawing.


co.themagazineshop. Distributed by Frontline Ltd. Printed by William facebook. our list of the 100 best free apps is essential reading. If you’re of similarly good taste. which are subject to fluctuation and only applicable to the UK market. In the case of all product reviews. 2nd Floor.. Stuff. All rights reserved. PE1 1TN. you’ve got to laugh at Apple’s decision to ditch the headphone port. The US annual subscription price is $75.50. it turns out the two new iPhones aren’t too shabby. UK. Zinio and Exact Editions. Starting on Web www. judgements have been made in the context of ware based on UK prices at the time of review. That aside. then why not check out p100 for how to join the club. 69 London Road. Whatever phone you own. Read it all from p45 – you’ll doubtless be shocked to learn Apple is still pretty good at this tech lark. NO PROBLEM! iPHONE7 YOUR ULTIMATE GUIDE 100 BEST FREE APPS 10 TOP WIRELESS CANS CA S 1 SUPER MARIO NEW TECH TESTED PlayStation 4 Pro Amazon Echo Fujifilm X-T2 Urban bikes megatest £4. Wolverhampton. or any consequence arising from twitter. That’s the kind of value our subscribers can expect on a monthly basis – in addition to the odd bodily fluids gag. Two: ‘Jack off’ is not and never will be an acceptable magazine cover line. Rob Leedham. Periodicals postage paid at Jamaica NY 11431. And none of them will cost you a penny to download. 146th Avenue. for both Android and iOS aficionados. We’ve reviewed both the 7 and 7 Plus in our six-page Apple reviews special.99 November 2016 www. Dumping a near-on 150-year-old connection with the same ruthlessness you might show for a month-long Tidal trial takes some gumption. Android fan? Stuff is also available on Google Play. Haymarket Media Group Ltd. www. and you could be on it: find out more at techpanel. Liability: while every care has been taken in the preparation of this magazine. UK.stuff. NY 11434. creative playgrounds. Midgate Advertising 020 8267 5493 Group Head Stephen Windegaard Sales Managers Robert Nevill. Hannah Pettifor Creative Solutions Editor Edward Craig International Advertising Director Chris Marriott Business Development Director Mike Walsh Production 020 8267 5414 Production Manager Anthony Davis Senior Production Controller Paul Skinner Newstrade Marketing Manager Nick Lyon Management Brand Director Alastair Lewis Editorial Director Mark Payton Strategy & Planning Director Bob McDowell Managing Director David Prasher Chief Executive Kevin Costello • Volume 20 issue 11 • ISSN: 1364-963 • On sale 6 October 2016 • Audit Bureau of Circulations: 62. is published monthly by Haymarket Media Group. GET THIS MONTH’S DIGITAL EDITION WANT TO TRY REVIEWING STUFF? Stuff is also available for iPad or iPhone – download it from the App APPLE WATCH 2 iPHONE 7 AIRPODS WE RATE THEM ALL © 2016. the publishers can’t be held responsible for the accuracy of the information herein. productivity tools and 9 . and haven’t signed up already. Airfreight and mailing in the USA by agent named Worldnet Shipping Inc. This publication may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form in whole or in part without the written permission of the publishers. Jamaica. Ben Hardy Retail Manager Rob Kerr Display Sales Executive Amy Turner Classified Sales Executive Joshua McGonigle Creative Solutions Project Managers Liam Maguire.pefc. Midgate.624 (Jan-Dec 2015) PEFC Certified Welcome The two most important things I’ve learned this month? One: Team Stuff’s thirst for profanity knows no bounds. and even squeezed in our verdict on the Watch Series 2 and AirPods. But hey. ISSN 1364-963. Twickenham TW1 3SP. Peterborough. Subscription records are maintained at Haymarket Media Group. Worldnet Shipping Inc. Jamaica. Bridge House. Editor / @robleedham This product is from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources PEFC/16-33-197 www.Subscriptions Hotline 0344 848 8806 World: +44 (0)1604 251 460 Email NO JACK. USA. themagazineshop. NY 11434. 69 London Road. 146th Avenue. google. US Postmaster: Send address changes to Stuff. or see p100 for this month’s subscription offer. Air Business Ltd is acting as our mailing agent. Twickenham TW1 3SP.stuff. Bridge House. USA. 2nd Floor. media players. it’s filled with fantastic games. Fancy telling Apple how to improve its next iPhone? We’re putting together a panel of tech experts.

I’d bet my life savings on your favourite chubby red plumber. Twickenham TW1 3SP Stuff is a member of the Independent Press Standards Organisation. It’s ridiculously easy to set up and use. Miitomo. It’s not high-powered enough for galaxies and the like. We abide by the Editors’ Code of Practice and are committed to upholding the highest standards of journalism. which comes with a nifty smartphone adaptor. Marc McLaren. Stuff. My wife and I keep spotting wedding photos we’ve never seen before – and we got married two years ago. Editor. in about the amount of time it takes to complete Mario Kart 8’s Rainbow Road circuit. was a record-breaker with city streets melting into the early 30s. Johnny Sharp Cover photography Matt Beedle Email us Tom Parsons Colouring Stuff in Brand Art Editor Chee-Chiu Lee Deputy Art Editor Ross Presly Senior Designer Will Clarke Senior Video Editor Peter Brown OUR MONTH Adventures in riding. 69 London Road. you know. and the phone kit. so I had a bit of help from a telescope as well – specifically the Celestron Inspire 70AZ (US$170). Laura Haymarket is certified by BSI to environmental standard ISO14001 and energy management standard ISO50001. Consulting Editor Keeping Stuff in order Global Editor-In-Chief Guy Cocker International Director Alastair Lewis Syndication Enquiries Isla Friend 020 8267 5058 Brand Manager Claire Griffiths Brand Executive Kadie Chanter Office Manager Sarah Weetch Contributors Andrew Williams. RGB Digital. Andrew Hayward. The day I chose. contact IPSO on 0300 123 2220 or visit contact stuff@haymarket. If anyone can nail the endless runner/platform genre on their I CHOSE A FINE DAY TO CYCLE ACROSS LONDON Read that sarcastically. Stuart O’Connor. works surprisingly I had a funny turn in Balham but made it home. thanks to an iPad 2 and a lovely mount bought from getiframe. I was surfing the curious bike-route decisions of Google Nav. framing and mooning I TURNED AN OLD iPAD INTO A DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME I. Stuff. So tonight I’m going to see if David Bowie was right about Mars. take a huge number of photos that exist nowhere but on a hard drive. In order to get some miles in for this month’s bike test (see p81). Sam Kieldsen. Rob Leedham. Stuff. Having launched at Apple’s iPhone 7 Call us 020 8267 5036 Haymarket Media I SAW A TUBBY PLUMBER LEAP ONTO iPHONE I got tired of Nintendo’s first app. two hours down. Super Mario Run looks a lot. Pete Gardner. And with news of Nintendo’s NX still elusive. good. For more information. but for shots of the moon and planets it’ll do a fine job. however. lot better. Except now. 10 . like everyone else. Elissa Marc McLaren Deputy Editor. It’s like one of those old-fashioned digital photo frames but. a long way south of the river. Roger Stillman. Matt Beedle. Bridge House. it’s good to know my Mushroom Kingdom fixation will be satiated this Christmas. Fraser Craig Grannell. If you think we haven’t met those standards and want to make a complaint.I PHOTOGRAPHED THE MOON WITH MY SMARTPHONE Alright. Deputy Editor. Tom Parsons. Stuff. I’ve got a constant slideshow of my digital pics.ipso. though low-tech. exacerbated by only hearing its instructions through one earphone. Editor Making Stuff up Editor Rob Leedham Deputy Editor Tom Wiggins Production Editor Richard Purvis Consulting Editor Fraser Macdonald Reviews Editor Tom Morgan Features Editor Mark Wilson Deputy Features Editor Esat Dedezade Editor. I elected to ride the Kona from north London to my home. and fell into an ice cream. plumbing.


As hot as… HDR shading on Nathan Drake’s brooding face £349 / stuff. Nick Woodman named his entire action camera company on the aspiration to ‘go pro’. It’s happy with its ‘Slim’ name. Neo! But no. ‘Pro’ it is for PlayStation’s new 4K console. lives on in a svelte new case with less radical improvements – turn over for our review. The original PS4.H O T HOT FOUR #1 NOT NEO NO MORE Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Very few of us would pass up the chance to be called a ‘pro’. adding HDR effects into the bargain. Maybe you even got yourself some calling cards made up with an ’80s sci-fi stencil font and laser slashes. Doubled graphics ability and a boosted processor mean the PS4 Pro will either run or upscale games at S T . and the improvements are 12 certainly more 2016 than 1985. But it might not have the same appeal if you’d spent the past few months thinking you were going to be called Neo. meanwhile.

13 . The Last of Us demo had a proper 4K/30fps mode. Sony didn’t give us much news about the PS VR headset. The three-tier stacked design holds new CPU and GPU hardware to power the Pro’s raisons d’etre: HDR and 4K. But if hitting the £350 mark meant choosing between 4K Blu-ray and fantastic graphics. But we do know it’s due out on 13 October. though. And yes. that does mean native 4K… in some cases.U F VR still waiting Apart from saying that the Pro’s super specs would mean better VR performance. I’m never going back. One surprise was the lack of 4K Blu-ray disc playback. F 23 PAGES OF THE BIGGEST STORIES FROM PLANET TECH Hands on with the PS4 Pro Tom Parsons It seems crazy that Sony would launch a new console just three years after the PS4. Sony made the right choice. that’s still way rezzier than 1080p. and it looked lovely. but here we are. Having played Rise of the Tomb Raider in this format. Most devs. and seen Horizon Beyond Dawn side by side with the old Full HD mode. It generates a 4K image from half the pixels – don’t forget. will make use of so-called ‘2160p checkerboard’ upscaling.

(Or because all your mates have Xbox. The Slim is quieter – almost silent when the disc’s not spinning or you’re just watching What’s going on outside? It’s slimmer.H THE PRO’S LITTLE BRO Tested Sony PlayStation 4 Slim £259 / stuff. The year’s buzzy acronym HDR. and the Pro’s 5. down from the original’s 5. for High Dynamic Range. But. It’s great. and about 5dB less noisy when you’re doing some proper gaming. is present on the Slim… but the original PS4 gets HDR too.) STUFF SAYS The Slim is smaller.5cm.2kg lighter. and HDR is a nice touch… a job well jobbed 14 O T S T U F F . If you want added graphical grunt you want the Pro. quieter and cheaper. What’s going in your basket? Nothing.9cm. if you don’t have a PS4 and aren’t interested in hardcore gaming. which is almost certainly a 4K TV. so you might as well spend the £100 extra on a 4K-gaming Pro. If the HDR attracts you then you’ll need an HDR-supporting TV. which is a big deal if you plan to cart it over to a mate’s house for shouting-distance multiplayer action. What’s going on inside? Not much. The touch-sensitive power and eject buttons of the old console are now proper buttons. then a Slim might be your thing. Other notable physical changes are the deletion of the optical audio output – which might be an issue – and a new window on the controller’s touchpad so you can see the lightbar’s colour. Lying flat on a desk it’s just 3. with its exclusive games – such as Forza racing – and 4K Blu-ray drive. if you already have a PS4 that works. Although. first check you don’t want an Xbox One S. via a software update. It’s also 1.3cm.

FIFA 2017 Having watched Premier League football in 4K. HORIZON ZERO DAWN UNCHARTED 4: A THIEF’S END The year’s best game so far deserves to be played in the best quality. RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER Rise of the Tomb Raider is the game that sold us the Xbox One S. Plus its 20 Year Celebration edition comes with PS VR content. and it looks just as good on Sony’s new console. sniping or smashing your way through a neo-futuristic world where augmented humans are treated like second-class citizens will look even better with HDR. but developer Guerrilla has been given a new franchise to run at. As if we needed an excuse to play Drake’s final adventure again.H O T S T U F F EIGHT PS4 PRO GAMES WE CAN’T WAIT TO PLAY CALL OF DUTY: INFINITE WARFARE Infinite Warfare got a hostile fan reaction when it was announced. 15 . with a mix of hi-tech dino-bots and nature reclaiming the planet… and now HDR makes it even prettier. The real draw here will be the writing and voice acting. we’ll be able to enjoy Diego Costa’s mug in all the detail it deserves. DEUS EX: MANKIND DIVIDED Sneaking. So how do you respond? By jazzing up your space-themed frag-fest in 4K. MASS EFFECT: ANDROMEDA The PS4 Pro reveal gave us a first look at Andromeda gameplay. This will be a title for Tolkien megafans and everyday geeks alike. so of course it’s being updated for the Pro. it looks stunning. Killzone never went far beyond a reputation of being the best-looking shooter on PS. Thanks to the PS4 Pro. Headshots are gonna be well gory. Not surprisingly given the studio’s heritage. MIDDLE-EARTH: SHADOW OF MORDOR The must-play game of this console generation is being updated for the PS4 Pro. we weren’t looking forward to going back to HD for FIFA 17. with a new protagonist taking over from Captain Shepard.

com Withings Activité Steel HR The minimalist Activité is gradually getting . TomTom has the first watch to measure body fat composition. As hot as… neon Ronhills from £369 / stuff. won’t be out until later this month. but the devices are also much bigger than the old S2. such as lunch. now gaining an optical heart-rate sensor and a wee display for stats and notifications. Chaos. with a sweat-swishing Swiss cheese strap and a swanky homescreen. YOUR WAIST APPLE WATCH NIKE+ If you’re planning something complicated and important. £129 / tomtom. not square. And the resulting READ OUR WATCH 2 REVIEW ON P50 A WATCH BY ANY OTHER NAME IS PROBABLY MADE BY SOMEONE ELSE Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Both Classic and ruggedy Frontier versions of the new S3 get GPS and a bigger battery. it’s best to break down your ‘wants’ and ‘unwants’ by writing them all on Post-Its and sticking them all over the Asus ZenWatch 3 Jewellery-grade metals and three buttons are highlights. from £169 / withings. Simple.H O T S T U F F HOT FOUR #2 WATCH. though pretty. but the truly keen-eyed among you will have spotted that it’s round. but this super-fit Nike+ 16 TomTom Touch Along with its new Spark fitness and Adventurer outdoorsy watches. Want: Village Pizza midday meal deal. however. so it has GPS and better waterproofing. lacked functional focus. Mmm. You can read a full review of the standard model on p50. €229 / asus. The Series 2. But imagine the neon explosion of notes all over Apple’s device kitchen when they were planning the first Watch. Swiss cheese. £tba / samsung. Unwant: anything involving quinoa. knows that its consumers hunger for fitness features.


” AND 3 THINGS YOU CAN’T (YET) “Alexa. But if you ever feel that nobody listens to you. £49 (Echo Dot) / 3 THINGS YOU CAN ASK YOUR ECHO “Alexa. As hot as… an XL napalm stuffed crust £149 (Echo). prepare the hounds. can’t do. The newly UK-bound Echo may not be able to help with your emotional issues (unless you’re emotionally lacking in pizza) but there’s not a lot else that Alexa. what’s the weather like in Skegness today?” “Alexa. two pints of cider and a packet of cheese and onion. while link-ups with Nest. Hue. Amazon might have a cheaper alternative.” “Alexa.” 18 O T S T U F F . play Chas & Dave on Spotify.H HOT FOUR #3 IS THERE AN ECHO IN HERE? AMAZON ECHO & ECHO DOT Therapists are expensive. what’s the score in the Test match at Lord’s?” “Alexa. please. A new Just Eat takeaway app allows you to order that aforementioned deep-pan pepperoni with your voice. the cylindrical speaker’s onboard helper. could you add Scotch eggs to my shopping list?” “Alexa. Want to add Alexa’s talents to a speaker you already own? There’s a dinky Echo Dot for that. Hive and WeMo mean it can make your existing tech smarter too. There’s a defenceless animal we need to kill.

this is the icing on the cake.H Instant means instant No mucking about: the fixed lens is a 60mm f12. A fun. But there are various modes. but it’s actually just the popular Instax format so you’ll be able to get your hands on film easily. of all people. As hot as… your first Leica £215 / stuff. the body and filling being the (expected but still delicious) news from Apple. O T S T U F F HOT FOUR #4 NOBODY EXPECTS THE GERMAN INSTANT VISION LEICA SOFORT Well.7. while hardly biscuit crumbs. fixed-lens instant-film format camera from 19 . isn’t pricey by Leica’s standards. PlayStation and Amazon. There are branded film packs for it. It’s going to cost £215 when it goes on sale in November – which. But this is an unpredicted sweet zing. including selfie. even if you won’t find it much cheaper – about £1 a shot is the norm. affordable. plus a self-timer. with auto exposure. The cake being the month.

for a while). you might put it down one day and forget you ever had it.H O T S T U F F A damn good egg POWERVISION POWEREGG Firstly. so it comes with two controllers: one is a traditional twin-joystick DROP EVERYTHING AND DOWNLOAD. £549 / sonymobile. “What’s that?” people will cry. Buy a Sony Xperia. Unless. There’s no conference calling.. Each so completely lovely and harmless. the PowerEgg is still an ingenious packaging solution. it’s the Xperia XZ. my little counter-cultural hunk of classy-designed Sony flagship. 20 .” And they’ll “huh” and walk off. Call quality changes depending on network speed. It’s lonely being out of the ordinary. you prefer comedy face masks. It’s aimed at amateurs. The unXpected SONY XPERIA XZ We all long to be slightly out of the ordinary – by some definition. designed to be intuitive for newbie pilots.5in midrangers. it’s not made of actual egg. and you can only use it on your phone. like nature’s delivery mechanism. But so long as you both have the app. That’s what you’re seeing on the face of that goon who’s queued for a thousand nights to be the first to get the new iPhone… until he’s followed by the sea of me-toos pouring out of the Store doors. but the other is a Wii-style motion controller. From a rugby-ball-sized ovum come forth landing gear and prop arms. superhuman.. and a cap pops off the bottom to reveal the built-in. of course. £1279 / powervision. you can call an iPhone from an Android phone. brimming with cutting-edge camera skills and Google cleverness. the company’s Android 5in and 5. 3-axis-gimballed 4K camera. though. Perfect. and the app will hop seamlessly between Wi-Fi and mobile data to keep you connected. You can also pre-set the flightpath and just control the ALTERNATIVELY… You can really get your weird on by owning a Huawei Nova (€399) or Nova Plus (€429). neither shell nor splodge. And you’ll say: “Why. and you are superhuman for your whole two-year contract. Google Duo £free / Android. and calls are encrypted. or set it to autonomously selfie you forever (well. iOS Forget the frivolous filters and features of Skype or Snapchat – Duo does one-to-one video calling with pared-back brilliance. But.

uk RECOMMENDED .co. from any power socket. Simply plug in and enjoy excellent Wi-Fi coverage in any room.Like a rocket from the socket. with devolo Powerline! BUY IT! ★★★★★ The devolo dLAN® 1200+ WiFi ac Starter Kit enables Wi-Fi without signal loss anywhere in your home: • • • • Ideal for HD streaming and higher broadband speeds Plug & Play installation Award winning German technology 3-year manufacturer’s warranty www.devolo.

But maybe he’s misreading the numbers. The data from his latest stick-chasing session is in and the pace is well down on his PB. Bonko needs to up his stick game.The bigger picture in tech FITNESS IN HIS EYES Bonko.) But all this is academic. 22 . And PitPat. only measures activity using an accelerometer – there’s no optical heart-rate sensor. He is. you have to make sure you specify the correct breed. (This is important. the Bluetooth dog tracker. unlike human trackers. Plus. because fur. Or no biscuit. is not amused. after all. a dog. pictured above. because a dachshund uses 2000 calories to cover the same ground as one Newfoundland’s step.

TSB is due to rock up at any moment. It’s a 3D spatial build of the world’s online encyclopaedia: play The Blue Danube behind it for the full educational elite experience.H O T S T U F F NEWS FEED RUDDERLESS VIKINGS AHOY! Volvo is bringing its autonomous vehicle programme to the UK in 2017. taking Google’s tally to 12 supported banks and building societies. Royal Bank of Scotland and Ulster Bank have all joined Android Pay. leaving just Barclays to make the whole field level. We’ll be volunteering. NO MAN’S WIKI You know what they say: “If you’re bored with Drive Me London cars will initially be co-piloted by Volvo engineers for data gathering. natch.” But if you really have random article saturation. Santander. ANDROID PAY YAY Natwest. but should be in the hands of real people after a year or so. 23 . try wikiverse. you’re bored with being at work.

99 / iOS. Android.0 £free / iOS. and with it was born code to make it tick like a Rolex. .49 / iOS A number 2 and an improved app icon do not a great sequel make. The mobile apps are also redesigned to be more fitness-trackery and there are updates to the way apps work and launch on the watch.A P P S This month’s mobile must-downloads 1 2 3 IN THE SPOTLIGHT Pebble OS 4. A synth app.99 / iOS A decent mobile game can kill a couple of hours on a long flight. Still. with your daily stats accessible by a simple press of the up key. which is to say you’ll have to outwit your enemies. making the whole Pebble experience more sophisticated. engineers spent exactly zero time trying to give digital watches a mechanical tick. which has swiftly copied some of the menus and folder actions of leaked Nougat shots. a neon-soaked art installation. better physics and new space cowboy adventures. 6 Space Marshals 2 £4. 24 5 £free / iOS. mobile and PC versions. Android Complex back-end banking enables this app to send and receive money with the informality of a messaging app. or Big Ben. It can even transfer between US dollars and UK pounds – and soon euros – without extra fees. this Greek-themed game plays through indirect combat. that’s the (lack of) price you pay… 2 Minecraft £4. 7 Tickr 8 Circle Pay 9 Poison 202 Vintage Midi Synthesizer £2. and a synth-driven audio showpiece that’ll prick the ears of anyone who’s just polished off Stranger Things. like the police motorcycle before the peloton. 3 Action Launcher 4 Nightgate 5 Enyo £free / iOS. pitch-perfect puzzler. waiting for their Pebble 2 shipment notifications. Oculus Rift joins the Gear VR. Android Charming monochromatic retro gameplay – time your taps to jump enemies and collect coins – offset by the intrusion of all-too-modern ads. however. Android 4 7 1 Magic Mansion 8 6 9 £free / iOS. Health is brought much more to the fore. Here. like this sample-laden Poison 202? The crew will have to drag you out. While Apple Watch 2 hubbub rages outside. a great sequel is made my being great: SM2 features richer graphics. is the latest OS update.99 / iOS An accomplished. But along came the Apple Watch. Pebble fans are crouched by their email inboxes. £7. Windows Lost your Minecraft mojo? Perhaps it’ll be renewed by knowing you can now point one of the world’s most advanced gaming platforms at its blocky graphics. £free / Android Still waiting for your network to serve up the Nougat OS update? Get the look with Action Launcher. Outwit them into a lava pit. Android Rather than asking you to stab or chop your way to victory. Rather. £tba / iOS For decades.


£229.99 from authorised retailers Buy direct from bowers–wilkins.P5 Two-year warranty Free delivery . We’ve taken away the wires but kept the sound quality.

Where radar used to be a supplementary technology. It’s totally bizarre and a little bit brilliant. Aside from a fatal Tesla Model S crash involving the Autopilot system in May. Kind of like when Phil Collins moved onto lead vocals for Genesis having previously been just the drummer. That’s all fine for autonomous car owners. With Uber having just rolled out its first fleet of autonomous vehicles in Pittsburgh.2MP over the X-A2. though?” You. It’s 55in. So your Tesla should only brake with good reason. For starters. You say: “I bought it for the resolution bump to 24. To ensure the results aren’t so Selfies? Moi? FUJIFILM X-A3 And it costs… nope. 27 . remember the script. But fear not – the dream of being shuttled to work by your own AI-powered chauffeur is very much alive. of Apple has reportedly seen the departure of dozens of staff from its ‘secret’ project to build an autonomous vehicle. Swedish firm Semcom has developed a Smiling Car (above) that flashes a grin to confirm it’s coming to a stop. this update pulls a switch reverse on that formula. It’s on.” Focus on your breathing. whether we’re all smiles about it or not.” They’ll say: “Whatevs… isn’t that the one with 180° tilting screen and special controls for taking selfies. £599 / fujifilm. plus the new electronic shutter that maxes out at an action-friendly 1/32000. I don’t really take selfies. steady breathing.H O T S T U F F Ambi-LED PHILIPS 55POF901F Retrieve your credit card from the toilet cistern and lift the family ban on speaking of ‘OLED’. Tesla is introducing a geocoded ‘whitelist’ of objects such as bridges and road signs that could have been identified as obstacles. says Rob Leedham. It’s the TV you’ve been waiting for. used alongside the camera in a Model S. even if we can’t see the idea of a real-life Brum catching on with manufacturers. guaranteed to generate a ‘woo’ from the 90% of visitors who don’t care about the wide colour gamuts and inky blacks of the screen itself. Euro price is €3500. Philips’ OLED TV is here. we don’t know yet. surprised but with a neutral expression: “Really? I wouldn’t know about it being a special selfie camera. it’s 4K. You’ll get away with it. Credit card back in the toilet? £tba (due winter) / FUTURE STUFF SMILE LIKE YOU’VE SEEN IT Autonomous cars are getting smarter. That’s something to grin about… It’s been a rough year for self-driving cars. Round back there’s the company’s three-edge Ambilight system. but what about the most low-tech commuters of all: pedestrians? To quell their Luddite fears of being run over. Tesla has rolled out an updated edition of Autopilot with a much-increased reliance on radar. a self-driving future seems just around around the corner. it’s got a Dolby-badged soundbar and there’s talk of a 17-bit colour system. so £3000+ seems likely. Good eye contact.

com BACK IT STACK IT ST KIC AR K TE R ST KIC AR K TE R Bluetooth king of keys Sun-sucking powerpack Selfie stalker Watery 3D printing “The cat is both alive and dead. I’m sure. from a rambler. this was a handy device. you say. you fire back with confidence. You march off. the app records when you’ve eaten something by showing the extra tension on the buckle.” You point out the irritated noises very much proving the cat’s alive state. from US$5999 / wazer. from US$99 / weltcorp. go on. It could track a face or do a timelapse through a preset arc.” This. “Can’t you just stick a needle up your… wossitsname?” But it’s not just the blocked nozzle.” says the Angel. I’ve got my DSLR. “Marvellous. putting an extra wiggle into your hips to try to fool the built-in accelerometer into bumping up your steps score.” from US$80 / mypicbot. Look.S T A R T M E N U ST KIC AR K TE R The latest startups. is unexpected. there’s no convincing this one. you explain. like forks! But she’s gone. He looks vacant. But feel my calves…” €76 / sunnybag. “Apps. muttering something about your nozzle. crowdfunded projects and plain crazy ideas Talented trouser tightener WELT “But isn’t that what the holes do? What they’ve always done?” You laugh inwardly at this regressive thinking and attempt to explain the marvel of a belt that measures waist size differences over the course of the day. “But the box is locked!” You remind him he gave you an access code to the smartphone-operated Bluetooth lock back when the box was still holding biscuits. You’ve outgrown it. that’s seen dust gathering on the 3D printer. US$89 / smartarmorcube. You explain about the app… Whoosh! You’re “And you spent your precious time coveting plastic selfie tat…” says the Angel of Death. “I didn’t get them from hiking a box of pencils up here. Which is why you want to splash out on this metal-cutting waterjet. “Feel my calves. “Sick of hearing about SMART CUBE 30 28 ST KIC AR K TE R I GONDI GOE- SACK IT LEAF+ PICBOT WAZER . But actually. you opened the box earlier and gave it half a Bounty. “But I know when I’ve eaten something! It’s recorded by my eyes watching my hands put things in my mouth!” Nope. spare batteries…” You show him some of your phone pics and the 200g solar panel you use to keep it charged up the hill. You can make useful stuff.

such as lane departure warning and traffic sign recognition* aid lapses in concentration. By using the 8. with Autonomous Emergency Braking.1 (6. and be one of the first to get behind the wheel of the All-New Renault Mégane and feel the drive. so you feel in complete control of the road. or the most dynamic performance in Sport mode – the choice is entirely yours. . New and exclusive to the All-New Mégane comes MULTI-SENSE technology*. allowing you to feel in touch with your drive like never before. Fuel consumption and CO2 may vary according to driving styles. improved engine response in Comfort mode. hands-free parking and adaptive cruise control optional from Dynamique S Nav specification and above. each offering their very own unique driving experience. sporty stance the All-New Mégane’s exterior achieves the perfect balance of dynamic flair and seductive design.7” luminous touchscreen**.9). ombining exquisite attention to detail with innovative technology. MULTI-SENSE With its low. Extra Urban 57. Technology and innovation Safety Stunning design Beyond its design. drivers can enjoy the four individual modes that are available. With 4CONTROL four-wheel steering.2 (7. And it’s ready to set a new landmark in luxury and innovation for the Renault range.7 (4. the All-New Mégane GT offers unrivalled agility and precision. Enjoy lighter steering in Neutral mode. the All-New Renault Mégane is finally here. C The All-New Mégane is a showcase for Renault’s safety technology. the All-New Mégane is equipped with premium technology and driving aids available at your fingertips which create an exceptional driving experience for your every journey. inside and out. Book your test drive today. EU Directive Regulation 692/2008 test environment figures.ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE All-New Renault MEGANE Feel the drive A fter much anticipation. **As standard on Dynamique S Nav and above. road conditions and other factors. by taking driving pleasure to a whole new level. while the distinctive lighting signatures and beautifully crafted interior showcase the very best of Renault. Standard features *As standard on Dynamique Nav and above.0). the All-New Mégane looks set to redefine expectations in more ways than one. making every mile a thrill to drive.8). The official fuel consumption figures in mpg (l/100km) for the All-New Renault Mégane GT: Urban 36. as well as a distinct lighting ambience. It’s this stunning design that gives the All-New Mégane its unique on-road personality. Combined 47. The official CO2 emissions are 134g/km.

4MP full-frame sensor. A huge proportion of DSLR buyers are pure videographers. making it tasty for ambitious enthusiasts as well as serious snappers. (A bit. the improved seals of the 5D are drizzle’s nemesis. The grips are grippier. Finally. Canon has also improved the weatherproofing 30 You don’t have to be a pro to get the most from this big Canon’s new features Wi-Fi and NFC built in – which will at least help to keep your costs down. ● Action. 32000 ISO – but there’s a new way of dealing with the power that makes it user-friendly for us norms. making the 5D’s huge capabilites easier to corral. and there’s good news on that front too: 4K video at there’s a new configurable shortcut button under your thumb and it now has GPS. Mostly hidden but hard at work. or slo-mo-ready 120fps recording at 720p res. For example. THE NEW 5D HAS GPS. Wannabe directors need storage and power – the arrangement of dual CF and SD card slots continues. 61-point AF. Sharpen up the focus or move the bokeh blur – it’s just the thing when composition and subject placing aren’t yet instinctive in the heat of the moment. the screen is now touch-enabled.) ● Get a grip The 5D sits in a sweet spot where full-frame performance meets reasonable price.V I T A L S T A T S NOT JUST FOR THE PLAYAZ Canon EOS 5D Mark IV £3629 / canon. ● Free go-arounds The usual specs are all up – 30. WI-FI AND NFC BUILT IN . but it gives you the ability to tweak the image later. Dual-pixel RAW mode doubles the already enormous file size of each shot. the main new ingredients will be of more benefit to the former. not art Of course. for epic days on set. who eschew the 19th-century charm of the portrait for the racy thrills of the movies. while the Mark IV is compatible with older 5D batteries. Full HD at 60fps. But for the Mark IV. you might not be into improving your stills photography at all.

still prints on Fuji Instax Mini film. Olympus PEN and Fujifilm X ranges. Serious competitors. the 6in Oasis. but can now be tasked to do the aperture. It’s still cutely styled. £129 / lomography. the screen of the Aura One is considerably larger than that of Amazon’s flagship Kindle. in fact. for starters. each button press is equivalent to one chocolate muffin.H O T S T U F F Measured regression AH. Enter. technical books or comics. Every shot on target LOMO’INSTANT AUTOMAT Instant photography is so liberating. making every muffin-costing shot a ● Why am I bothered? Because £1149. laminated book format of your childhood. Like a smallified 5D. The only thing is.2MP sensor with the super-quick DIGIC 7 processor and the same wireless smarts. But mainly. That means it’s taking on the Panasonic 31 . BUT THERE IS ALSO THIS… ● Is it the same thing? Very much not. More screen space is great if you don’t like the page-turning experience of e-readers and it’s also handy for viewing PDFs. you’re inexorably returning to the oversized. it frees your mind to do other calculations. Canon’s first proper attempt to attack the compact system camera market. if you were at all interested in the ‘friendly to beginners’ angle laboured over in the 5D story. so the M5’s been given a serious look. via Kickstarter. At 7. then the M5 also has a prod-to-focus LCD. baths and beaches. no. instead of worrying about post-capture filters and multi-platform sharing. a 24. you can spend that time watching other people eat muffins. so are we. KOBO AURA ONE There’s nothing wrong with wanting a bigger screen.8in. £189 / kobo. such as: “At £17 for 20 shots of instant film. Instead of thinking about shutter speeds and apertures. Gulp. There’s also nothing wrong with wanting a waterproof e-reader – just the thing for messy family life.” Then. But if you’re happy with that. Lomo’s new Instant Automat. This is the EOS M5. shutter and flash maths for you. with a standard lens.

to party 1 Parafernalia Revolution Ballpoint Triangles have delivered such joy as Dairylea and Zelda’s 5 6 7 4 . £37 / heinnie. £81 / 32 7 Kaweco Liliput Fireblue Thank your auntie for the £5 book token with a tiny fountain pen that’s been hand-tempered by people with blowtorches. 6 Faber-Castell Scribolino [ Picture RGB Digital ] All your little writer-in-training needs (chunky ambidextrous 4 Power Pen It wasn’t so very long ago that 700mAh could power the world. except the desire to write. £19 / cultpens. #justsayin £35 / welovepens. for your write. H O I C E 1 PENS 2 3 You gotta fight. visible ink levels). This Italian pen is tri-mendous enough to join that crew. All the things. it means someone in their social group thinks they need an aide-memoire. And now you have that in your pen? Revel in your time! £24 / firebox. This pen can also open a window with its smashing spike 3 MecArmy TPX33 Good writing can open a window on the world. £119 / cultpens. £15 / faber-castell. 5 Cleo Messograf And from that day 2 Retro 51 Dr Gray If your actual doctor is using this. then wrote down the measurements. anti-roll. she just measured things.

All of this. here to tag-team the pioneering UB900 in Panasonic’s bid to own the whole market. HomeKit. Oomph. I can get Siri to change the heating or the lighting simply by telling her I’m off to bed. Firstly there’s a proper HomeKit control app. with iOS Smells like tureen spirit BANG & OLUFSEN BEOSOUND 1 & 2 The BeoSound 1 is a Bluetooth speaker styled like a vacuum flask for your hot. £399 / panasonic.H O T S T U F F DECIPHER ALLOW ME TO EXPLAIN… #15 APPLE HOME Tom Parsons. is very appealing. round two! PANASONIC DMP-UB700 Thus far. hot mains-powered BeoSound 2 on the left needs a more stable home. it’s good to go. I don’t even need to use my phone – I can voice activate the Movie Night scene via my Apple TV remote. there’s stuff. It’ll have a simpler set of connections and slightly tweaked innards to justify its £200 cheaper price… but the Samsung K8500’s first punch was a street price of under £400 from the get-go. It’s taking off its robe – it’s got to be Sony! Is it Sony? Gasp! It’s not Sony. And it’s good. called Canary Plus. But a new contender has entered the arena. Meanwhile. and the new version I CAN GET SIRI TO CHANGE THE HEATING OR LIGHTING JUST BY SAYING I’M OFF TO BED 4K Blu-rays You already know about Apple’s smarter home project. the whiffy mids and highs come wafting out of the top in 360 room-filling degrees via one of B&O’s trademark Acoustic Lens emplacements. Home in iOS 10 looks set to deliver the final nudge. but serves up an intoxicating. £995. or by my geolocated arrival. independently controllable radiator adaptors. So long as it has the ‘Works with HomeKit’ badge. The heavier part of your musical soup – the bassy potato – comes out of the underside via a downward-facing low-frequency driver. HomeKit-compatible smart cameras are on the way too. the fight to be your 4K disc delivery system has been duked out by two megahunks: Panasonic and Samsung. The UB700 is a little brother. If you’ve been sitting on the smarthome fence. The app-controlled BeoSound 1 has a battery. Now. and most futurisitically. Secondly. so can kept just about anywhere. even at the beta stage where I first tested it. but it never seemed to really get off the ground. the larger. oxtail-strength sound. with devices re-organisable via the wibbly icon-drag familiar to anyone who’s ever re-ordered apps on an iPhone or iPad. I can get up and running without calling in an installer. Creating and customising scenes and rooms is super-intuitive. 33 . closely followed by a Schlage door lock. remember. It’s another Panasonic. For me it’s still the Philips Hue lights that lead the HomeKit line-up. Finally. it’s ready to of the Canary. Next on my list is the Netatmo thermostat and its new. but I’m pretty keen to add a set of the awesome motorised Lutron blinds to my setup. it’s all controllable by Siri. called Home. Stuff. Deputy Editor. £1350 / bang-olufsen. Unless I already have a scene set by time.

But… the size. but wrong. 34 THIS WINDOWS 10 PC LOOKS LIKE A SPEAKER BUT CAN STREAM TO YOUR TV IN 4K . ‘efficient’ rhymes with ‘dull’. Motherboard. quiet enough not to be heard over that TV and yet powerful enough to squirt 4K to that TV. Your book is pish. the shape. given the available visual information. it will speak – thanks to an upwards-firing driver that will bounce noise off the underside of the top bit to give you 360° sound. And there’s still room inside for computery bits? Plenty. the cooling setup on another. and HP says this shape is well suited to efficient PC Why. one USB-C port and HDMI and DisplayPort outputs. Final UK specs are yet to be announced. Hmm. that’s how. And there’s still space for a trio of USB 3. A fair assumption. the freakin’ B&O logo! What gives? Bang & Olufsen were involved in the design. And so. and the main hard drive on the third. In my book. For those. though it isn’t primarily a speaker. not this pretty PC with Bach coming out of its hat. Hold on to your beret… it’s a new Windows 10 PC. It’s something far better. but a curved triangular prism.I C O N HP PAVILION WAVE from £679 / hp. it’s surely a B&O speaker. but sixth-generation Intel Core processors and up to 8GB of RAM are being teased. It’s not a cylinder like the Apple Mac Pro. For this type of PC. It’s probably not suited to a VR setup. GPU and SSD sit on one side. though. CPU. with many more talents than a mere speaker.0 ports. ‘efficient’ means being small enough to sit next to your TV. How will you verify the truth of this? By running circles around it like a dog on a string. you’ll want something three times the size with steam coming out of its rump.

These headphones offer excellent insulation. Experience at your local Focal retailer: www. freedom and design. all combined in a pair of . Listen is the realisation of mobile high-end audio.FO C A L I LI S TE N Comfort. optimal comfort and beautiful acoustic performance. for hours of intense music listening. Focal opens up a new world of emotion and feeling.

Bingo. But Theresa’s wise to it and she’s waiting. It’s rare that a horror game scares without supernatural foes. PC [ Words Tom Regan ] It’s clear enough from the Beginning Hour demo for Resident Evil 7 that the series has taken a turn for the grisly. piece of paper. You can say that again. we find a statue in one room and a pedestal in another. including a rickety old house filled with animal carcasses. We’ll call her Theresa. but Resident Evil 7 will have you more shaken than James Bond’s martini. Do we really have to meet the rest of the family? . We place the statue on the pedestal and rotate it until its shadow matches the painting opposite. Three words appear on the screen: ‘Don’t get caught. As she emits a hideous scream. the words ‘Welcome to the family’ appear on screen. We find a scrap of paper.G A M E S DUE 24 JAN FIRST PLAY RESIDENT EVIL 7: BIOHAZARD PS4. It’s swapped zombies for slasher movie tropes. We dive beneath the floorboards and crawl away until things fall silent.’ 36 With the usual over-shoulder perspective ditched in favour of first-person (to accommodate PlayStation VR?) we dash inside an old house while Theresa tails us. Xbox One. mysterious locked doors and spooky VHS tapes that plunge you into playable flashbacks. with the words ‘There’s something wrong with her’ on it. One such flashback begins by being chased across a dark plantation by a horrible old hag holding a lantern. shrieking: “I told you not to come here!” Managing to evade her. A passageway opens. only to be grabbed by Theresa. Eventually there’s a gap in the floor and we emerge.

It even supports PlayStation VR. in an isometric open world that you can spin around to get a better look at who you’re offing. explosive heads. And it’s not just beds. sofas and upturned washing baskets you’ll be hopping between. Tokyo 42 puts you in the shoes of an assassin. So. PS4 Despite Metal Gear’s long history of encouraging you to hide underneath cardboard boxes. Until then. Survive sees you playing as a soldier who’s been sucked through a wormhole into another dimension filled with zombie-type baddies. which launches on 13 October. offices and underground caverns as well. there are schools. Get stuck behind one? Just smash it to bits with your gigantic nine-iron. INCOMING NOVEMBER ● FOOTBALL MANAGER 2017 ● WATCH DOGS 2 DECEMBER ● STEEP ● SOUTH PARK: THE FRACTURED BUT WHOLE ● GRAVITY RUSH 2 FEBRUARY ● FOR HONOR ● SNIPER ELITE 4 37 . PC Like a cross between Fez and Syndicate. Sounds pretty Call of Duty. How that’ll work in practice isn’t yet clear. and try to avoid the giant robots out to stop you.H O T S T U F F FIRST LOOK CAN METAL GEAR SURVIVE WITHOUT KOJIMA? METAL GEAR SURVIVE Xbox One. 100FT ROBOT GOLF PS4 A group of Transformer-style robots pull on their plus-fours and try to sink putts on a course built between skyscrapers. Survive isn’t a game where you just have to stay concealed inside one until everyone around you dies of boredom. Konami insists it hasn’t abandoned stealth completely and you’ll still have to use those sneaky techniques to fend off your enemies. With the series’ eccentric creator Hideo Kojima no longer on Konami’s payroll. Very stealthy. TOKYO 42 PS4. a change of direction is no huge surprise. It’s due out some time in 2017. right? Well. Xbox One. why not find a nice cardboard box to hide in? COMING SOON INDIE GAMES HOT LAVA PC Remember that game you used to play as a kid where you couldn’t touch the floor because it was made of lava? Now you can play it on your PC. Stealth your way around or plough in guns-first. although the trailer shows a chap wielding a bow that fires arrows with spinning. instead of galloping around the Afghan desert coshing people on the head and releasing them into the sky attached to large balloons.

£tba (due this month) / libratone. “What. yeah? Check out these stringy superbuds Cool your boots. The extra one is CityMix. They come in four colours.5mm jacks. then your search is at an end. PRICED UP SINED UP BUTTONED UP 38 oBravo EAMT-1 Libratone Q Adapt Audeze iSine 10 Here’s a joy that iPhone 7 owners will never get: spending over three grand on an extremely niche set of hi-fi in-ears. Sound comes via a 13mm neodymium driver and an 8mm Air Motion Transformer Tweeter – our ears are not worthy. US$399 / audeze. Given that the big on-ear versions get a glowing review on The ceramic/wood-bodied EAMTs come with either a 3. Plus. Oh. if you have a suitably equipped headphone DAC. £3699 / audiosanctuary.5mm and Lightning cables. pastelphobes: you don’t have to pick pink.B E S T O F WIRED HEADPHONES “Wired headphones are dead!” cried iPhone 7 newsniks. Sounds cool. this is big Not long ago. we’re never going to use it. Audeze has finally managed to miniaturise its planar magnetic drivers into an in-ear If you were worrying about what to buy that retiring TIE-fighter pilot in your family. three-button remotes for headphones were considered mindblowingly complex. Four buttons! Nope. are we fighter pilots now!?” But what’s this? Libratone’s Lightning-cabled Q Adapt has four. “Three buttons?” we wrote in 2009. like those big ’uns. two balanced .5mm jack or. the iSine 10s will come with both 3. which controls the amount of noise cancellation.

the character you guide through this simpler-than-Zelda adventure. turning the humans into mutant slaves.99 / iOS Along with emitting distinct whiffs of ALTERNATIVELY… Podo If the VIRB is a the Podo is a circle: a Bluetooth mini-cam that can stick or magnet itself to a handy surface. It’s just released new styles for its Blaze and Alta devices. and is easy to get firmly hooked on (hooked.H On the up (and the down) FITBIT CHARGE 2. breathing easy and looking forward to a Twix at the next waypoint. Legend of the Skyfish is a handy warning about the dangers of overfishing. are you some sort of child-hater? Anyway. and a new Fitbit Adventures app feature. Right now. its slim build and battery life make up for it polling your phone for GPS data. But it’s the Charge 2 (on the left) that we’d take up a mountain. It’s also released two updated fitness trackers. £449 / garmin. it’s gambolling along a sunny ridge. knocking GoPro out onto the floor. The Ultra 30 is right up there with resolution – 4K. what with its top-down viewpoint and wandering protagonist who has a tendency to get a bit stabby. You need a bag for the Twixes anyway. The shape of things to cam GARMIN VIRB ULTRA 30 Ever watched a child struggling to fit the square block in the square hole? No? Why not. It looks and sounds great. £59 / cuckooland. The latest VIRB camera looks set to slot straight into the hole. the fish got sick of it and fought back. FLEX 2 Fitbit has had its morning crawling up granite slabs in the pouring rain. Namely. yes? Yes?) for as long as it 39 . O T S T U F F DROP EVERYTHING & DOWNLOAD Legend of the Skyfish £2. and available with lots of different straps. distance-based lapse mode and accelerometer-sensed action metrics that could make it champ of the action cams. heart-rate monitoring. £79 / fitbit. hooking and thwacking things with your fishing rod. including the lozenge-sized Flex 2 that can be worn on your wrist or around your neck. 30fps – but it’s the hands-free voice control. All except Little Red Hook. £129. Garmin has finally succeeded where they fail. in this world. An Android version is due this winter.

n i o J w! no www. This is your chance to let them know your thoughts. Rave. There’s a quick poll every month. our website. We want to know what you think. All you have to do is register and answer a few simple questions.techpanel. Help us make Stuff better. So are the big tech companies. And we aren’t the only ones listening.Join the Stuff Tech Panel! Rant. Opine. too. Tell us and you’ll help make your favourite gadget magazine and website even favouriter. What you like (or hate) about our Why join? Tell tech companies what you think Exclusive offers and competitions Shape our magazine and website Brought to you by . and the tech we write as well as discussion threads where you can go into more detail.

99 / Android. In addition to the show itself. iOS 3rd 9th World Post Day 11th NOW DAREDEVIL BLU-RAY Oh. Closing Time ROCK BAND RIVALS PS4. not another bouncing boy in leggings with an irrational desire to right wrongs at the expense of his own freedoms? But! Daredevil is smarter than it Do: stomp down to your local gameporium to get the latest version of this duck-and-cover smasher with new weapons and groovy weather effects. THEN How to rock(tober) your world 15 years ago Grand Theft Auto III NOW Download Grand Theft Auto III £3. 41 . 18th GEARS OF WAR 4 PS4. and finally off Netflix and onto physical media.” DAILY TELEGRAPH SKI & SNOWBOARD SHOW (until 30th) BATTERSEA PARK Because no one can actually afford to go skiing. you might think. Those game shop geeks can kill with a look. XBOX ONE Available as a DLC expansion or in various box bundles – with bonus tracks and/or a new folding Fender guitar – Rivals adds an online multiplayer mode. there’s ice rinking. When the apocalypse comes. ice tubing and Alpine food. Don’t: ask for “Gears of Four”. Late on Friday and Saturday there’ll be booze and live DJs while pros compete on rails and kickers. ● ‘BONUS’ TRACKS? Sia. XBOX ONE Play this: Paperboy (archive. Playing solo? Spinal Tap-esque rockudrama commentary on your noodling should give you an incentive to bring the noise. will you be one of the people printing out pages of Wikipedia? ● NEXT ISSUE December We name our gadgets of the year On sale 3/11/16 OCT YOUR MONTH 27th ● SAY THIS! Jib: Skate-style step jumps and rail grinds Steezy: From ‘style’ and ‘easy’: “She landed that well steezy. REVERIES OF THE CONNECTED WORLD Don’t be put off by the highfalutin’ title – Werner Herzog’s new doc about how the internet has changed the world is both hilarious and horrifying. Chandelier Weezer.28th LO AND BEHOLD. King of the World Semisonic.

6 Competition is open to new and existing Sky and answer this question: WHICH OF THESE FILMS IS NOT AVAILABLE IN ULTRA HD ON SKY Q WITH SKY CINEMA? A … The Martian HURRY! B … The Revenant COMPETITION CLOSES C … The Incredible 10 NOVEMBER Adventures of Digbert 2016 the Talking Microbe Terms & conditions 1 Open to UK residents aged 18 or over.59pm. 4 Prizes are non-transferable. since you ask.W I N TOTAL PRIZE VALUE £1500 WIN 12 MONTHS OF SKY Q WITH ULTRA HD PLUS A 43IN LG 4K TV “I can see clearly now the rain is gone. go to Promoter: Haymarket. 2 Entries close 11. Find out more at sky. 10 Nov 2016. You may have noticed us harping on about how Sky Q is just about the ultimate package for on-demand television – we called it “the best TV experience you can buy” even before it started streaming Ultra HD content. 69 London Road. And what content is that? Well. It’s going to be a bright sunshiny day alright. with the box and installation included. 5 Only one entry per person. This month’s winner scoops a full 12 months of Sky Q viewing. 3 Prizes are as stated. Twickenham TW1 3SP .stuff. live Premier League matches (124 of them this season) and a wide selection of original Sky dramas. more than 70 movies on demand.” sang Johnny Nash in 1972. For full Haymarket terms & conditions see www. plus a 43in LG 43UH750V telly (worth £699) to watch all that super-sharp content 42 HOW TO ENTER For your chance to leap into Ultra HD. And he didn’t even have access to 4K Ultra HD! So imagine how clearly you’ll be able to see – assuming it doesn’t rain in your living room – if you’re lucky enough to win this month’s competition.



new Apple gadgets used to arrive as often as raindrops in the Sahara. at least this year’s downpour is worth camping out for. But hey. O 45 . But with major camera improvements. Apple’s latest phones still offer plenty to get excited about. and get our verdict on whether the wireless AirPods and waterproof Watch Series 2 can make much of a splash. Nowadays it feels like Stuff is permanently entrenched on the Yorkshire Moors with only an old mac and some soggy mint cake to sustain us between launches. Doubtless you’ve already heard about how both iPhones have cut the headphone jack adrift with all the caring that Darth Vader applied to his son’s arm surgery. In addition to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. So how do they rate against the Galaxy S7s and OnePlus 3s of this world? Read on across this six-page reviews special to find out. we’ve got the Apple Watch Series 2 and those brand new AirPods to contend with.FIRST TEST SPECIAL APPLE A bigger bite of the Apple Settle in for a six-page review bonanza as we test the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. And they’re all pretty significant in one way or another. the AirPods and the Watch Series 2 nce upon a time. a taptic home button and the blisteringly quick A10 Fusion processor.

with zero lag or stutter. and the wider colour gamut makes images pop. Who needs QHD? The 1080p screen is Retina. Apple’s 2016 shades du jour are black… and black. e ey ch . replaced with a darker matt black hue – and it’s joined by jet black. Jet black looks seriously dapper. The antenna bands on the back are a lot more subtle now. Yep. The biggest change is one you won’t be able to spot: it’s waterproof. you can finally give the iPhone a bit of a dunking. so you can’t see the pixels without a magnifying glass. Or should that be cameras? Those twin sensors really set the 7 Plus apart from its little bruv. and there are two new colours to choose from. which is so glossy it’ll rival the sheen of any shampoo ad. it d lif he I c w el as ik n I an be e – ’m a c fo lif ou tu re e’ ts all . speedy and waterproof… but the 7 Plus’s dual cameras make it our favourite from £719 / stuff. One’s for standard shots. This is the iPhone you know and love. it’s not a dead ringer for the iPhone 6s. s id y s e! e e Lo t he sh ve ot th sc sa e re t en tg w ig in c sh a as me ne ras ve . s oo t t up fin em g pt i n a I’ th tio Do ve l eb n I h ost at to t av th h. though. its fastest mobile chip yet.a o ni n i m M at es ed s M age ar io ! 24 hours with the iPhone 7 Plus 1min 46 2mins 10mins 15mins 45mins 50mins 1hr 3hrs 5hrs 8hrs . the other’s for close-ups. You’ll also get a good look at the new colour choices. That means the Plus really flies through apps and It might have started life as a plus-sized version of the vanilla iPhone. ●●●●●●●●●● ●●●●●●●●●● ●●●●●●●●●● ●●●●●●●●●● Good Meh Evil W se ow rio . T …a r b ak w nd he p ee ing n I ho ne b ch to as and ec s r ie k t ea r… l l he y m do I ba lo th cran ck ok eh k in fan u om p clo ta se st e ‘ the bu ta -u ic tto pt p. es es eh tt om ea he d eB p ho l ue n P to e a m hot or os ot da ec a hb p ol re ud tor ou vi s? . Otherwise. And not just because of its clever twin camera tech. 1 Design 1 2 Screen 3 3 Camera 4 Performance No. but this year the Plus has truly stolen the spotlight. to Bu o at m ur ak t h mu al. It’s the camera that makes the biggest leap. t us his ly gl sh os iny sy ! jet An bl fin yo ac ge ne kf rp g in rin ot ish ts a c is ev lo er th? M y u I w ts w s at t r he h er es re ow pr is . we’re talking marginal gains all round. It’s bright enough to use outdoors. Flip it over. Apple’s gone quad-core for the A10 Fusion. and you can’t miss those two all-seeing eyes staring back at you.5in Retina display continues to impress (even if it loses out on pixel count to countless Android rivals) and battery life is fantastic. It takes stunning photos in daylight and low light – see the panel on the right to find out why. and bumped up the memory to 3GB. You can still buy gold. but that 5.FIRST TEST SPECIAL APPLE Pic a winner Both new iPhones are slick. b rfu ra l t nt h a an n H w ey. only better. silver and rose gold versions. but space grey is gone. i c n S ’ fe fe ed st pen e lm b ick d or ack er ing e n to s.

. there’s also a 10x digital mode. for example. . though: low-light snaps look seriously good without any extra help.3mm. If you’re firmly in camp iOS.FIRST TEST SPECIAL APPLE Double exposure Things are better in pairs.5in 1920x1080 LCD Processor Apple A10 Fusion quad-core OS iOS 10 Cameras 2x 12MP rear. but one lets you see more of the action with a 56mm field of view. If that’s not enough. go big or go home. Even if you’re caning Clash Royale over lunch. 5 5 Battery Tech specs It’s got more room inside for battery. 2 Baby I like it RAW Pros can shoot in RAW using third-party camera apps. h t rb Tim he . so you get more detail and fine control. 20hrs 21hrs 22hrs 24hrs The camera has always been one of the iPhone’s greatest weapons against the Android army – and that twin sensor upgrade makes the 7 Plus a bit of a no-brainer for photographers. p bu loo t s ks So hr … Ta d in dif pt ee k t fe ic p ho re vi in se nt. so of course the 7 Plus lasts longer than the standard 7. Add in a better battery and you’ve got a clear winner over the basic iPhone 7. with four LEDs. be a s a gam fo Th nt e dd e s! Ap m Im or is m pl e i se ak e P m d es a m m ol y is er y df a sio tra ol s u kt s n. You might not need them. 7MP front Storage 32/128/256GB RAM 3GB Dimensions 158x78x7. an st s s iza d s re up rd till tc e . which will combine both cameras for some clever depth of field effects and pretty bokeh blur. @TomParsons STUFF SAYS Superb camera skills and better battery life give the bigger of the new iPhones a real edge 47 . you’ll still have juice left when you get home at night. Take. Screen 5. s l I’m oo s k s ti pe ll sn ct ap ac p ul ing ar . 188g T ar he t i Mu sp s re ic a tt p y. Ready for a close-up There’s a dedicated portrait mode in the works. in. the cameras on the back of the Apple iPhone 7 Plus… 4 Zoom and enhance Both have 12MP sensors. an th e e d to las d l ig ad t f ow ita d ew p le m ho owe qu y m ur r iva u s. ●●●●●●●●●● 16hrs 18hrs A light in the dark The TrueTone flash has doubled up too. T len sic Lo he t to h w su f p rou -li n’ ull gh gh s g ing iT t p on te une ho e b et s to ut h. ef h ink ul B as m att y od er ou ev e c y li ’re er an fe i a w . Fact. These files save loads more light info than a jpeg.

com 48 The original wireless earbuds are chunky. Put them in and your music starts These sound great. £299 / bragi. but some will love how instantly recognisable they are. They’re packing batteries good for five hours of tunes between charges.0 LG Tone Platinum JBL Reflect Mini BT Monster iSport Wireless Three hours per charge. . give ’em longer tails. and a carry case to top them up. and you can answer calls with the built-in mic. These hook up to a batterystuffed neckband with mic. Handy. but the sound still lets them down Motorola Verve Ones+ Bragi Dash Samsung Gear IconX Bose QC35 AKG Y50BT Parrot Zik 3. £289 / bose. £79 / jbl. Double-tapping a bud will wake up Siri. If you’ve tried Apple’s EarPods. £229 / verve. looking fine on that colour-calibrated 4. fold flat and can go 20 hours on a charge. £79 / amazon. It’s now got optical image stabilisation and saves photos in a wider colour Noise-cancelling on-ears in eye-catching colours. cap the ends with a glint of silver and you’ve got AirPods. but store 4GB. You might be better off with one of the alternatives below… @elissaloi These have wingtips that keep them locked in place. Stable mate It might fly solo. So you’re basically paying £159 to cut the cord. In your ears they look like the kind of early-’00s Bluetooth headsets that were all the rage with Goldman Sachs bankers. obviously. £149 / uk. £279 / Sound quality is a downer. pull them out HANDS-ON VERDICT These buds look good and feel funky. live in a teeny charging case that’ll top you up with 24 hours of extra listening Lovely noise-cancellers that drown out the world with These are robust.7in It’s not that The inter-bud cable reflects car lights. these sound pretty much the same: mediocre. sound OK and won’t require a remortgage. £169 / and the track will automatically pause. £130 / lg.akg. but the 7’s single 12MP camera still takes great photos.FIRST TEST SPECIAL APPLE 10 BEST JACK-FREE HEADPHONES TESTED APPLE AIRPODS £159 / apple. so you won’t go unnoticed. and pair to your iPhone with a Rip the wires out of a pair of EarPods.

Games get in on the fun too – it’s like slapping a Rumble Pak into an N64 controller all over again. And you might not even need to reach for your headphones.7in 1344x750 LCD Processor Apple A10 Fusion quad-core OS iOS 10 Cameras 12MP rear. but it’s just a shame there’s no 64GB sweet spot any more. even if the resolution hasn’t had a bump. They’re a great match for the brighter. with a whole host of little tweaks that make this new iPhone greater than the sum of its parts. It’s freed up space inside the iPhone 7 for the same taptic engine you get in the Apple Watch. which handles low light as well as any phone out there. There’s also room inside for your own files.FIRST TEST SPECIAL APPLE Plucky seven TESTED iPHONE 7 from £599 / stuff. Tech specs Screen 4. thanks to the new stereo speakers. It’ll serve you well… even if its Android rivals still offer better value for money. It’s perfect for snapping impromptu selfies with the much-improved camera. switching to Lightning isn’t all So let’s talk about that missing headphone jack for a sec. 138g STUFF SAYS Forget the headphone furore – the iPhone 7 is still a slick update with some handy new features 49 . A firm press on any Apple app icon will throw up a list of shortcuts for jumping straight into the setting or mode you want. If you don’t already own a pair of wireless or Lightning buds then it’s going to sting a bit – especially when you have to reach for that pug-ugly adaptor. and the spacious 256GB model will keep media hoarders happy. They can really pump out sound when you crank up the volume. That said. Ditching the basic 16GB storage size was a great move. adding force feedback to the new all-digital home button. more colourful screen too – Netflix on the move is a genuine treat. 7MP front Storage 32/128/256GB RAM 2GB Dimensions 138x67x7. There’s loads to love here.1mm.

but the rest is hard to fault. Good news for swimmers. extremely expensive Hermes straps to choose from too. Bluetooth Waterproof 50m Battery life Up to two days STUFF SAYS The smartest watch is now one of the sportiest – a great all-rounder Say goodbye to blinding bling. That makes a big difference to navigating the OS and opening apps. but for the extra functionality here it’s impressive. . should you wish to really broadcast your wealth. Strap up Customising the look of your Series 2 Watch is easy. accelerometers and huge amounts of research is claimed to make the Watch 2 the most accurate sports tracker out there. thanks to a new dual-core chip that’s 50% faster than the old one. Siri on the Watch. which is much less than a Garmin or Pebble. is awesome. but the new Apple Watch is also smarter. yes. as it’s compatible with all of the Series 1’s straps. Sure. of which there are now 10 styles in numerous colours. the Series 2 lasts longer than the original. though.FIRST TEST SPECIAL APPLE Second wind Apple’s apparently minor tweaks have made the Watch Series 2 a real winner for sporty types from £369 / stuff. heart-rate monitoring. each of which can be customised to display precisely the info you want to see at a glance. accelerometer. Despite the increase in power and added GPS. And what if you want a much more exclusive version? The gaudy gold option has gone. Face off You can also very quickly and easily change the Watch’s face between a number of designs. two days is about the most you can expect. The addition of GPS is a big boon if you like to train unencumbered by a phone. For our money the heart monitoring seems less consistent than one of those horrible chest straps. and Siri feels more responsive too. gyroscope. It’s sportier than ever before. but also for surfers. replaced by a prettier white ceramic model that starts at £1249. Wi-Fi. A combo of GPS. the most striking of which is waterproofing. by the Looks just like the last one. The Series 2 locks onto a GPS signal almost instantly and the screen is twice as bright as before. while 2GB of space for music gives you another reason to leave the phone at home. doesn’t it? But the new Apple Watch has had some pretty significant upgrades. The basic Sport is really comfortable. say hello to ‘white ceramic’ Tom Parsons 50 The Apple Watch has actually put on a bit of extra bulk for its Series 2 appearance. There are a number of new. sauna fans and forgetful showerers. You’re not going to notice the extra millimetre. Tech specs Processor S2 dual-core Display 1000-nit OLED Connectivity GPS. then. heart rate.

. .The first 360° VR Action Cam in 4K #explorein360 Visit: www.

FREEBIE LOVER 100 apps that won’t cost you a thing 53 .

plus it supports the newest iOS functionality such as Split View and Side Over. ● REDDIT Getting to work to find out you’ve missed out on a new meme can see you becoming a social pariah around the watercooler. from books to comics. It’ll open a boatload of file formats. get Reddit’s app. Just don’t miss your stop. To make sure you’re on top of breaking internet crazes. or the latest posts in r/ You possibly missed Marvins 1 and 2.BEST FREE APPS The other Kindles in the range have higher screen resolution (300ppi compared to 167ppi) but it’s still easier on the eyes than a tablet. Unfortunately there’s no built-in light. so pair it with something that’s got plenty of pixels. IAPs / iOS BEST ON iPAD . so you might have trouble reading it when the darkness of another impending Monday morning envelops your soul. 54 ● KINDLE ● MARVIN 3 Sure. so you can blaze through Moby-Dick in no time. which has recently had a few millimetres shaved off the edges (it’s 11% thinner) and been spruced up with a nicer chassis (it’s 16% lighter). but if you own a Kindle the free app is worth installing – if only so you can keep reading when you’ve left it at If you want to be top dog on the 8:21 to Wage Slave Parkway. £free / amazon. As long as you keep the web connection on it’ll sync between your registered devices. you’ll probably have to buy books to read on it. but this e-reading app offers features you won’t find in most of its rivals. Android AMAZON KINDLE THE TECH £60 / AMAs with Very Important Cats. £free / iOS. Join the rest of the worker drones with a 6in basic Kindle. the luxuriously expensive Kindle Oasis is the only choice for you. but if you can afford one of those you probably don’t need to put yourself through the misery of commuting by train.

Sorted. Android In the blue corner is Instapaper – a far more minimalist approach that borrows from e-readers to fill its feature set. so you can hop off the bus a couple of stops early. or scoot up and down the stairs a few times at lunchtime. Overcast is better than Apple’s built-in podcasts app and it includes neat power-ups that allow you to boost voices on quieter recordings and shorten any silences that stretch the running time. IAPs / iOS. £free / iOS. Android VS ● MICROSOFT OUTLOOK Microsoft killed our favourite calendar app. Fire up SideChef and its daily homepage will provide the necessary culinary inspiration. Android 55 . Android ● OVERCAST ● POCKET ● INSTAPAPER Podcasts are a commuter’s best friend: funny. It plugs into your email accounts. IAPs / iOS. In the Coke corner is Pocket – the magazine to Instapaper’s broadsheet newspaper. £free / iOS. plus there’s OneDrive online storage included too. You know. you can highlight passages or sort articles into folders. keen to show you images and video alongside the text of any articles you send to it. if you have an urgent meeting at the pub on a Friday afternoon. you won’t mind. Android ● SLACK ● SIDECHEF Despite being a glorified IRC client. So even if you have to spend 40 minutes pressed against a perspiring businessman from Basingstoke. IAPs / iOS. Android You’re almost home but you’ve just remembered there’s nothing but an old lime and some brie in the fridge. Sunrise – but thankfully it’s been swallowed up by the latest Outlook app. time-killing and most of all completely free. plus the step-by-step instructions (plus videos) on how to make it. £free / iOS. the ingredients needed. There’s less emphasis on images but it gives you more options to change fonts. Facebook events and Songkick plans. Slack is slowly replacing email as Stuff’s go-to way to share gifs and YouTube videos. because you can use Overcast to listen to another episode of Alice Isn’t Dead. educational.BEST FREE APPS COMMUTER COMPANIONS ● MAPMYWALK Want to get fitter but just can’t find the time? Tracking your normal pavement-pounding with MapMyWalk will give you an idea of how much more walking you should be doing. Slack’s app is great for keeping in touch. and it’ll tell you how much is left to read. IAPs / iOS The Pocket vs Instapaper battle is the catch-up reading app equivalent of the Coca-Cola vs Pepsi argument. And while we’d never endorse working while you’re not being paid.

Some are simple. all the while. some are fiendish. never more so than when trying to catch rivals on maze-like tracks in Asia. Letterpress therefore becomes a tug-of-war landgrab. IAPs / iOS CaRRage depicts what the nutcases in the Mad Max flicks presumably do on their days off. But the cunning bit is that any tiles surrounded by ones you’ve claimed are protected from your online opponent during their next go. with nothing more than gravity helping your character on his way. but we’re pretty sure Rodeo Stampede plays fast and loose with reality. Armoured vehicles zoom about in a ravaged wasteland. lobbing metal balls at crystals. rotated by turning an on-screen wheel. Android VS 56 ● SMASH HIT ● PICO RALLY ● CARRAGE Cathartic. IAPs / iOS. IAPs / iOS. Android Pico Rally boils the racing experience down to a single button: an accelerator. leap into the air and lasso a rampaging beast. IAPs / iOS. It gets pretty frantic. bulldozer-like elephants…) and micro-managing your menagerie. Ride said critter for long enough and it’ll decide it loves you and wants to be a part of your zoo. atmospheric and addictive. This really is a charming old-school platformer with smart level design and weapons that get more powerful the more things you shoot. with you timing when to put your foot down and when to lift off. You float through the void. Each is a smartly designed circular death trap.BEST FREE APPS GAME CHANGERS ● RODEO STAMPEDE We at Stuff HQ aren’t privy to how zoos are run. you must judge which glass forms are about to collide with you and smash them to pieces. you saddle up. Android ● LETTERPRESS The idea’s easy: take it in turns to find the longest words you can on a five-by-five grid. But there isn’t one. IAPs / iOS . Smash Hit is an abstract and semiambient smash-’em-up. There are even Fury Road-style supply runs where hordes of hostile vehicles try to take your cargo for themselves. aiming to smash up the opposition. Here. That makes it feel a bit like slot-racing. IAPs / iOS. Did we mention your zoo is floating in the sky? Rodeo Stampede then finds you switching back and forth between catching new animals (super-fast twitchy ostriches. Each new level brings surprises. Android ● CALLY’S CAVES 3 You’ll probably be a few levels into Cally’s quest to rescue her parents before you wonder what the catch is. IAPs / iOS ● BENEATH THE LIGHTHOUSE What’s beneath the lighthouse? A lost grandpa and a network of caverns.

BEST FREE APPS This is the Digital 10. Cygnett’s Chargeup Digital 10. for when you’re so deep in a Clash Royale hole you have to play it on two phones at once. time freezes when you stop moving. Your little blob pootles about. It visually echoes 1980s classics such as Bubble Bobble but has the brutal heart of Super Hexagon. but there’s an almost Nintendo-style charm to this disc-flinger. ● FRISBEE FOREVER 2 It seems odd that a game called Frisbee Forever could have a sequel. Android ● TIME LOCKER In this strange. And with a pair of USB ports you can charge two phones simultaneously. threading your way through nasties to reach the top of each tall. The mechanics are idiotproof: move left and right to keep your frisbee on the right path and collect stars to stay airborne.000 – if you want something a little smaller. the No matter how many charges it gives you.cygnett.000 uses polymer rather than lithium-ion battery tech. narrow level. ● LEAP DAY A new challenge beckons daily in this one-thumb platformer. IAPs / iOS. IAPs / iOS 57 . given that you’ll be devoured by the relentless darkness if you sit still for long. You know. But Time Locker is a little bit cleverer than your average vertical shooter. IAPs / iOS.000 takes up less space but still has enough juice for two charges. and you tap to make it jump. there’s not much point lugging around a ‘portable’ charger if it weighs the same as a petrol-driven electricity generator. which keeps the weight down despite it holding enough juice to charge your phone around five times before needing a re-up. This is less helpful than you might think. blocky universe of roaming dinosaurs and giant bears. Android THE TECH CYGNETT CHARGEUP £39 / uk.

● SNAPSEED This photo editor excels when you’ve got a lot of screen space to play with. Edits can be added in layers and tweaked later. which takes consecutive photos and stitches them together in a user-defined layout. £free / iOS. so don’t worry about ruining your masterpiece. Luckily. . £free / iOS. Ah. But if yours doesn’t. It periodically updates with new topical masks and Wielding a selfie stick not only marks you out as a narcissistic cretin. You could shove it where the sun is too embarrassed to shine. Handy if you ever run into Peter Crouch. Its other creative tools include vignettes. so you’ll never be upstaged by your teenage niece again. it twists and twizzles into a sturdy little tripod. but some of them are quite good. £free / iOS. Snapchat’s CGI-style mods should be off limits. there are adaptors to make sure it sits well and won’t topple. blurs and borders. a long-exposure shot or a timelapse video. The angle of your phone is even adjustable. it’s also one extra thing to carry around with you. but Retrica’s selection is larger. Android 58 ● RETRICA ● MSQRD The iPhone’s camera app already has eight live filters. Choose an adjustment type (such as ‘black & white’ or ‘tilt-shift’) and the app gives you a gestural interface. Our favourite feature is the interval timer. Android Unless you’re 17 years old. or you could use a Pocket Tripod instead. MSQRD offers similar live overlays that you can save to your phone. Android POCKET TRIPOD THE TECH from US$19 / pocket-tripod.BEST FREE APPS A lot of phones will fit the default size of Pocket Tripod. When not on duty it patiently waits in your wallet disguised as a credit card – but the second you need to hold your phone steady for a selfie.

£free / iOS Pixlr puts itself ahead of Android’s myriad other free photo editors simply by being ad-free. Giphy Cam is a cinch to use and has an ever-changing catalogue of meme-worthy effects. ‘cows that look like Hitler’ etc) – it analyses and groups them automatically. Google’s Motion Stills app scours your camera roll for compatible images and lets you turn them into shareable gifs or video clips. £free / iOS PHONETOGRAPHY 59 . rotating and collaging to subtly adding radial focal blurs or going all out with all kinds of grunge and crazy effects. Yep. resulting in some of the most convincing homages you’ll get from a phone without having to add any talent at all. using its simple tools to give yourself a little boost. So nobody will judge you if you run your selfies through Photoshop Fix before posting them. £free / iOS. £free / iOS. Android Apple’s Live Photos can be neat but they’re difficult to liberate from your phone. Kind of. Android ● MOTION STILLS ● GIPHY CAM ● FYUSE The gif has become valuable currency on the stock market of social media. Android ● GOOGLE PHOTOS Google Photos has a neat trick up its sleeve. Just don’t forget to turn off the watermark in the settings first. capturing a 180º view of a subject. it deconstructs your photos and uses cloud-based machine learning tech to apply its artist-aping effects to your pictures as it puts them back together. £free / iOS. Prisma is the perfect accessory to your crime. so search ‘cows’ and the one that looks like history’s most evil vegetarian will appear. No more having to go through and tag all of your pictures (‘amusing vegetables’. but its huge range of tools enables you to do anything from simple cropping. Curtain and Electric are our favourites. £free / iOS. Android If good artists borrow and great artists steal. and the app will turn it into a gif-type 3D file that moves as you tilt your phone left and right. £free / iOS Remember those lenticular holograms on the front of cereal boxes in the ’90s? Fyuse is that for the emoji generation. So much more than just a set of clever filters. with the option to either loop the video or bounce it back and forth from start to finish.BEST FREE APPS BEST FOR SELFIES ● PRISMA ● PHOTOSHOP FIX ● PIXLR Not many people wake up and face the world completely #nofilter. MIOBI. even that 8 seconds you spend in front of the mirror sorting your hair out counts. so being able to churn out your own from your phone’s camera will put you in a strong position to harvest those likes and retweets. Use Fyuse to take a curved panorama photo.

BEST FREE APPS ARMCHAIR ATHLETES ● PREMIER LEAGUE The Premier League used to charge for its fantasy football app. scores and breaking news from the world’s most civilised game. presumably for you to yell at when your team has a last-minute winner wrongly ruled out. for one – it has an app dedicated to everything from NFL to netball. IAPs / iOS. £free / iOS. It’ll show you headlines and scores. sky. it’ll tell you when they’re going to grace your TV screen and what channel it’ll be on. Android SKY Q from £44/month. Is it time for tea yet? £free / iOS. and ESPN’s Cricinfo app provides lots. Android 60 ● STATS ZONE It’s all very well calling Robbie Savage a clueless waste of space when he’s on TV. and more boring sports such as golf – can you really call yourself an armchair athlete without a Sky subscription? ● LIVE FOOTBALL ON TV With Sky and BT Sport moving the fixtures around willy nilly to satisfy the astronomical fees they’ve spent on broadcasting rights this season. all the good cricket and Formula 1 (which will be in 4K from next season) – not forgetting the NFL. There’s even a page on referees. The free version of this app will let you track one team at a time. but can you do better? Boost your sofa punditry with Stats Zone. It’s packed with stats. That means when you’re in the supermarket on Saturday morning and you suddenly remember you’ve left Sergio Aguero on your bench. Android ● BBC SPORT ● ESPNCRICINFO Apparently there are sports other than football. most of it). Phew. Who knew? The Now it’s the home of the Premier League (well. Android THE TECH . The app’s also full of news. £free / iOS. To do that you need ammo. £free / iOS. you can quickly amend your starting line-up before the deadline. which will generate the facts and figures to back up your radical tactical ideas (rather than relying on a mediocre playing career and bad hair). stats and videos. it can be difficult to keep up with who’s on TV and when. but now it’s put everything in one handy package. Android There’s only one thing cricket fans like more than the sound of leather on willow – and that’s talking about it. with a customisable section you can fill with the sports you want to be kept up to date on.

BEST FREE APPS THE TECH LG G5 £530 / ● CAR DASHDROID If you like to tinker under the hood. Android Google’s Gboard takes Swiftkey’s finger-swiping typing tech and throws in some of the search skills Google is best known for. calendar. Presumably it’s intended to be used for sharing notes and pics between people. LG’s modular G5 allows you to pull it apart and slot in specific power-ups. displaying all kinds of info. whether that’s a B&O DAC to make your music sound sweeter or a supercharged camera to give you a head start on Instagram. plus it’ll read out your texts and Whatsapp messages for you to dictate responses to. text and photo albums. Whatever you draw or write will then appear on top of the lockscreens of all those in your LokLok group. £free / iOS With the LokLok app you can set a picture as your lockscreen then scribble on top of it. DIY HTML.99 IAP and you can add graphs. It makes the icons more proddable. so you don’t need to keep switching between your message and browser. Swiftkey’s the old favourite. Twitter and RSS. pictures and gifs related to what you’ve just written. Insert sunglasses emoji here… IAPs / iOS. IAPs / Android MOBILE MODDERS 61 . Status Board gives your tablet purpose during this downtime. Got a fancy new phone but drive the automotive equivalent of a Nokia 3310? Use this app to turn your phone into a pseudo Android Auto dashboard. email subjects/counts. £free / Android VS ● LOKLOK ● STATUS BOARD Chances are that your iPad sits around doing nothing much of the time. Precisely what info is down to you: the app gives you widgets for a clock. HDTV support also makes Status Board a superb means of creating a live status display for an office. It can now predict which emoji you want based on the words you’ve typed. tables. countdowns. IAPs / iPad ● SWIFTKEY ● GBOARD Some people still don’t realise they can switch the keyboard on their phone. there’s really no other phone for you. weather. Not at all. with its neat swipe-to-type system that turns you into a texting ninja. We do not condone using it to send people rude scrawls. Splurge on the £7. It lets you seamlessly chuck in links. without them even having to unlock their phones.



You’re in Rome. You want
to get to Rio. This app
will tell you all the possible
permutations for that trip,
from car to train to plane.
It’ll do it for other starting
points and locations
too, with prices, booking
links and suggestions for
accommodation thrown in
for good measure. Spoiler
alert: it’s best to fly to Rio.
£free / iOS, Android

Mugged off by the pirates of the sky? AirHelp is a
bit like one of those ‘no win, no fee’ injury lawyers
but less shady. If your flight’s delayed, cancelled or
overbooked AirHelp will take up your case for you,
saving you from a frustrating Twitter spat with the
airline’s poor social media manager or hours on
hold to the customer service department. If any
compensation is due to head your way, AirHelp takes
a sizeable chunk (25%) – but what price can you put
on not having to do all that pesky paperwork?
£free / iOS, Android



Airports can be stressful
places, especially if
you’re not sure where
the Wetherspoons is. App
in the Air holds your hand
right until your backside
hits that seat on the
plane, with reminders
for everything from online
check-in to boarding
times. It’ll show you tips
from other travellers too.
£free / iOS, Android

Download Uber and you’ll
never have to hold your
phone up to a taxi driver’s
face, pointing helplessly
at an address and hoping
they understand. Uber
takes the hassle out of
using taxis and eliminates
the chance of getting
ripped off by a driver
charging you an imaginary
tourist tax.
£free / iOS, Android





Google Maps now lets you
save areas offline, but it
makes you redownload
them every 30 days. Store
the areas you need and works without
a web connection, complete
with directions and places
of interest. It’ll even help
you hunt out Wi-Fi if you
have snaps you want to
upload to Instagram.
£free / iOS, Android

Heading somewhere but
in no huge hurry to book?
Just tell Hopper where it
is you’re hoping to fly to
and when, and it’ll monitor
flight prices, letting you
know when it expects
them to soar or drop so
you can get the best deal
going. Hopper reckons it
can save you up to 40%.
Not bad for a free app.
£free / iOS, Android

If time is not on your side
but a bargain is still a
priority, Skyscanner
snoops through all the
flights on your selected
dates and shows you the
cheapest way to fly from
A to B. You can tell it to
ignore layovers; or, if you’re
feeling adventurous, get
it to show you a load of
cheap flights and pick one.
£free / iOS, Android



UE reckons
the Roll 2 is
15% louder than
its predecessor. That
doesn’t sound like a lot,
but every little counts
when your speaker’s
this small.

There are places in the
world that Citymapper
is yet to reach. Far-flung
towns such as Kayseri,
Kaohsiung and Kettering.
OK, Trafi might be no use
in Northamptonshire, but
its self-learning algorithm
and real-time updates
will help you navigate
transport systems in
more exotic locales.
£free / iOS, Android



£79 /

A decent Bluetooth speaker should be behind only your passport
and clean pants on the essentials list when you’re packing to go
away – and there aren’t many as travel-friendly as the UE Roll 2.
It takes up as much space as a pair of socks, and with similar
audio smarts to the much bigger Boom 2 it’s capable of filling
anything from a cosy Airbnb lounge to a fancy boutique hotel
room. It’s waterproof too, so you can take it to the beach and
bolster that ‘Brits abroad’ stereotype by annoying all the locals
with your choice of tunes.

Tripit is like having a PA in
your pocket. Send it all the
confirmation emails you
get for your journey and
it will build an itinerary, so
you’ll know exactly when
you need to be where.
You can even share it with
everyone else on the trip.
Well, you don’t want to
leave Jamie behind, do
you? Not after last time.
IAPs / iOS, Android

Rather than pointing at
items on a menu in the
hope one of them is steak
and chips, point Google
Translate at the problem.
It knows more than 70
languages and can convert
them into English for you
without needing a data
connection. It even works
on handwritten words.
£free / iOS, Android



Assembly claims to be ‘graphic design for everyone’.
In reality, it’s more like a modern take on playing
with felt shapes. At the foot of the screen there’s
a shapes drawer, and you drag elements to the
artboard, which can then be moved and resized.
Get a little more advanced and they can be grouped
for mass manipulation, recoloured, and have effects
such as drop-shadows applied. You can even import
an image as a backdrop. You know, if you fancy having
a bash at designing next month’s Stuff cover.
IAPs / iOS



The original Brushes app
sadly keeled over (boo!)
but became open-source
(hooray!) and now Brushes
Redux brings the app to
modern devices. It’s still
simple and usable but also
powerful, and boasts one
of the best super-fast
brush creation tools you’re
ever likely to see.
£free / iOS

Proof you don’t need
expensive creative apps
to get finger-painting,
SketchBook Express gives
you layers, opacity control,
15 preset brushes and
a transform tool. And if
you’re not artistic, you
can always use it for
adding rude tattoos to
pictures of Michael Gove.
IAPs / iOS

BY 53

Originally an elegant
drawing app for iPad,
Paper got a radical
overhaul with version
3. The sketching stuff
remained but was
joined by superb tools
for quickly creating
diagrams, taking notes
and making lists. Hip
beardists bemoaned
the loss of digital
notebooks, but we
much prefer the new
stacks of virtual paper
that explode into a wall
of sticky notes that are
easy to explore.
£free / iOS


You won’t be challenging
Pixar with Animatic, but
as you scribble each
frame you see previous
ones beneath in faded
form, ensuring smooth
transitions throughout
your DIY cartoon – so you
might at least give early
South Park a run for its
money. Think of it like a
virtual flick book.
£free / iOS, Android

Designed for iOS but
happy working with
any touchscreen, the
Pencil is the stylus
that goes with Paper.
It will work with other
drawing and writing
apps too – which is
just as well, because
have you ever seen
a stylus that looks
as good as this? No
wonder it’s so pricey.


We just hope for your sake you’re not buddies with Mo Farah. it listens to the sounds being made around you and applies varying amounts of delay. making it easier to drop off at night. With nothing more than your phone. waking you up at the right time and. store your stats and compare your performances with friends. Runtastic’s Sleep Better app sits on the edge of the bed while you snooze and analyses your sleep patterns. opt for Strava over Runkeeper. Nobody likes a teacher’s pet. plus they have fitness-tracking tech built-in in case you want to leave your phone at home while you’re grunting. Just try not to get to work too early. Android 65 . reverb and volume-boosting to all of it (you can tweak the settings to suit). IAPs / iOS.99 a month you can turn Runkeeper into a ‘personal trainer in your pocket’ with personalised workouts. Samsung’s IconX in-ears are cable-free. A superior cycling community means its maps have loads of real-world time trial routes that you can try to beat on your commute. hopefully. IAPs / iOS. £free / iOS Rather than turning to your old friends Mr Jack Daniel or Mademoiselle Artois to help you get to sleep at night. Android H__r (to give it its shorter name) is either a poncey avant-garde remix app or a tool to help you shut out the hustle and bustle of daily life. Depending on which of the seven filters you select. but for £0. Either that or it’ll give you really weird dreams. Android If you prefer to burn your calories on a bike. so next door’s noisy kids might as well not exist. a chair and a wall.BEST FREE APPS HEALTH FREAKS VS ● RUNKEEPER ● STRAVA For £7. whether you’re trying to concentrate at work or get some sleep at night. THE TECH ● SLEEP BETTER ● SEVEN ● APP FORMERLY KNOWN AS H__R Seven minutes is barely enough time to polish off a kebab. IAPs / iOS. Android SAMSUNG GEAR ICONX £169 / samsung.00 a month you can log your Exercise is boring without music but the wires can get in the way. but according to this app it is enough for a daily workout. You can also use it to keep a diary of your dreams and monitor phases of the moon. IAPs / iOS. Seven will guide you through a quick set of exercises you can do each morning while waiting for the bathroom.

Android THE TECH SAMSUNG GALAXY S7 EDGE from £599 / samsung. but rather than downing an endless stream of boring jets. lest the spaceship explode. grabbing power-ups that enable him to spew laser death from his maw. Shooty Skies has you attacking joystick-spewing arcade cabinets and laptops running LOLcat loops.BEST FREE APPS The S7 Edge isn’t just a big battery and an even bigger screen. 66 ● PAC-MAN 256 ● SPACETEAM This re-imagining of the iconic dot-muncher’s maze-based adventures dumps Pac-Man beyond the infamous Level 256 glitch that consumed everything in its path. IAPs / iOS. and it’s got oomph for days. It’s also waterproof to 1. Android ‘Social’ mobile games often only let you battle someone on Facebook. Those curved edges run handy widgets. but with a 5. but Spaceteam is different. Daft. so you don’t even have to stop playing when you get in the bath. Android .5in Quad HD screen you’ll be too pixel-dazzled to notice. faced with a control panel of dials and sliders. Our hero must keep moving. Ah. IAPs / iOS. Everyone must coordinate to deal with instructions (“Set Shiftsanitizer to 1!”). but the Edge’s 3600mAh cell will last over a day with normal usage. but getting past the colossal bosses requires some seriously deft finger-work. Up to four players join on a local network. Some intense sessions on Rodeo Stampede will bring that down. ● SHOOTY SKIES Its roots are in the scrolling shooters of the Games eat your battery like grime MCs consume Nando’s. yes — that bit’s new. IAPs / iOS.

unearthing wrecks and treasure in a procedurally generated watery environment. Best get practising. taking his turn to move before various fishy critters follow suit. Ignore the IAPs and this is one of the finest puzzlers around. Savvy planning can quickly see your score leap into the millions. mind. Android This sweet exploration game resembles such mobile classics as Mines of Mars and Mr Driller. Android 67 . Android VS ● SUPER STICKMAN GOLF 3 Super Stickman Golf’s catapulting ancestor is the same Apple II artillery game that Angry Birds has at its core. Loads of surprises hide in the depths. from the delicate controls through to the eye-popping photorealistic courses you play on. but thwacking balls around giant forests in this mini-golf extravaganza is much more fun. Things run at you and you only have a moment to react: monsters must be shot and other yellow blobs left alone so they can join you and increase your powers. frantic entertainment. but your free time won’t be. Android ● SUPER DANGEROUS DUNGEONS The name makes it sound like child’s play. Your little diver scoots about. IAPs / iOS. It’s grindy at first. IAPs / iOS. eh? IAPs / iOS. It takes no prisoners. but this mashup of real-time strategy and card-collecting is so compelling that it’s worth dodging its attempts to mug your wallet. but each of these dungeons is peppered with traps intent on impaling or drowning the intrepid Timmy as he aims to grab the keys and reach the exit. Tense. Android ● WGT GOLF If you’d prefer something a little more down to earth. particularly in the frenetic multiplayer race mode. Android ● IMAGO The aim of Imago is to merge tiles of the same size and colour to form large blocks. IAPs / iOS. IAPs / iOS. and dives are short.BEST FREE APPS MORE GAME CHANGERS ● DEEP LOOT ● CLASH ROYALE Clash Royale might look like one of those horrible freemium games you see advertised on TV (and it sort of is). gun-toting yellow blobs in a gloomy cave. and it’s all too easy to end up embarrassingly over par. WGT Golf hits a hole in one for realism. Which sounds simple until you’ve died 27 times. IAPs / iOS. These then ‘explode’ back into individual squares. but persevere and you’ll salvage one of the best mobile games around. Android ● HOPELESS: THE DARK CAVE Hopeless sees you playing as cute. IAPs / iOS. and there’s a real sense of progression as you add to collections back on the surface. each retaining the score of its parent. Your bank balance might be safe.

Android VS 68 ● ONEFOOTBALL ● GOOGLE MAPS ● OS MAPS Just because you’re spending Saturday at Ikea doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with what’s happening around the grounds. £free / iOS. maps showing incoming fronts. Android Most people don’t need to be told Google Maps exists. a satnav should be top of your kit list – and CamOnRoad is GPS with a twist. Onefootball will send you goal notifications (to your smartwatch if you have one). IAPs / iOS. Android If your choice for a weekend wander is off the tarmac’d track. videos of you getting spat on by that llama. with footage sent to the cloud and augmented reality directions and points of interest overlaid. IAPs / iOS. plus Street View is handy for checking out routes and destinations before you arrive. Find somewhere you like that’s not on the app and you can add it yourself. Android . Ordnance Survey has decades of experience supplying exactly that. but LiveTrekker uses your phone’s GPS to leave a digital trail. Mount it on your windscreen and it doubles as a dashcam. You can add pics of the most picturesque views. Find something you like the look of and you can add it to your shortlist. Google’s guidance is better. and while the free version isn’t perfect. Existing users might not know you can also save chunks offline now. The official Met Office app isn’t fancy – you get a timeline of the changing skies. Just don’t get annoyed if it suddenly gets harder to find a table. £free / iOS ● CAMONROAD Going on a road trip? After a decent playlist and plenty of sweets.BEST FREE APPS WEEKEND WANDERERS ● GLP – GREAT LITTLE PLACE Second only to kidnapping a local. £free / iOS. Because sometimes it snows in April. plus alerts for unexpected events. Android If you like spending your weekends outdoors it can be tough to keep track of where you’ve ventured. £free / iOS. it’ll do for the odd excursion. IAPs / iOS. and notes to remind you of your day. Android ● MET OFFICE WEATHER ● LIVETREKKER You’d have to be a fool to go out in the UK without checking the forecast first. but if you’re still using Apple’s effort then clearly you haven’t been listening. Great Little Place helps you to find the bars and restaurants that others don’t know about (well. unless they’ve also got this app). so you’ll know not to miss Zlatan’s 96th-minute equaliser on Match of the Day. although you don’t have to worry whether a restaurant or pub fancies you back. you’ll need more detail on your maps than just where the nearest Starbucks is. It’s a bit like a dating app for food and drink.

Get close but can’t quite lay your hands on it? You can trigger an alert noise to sound from the accompanying app. Now it’s about discovering places to eat and drink around you. so it’ll slip easily into your wallet. £free / iOS. Results show their ranking and price. with time and price info. £free / iOS. Android There’s still no better app than Citymapper for getting from A to B. Android 69 . but it’s so coolly minimalist there’s no information about any of the pictures. Tile’s new Slim is bigger than its original tracker but much slimmer. Just try not to swallow it by mistake. Let your phone’s camera see what you want to identify and around 70% of the time the app will recognise When you’re gallivanting about the place downing Bloody Marys and sampling craft beer. You can’t attach a Bluetooth tracker to two of those things but you definitely can to the other. plus how long it would take to walk instead. it can be easy to lose track of time/your belongings/your mind. £free / iOS TILE SLIM THE TECH US$30 / thetileapp. ● MAGNUS So you’ve wandered into that gallery you always planned to check out. Nice. and it’s now available in 36 cities around the world.BEST FREE APPS The tracker’s battery lasts at least a year. Tell it where you want to go and it’ll work out every permutation of public transport to get you there. camera bag or Panama hat band and you can use the app to track it down if it goes missing. ● FOURSQUARE ● CITYMAPPER FourSquare is no longer about checking in to your local chippy in the hope of becoming its mayor. but when it’s dead Tile will recycle it for you and give you money off a replacement. Never mind – Magnus is like Shazam for art. from historic sites to jazz clubs. and there’s also a section that suggests other places of interest.

keeping your movie collection in shape and streaming it from your computer or NAS to your telly. Mac or NAS to that little black box under the telly. It’ll tell you exactly how long a dish will take to make.57/month VS ● FLICKR If nothing else.BEST FREE APPS THE TECH ● KITCHEN STORIES LG OLED55C6V £2299 / lg. IAPs Our favourite Ultra HD telly is almost too talented for Apple’s tiny black box (it can’t feed the LG a 4K HDR signal – at least not yet). but if you’re serious enough to subscribe for Photoshop you should be just as serious about showing off the results – and where better than on the biggest screen in your house? CC from £8. it’s also a neat way to subject the family to a slideshow of your snaps from your summer holiday in Alicante (or those from holidays uploaded by people you don’t even know).com ● ADOBE LIGHTROOM If you’re going to spend so much time watching other people cook their dinner on MasterChef and its ilk. re-encoding your files on the fly as you fling them from a PC. cleanly shot videos covering recipes and essential skills. £free ● PLEX ● INFUSE 4 Plex appeared in unofficial form on jailbroken secondgen Apple TVs but now it’s gone legit. But if you also happen to own an Apple TV and have access to some poor unsuspecting victims. Just make sure you can see the TV from your kitchen. We’re bending the rules a little with this one because you need a Creative Cloud subscription to use it. Flickr is worth signing up for just to get the 1TB of storage and automatic photo backup to the cloud that it offers for free. you might as well have a go yourself. Artwork. You can also select what you want to watch on your phone or tablet and then seamlessly send it to the TV instead. IAPs APPLE TV ESSENTIALS 70 . and when you adjust the number of portions required it automatically alters the ingredients. but don’t let that stop you investing in this amazing rectangle of tech with a curved screen. Neat. so you don’t need to worry about pesky conversion. such as how to prepare a squid or make a hearty beef stew. catalogue sorting and metadata are all automatic. IAPs Infuse is a similarly skilled streaming app. Kitchen Stories is awash with mouthwatering but helpful. The OLED picture will blow your slippers off.

but ReachOut Breathe really works. Philips Hue bulbs and other programmable gadgets. Try it. Android XIAOMI YEELIGHT £47 / xiaomi-mi. and a gentle difficulty curve. we’re particularly fond of the Surprise Me section. right? IAPs / iOS. It’ll also help you read before bed without straining your eyes. Relax. we’ve found that eating loads of tapas and watching La Liga isn’t enough to gain fluency in Spanish. IAPs / iOS. until some idiot does something to annoy you again. Fortunately. Android TED is food for the brain. £free / iOS. point your camera at it and Photomath will show you step-by-step instructions on how to solve it. an app designed to slow your breathing and help you unwind. Define the type of content you want to see and it will offer talks to suit. Tickle teaches you how to code using a simple block-based system. It’ll work with your Sphero BB-8. You place a finger on the screen. Android Self-improvement isn’t all about sitting in a cupboard and thinking of your happy This bedside smartlight has modes for any mood. £free / iOS 71 . breathing in until a circle fills. Be briefly at one with the world. This probably sounds like it’s turned us into a bunch of hippies (man). slotting commands together like a jigsaw. Duolingo turns learning the basics of a foreign language into a game-like experience through exercises.BEST FREE APPS HUMAN DIY ● PHOTOMATH ● TED Thought you’d left maths lessons at school? Well. plus its wake-up function will gently ease you out of your slumber each morning. with a free app to change the colour Hue-style. you could probably use ReachOut Breathe. If only you’d had a smartphone back in the day. THE TECH ● TICKLE ● REACHOUT BREATHE ● DUOLINGO STRESS! ANXIETY! MORE STRESS! If your heart’s thumping now. £free / iOS Annoyingly. which you can watch live or download to view offline. stats. you were rubbish at it then and you’re still rubbish at it now. full of riveting talks by all manner of clever people. Write down the sum you need to solve. You then hold your breath for a bit and breathe out until the circle fades. so you can put what you’ve learned into action straight away. Given that this is an app about discovery.

then… £free / iOS. Android . giving you a fully searchable version that can help you find the bit you’re looking for. and that should give you a clue as to what it does. £free / Android ● WUNDERLIST ● ANY.BEST FREE APPS LIFE ADMIN VS ● CTRL-F Not an app you’ll use every day. Input all your accounts and it’ll show you nice graphs of where you spend the most money. exchange files and links (no more emailing stuff to yourself). Android VS 72 ● PUSHBULLET ● MONZO Install PushBullet on every device you use and you can control everything from your computer: send texts. Android An app that comes with its own debit card. but it plans to switch to full debit card status next year) it’ll send you notifications and show how much you’ve spent so far that day. It works on everything from your Apple Watch to your web browser. £free / iOS. Android ● MONEY DASHBOARD Money Dashboard can track how much wonga is leaking out of your credit and debit cards. but it’s still a great dumping ground. Android We’re all busy. You can also add notes for those particularly mammoth jobs.DO ● EVERNOTE If ‘find a new to-do list app’ is somewhere on your to-do list. thanks to its cloud syncing and sharing skills. see notifications. syncing between them. but Ctrl-F can certainly come in handy. IAPs / iOS. Busy sticking our to-do lists on the fridge door or tapping reminders into our phones. Take a picture of a page of text and the app will digitise is the best way to keep on top of it all. Every time you spend using your Monzo card (pre-pay only for now. IAPs / iOS. Monzo is just about the techiest bank out there. If only you could hold it up to your house and get it to scan for your car keys. Any. plus you can export the doc as a printable PDF. Quick idea for something amazing? Bung it in Evernote! Got a receipt? Chuck it in Evernote! Fancy recording yourself yelling “ARGH!” because you forgot to save a receipt in Evernote? Do it in Evernote! IAPs / iOS. Wunderlist deserves an audition. It also means you can text away at your desk without fiddling with your phone and it’ll look like you’re getting on with your work. The name is the keyboard shortcut to search for something on a document. You can run it as a live widget on your homescreen and separate your tasks into folders. like cleaning your pet mammoth. How much?! £free / iOS. Android You can only use Evernote on two devices for free. Time to cut down on those trips to the artisan pork scratchings emporium.

but with its 256-bit Having spent the last couple of years helping out our friends across the pond. Amazon’s Echo is finally making the trip to the UK. £free / iOS Telling one app all your passwords might seem like Edward Snowden’s worst nightmare. Isn’t it time you moved on from ‘password12345’ anyway? £IAP / iOS. Don’t fancy cooking? Get Alexa to look up nearby restaurants for you. something’s got to give. SubscriptMe scans your phone and inbox to spot what you’re spending on and will give you a reminder when the bills are due. ● FEEDLY No matter how much of the internet gets read. and Feedly lets you put all the stories from your favourite sites into one easily browsable list. Android 73 . Use it as a brainy speaker or internet radio using voice commands to get it to play what you want from Spotify. Audible or TuneIn Radio. It’s just a shame she can’t call them and make you a booking. 1Password means you can come up with stronger passwords for each online account without making them too simple. This hi-tech tennis ball tube is home to Alexa – a Siri-style helper that you can instruct to set timers. among a stack other things that Siri can only dream of. Android AMAZON ECHO THE TECH £149 / amazon. plus it integrates nicely with the likes of Pocket and Evernote. Philips Hue lights and WeMo tech. Get reading! £free / iOS. there always seems to be more to get through. make lists and read out your schedule for the day. ● SUBSCRIPTME ● 1PASSWORD That free trial with the mail-order sausage firm you signed up for is about to end – and with Netflix and Spotify draining your monthly income. Will it ever end? An RSS reader helps. so you can instruct it to control other gadgets all over your house.BEST FREE APPS The Echo can talk to Nest

ur e ud A n de cr nly os m Ia o m no an c ar hro tis m t! e 28 hours with the Fujifilm X-T2 5mins 10mins 30mins 35mins 50mins 1hr 3hrs 6hrs 10hrs . The subject-tracking mode can even be customised according to what you’re shooting.3MP X-Trans APS-C sensor. 3 2 2 Focus pocus The X-T2 autofocuses like a champ. Don’t think it’s all hype and no If Apple made cameras. Th Th th ’d a w t’s at e s rit ’ll a e. N or m ip ee e sh d m te y ri ar to fin ng pi ge ge d sh t . Fuji’s new compact system cam melds style with simplicity for a gadget you’ll itch to pick up but won’t want to put down. rs ial ar is t e j oo u L st ha filt ovin to rd o to er g fa t . With 91 focal points. which gives you 50% more pixels to play with. but image quality was never Fuji’s problem anyway – it really lagged behind Canon’s recent efforts (and most of its CSC rivals) due to its shoddy video skills and so-so autofocus.or a massive 325 if you go manual.Y a or so ay sie e ! r Lo I p fas re t n a s vin s ow en g s th . t t al w ft o ak SD e ca up rd sp A s n ac th nd… ow e.F I R S T T E S T F U J I F I L M X-T 2 Yes sir. Well. though. because while it may look much like the X-T1. it costs a pretty penny while seemingly offering only a minor upgrade over its predecessor. but 4K video and better autofocus make the sequel a real mover £1399 / stuff. it thumbs its nose at the spec wars but still manages to outperform most rivals. en I . I can Fuji The X-T1 was already a great compact system camera. [ Words Marc McLaren ] Good Meh Evil 74 C an rus tic he lim d b ax y o . the T2 is definitively a far better camera. It ve lo rw ok h Ac s j elm to tu us in tu all tl g rn y. ck e it’ ow sd ! d pr ia op ls on Foc er are e b us ly e ef is . it’s uncannily accurate and superfast even in gloomy conditions. s b Go v t a v efo od ide er re. Like the MacBook. On the face of it the biggest change here is the new 24. 1 Film developed If video was the X-T1’s Achilles heel. fin e a 4K e. And as with every Apple product. they’d probably look a lot like the Fujifilm X-T2. ’ ew m o du ut al of ba ba tte tte Th ry ry – e gr . ike ve nu r t bb St h i big ills ou n t ge loo gh oo r.. they’ve both been massively improved here – and then some. Footage is sharp and you can also use Fuji’s lovely filters while filming. S th t. ike fe n an o th elin dn tq eX g ow uite -T of W lo : th 1. That’s no bad thing. do m . As with the iPhone or iPad. the X-T2’s been to a top chiropodist: 4K recording is the headline but the fact that it now autofocuses smoothly and continuously is just as big a deal. jo o d bI o y bu m t ’ve es uc go n’t h h. te the e b It f nc f e I oc ut eel u to s l ne s n. k t I .

DS aga LR in. Screen dream The screen flips sideways as well as up and down. you may never need to go near the RAW files. t m ow en tio fas ni ta t a ut ga ofo in cu an s yw is? ay . or just use both in turn.F I R S T T E S T F U J I F I L M X-T 2 5 Tech specs Sensor 24. Instead. @marc_mclaren STUFF SAYS The X-T2 is a joy to hold and a dream to shoot with. it’s a camera you’ll quickly fall in love with 75 . with so many focus points to choose from. kitting out the T2 with its own X-Trans sensor. making it easier to grab shots in tricky positions. with aperture set on the lens. but that’s fine. Every button can be customised too. you’ll soon rely upon. Ba rio or ks up tt u s e f th ry ly in er ’s ov e b e w go er ut du n ith e e. 4 T m he y 18 35 -5 m 5 m ki on t le th ns e p is Fu ics goo is ji’s ad c ju d. shoot jpegs to one and RAW to the other. 1/32. giving it superb video and autofocus skills to go with the already top image quality and build. You’ll barely use the menus. Di s f It’s Ye d I or c s? m st lea W ent am rl ell io in y no n I’ll h a. Instagram schminstagram. Dual delight Like its stablemate the X-Pro2. The straight-out-of-camera jpegs are wonderful.000-30secs (electronic) Video 4K mpeg-4 AVC Screen 3in.0. There was no need for big changes here – the X-T1 was itself a brilliant camera. au e a sn Th l is pp ap is se w s. with oodles of manual controls at your fingertips. It feels great in the hand. SD/SDHC card Little wonders The difference between a great camera and a camera that just takes great photos? Touches such as these: Dial it up 3 Black beauty At first glance the T2 looks nearidentical to the T1. 4 Still got it Fuji continues to forge its own path image-wise. shutter speed and exposure.4m dots Connectivity Wi-Fi. The result is a truly superb all-rounder. That means super-sharp stills with bags of colour. giving you the setup that really works for you. These simple filters can be applied at any time and range from the moody Classic Chrome to the gorgeous new Acros B&W option. 20hrs 24hrs 25hrs 26hrs 28hrs Taking photos should be a tangible experience or you might as well use a phone. USB3.3MP APS-C X-Trans CMOS III ISO 200-12800 AF points 91 (325 manual) Shutter speed 1/8000-30secs (manual). mic/remote. It’s not as flexible as Canon’s class-leading efforts. It’s a stunner: elegantly retro but at the same time reassuringly well built and impressively weatherproof. Button boon Round the back there’s a new focus lever which. Fuji focused on the first model’s weaknesses. The Fujifilm X-T2 is a lesson in how to upgrade an already great gadget. it to il h us ma Fu e f nu a U ji’s o a I o Re rm lf ve m ac ocu rh ot ro s. but it’s a step in the right direction. 5 Filter it out The Fuji’s pics have plenty of pop but for maximum wow factor check out the film sim modes. microUSB. Here you get physical dials for ISO. This is great news: you can back up images to the second card. the X-T2 has dual SD card slots. microHDMI. 10. a st bu re m am s sin t w na g.

but Audeze’s subtle styling means you can take these out without looking like a music snob. Get through a few albums and it may feel stiff around your head. 2 3 3 Precious memories 4 The Fidelios’ cushions are filled with memory foam. It seals in sound. 76 . 1 2 Discretion session TES WIN T NER Top-end cans usually have OTT looks. but may turn your ears a little toasty. 4 Use your head The M2Ls don’t have an inline remote – the volume and playback controls are built right into the ear cup for easy skipping. so they mould to your lugs.VERSUS LIGHTNING HEADPHONES 1 Heavy metal The Sines’ metal frame can take a battering but isn’t hugely flexible.

and you can set up two custom EQ presets using the 10 frequency sliders. with no chance of distortion. but if your music has to have real presence. jack socket – if you’re picking up a new iPhone and don’t want to go wireless (or fiddle about with an adaptor).5mm cable too so you can swap the wires out and plug into other kit. Audeze has squeezed them into a pair of on-ears you can actually wear outside the house. full-bodied sound with lots of bass. But vocal-led tracks don’t have quite the same impact. and Skrillex’s signature brand of wub-wub is suitably… wub-wubby. Price £399 / audeze. those drivers won’t distort one bit. but you can tweak how the Sines sound with the Audeze app. so you’ll want to up the volume a notch to mute the world. if you do turn them up. don’t install the app – they work fine without it. 192kHz audio – the Lightning connector doesn’t support it at all. The big focus on bass and treble leaves the midrange just a little isolated. and there’s plenty of movement in the ear cups to get a comfy fit. but have a 3. £7. they really hit the spot. so all-day listening won’t get heavy. and this Lightning version is aiming for a repeat Tech ● Planar magnetic drivers ● Closed-back design ● >120dB ● 10Hz-50kHz ● 20 ohms ● 230g Price £199 / philips. We put two top contenders to the test… What’s the deal? Planar magnetic drivers are standard stuff for top-end. but not uncomfortable once you’ve got them on your bonce. Philips’ built-in DAC does great things with our test tracks. not around them. and pretty – as long as you don’t mind being tied to Lightning APP-LY SOME PRESSURE ● Both these sets of cans are plugand-play.5mm cable for a fixed Lightning connector. then. ● There’s no official Philips Fidelio app. Are they any good? The leather and metal styling looks the business.99 for hi-res playback) does a great job. If you could swap the cables around. Just don’t expect 24-bit. They ditch the removable 3. but rare as hen’s false teeth in a pair of portable cans. they won’t be versatile enough for everyone. That’s great if you’re mostly listening to electronic music: The Prodigy’s The Day is My Enemy explodes out with every digital beat. A Lightning connector means your phone isn’t doing any of the work changing digital to analogue – decoding is all down to the cans. It’s free in the iOS App Tech ● Dynamic drivers ● Closed-back design ● >107dB ● 7Hz-25kHz ● 16 ohms ● 195g Stuff says Stuff says Phenomenal sound that’s not tied to an iPhone 7. [ Words Tom Morgan ] Audeze Sine 77 . Don’t want to fiddle? Well. The Sines are iPhone 7-ready out of the box. These are not the last word in critical listening. but you’ll need to download a thirdparty player if you want to listen to hi-res music. making them worth the extra cash Portable. but Onkyo’s HF Music Player (free to download. Are they any good? They’re heavier than they look. They’re also pretty light on your head. The cups sit on your ears. Still. iTunes can’t play FLAC files.VERSUS LIGHTNING HEADPHONES Lightning strikes tw ce Hit the road. the M2Ls would be a no-brainer. The smaller ear cups let in more noise than the Sines’ chunky pads. listen-at-home headphones. but since you’re stuck with Lightning. you’ll need some Lightning-cabled headphones. which is perfect for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. so they don’t completely block outside noise – but you don’t need to whack them up full blast to drown out your commute. even if the Audezes are that little bit more punchy and precise. pumping out a rich. Philips Fidelio M2L What’s the deal? The Fidelio M1s are still some of the best bang-for-buck on-ears we’ve ever had the pleasure of putting on. but less handy if you knacker it out: a broken cable here means a whole new pair of cans.

n o d n o L g n Shapi 2016 Exhibition opens 20 May Download the FREE London Transport Museum app for exclusive content and special offers. .

you’ll still need a phone in your pocket for GPS. but only if you chosen discipline is running Lace ’em up and leave the phone at home… unless you want GPS Tom Morgan Any bit of running tech you don’t have to charge. Inside the app. but you can’t feel any weight difference once you’ve laced them up. It will save your route as you run. and they only record runs (sorry. so no need to open the app before you set off. It syncs with apps such as MyFitnessPal too. turn on or even remember to wear is a good thing.TEST UNDER ARMOUR SPEEDFORM GEMINI 2 RECORD EQUIPPED Smart shoes. You’ll only get so many miles out of a pair. And while a fitness tracker is easily left at home. but for sheer convenience they deserve a place in your kitbag. Out on the road. App my run Most Under Armour gear uses the UA Record app. Tech specs Sensor Pedometer foot pod for tracking time. so you know if you’ve done enough exercise to burn off that pre-lunch donut. Why strap on a wearable when your shoes know everything? £130 / stuff. speed and pace were all spot-on – it’s as accurate as any top-spec tracker. my distance. nothing will. so the only signs of the shoes’ smarts are the tags on the laces. and should last for the lifetime of the shoes. 79 . splits Connection Bluetooth Sizes UK size 6-15 Weight 295g STUFF SAYS They’ll get you race-ready. really… If these trainers don’t get you moving. cyclists). The Gemini 2s are actually pretty subtle in grey and red. for recording all kinds of data every time you run. The tracking tech is only in the right shoe. your feet won’t light up like a fairground with every step. but these kicks only work with Map My Run. Finish your workout and the pod will automatically beam a record back to your phone. Just don’t expect them to keep score once you’re on your bike – they only record OK. not cycle rides. That’ll work out at around 500 miles of running. You could wear them to the ambassador’s reception without causing an international incident. The built-in battery doesn’t need recharging. there’s enough sole padding to stop your tootsies getting tender. It means there’s a Bluetooth foot pod inside. distance. No. you’ll never forget to put your shoes on before you go for a run. The Gemini 2s track your workouts with precision. Speedform Gemini 2 Record Equipped is a bit of a mouthful for a pair of running shoes. are as comfy as a regular running shoe. duration. Don’t worry. Route master Leave your phone at home and the Gemini 2s will still record your run. but you’ll only get GPS mapping data if you bring your handset along. and don’t cost much more either. cadence. but it’s the ‘Record Equipped’ that’s the important bit. It’s sealed inside the sole. 80 STEP 1 REGISTER STEP 2 ANSWER STEP 3 WIN (POSSIBLY) . Take part here: www. and you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win a £100 Amazon voucher or one of five Misfit Ray fitness bands worth £79 (see misfit. All you have to do is register and answer a few simple questions.W I N £100 AMAZON VOUCHER MISFIT RAY RRP £79 WIN A £100 AMAZON VOUCHER OR 1 OF 5 MISFIT RAY BANDS BY ENTERING THE STUFF SURVEY Here’s your chance to tell us what YOU think about our We’re listening! Let us know what you like or dislike about Stuff and the things we cover. You’ll help inform crucial changes to make this a better mag.

Our favourite city rides will ensure you arrive with a smile on your face and flies on your teeth ● Tern Verge X20 Need to use the train? Folding bikes are allowed on most trains – and this one’s a rocket off it.0 Ready to upgrade? The Urban proves city bikes can be sexy… and low-maintenance. 81 . ● Kona Honzo CR Trail Want something different? A hooligan hardtail mountain bike is perfect for urban shortcuts. URBAN BIKES STUFF PICKS ● Canyon Urban 7.URBAN BIKES The bikes ● Coboc ONE Rome New to biking? This light and easy-to-use electric bike will get you up and riding in double time.

at about 50 miles – but the Coboc is designed for buzzing around the blue battery LEDs are the only visible giveaway that you’re not purely running on pedal power. the Coboc is light enough to reward that graft. hydraulic disc brakes give you maximum stopping power. ● TomTom Spark 3 This pacetracking superwatch keeps an eye on the miles you’re racking up. And the fact that it’s light enough to take up four floors to my flat every evening more than makes up for the lack of adventure. The light stuff Even though the Rome is a featherweight compared to most e-bikes. out of the ● Orp Smart Horn That zippy motor will have you whizzing 82 ● Lifestraw Go Gone so far that you’ve drained the Coboc’s battery? This water bottle’s got a purifying straw built Tom Morgan Reviews Editor A daily commute through central London is probably the 10th level of cycling hell. and you can stay smug knowing your heart isn’t hammering away while the bike’s motor does its thing. £125 / Lend a helping foot What looks like a big wheel hub is actually a small wheel motor. not climbing Mont Ventoux. Not that you’d know it was an electric bike. £119 / tomtom. The power button and charging port are hidden under the top tube. I find that I can blast past the government-regulated 15mph motor cut-off. but even with the ever-present threat of militant cabbies. Start me up Underneath that classy Coboc logo is the bike’s on/off switch. £46 / amazon. so you’ll want something to warn any pedestrians to get off their phone and watch where they’re going… 96dB ought to do it. although the minimalist motor only makes 40nM of torque so I have to put some effort in on big ● Lumo Clissold Bomber Jacket Stay safe with this lit-up jacket. and the motor is built into the rear wheel.URBAN BIKES The e-bike COBOC ONE ROME £2999 / coboc. unlike more powerful e-bikes. and with a motor doing the work. It’s not as powerful as some. winding the single gear up to about 25mph in a sprint. so you can drink straight out of the Trent while you work out how to get home. Its assistance is most noticeable on hills. Range is minimalist too. It’s got LEDs built in. the thick lining won’t leave you soaked in sweat. Coboc’s electrically assisted One Rome should make sure I won’t melt into a puddle of sweat by the time I reach the office. But. The charging port is under there . US$65 / orpland. so you’ll stick out like a beacon at night. so you will have to do some work. Coboc stealthily stuffs the frame full of batteries.


Lose your seat All the bikes in this feature have racy-looking saddles. Electric? Too slow once the motor cuts out. £160 / chrome industries. then as a 84 trouser-flapping bonus the carbon fibre belt drive is super-quiet and filth-free. The wheels and seat are secured by antitheft bolts. as the storm in their name suggests. MTB? Good luck nipping through a gap with those wide bars. a GPS computer and your big parpy horn. it’s easy to ride up ● Chrome Storm 415 Pro Leather Boot Winter is coming and. 0 £1139 / canyon. erm. But the Canyon is a truly versatile urban cycling . The all-rounder C A N Y O N U R B A N 7. boot. doesn’t leave your legs spinning on the descents. And they’re SPD compatible to. these are fully waterproof and have reflective heels. mine is the only opinion you should trust. cruises along the flats comfortably. It can look after itself The never-needs-oiling belt drive and enclosed 8-speed Shimano Alfine hub gears make for a maintenance-phobe’s dream. These have USB connectors so you can plug into your computer or phone charger at work.URBAN BIKES Just add gadgets Any aero advantage gained by the slick stem design will soon be ruined by Ross Presly Deputy Art Editor Having ridden all of these bikes extensively on rollers (that’s me blue-steelin’ all over the pictures up there). The only things I’d change are the pedals – get some of those double-sided ones Chee has chosen over the page. You’ll probably notice a lot of people trying to get a good look at your “interesting” frame and asking about that crazy headtube setup. and the fat 35mm Schwalbe tyres roll really quickly and offer plenty of grip. £48 / evanscycles. ● Cateye Volt 300/TL Rapid X Rechargeable Light Set You’re going to need lights to be seen on those murky evenings. they’ll be a bit more stable and grippy. All of which we’d instantly swap out for something more comfy. Folder? Everybody knows you should go Brompton. Equipped with a belt drive and eight-speed hub gear. If you’re like me you’ll tell them how long it took you to figure out how to adjust the stem (the bolt to loosen the top cap is on the underside of the top tube).

Time to re-tyre

Best keep this off-road rubber
for the weekends: there are loads
of 29in semi-slick tyres that’ll be
faster for a gravelly commute.

Hon a budget?

If the attitude appeals but the
pricetag prevents, Kona does
various Honzos in lesser specs
of carbon or aluminium.

Get a grip

Wide and thick bars make for
precise turning, but you might
want to consider narrower ones
for nipping through traffic gaps.

The crossbreed

£3499 /

Fraser Macdonald
Consulting Editor
Sod Google Maps – I’ve
managed to plot a route
to work that’s only 30%
road, the rest being shared between
cycle paths, gravel, off-road, a few
sets of steps and what may actually
be someone’s garden. Very little of it
is boring. So I need a bike that can take
a bit of rough.
This Kona may technically be a
mountain bike, but it uses the large
29in wheel diameter normally reserved
for fast race bikes. Still, the new-school
geometry, the wide handlebars, the
toughty Fox 34 suspension fork… they

all hark towards something more
attuned to rock-drop hooliganism
than Lycra-clad pace-chasing. And to
confuse bike spotters even further, this
is one of the new-for-2017 carbon fibre
Honzos, making it not just strange but
ultra-expensive for a mountain bike
with no rear suspension.
Is it any good, though? Yes. Too good,
if I’m honest. The stiff, light carbon
frame gives it accelerating, leaping
and hooning abilities outside the
parameters of my nearly-40-year-old
biomechanics. Nonetheless, whether
I’m giving it my take on maximum
attack, or just sitting back and letting
the big, wide wheels suck up London’s
stupid road surfaces, I’m all smiles.

● Cycliq
Fly 12

One of these
days I’m going to
jump them steps,
rather than rattle
down them…
and I want this
combined bike
light and action
cam to capture
the carnage.
Which it’ll do, in
1080p and 45fps.
£249 /

● Madison

These mountain
biker’s baggy
shorts are smart
enough to be
seen in the office,
and they’re
cosy and waterresistant enough
to take the sting
out of a wintry
£64 /


The folder

£2299 /

Chee-Chiu Lee
Brand Art Editor
Given that you’re only
paid for being at work,
not getting there, it makes
sense to shorten your commute as
much as possible. In the city, that often
means a combination of train and bike…
and with rush-hour restrictions, that
means a folding bike. The Tern Verge
X20 is the Ferrari of folders.
The aero 20in wheels, FSA carbon
cranks and hydroformed aluminium
frame add up to a weight of just 9.9kg.
That’s great for when you’re carrying it
about, but it gives it a swift ride quality
too. It’s surprisingly stiff and quick off

the mark, with no movement or
creaking from the folding bits. There’s
a bit of flex in the tall handlebar stem if
you’re sprinting, but you get used to it
and it probably helps take a bit of sting
out of the potholes – the racing tyres
don’t offer much cushioning.
Folding takes only 10 seconds with
practice, with just a couple of clamps to
undo on the main frame and seatpost.
It makes for a tidy folded bundle, except
that the big 55-tooth chainring is left
exposed – and it looks like it’d be an
ankle-biter in a crowded carriage. In
truth, though, if the homebound train
is looking busy, I’d happily just ride the
Tern all the way home. Might even beat
my PB.

Little red booster

Natty red anodising marks out
the X20 as an above-average
city bike. Though it’ll have the
thieves swarming too…

Back in the fold

Magnets and a rubber strap hold
the folded bike together. It’s not
quite as neat as the Brompton
system, though.

Gear we go

Zoom zoom – light wheels and
big gearing make this an express
city-crosser. And if your legs go,
you can take it on the bus. Win!

● Tern
Cover 2.0

Nothing gets
train commuters
tutting like taking
a muddy bike on
board. So give
your folding bike
a disguise while
keeping chain and
stabby chainrings
away from
the haters.
£44 /

● Hydro Flask
16 oz Coffee

Take an extra
20 mins’ snooze
and throw your
hot breakfast
beverage in your
bag instead of
gulping it down
before leaving
home. This sippy
flask will keep hot
things hot for up
to six hours.
from £19 /

● Shimano
Single Sided
Touring Pedals
These pedals are
the best of both
worlds. One side’s
flat for your work
shoes, but on the
other there’s an
SPD connection
for your suitably
race shoes.
£32 /

● Vulpine
Men’s British

Without any
mudguards, you’ll
need a decent
jacket. This
Vulpine jacket
is spendy, but
designed and as
smart as a button.
£350 /


Madison lent us
the Arion Mag
Parabolic Rollers
(£274) for this
shoot. We can
imagine training
in front of the
telly on cold
winter nights
with these. We
won’t, but we
can imagine it.




● Watch Mourinho at United with Sky Q When it comes to the Premier League. won’t you… THE EXPERT Rob Leedham Editor 88 Most Netflix Originals shows are available to watch in 4K. this package isn’t cheap. ● Optimise Prime Amazon’s 4K library for Prime Instant Video is dominated by original shows like Transparent and The Man in the High Castle. I’ve just shelled out on a new 4K TV. I want to see the world in dazzling quality while quaffing cheese Doritos on my couch. Available to Sky Q Silver box owners. Here you’ll get Champions League. Every channel seems to broadcast in boring old HD.99/month subscription and feast on a smorgasbord of revelatory telly. now in Ultra HD. but my Ultra High-Definition dreams were shattered upon turning it on. then it’s probably worth plumping for BT Sports’ UHD offering. Europa League and FA Cup matches in addition to its Premier League fixtures. ● Take a trip to the continent If you’re more interested in European football. You can also pay to watch so-so movies such as The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Sky Sports is king. . but it means you’ll get to see Rooney’s mug in visceral detail.GADGET DOCTOR Help! What can I watch on my 4K TV? 1 Supercharge your subscription READER IN NEED Alex Wilks Telly buff ● Upgrade your Netflix Stuff. It’s got over 120 games a season. Got a fibre internet speed of 25Mbps or higher? You’ll want to upgrade to the £8. Sort this out. Elysium and Fury.

as well as a retro-inspired design and plenty of stills prowess. and comes bundled with a free copy of FIFA If all you want is some cool footage to show off your new telly. £1399 / fujifilm. From frolicking puppies to a stunning timelapse view of Earth from the International Space Station. Android 89 . Discs are £20 a pop. only slightly better. this classy device will reveal all in excruciating minutiae. though. With 4K joinstuff google com/ +stufftv stuff@ haymarket. But don’t panic if you didn’t get hold of one – the cheaper 500GB version is out The other 4K console essentially does all the same stuff as the Xbox One S. while 4K video recording will do the same for any footage you catch on the The latest edition of Fuji’s most winsome camera improves on the one thing its last incarnation fell down on: video. Bloodborne and God of War. If you’ve ever wondered how much Leo DiCaprio suffered for his Oscar in The Proving point-and-shoot cameras still have a place in the world. and this really shows on Panasonic’s premium Blu-ray player. We believe it will be better at upscaling your standard HD games to 4K. £free / iOS. £349 / Watching your extreme sports exploits on a poxy little smartphone display won’t do them justice at all. selling out within a fortnight of its arrival in The Xbox One S was a smash hit when it first launched. the TZ100 packs a wealth of tech into a device that’ll fit in a jacket pocket. Considering this console also doubles as a 4K Blu-ray player. £599 / panasonic. £549 / panasonic. though: you’ll have to make sure your hellraising is worthy of this big-screen treatment. then you could do worse than head over to YouTube. it’s an absolute bargain. Its 1in sensor ensures your holiday shots are full of NOW ADD THIS YouTube ● Panasonic DMP-UB900 ● Fuji X-T2 ● Xbox One S ● GoPro Hero4 Black ● PlayStation4 Pro ● Panasonic Lumix TZ100 Watching from a disc is the superior way to do UHD. there’s plenty of awesome stuff that’ll wow anyone deemed deserving of a peek at your 4K box. and of course you get to play all those amazing PS4 exclusives like Uncharted 4. So why not show them off on a whopping great 4K TV with the help of the Hero4 Black? Beware. this snapper ensures the fruits of your photographic labours will look great on your TV. £368 / gopro.GADGET DOCTOR WE’RE ALWAYS ON CALL 2 3 Sort out your home cinema setup Shoot your own footage @stuffTV facebook. from £249 / xbox. Biking to work just won’t cut it.

temperature. And if you go for the optional Smart Connect Bluetooth dongle – see below right – it’ll open up a whole new world of coffee. This thing is packing some hefty double pump action at the front. paper filters and drip jug. but the coffee is mighty tasty Pete Brown 90 Time to put away the stove-top espresso pot. Customise your cappu The options list is practically overflowing. with onboard menus putting several types of coffee just a few buttons away.9 litres Pressure 15 bar Milk foaming arm Automatic Power 1450W Dimensions 351x280x351mm. Yes. You’ll find answers to most of your questions about fitting filters etc online… but not necessarily on Jura’s website.8kg Welcome to the dongle It’s the £45 Smart Connect dongle that separates the E8 from your ordinary bean-to-cup machines. The styling falls somewhere between Apple-esque – all polished metal and friendly screen – and steampunk. amount of milk and froth… STUFF SAYS A stylish. You can tweak recipes and save new presets for your favourite cuppa: length of drink. The stuff itself tastes great. There’s a complete set of maintenance modes to keep the machine clean. and it looks like a professionally prepared brew with proper crema. Setup is way easier than the manual would have you believe – the pathetic printed booklet is by far the weakest link in this coffee production line. but it’ll be worth doing properly to keep the taste top-notch. Tech specs Water tank 1. assuming you’re mainlining at least one filter coffee every day. Download the Jura Coffee app (iOS and Android) and your phone can now speak to the machine via Bluetooth.TEST JURA E8 Whole latte love A hardcore machine for hardcore coffee lovers… made even better by optional Bluetooth cleverness £1100 / stuff. it’s time to start thinking about the Serious about coffee? The Jura E8 is fair old investment but it’ll pay itself back through use after about two years. with a beautiful aroma. Even those convenient single-use pods can stay on the supermarket shelf. If your coffee addiction is at the level where every barista in the local Starbucks knows your name and order off by heart. We found unofficial YouTube videos to be much more useful. You might not fancy doing this every day. . It’s heavenly. easy-to-use machine made even better by Bluetooth It’s mighty expensive. but the app itself is simple enough. The screen is bright and colourful. which makes it perfect for dual-wielding the morning espresso cups. but true caffeine fiends will love it. the price is stratospheric. 9.

ac. www. Now Director of Performance Analysis in the US.ucs.Developing the next generation of Sport Scientists and Coaches. Be brave. Go far. Be bold. Sam Lawson. UCS Sport Science #UCSgofar .

well. That 11. but that’s because you’ll be keeping most of your files in the cloud. even if the styling is hardly. and has an antiglare coating. Throw in a few USB This is one laptop you won’t mind lending to the kids. STUFF SAYS Built to last. and you’ve pretty much covered the basics. The fold-flat screen is handy for sharing the action with someone else. and the chunky keyboard should be fine for adults to type away on as well as any little ’uns. with added protection from little accidents and a cheap and cheerful design. Forced to share your computer with the kids? This is probably the Chromebook to buy. stylish 92 Lifeproof Flat mate Hardy type Those reinforced rubber corners mean a knock off a desk won’t destroy the precious internal mechanisms. It’s all plastic and rubber. with a dual-core Celeron and 2GB RAM (you can opt for 4GB). which is great if you bash out words like you’re hitting a punchbag. It’s no powerhouse underneath either. an SD card reader and HDMI. . Asus is going for a real ‘back to school’ vibe. The keyboard can take a real pounding.6in screen is bright enough to use outside as well as indoors. so there’s plenty to grip onto.GROUP TEST CHROMEBOOKS In our good books Android apps are about to make Chromebooks a lot more useful… here are three to convince you to ditch the desktop Asus C202SA from £223 / stuff. but the battery should keep going all day. There’s not much storage. but it might look out of place outside the classroom.

once you get used to it. That’s because it’s rocking a Core i5 CPU and 8GB of RAM – kit rarely found in laptops running Chrome OS. this Acer is difficult to beat without spending a lot more. It might not run the most powerful hardware. Even so. That isn’t normally something you’d associate with a Chromebook. so VLC is a must if you’ve got a lot of backed-up WhatsApp web version If you want to stay in touch without pulling your phone out. The Chromebook Pixel might have the edge when it comes to looks. but neither is the price… besides. but Dell’s got just about everything else right here. Play them from the laptop or off an SD Can a laptop ever be adorable? If any can. 30 open tabs at once – nothing slows it down. £free / chrome. with hinges that let the screen fold flat. Photo editing. £free / web. In this spec at least. The R 11 is absolutely tiny. Once your browser tabs hit the double digits it will start to struggle. particularly the £1079 top-spec version we’ve tested. STUFF SAYS Tiny enough to carry everywhere. It’s built like a tank. In fact this is more of a Chrome-tab hybrid. WHEN IN CHROME… FREE APPS Audiosauna This fullyfeatured audio workstation will let you create chronically sick beats on the move. whatsapp. this will move all your chats to your Chromebook screen. it’s this one. and you’ll have no trouble finding room for it in a bag. and the look is distinctly high-end. and super-flexible too [ 93 ] [[2C]] . thanks to the spacey keyboard and springy keys that will soon have you VLC Chrome’s local video playback isn’t the best. but that’s enough to keep Chrome OS ticking over. the Chromebook 13 eats through anything you throw at it. but the bright and colourful screen is begging to be used for watching video. though. take one look at the gorgeous 1080p display and you can tell Dell is onto a winner. and we managed two whole days in the office. HDMI and an SD card reader. without even draining the battery too much.GROUP TEST CHROMEBOOKS Marathon runner Slot to trot Dell reckons the Chromebook 13’s battery should tick for 12 hours. with a lowly Intel Celeron CPU and 4GB of RAM. huge files in Google Docs. and the small keys can throw you off your pace. The touchscreen works well. or flip over completely to turn into a tablet. which is handy because the dinky touchpad is jittery. but the top-notch screen is a stunner Acer Chromebook R 11 £229 / stuff. STUFF SAYS Not the flashiest. google. but the R 11 has USB. Stick to the basics and you’ll squeeze 10 hours of battery life out of a single charge. And it’s great for working on. £free / audio sauna. so it’s durable but not the The Dell Chromebook 13 is actually a bit of a monster. turn into a T TES R NE WIN Dell Chromebook 13 from £615 / stuff. A lot of cheap Chromebooks ditch ports to keep costs down.

The latter is nicely pocket-sized. DAY 01 We’ll all be spending a lot more time with VR headsets bolted to our faces if Oculus. A couple of GoPros bolted together will get the job done. but does it deliver a better experience – and better footage? Once it’s paired up with the camera using the companion app.TWO WEEKS WITH THE SAMSUNG GEAR 360 Champion all-rounder? Samsung’s dual-lens 360° camera is pricier than its rivals. So make sure you take a protractor into the shower. Skinny jeans? Forget about it. with a solid feel backed up by IP53 dust-proofing. and now Samsung has stepped up with this duallens snapper. A few fancy demo videos are fine. but what if you’re after something more elegant and affordable? Nikon’s got an all-in-one 360° action cam. the 360 Cam. sure. as has LG. Build quality is excellent. your phone becomes a remote viewfinder and controller 94 The first thing I notice as I remove it from the box is that the Gear 360 is a striking bit of kit: with the combination mini tripod/handle attached. which sells for £199. DAY 02 Size is the biggest problem with the Gear 360. Flip out the feet and it turns into a tiny tripod: perfect for timelapse clips and videos where you want to be the centre of attention. it’s almost a cross between a robot’s ice cream cone and one of those machine gun turrets from Portal. At £349. at least compared to LG’s 360 Cam. The protective carrying pouch bundled in the box tells me Samsung expects us to toss it into a bag instead. It’s water-resistant too. but is it better? Sam Kieldsen spent a fortnight finding out £349 / stuff. but it’s the clips and 360° photos you shoot yourself that’ll really wow your friends once you get them goggled up. but the Gear’s bulbous shape makes it tricky to slip in a pocket. HTC and Google Cardboard get their way… but only once there’s anything to actually watch on them. . but only against spray “from less than 60 degrees from vertical”.tv/Gear360 The Gear 360’s shape makes it hard to stuff into a jacket pocket. the Gear 360 is definitely pricier than its LG rival. The mini grip screws into the bottom of the camera to give you something to hold without getting in the way of the lenses.

DAY 12 It’s a shame I’ve hit so many pitfalls. as are guidelines as to which microSD cards will or won’t work properly. Still photos and videos look crisp and it copes well with changes in brightness. or the app gets stuck on the loading screen. Without a phone to hand. DAY 14 After two weeks using the Gear 360. like when you walk inside from a bright sunny day. because image quality is decent. given the tech troubles I’ve had and the lack of decent Mac support. The camera regularly drops its connection to my Galaxy S6. but I’m not using them. though… and once they’re made. And Samsung’s desktop editing and playback apps are only built for Windows. It also hates the 64GB microSD card I’m using. An iOS app is apparently on the way. They’re not VR-ready if you pull them straight off the microSD card onto a PC – you’ve got to upload to a site that supports playing back 360° clips. forcing me to reboot the camera. The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. I found them fiddly. and the app is good 03 03 Numerous tech issues 04 A bit too big to fit in a trouser pocket 05 Desktop software is Windows only Tech specs Sensors Dual 15MP CMOS Lenses Dual 180° f/2. but there’s a capable 360° camera in here somewhere ★★★ 95 . STUFF SAYS Too many problems to recommend it to everyone. but there’s no word yet on other Android phones. though.0 fisheye Display 0. plus you can play back clips or check photos. DAY 08 It hasn’t been all smooth sailing. there’s also the problem of what to do with your recorded files. it’s clear that it beats the LG 360 Cam in features. and framing footage takes too much guesswork. and Note 5 all work out of the box. Once you’ve paired your phone with the cam it becomes a remote viewfinder and controller. S6 Edge and S6 Edge+. 152g DAY 04 The Gear 360 has a tiny display and a couple of hardware controls. But remember you’re paying a £150 premium for that bump in quality. they’ll make the Gear 360 a much more tempting prospect. And it’s a premium that you might well find difficult to justify.LO N G -T E R M T E S T 01 Donut of Truth™ 05 04 02 01 Solid. You’ll need a recent Samsung smartphone. The companion app makes things a lot easier. S6. I’d like to see a bit more from Samsung here: proper Mac desktop compatibility is surely a must. performance and build quality.5in PMOLED Storage microSD (up to 200GB) Dimensions 67x56x60mm. or watch them on a compatible device. attractive and distinctive design 02 Easy pairing and reconnection. These are easy fixes. throwing up compatibility errors and demanding a reformat moments after it was working perfectly.

We’re hooked on the story. It’s bleak stuff. Goodbye. Effectively. and so will Deus Ex newcomers 96 Gameplay has been simplified. played the way you want? Don the gothy trenchcoat and start augmenting yourself: Adam Jensen is back PS4. so it really feels like you’re on an epic globetrotting adventure. making you completely invincible to bullets for a short time. The universal ammo that was so unpopular in previous editions won’t be missed. how to get the information you need from a particularly skeezy underworld type.TEST GAMES Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Serious sci-fi storytelling. and Mankind Divided is no different. The game looks just as luscious when it drops the bright colours for moodier hues. As much as we liked the stylised golden hues of Human Revolution. Picking up two years after Human Revolution. Even better are the arm-mounted Tesla darts.0. making the combat feel more crunchy than ever. Ghost rating… Tom Morgan STUFF SAYS Existing fans will lap up the tense story. hidden layer of cutting-edge kit that makes a big impact. or whether to ignore the main story while you polish off all the side missions you can find. The moody. You always have a choice: which way D to head next. Mankind Divided isn’t scared to change up the Deus Ex formula. Mankind Divided has overhauled its gunplay for the better. That’s true of the combat too. but it keeps the things that matter. . Experimental augmentations like the nano-crystal Titan Shield will give you a major edge in fights. PC / deusex. which lock onto enemies and knock them out silently. and the improved controls will be handy when we go in with everything blazing. with the latter treated as second-class citizens. the world has been split into ‘normals’ and ‘augs’. but Jensen is on the o you do things by the book. but it’s the second. string-pulling illuminati. battling an aug terrorist group while also working covertly with a hacker group to uncover the illuminati’s dastardly plans for the planet. it’s now a really bad time to be part of humanity 2. Xbox One. with much more responsive controls. the dev team has gone for a wider colour palette this time around. or prefer to go rogue? Deus Ex has always let you pick how to play. It helps give each new location its own sense of character. trenchcoated man-machine Adam Jensen is back cracking skulls – or lurking in the shadows if you prefer – on the hunt for the mysterious.

compact soundbar.BRINGING LIFE TO SOUND qacoustics. the M3 will fill your home with superbly detailed and dynamic audio reproduction. Simplicity redefined. Intelligent Pre-Amplifier (IPA™) and Bluetooth® aptX® wireless designed to bring life to your living room without the clutter of a full Hi-Fi system. Thanks to its built-in subwoofer. where beautifully engineered sound meets beautiful design. BMR Built-In Subwoofer aptX® Bluetooth Search Q Acoustics M3 Ultra Wide Sound Dispersion MoviEQ™ Enhanced Listening #hearingisbelieving .uk Introducing The New M3 Soundbar. M3 is an elegant. Bringing Life To Sound.

After 2015’s excellent Going Clear doc.000 people at Knebworth. with access to the church and its members highly restricted. scripted and supervised with the help of a ‘disgraced’ ex-member called Marty Rathbun. Tom Parsons Twenty years after Oasis played to 250. Blu-ray . Theroux instead auditions actors to play high-ranking Scientologists in re-enactments.REVIEWS Media hoard Avoid falling out with the Church h of Stuffology by following our instructions on what to watch and listen to this month WATCH My Scientology Movie_cinema he world’s most unflappable man takes on the world’s most secretive religious organisation in Louis Theroux’s first proper feature film… and it’s a stonker. His brooding and reluctance to use his power are a little tiresome. So. via hammers. He doesn’t take Marty at face value either. Theroux draws plenty of laughs with his nonplussed approach (“That’s actually quite helpful. but he struggles to carry his own series. even when followed or threatened. another film focusing on Scientology’s disturbing peccadilloes was never going to be enough. culminating in a truly bizarre encounter with a highranking acolyte in the darkness outside Scientology HQ. even with Theroux’s disarming front-of-camera style. probing the ex-Scientologist’s own part in the practices that he now seems so keen to expose. Before long the church gets wind of Theroux’s project and T 98 My Scientology Movie becomes a hybrid of his trademark interviews and a kind of absurd espionage thriller. Tom Wiggins Bulletproof widower Luke Cage was one of the best characters in Jessica Jones.” he remarks when blinding security lights on the property’s perimeter fence suddenly come to life) but he never backs down. Supersonic tells the story of how they got there. It’s MORE LIKE funny. eye-opening. THIS? and will remind you why (for a time) Oasis were the most exciting band on the planet. crystal meth and being locked in the brig on WANT a ferry to Holland. if only for the occasions that Cage engages rampage mode. and the show isn’t as smart as it thinks it is. Marvel fans will still want to watch. Tom Wiggins STUFF SAYS STUFF SAYS STUFF SAYS Luke Cage _Netflix Supersonic _cinema.

Tom Wiggins STUFF SAYS 8 Mile_Amazon Prime MUSIC MOVIES Eminem’s semi-autobiographical raps mean a film based on his life might seem unnecessary. Control – the Dutch director’s similarly monochrome biopic of the band and its late frontman – will probably never be as widely respected. written by Curtis’s widow). Muscle Shoals_Netflix Muscle Shoals is the Alabama studio where the Rolling Stones and Lynyrd Skynyrd recorded. Whether it’s the crunchy stomp of Not For You. but his accomplished performance makes 8 Mile more than a vanity project. at your local for a really strong. Nas: Time Is Illmatic_Netflix Rapper Nas went from Queensbridge survivor to global superstar when he released Illmatic in 1994. given that it’s to be their last album before a hiatus. Red Fang’s mixture of heavy hooks. While there’s nothing here as good as Prehistoric Dog from their debut. few music flicks have captured the troubled spirit of a musician with the artistic elegance of Control.REVIEWS STREAM Control_Amazon Prime While Anton Corbijn’s 1979 black-and-white photos of Ian Curtis and post-punk legends Joy Division are considered iconic. but only just. is a slight let-down – like expecting a wild send-off but just ending up at your local. the songs sloshing gently from one into the next. Well. LISTEN Only Ghosts_Red Fang With Queens of the Stone Age yet to emerge from hibernation. It’s a warm bath of lush retro synths with peppermint-scented harmony vocals. plus the strength of the band’s music and the film’s source material (Touching From a Distance. and this documentary returns him to the streets that made him. the runaway wail of Shadows or the cry-from-beyond that is The Deep. Richard Purvis This absolutely hits par for the genre-shifting. complex and noisy night that you’ll talk about for months… Fraser Macdonald STUFF SAYS STUFF SAYS 99 . this is as generically pleasing as Duncan’s debut Architect was inventive and enigmatic. Only Ghosts is probably the Portland four-piece’s most complete album so far. it’s an album packed with the kind of blood-pumping rock songs the Foo Fighters might make if they all got bitten by radioactive wolves and found themselves locked in the studio with 1000 unused Melvins riffs. Which. Four stars. shoutalong choruses and bludgeoning breakdowns might just convince Josh Homme to make sure he’s right on his game. but it’s the story of the band that originally owned it that’s most interesting. brainfuddling intellectual metal that is Dillinger. The Midnight Sun_C Duncan Dissociation_The Dillinger Escape Plan Just a little too progressive for the average dentist. But thanks to a twitchy and intense performance from then-newcomer Sam Riley.

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In the filters list. To see a map of where you’ve taken your Instagrams.19. tap Direct to choose the lucky recipients.YOBET SE UR A LF - PROJECTS | 11. a way to share photos with select followers rather than the world. Want total control over which pictures appear in your profile? Get the Jog your memory. It’s important to have all your Instagram filters in perfect order. If you don’t have a smartphone tripod to hand. Photoshop Express (£free. Don’t want anyone to know about that weekend in Blackpool? Go to your photo map and deselect the offending snaps. tap and drag to rearrange the order of the list. See that little inbox icon in the top right-hand corner? That’s Instagram Direct. Go direct. To reinstate ones you’ve hidden. get editing… EDITING TRICKS Make a collage. then selecting ‘add manually’. Elissa Loi explains how to make the most of Instagram with these handy tips and apps power to approve or reject tags from other people by going to your profile. tapping the options icon at the top right. try balancing your phone on objects like backpacks or handrails to keep your Instagrams sharp and in focus. Do not disturb. iOS and Android) is a quick and easy way to combine up to four photos into one poster-worthy shot. including ones for softening noise and adjusting shadows. And then. Fix your perspective. Remove distractions. go to the settings wheel and choose ‘posts that you’ve liked’. selecting the person icon. 104 . Do the usual (select photo and edit). go to your profile and choose the map icon. the first thing you need is good photos. but to really iron out those wonky horizons try SKWRT (from £1. Instagram Layout (£free. but instead of sharing to Followers. THE BASICS Manage your filters. Let’s not forget. FOLLOW US @STUFFMAG Get mappy. scroll to the end of the list and choose Manage Filters. Instagram’s built-in ‘Adjust’ tool is fine for basic work. iOS and Android). Keep it steady.16 It’s where many of us loiter like addicts for our daily fix of images and videos. If you can’t find that classic of a cat riding a Roomba. iOS and Android) has a host of essential ‘quick fix’ tools.

his sharp.49. and fling it into the ether. To help it stand out. many more ingenious ideas. Fix your invisible text. Need to make an emergency album cover? Fragment (from 10p.11. but the self-proclaimed ‘internet glue’ IFTTT (ifttt. the universe’s wonders never cease to Convert to atoms. The text in Instagram Stories is white by default. Save to Drive. From transforming ice cream scoops to planets. instaport. and the Nasa Goddard Space Flight Center’s official Insta account has plenty of jaw-dropping images of the great beyond to inspire and terrify simultaneously. turn your phone upside down. iOS and Android) and Pikazo (£1. SPECIAL FX Get psychedelic. Instagram now lets you take Snapchat-style photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. TELLING STORIES Press self-destruct. 105 . muted shots look like they’re plucked straight from the pages of a graphic novel. It’s great for getting a new angle on subjects.25. To make a Story. @TANAKA_TATSUYA Tanaka Tatsuya is a genius when it comes to blending real-world objects with miniature models. he’s created a whole new fascinating world of macro art that we would happily hang on our walls. @NASAGODDARD Fact: everyone loves space. Zach Lipson has you blurb. doodle over your creation using the markers. Embrace puddletography. select the drawing tool and colour the background – your text will now stand out. and take a shot. which is annoying if you’re trying to write over an albino kitten. Become an artist. Instagram doesn’t have a built-in option for saving photos to Drive. go to bit. Find a puddle with an interesting reflection. iOS) are our favourite apps for creating works that truly reflect our fearless artistic vision. try using Instaport (£ can do this automatically. press the ‘plus’ symbol in the top left corner. A resident of Chicago. Our favourite service for this is Blurb (from £11. belts to rollercoasters and many. com). Turn your photo feed into a physical album. Prisma (£free. which also offers book options for Facebook snaps. If you plan to leave Instagram or just want to back up your snaps. Except maybe Sandra Bullock. and offer plenty of inspiration for architecture fans and city lovers alike. iOS and Android) will give your photos major surgery. But for the rest of us. urban jungles and the people living in them.16 | PROJECTS WHO TO FOLLOW @ZACHLIPSON If you’re into interesting buildings. To set it up. BACKING UP Take ownership.

Forever Changes is a subversive and surreal record. these songs have never sounded so nuanced. full of tracks with deep. Spotify. all the better to express TOTBL’s sketches of pain and squalor. 7Digital My Morning Jacket It Still Moves Tinkering with an album that’s loved partly for its raw. The Morricone-esque blast of brass midway through Alone Again Or is worth the download alone. Tidal. But this is a flawless record. live sound could be a dangerous game. expressive bass and the studied.PROJECTS | 11. Spotify. Tidal. sometimes dark lyrical stories. proving in the process that rave music could be just as comfortable being atmospheric and reflective. Amazon Love Forever Changes Whether it’s the bad trip of A House is Not a Motel or the hints at indiscriminate slaughter on The Red Telephone. who will tell you that Phil Collins’ music is without merit. Spotify. 7digital 106 Phil Collins Hello. Underworld’s fourth album seamlessly blends various forms of downbeat electronica. Tidal.16 Make the most of your swanky new speakers or headphones with these classic albums. (tba) Nirvana In Utero 20th Anniversary Edition This 2013 edition of Nirvana’s final studio album includes a remastered version plus new remixes by Steve Albini. Spotify. with the band involved. but My Morning Jacket get the balance right on this remixed version of their fan favourite. Well. some of them in the Stuff office. I Must be Going! There are people. The band’s trademarks – angular guitars. Tidal. effective monotone of Paul Banks’ vocals – sound pleasingly bleak and clean. but the spacey production of the Lifties’ one album never sounded very ‘big’. With the remaster’s higher dynamic range. this is not just a remaster but an actual remix. 7digital Underworld Second Toughest in the Infants Rather than being packed with banging techno anthems. now sounding even better than they used to Interpol Turn On the Bright Lights This is the album that put Interpol on the wanted list. and we are panting for it. It’s out any day now. It still feels like you’re in a sweat-drenched bar listening to classic rockers on top form. Tidal. The remaster polishes what was already a kind of perfection. Spotify . Qobuz Lift To Experience The TexasJerusalem Crossroads It’s an apocalyptic sprawl of post-indie magnificence. whose original mixes were deemed too lo-fi to release in ’93. Amazon.

but if it’s lossless FLAC streaming you’re after (and you’ve got the kit and ears to support it) then Tidal’s HiFi plan could be your match. £26/month / waxandstamp. Spotify. £20/month / tidal. 7Digital Manic Street Preachers The Holy Bible Less an album and more an exercise in pain and suffering – The Holy Bible places such laugh-a-minute subjects as 107 . Not an easy listen.11. Wherever it came from. Spotify. 7Digital Slint Spiderland Post-rock didn’t exist as a genre when Slint released Spiderland in 1991. Everything on it sounds massive. Tidal. Guns N’ Roses et al were 7DIGITAL Our pick of the hi-res download stores. the album was remastered in 2014 and it’s never been more earthshakingly heavy. prostitution and the holocaust against a backdrop of raw guitars and unflinching samples. Tidal. Given that Kevin Shields spent 22 years making the follow-up. Its catalogue is more rock and pop than rival Qobuz.16 | PROJECTS HI-RES HAUNTS TIDAL HIFI Spotify remains our favourite all-rounder. Tidal. 7Digital uses its ties with four major record labels to serve up a catalogue that covers everything from Kendrick Lamar to the Dalai Lama. 7Digital WAX & STAMP This vinyl subscription service will hand-pick and send you two of its favourite new LPs every month. Spotify. that’s no surprise – he’s famous for raising hell at a glacial pace. Tidal. with Aaron Turner’s vocals buried somewhere deep in the middle. But it was so far removed from the music that Pearl Jam. 7digital. it still sounds like nothing else. Slap them on Sony’s new PSHX500 turntable (£395. you might just about hear the difference between it and the seminal 1991 original. Spotify. you. but an essential one. You and you can convert them into hi-res digital files too. amazon. Handy editorial features will also help you discover new music to go with your pristine 24-bit studio remasters. 7Digital My Bloody Valentine Loveless If you listen closely to the remastered edition of Loveless. and it’s likely to support the MQA format later this Isis Panopticon This is a record that sounds like it was unearthed rather than recorded. what else could you call it? So sparse you can almost hear the empty space in the

£210 / dezeenwatchstore. as it might take a while to work out the time. but what it lacks in heft it makes up for with its crazy dial less faddy. it’ll have a tick-tock motion. but this year sees the release of the stainless steel version. Chronographs and other complications add a bold masculinity to a dial’s design. The concentric rings and numberless indices create a look some might call ‘modern maximalism’.com THE CULT CLASSIC THE LIGHTWEIGHT THE DRIVER’S CHOICE MONDAINE SBB STOP2GO SQUARESTREET ALUMINIUM CHRISTOPHER WARD C7 RAPIDE CHRONOGRAPH MKII V390 This exact replica of a Swiss railway clock copies every it retains the same principles (a Swiss-made. Why? The pause allowed 1940s Swiss stations to synchronise their clocks by telephone cable every minute. you want a watch that just tells the time and looks sleek. this selection of sub-£500 watches will ease you in… THE REVOLUTIONARY The groundbreaking Sistem51 launched in 2013 in plastic. then go for an automatic calibre. whether you’re a sharer or a discreet watch-wearer. But accuracy isn’t everything – if it’s craft and heritage you [ Photography Roger Stillman ] SWATCH STEEL SISTEM51 IRONY . Thankfully. it’s meant to be gazed at – which is good. WHAT’S THE STORY? Every good watchmaker has a back story – anything from an appearance in a classic ’60s film to the homegrown charm of a new British brand.16 Sometimes life demands the charm of an analogue ticker – Laura Lovett picks an assortment of classy watches that won’t see your wallet filing for divorce HOW TO DECIDE QUARTZ VS AUTOMATIC The most accurate watches are the more affordable. active environments. battery-driven ‘quartz’ pieces. £350 / christopherward. The ultimate affordable automatic. right down to the quirky red second hand: this turns full circle in 58 seconds. For now. Christopher Ward’s quartz Rapide Chronograph delivers the same automotive-inspired style at a fraction of the cost. £139 / shop. but it comes with a £2k price tag. In other words. everyday aesthetic.PROJECTS | 11. the action on a mechanical watch is The Tag Heuer Carrera is one of the most iconic luxury watches on the market. look at the second hand – on a quartz watch. and it’s the same when choosing your timepiece. For the daily grind. True horophiles know about this sort of thing. CHOOSE THE OCCASION You wouldn’t wear a tux to a house party. 51-part automatic movement) but with a more manly. To tell the 108 The Aluminium weighs in at only 33 grams. before waiting at 12 o’clock for the final two seconds. £470 / mondaine. which makes them good for informal.

0 SEIKO PROSPEX PADI KINETIC GMT DIVER TISSOT PR100 This new homegrown brand delivers impressive. they’re versatile wrist adorners. and waterproof to 100m. The interchangeable straps means each can be dressed up for any occasion. The Prospex’s screw-down crown. it’s been around for more than 160 years. sporty models powered by a Swiss-made quartz movement. the governing body for pro diving instructors. Named after British archaeologist Howard Carter. £420 / selfridges. £479 / Just the ticket for jet-lagged. A heritage Swiss marque. bleary-eyed country-hoppers. from £200 / tissotwatches. £115 / shoreprojects. minimal hour markers and a stainless steel case that makes it the perfect office timepiece. Shore Projects watches are built to withstand everyday rough and 109 . this model features colour-popping hands and a sporty perforated leather strap that gives it a great weekender vibe. Hong Kong-based Kitmen Keung has made one with the most clean and simple of dial designs. £310 / dezeenwatchstore. and this handsome automatic draws on all that experience. But unlike so many of its rivals.16 | PROJECTS THE MODERN BRIT THE MINIMALIST THE DEEP SEA DIVER THE GATEWAY DRUG FARER CARTER GMT KITMEN KEUNG LONG DISTANCE 1. is aimed at scuba-loving Watches with a dual-time function are an obvious choice for those people who regularly cross time zones.11. The PR100 has a date window. 200m water-resistance and hi-vis lettering courtesy of Seiko’s Lumibrite coating all combine to satisfy its owner’s inner Jacques Tissot is one of those brands that tend to mark a watch fan’s first foray into ‘serious’ pieces. With stainless steel cases and crystal sapphire THE CHAMELEON SHORE PROJECTS POOLE Inspired by the This collaboration with PADI.

80 quid for a slim 2TB upgrade sounds like a no-brainer to us – especially as it’s a complete doddle to install. Turtle Beach’s latest cans come with an external audio controller that lets you tweak game noise. Or you could spend a lot less on Sony’s own Virtual Reality facehugger. which looks like it’s been plucked from a futuristic arcade. ready to blast your eyes into new worlds. there’s plenty more to squeeze out of your PS4 1 3 110 1 SAMSUNG M9T 2TB HDD [ Words Esat Dedezade ] 2 BEST NEW ACCESSORIES . we’ll give you 2 PLAYSTATION VR (AVAILABLE 13 OCT) Sure.16 From adding accessories to unlocking hidden 3 TURTLE BEACH ELITE PRO TAC PACK Once you’ve experienced the isolated joy of a proper gaming headset. this is a hard drive.PROJECTS | 11. you’ll never want to go back to anything else. but as your PS4’s original one is probably stuffed to the brim with all sorts of digital goodies. background noise and mic levels. £279 / turtlebeach. £79 / Not the most exciting thing to look at. £349 / playstation. giving you full control over your ears. you could spend a hefty sum on a beastly gaming rig and a VR headset like the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.

gaming while messaging friends. and each time you fire up your PS4 after putting it in Rest Mode you’ll be right where you left off. when you feel like downloading it. The next time they come online you’ll get an on-screen notification.11. Find them all on your PS4. and you’re good to go. 3 PS PLUS GAMES If you’re a PlayStation Plus member then you’re probably aware of the free games Sony dishes out to subscribers each month. clicking the Options button on the controller. The default option is to press the Share button and select. You can also do this from the login screen when you first turn the PS4 on. Hello. and selecting Log In With Online Status [Appear Offline]. Once you’ve opened up messages while in a game. then you don’t want to faff around loading up games from scratch each time. then you’re probably a bit of a collector. and say hello to your personal gaming mixtape. which is a handy tool you should install on your phone if you’re forever nattering to your mates. Then it’s just a case of selecting your besties from your friends list before you’re sorted. Simply make sure both your phone and console are on the same network. you’ll be saving a bit of time. CUSTOM HOMESCREEN Do you have trouble sleeping because your PS4’s default homescreen is so boring? Head to Settings >Themes and choose a brand new look. APPY BANTER Sony has a separate PlayStation Messages app. It won’t work for online games like Destiny – you’ll find yourself back at the login screen – but even then. Setting up customised alerts only takes a few seconds: Settings > Notifications > When Friends Go Online. go to ‘Find in PlayStation Store’ and find a design that speaks to you. so you can start flinging out a party invitation straight away. Select Keep Application Suspended. it used to be a pain to download games you might not even play – in terms of both downloading time and space taken up on your hard drive. Essentially WhatsApp for your PS4. 111 . Well. which snaps one for you without having to leave the game screen. Sony updated the PS4 with a new feature that lets you select Add to Library instead of Download. 1 DISAPPEAR ‘Working from home’ while secretly playing FIFA online was always a risky move. you can instead limit these alerts only to your favourites – the ones in your inner circle who provide the top bants. double-tapping the PS button will flick you between the messages and game screen. you don’t have to. 5 CARRY ON GAMING If you fire up your PS4 on a daily basis. That way you can access it in the future. 2 BFF ALERT Instead of being alerted when each person on your friends list comes online. Hit up your profile from the main menu. for example. and share with the world. put them on a USB stick.. If you haven’t got any themes loaded. by highlighting your profile. sweet secrecy. Boom: a perfect night’s sleep is (gaming marathon aside) yours. A single press will still take you to the main homescreen. but you can finally avoid stern talks with your boss by appearing to be offline.16 | PROJECTS FINISHING TOUCHES NOW DO THIS. but an even quicker way is to hold Share down for a few seconds. which is a much more agreeable typing experience than using the controller to peck at letters on your telly. 6 MULTITASK LIKE A PRO We still come across people who’ve yet to discover the wonders of easier multitasking on Sony’s console. 4 SHARE THE LOVE If you find yourself constantly taking majestic screenshots of alien worlds in No Man’s Sky or meticulously positioning the camera to capture your aerial achievements in Rocket League. select Online Status > Appear Offline. Double-tap the PlayStation button and you can swap between your two most recent screens – which comes in handy when. though you’ll still have to keep up your PS Plus subscription. Thankfully. PERSONALISED SOUNDTRACK If you’re a Spotify subscriber you can stream music straight to your PS4 – a bit of Bacharach’s ideal for making scary games less terrifying. Trouble is. it lets you send messages to people using your phone’s onscreen keyboard. select the PS4 from the devices tab in your Spotify app. Go to Settings > Power Saving Settings > Set Features Available in Rest Mode..

Trouble is. though. starting downloads. which can help soothe your child to sleep with an array of relaxing sounds. and the Boinc project will put its number-crunching processor to good use – like searching for aliens with SETI. with a little bit of tweaking. making for safer use in the car. £free / Android facebook. and you can even get the PS4 controller working too. There’s a version of the Remote Play app available on the XDA Developer forums which lets you load a version of the Remote Play app on almost any Android phone. If you’ve got an old iPad that’s been decommissioned to the gadget graveyard drawer. it’s not supported on non-Xperia ps4-on-android NOW DO THIS… GAME IN STYLE Buy an adaptor mount that attaches your smartphone to the PS4 controller and you won’t have to worry about propping up your phone on a table. You might look a little odd. which lets you record all of your automobile outings – useful in case of an accident. With plenty of apps including a built-in slideshow. then you might already be familiar with Sony’s Remote Play google. but you’ll be too busy scoring a hat-trick in Rocket League to care. maps and contacts. there’s an easy workaround.. On the rare occasions it’s decided to sleep. letting you keep an eye on your little one while you desperately try to cram food into your mouth and recover from the toll of your parenting duties. you’re going to have to tend to your own needs… but you’ll still want to keep an eye on Mini You. Once you’re set up. from the light patter of rain to calming waves lapping gently on a sandy beach. Luckily.xda-developers.16 SIMPLE BUT EFFECTIVE What should I do with my old phone? 1 / Have to dash… AutoBoy Dash Cam Converting your old smartphone into a dashcam is as simple as downloading an app such as AutoBoy Dash Cam. Full instructions can be found at tinyurl. Installation is a doddle. 3 / Phone home Boinc Fire up this app when your unused phone is charging and connected to Wi-Fi. you’ll be gazing wistfully at last summer’s beach shots in no time. Once it’s paired to your current phone it acts as a baby monitor. which you have to clean up.29 / Android You can also load your spare device up with an app like Relax Melodies. £free / Android KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR TINY HUMAN BABY MONITOR & ALARM [ Words Esat Dedezade ] £ NOW DO THIS.PROJECTS | 11. This free app provides fingerfriendly navigation for music. RELAX MELODIES £2.49 / Android Congratulations – you’ve created a miniature human being.. you name it. and all it wants to do is eat. £free / Android NEVER BE BORED AGAIN PS4 REMOTE PLAY £free / forum. 2 / Eyes on the road! Car Dashdroid Motor not Android Auto-compatible? Give your old phone a new home in the glovebox. If you’re a PS4 owner. then breathe new life into it with the iFrame – a handsome frame that lets you stand the tablet up or hang it on the wall. transforming it into the world’s most advanced digital photo frame. . 112 YOU’VE BEEN FRAMED iFRAME US$70 / getiframe. you’ll be able to remotely access your PS4 from anywhere with a solid internet connection – playing games. which lets you stream and play PS4 games directly to your phone like magic. It even lets you connect the PS4 controller to your phone. you can load up your old smartphone or tablet with the Baby Monitor & Alarm app. cry and create waste. It really is like having a PlayStation in your pocket. for proper on-the-go console gaming.

a couple of moulded balls of Sugru could lift you top of your FIFA league.. Tweak your controller. Google Drive and Evernote? The beta app Meta Search (£free. Search the real world. Search your digital life.... Search your Mac with your iPhone.16 | PROJECTS 1 2 . 1 . 2 3 TUNE IN NEXT MONTH TO. yaw and pitch of the photo. Go to ‘upload your photo’ and mark the top of your ears and head... but a cup of hot water later it’s ready for all sorts of fixes. Upload your snap. If your PS4 pad’s analogue sticks or shoulder buttons are too stubby for your liking. Head to Princeton University’s beta project (faces. app. We like its hook-based ideas for tidying away Apple TVs and hard drives.. Formcard’s mouldable bio-plastic (from £5.SEARCH EVERYWHERE Have you ever found yourself wishing there was an ‘Apple F’ shortcut for your entire life? These tools can help track things down in the places Spotlight and Google can’t quite reach. 3 .com) is handily shaped to slip into and check out some of the examples to see its face-warping code in action. though)...UN-SELFIE YOUR SELFIES Wide-angle smartphone lenses can make your face look even stranger than normal. One for the truly lazy.. Android) lets you scan printed text then search it for keywords (it doesn’t work with handwriting. This helps the tool make a 3D rendering based on your flat 2D image. For a less powerful but more fully realised selfie editor. Not sure whether that file is hiding on your Mac’s desktop or in the likes of Dropbox. cs. You’ll now have some controls for adjusting the focal length. which is most keen on customising your tech.meta. formcard. Boost your storage.. check out Facetune (from £2..MOD YOUR TECH Tune up. but lacks the Princeton tool’s selfie This lets you tweak your eyes and hair like a digital plastic surgeon. Go to Repose. Find It (£free. sugru. ● Become a Facebook Messenger ninja ● Find the best password manager ● Get more out of your OnePlus 3 113 . Sugru and Formcard have some ideas on how to fix that. as long as both are on the same network. It combines 3D head models and editing wizardry to convincingly simulate a change in focal length. iOS/Mac) lets you search your Apple computer with your iPhone. Get a quick fix. Sugru’s mouldable silicone is available in a new Rebel Tech Pack (£ will let you search all of them simultaneously.. Handy for searching a manual that’s been printed in a teeny font (or just cheating at word search games). from headphone tidies to smartphone stands. Ctrl F (£free. This tool will help fix your massive nose and bulbous eyes. Gadgets have a habit of either breaking or not being perfectly tailor-made for your needs.princeton. iOS and Android). .com/stuffmagazine instagram.Everywhere you are Read Apple News youtube. share it facebook. like it.

visit stuff. scan the Our Top Tens are fully shoppable on your phone! Get the app. buy the gadget – turn over for more info. TOP TEN OF EVERYTHING Smartphones Tablets Hi-fi Headphones Home cinema 116 117 118 120 121 TVs Laptops Geek accessories & games consoles Wearables & smarthome Cameras 122 123 Streaming devices & speaker systems 124 125 126 For full reviews of every product in the Top .

The scale of the LG G5’s ambition is breathtaking. Open the app. except for the glossy jet black option and Lightning headphone output. most expensive-feeling OnePlus phone to date.T HO Y BU W NE EW N W NE SMARTPHONES 1 ‘Business as usual’ has never been so good. camera controls or Bang & Olufsen audio tech. Plus it’s a big phone that doesn’t feel like one. Its compact. processing power and battery life have been improved. The iPhone 7’s modest upgrades all come together to make a much more significant whole than you’d expect – in typically Apple fashion. 2. Stamina may be the least sexy of features. This is an unbeatable one. no-compromise concept should tempt plenty of newbies into Apple’s world. The SE is the best small phone you can buy. A big. What’s special about it? Battery life. such as a bigger battery. allowing you to swap out its parts for improved ones. then hit ‘buy’ or save it for later. and a productivity powerhouse that doesn’t look like one. OnePlus has swanned in with a £300-ish phone that offers a true alternative to some costing more like £600. 3. though… and you don’t get the 7 Plus’s ace camera. available on iOS and Android.7in screen and clever software that makes the Note 7 different. Download and install the free Shop Stuff app. Just an S7 with a stylus? Nope. Apple iPhone SE The cheapest iPhone ever made packs pretty much all the power of the iPhone 6s into the 4in aluminium shell of the iPhone 5s. 2 Samsung Galaxy S7 3 Apple iPhone 7 Plus 4 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 5 HTC 10 6 Apple iPhone 7 7 LG G5 8 Lenovo Moto G4 9 Vodafone Smart Prime 7 10 STUFF SAYS OnePlus 3 Welcome to the age of ‘sensible Samsung’. But last time we checked. Losing the headphone port stings. it’s the combination of the S Pen with the bigger 5.1 budget phone. Scroll through the products and pick your options. this is the new no. and even buy it. Motorola (now owned by Lenovo) once again ups the ante and shows every other big phone maker what can be done for less than £200. If an extra £300 is nothing to you. hold your phone 10cm over the page and wait for the swirly vortex. Once again.TV/TOP-10/SMARTPHONES Download the Shop Stuff app Looking for the best deal on the OnePlus 3? You can now find it. The Smart Prime 7 is a lesson in quite how cheap phones can get before they seem cobbled together out of bits found in bargain bins. What’s it good at? Everything. there are slightly better screens and cameras available. and the Plus gets a tasty dual-lens camera. the experience is just so polished. a smartphone maker of dependable excellence. by scanning this page… 1. With a slimmer design. But they’re waterproof. It’s a big. The Galaxy S7 looks a lot like the old S6 but has been improved all round. ballsy move that pretty much pays off. not least with a better camera. . It’s a unique modular smartphone. VISIT STUFF. brilliant bargain of a phone that looks and feels as good as a handset costing twice as much £329 from £549 from £719 from £699 BEST FOR CUTTING-EDGE GADGETEERS £509 from £599 £429 from £159 BEST FOR BUDGET BUYERS £80 BEST FOR SUPER VALUE from £359 ● Prices quoted are handset-only unless otherwise stated 116 FOR THE FULL REVIEWS AND OUR SMARTPHONE BUYING GUIDE. but knowing the 10 will survive an impromptu pub trip feels pretty good. most of our readers like a good deal. On specs alone it easily holds its own against rivals that cost twice the price – a solid gold bargain. The tech is as aggressively packed in as ever. but this is also the best-looking. This sets a high bar for all of Samsung’s competitors. metal-effect sides and a bigger screen than the old Moto G. This handset barely puts a foot wrong. but it’s a marketer’s worst nightmare. The new 7 and 7 Plus look almost identical to last year’s models.

just the right size for a great portable entertainment hub. and subtle display tweaks will do justice to games and graphic novels alike. If you want to get some serious work done without feeling like you’re doing it on a toy. A top affordable tablet with a dazzling display – getting 2048x1536 pixels at this price is a big win. the Tab S2 sees Samsung back in the running for the Android throne. It’s basically a full-on PC slimmed right down to skinny tablet dimensions. playing games and watching films. while the 12MP shooter is frankly overkill for those brave enough to use it out and about.5hrs of video between charges. Yes. Plus it will easily last three days on a charge.TABLETS 117 T HO Y BU 1 Apple iPad Pro 9.7 takes everything we loved about Apple’s original 12. but it does have great battery life. Apple’s iPad Mini 2 is the best cheap-ish tablet on the market.9mm and 316g. It’s not a standard-setter. at 7. bringing you all the fab features of its bigger brother but in a smaller. it’s not as good as the new Mini 4… but believe it or not. solid design and a funky stylus.7 is pure tablet perfection from £549 from £379 BEST FOR FUN ON THE GO £269 from £399 £289 from £239 BEST FOR SMALL BUDGETS £849 from £729 BEST FOR ARTISTIC TYPES £149 from £249 FOR THE FULL REVIEWS AND OUR TABLET BUYING GUIDE.STUFF. big-screen tab first and foremost. which changes automatically based on ambient conditions. The Android OS is a major advantage – the choice of apps is years ahead of Chrome OS. though it might have a tricky time given how well priced some alternatives are these days (iPads start even cheaper than this). and it’ll handle demanding games .7 The iPad Pro 9.4mm thinner and 32g lighter. with a brilliant screen and serious stamina.0 10 This is the mini tab we’ve been waiting for. 2 Apple iPad Mini 4 3 Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.9 9 Asus ZenPad S 8. but perfection usually comes at a price. The True Tone display. the supercharged iPad Pro.7. it’s frankly bargain-tastic. It’s expensive. The Pixel C is a superb tabtop. and even adds in a few extras of its own. but the S2’s a versatile. This is the best of the small-screen Android tablets. A bundled keyboard would have been nice. superb features and near-flawless design: the iPad Pro 9.0 4 Google Pixel C 5 Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9. Apple’s tablet colossus.9in Pro tablet.TV/TOP-10/TABLETS PLUG INTO STUFF’S SOCIAL NETWORK facebook. STUFF SAYS Incredible power. This 10in tablet with keyboard (£120) and 2K display is excellent for working on the go. is a marvel. To make best use of all that screen. makes it a lot more portable. while being easier to hold in one hand. the Zen Pad feels like a tablet you can take everywhere. It’s 1. remember to also buy a Smart Keyboard and Pencil. It’s also dead slim and light. Huawei MediaPad M2 10. is for serious creatives with deep pockets: the perfect digital coffee-table book that just about doubles as a laptop. At this price. even lighter form design. and with 8. the TabPro S is a better option than even the iPad Pro 9. The 8in model is great for reading mags. That’s why the ‘old’ model stays in our Top 10 – it’s still a mini tablet of real quality. VISIT WWW. Slimmer and faster.0 This is a solid stylus-ready tablet.7 6 Apple iPad Mini 2 7 Samsung Galaxy TabPro S 8 Apple iPad Pro 12.

Chromecast Audio has arrived to do the same to your hi-fi. Download and install the free Shop Stuff app. most importantly. there’s no better option than a Sonos wireless speaker. adapters for your existing hi-fi. mostly because it takes up very little shelf/desk/table space but makes loads of lovely noise. please from £159 £895 BEST FOR ONE-BOX WI-FI HI-FI £299 BEST FOR PORTABILITY £595 £20 £499 £299 £149 BEST FOR PICNIC PARTIES £99 from £299 FOR THE FULL REVIEWS AND OUR HI-FI BUYING GUIDE. but the Monitor Audio’s Bluetooth-plus-AirPlay speaker makes a lot of sense. It’s smart and highly affordable. by scanning this page… 1. Scroll through the products and pick your options. but it creates a room-filling sound. There are loads of very cheap Bluetooth speakers out there.TV/TOP-10/HI-FI-STREAMING Download the Shop Stuff app Looking for the best deal on some Sonos speakers? You can now find it. hold your phone 10cm over the page and wait for the swirly vortex. It’s solid and easy to use. All can handle high-resolution audio. Bluesound multiroom system Fancy a bit of Sonos-style multiroom but with better-than-CD-quality sound thrown in? You want Bluesound. work effortlessy with your smartphone and. Naim has ploughed all of its high-end hi-fi experience into delivering a beautifully made. This can-do cube complements its big brother’s more refined character with a confident presentation that pays no attention to its physical size. They always look great. The T7 is B&W’s first attempt at a portable Bluetooth speaker. The KEF Muo sounds as good as it looks.118 T HO Y BU HI-FI & MUSIC STREAMING 1 If you want to pretend your favourite band are playing in your living room. Infinite music in every room without the need for custom installers? Sign us up now. The Muo has the audio solidity of the B&W T7. Spotify Connect and aptX Bluetooth all on board. it’s really nicely built and its battery lasts a massive 18 hours. boom out your tunes with dazzling finesse – from the compact Play:1 (£159) to the flagship Play:5 (£429). but we reckon it’s worth spending that little bit more to get something that’s really good – and that’s the Go. The original Chromecast was a very bright idea: a device to stream TV directly from the internet. It may look a bit like a floppy skyscraper. 3. . available on iOS and Android. but with even greater detail. but what a wireless speaker it is. JUMP OVER TO STUFF. then hit ‘buy’ or save it for later. a speaker that was redesigned from the ground up last year to sound better and be even more of a breeze to use. It’s the ultimate wireless speaker for the streaming-savvy audiophile. and has an attractive honeycomb structure that helps reduce cabinet vibrations. There are all-in-one speakers. not a penny is left unaccounted for. But this is a desirable product through and through – and in terms of sound and design. and its good looks and real hi-fi sound combine to make it a real winner. and makes a huge variety of apps such as Spotify and Deezer more fun to use. great-sounding device with AirPlay. And its features list makes it more flexible than Madonna’s yoga teacher. It sounds awesome. ‘Wireless speakers’ and ‘quality’ don’t always go hand in hand. It may be the size of a beer can. It’s a bit of a steal at this price. brilliantly balanced and packed with vim and vigour. A stunning addition to the Mu-so family. and a Vault that rips and stores all your CDs. Open the app. which is very nice indeed. 2. and buy them. 2 Naim Mu-so 3 KEF Muo 4 Naim Mu-so Qb 5 Google Chromecast Audio 6 Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless 7 Bowers & Wilkins T7 8 Monitor Audio Airstream S200 9 Cambridge Audio Go 10 STUFF SAYS Sonos multiroom system How much for a wireless speaker?! Well yes.

click & collect available Small and Easy to Live With. FUTURE-PROOF MODULAR DESIGN. This NAD exclusive feature allows you to customise your C 368 amplifier with additional capabilities and features. Wireless headphones with Bluetooth apX. With the PULSE SUB. Bluesound has reimagined the subwoofer. now or in the future. PULSE SUB £599 NEW P3 SERIES 2 £119 Lightweight. The two available MDC slots can accommodate a variety of upgrade modules including 4K video capable HDMI switching. tablet or desktop to manage your music collection and connect to a growing list of high-quality streaming music services. it supports Mater Quality Authenticated (MQA) high-resolution audio streams. But it is not just the ability to handle hi-res audio streams that make the PULSE SOUNDBAR so unique.COM . allowing it to fit beside. slim. additional Analogue and Phono Inputs.SSAV. This room friendly design has several clever installation options. BluOS connects to your network and is controlled via smartphone. The high performance aptX codec is fully supported for true CD-quality sound. supporting audio resolutions of 24 bits and up to 192kHz sampling rate. HiFi for a wireless generation NEW 5 YEAR WARRANTY NEW PULSE SOUNDBAR £999 P7 WIRELESS £319 The PULSE SOUNDBAR is the world’s first Hi-Res Audio soundbar. E&OE 24 STORES NATIONWIDE WWW. it is how it brings music and movies to life with its natural and dynamic sound quality. The PULSE SUB on the other hand. behind. foldable on-ear headphones. another first in the soundbar category. or underneath living room furniture. You can connect instantly to the C 338 with Bluetooth allowing you to stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth-enabled device. ADVERT VALID UNTIL 18/10/2016. the BluOS music management system developed by Bluesound. Featuring NAD’s exclusive modular design. SOME BRANDS/PRODUCTS ARE NOT AVAILABLE AT ALL STORES.INTRODUCING NAD’s New Classic Amplifiers NEW 5 YEAR WARRANTY BLUETOOTH OUTPUT C 368 & C 388 with optional MDC module C 368 £799 C 338 £599 C 388 £1499 This advanced amplifier includes many cutting-edge technological breakthroughs developed by NAD over decades of creating affordable ultra-high performance audio components. It also provides access to internet radio stations and can serve as an UPnP Client for network streaming from a local NAS library. is a compact. additional Digital Inputs. Furthermore. Every detail of the powerful C388 has been carefully planned and perfectly executed to wring out every last drop of performance. Most subwoofers are large cubes that don’t often fit very well in the typical living room. rectangular shape. adding the optional BluOS Module provides access to your local area network via Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet connection and adds Hi-Res Audio streaming. The C 338 includes Wi-Fi and Network Streaming and supports both Google Cast and Spotify Connect. SPECIAL OFFERS ARE NOT IN CONJUNCTION WITH ANY OTHER OFFER (NICWAOO). and one of the most advanced Hi-Res Audio multi-room wireless systems available.

2 AKG K451 3 AKG Y50BT 4 Bowers & Wilkins P5 Wireless 5 Bose QC35 6 Soul Electronics Flex 7 Audeze Sine 8 JBL Everest 100 9 Philips Fidelio M2L 10 Jabra Sport Pulse These bargain on-ears offer awesomely agile and punchy sound in a subtly stylish and foldable design. Scroll through the products and pick your options. If you’re still listening to a pair of freebie buds. Add standard and three-button control cables for maximising compatibility. If you like your sound authoritative. crack and pop that’s often a glitch of Bluetooth headphones. The size of a pear drop. 2. The big draw here is connection to the Jabra Sport app.5mm jack cable too. making them perfect for your next long-haul journey. sleep and breathe iPhone. clean vocals and even a decent amount of bass for the money. with crisp treble notes. so they’re worth the extra cash if you also listen on other tech. but with the new 35s you can add freedom-enhancing Bluetooth. There’s also an inline remote and mic. and there’s no excuse for not getting brilliant sound from your phone. Download and install the free Shop Stuff app. a quality cable and d plenty of ear tips – and unlike the E10Ss.TV/TOP-10/HEADPHONES Download the Shop Stuff app Looking for the best deal on a pair of SoundMagic E10Cs? You can find it. hold your phone 10cm over the page and wait for the swirly vortex. stop it – and buy a pair of these right now £39 £44 £129 BEST FOR GREAT SOUND WITH NO WIRES £229 £289 BEST FOR SHUTTING OUT THE WORLD £42 £399 £79 £199 £109 FOR THE FULL REVIEWS AND OUR HEADPHONE BUYING GUIDE. by scanning this page… 1. offering a rich. as they stay put thanks to the comfortable and unobtrusive ear-hooks. dynamic and subtle (and who doesn’t?). Sound quality is excellent. These simple in-ears are brilliant for workouts. 3. There’s still nothing out there here that can topple SoundMagic as the king of cheap headphones. Open the app. Proof that good wireless sound doesn’t have to cost the earth: with none of the horrid hiss. The QuietComfort range has long offered a sterling mix of comfort and noise-cancelling.5mm jack option means they’re not enough of an all-rounder for anyone who doesn’t eat. available on iOS and Android. these will hit the spot for clarity and presence – and they come with a standard 3. you don’t need to tell these buds whether hether you’re plugging into an iPhone or an Android. If you want some Lightning-connected headphones for your new iPhone 7. these serve up truckloads of detail. Philips’ excellent M1s get a Lightning version. but this latest revision vision is the best yet. The brand’s first foray into wireless brings luxury for your ears inside and out: these are the Aston Martin DB10s of wire-free cans. JBL’s wireless buds are all about fuss-free fit. and buy them. You get fantastic sound for the money.120 T HO Y BU W NE W NE HEADPHONES 1 STUFF SAYS SoundMagic E10C SoundMagic undMagic has been pumping out quality in-ears for years. whine. Their eight-hour battery life will help get you through the daily grind and their sound is one you could easily listen to for that long… if you don’t mind your music on the meaty side. A tech-packed but easy to use pair of wireless buds with good enough sound. with a full charge promising 20 hours of juice. delivering heart-rate monitoring and pretty much any other stat you might want. you’ll feel right at home with these P5s. VISIT STUFF. but the E10Cs 0Cs prove that it is still possible to improve without hammering up the price. then hit ‘buy’ or save it for later. These QCs are high on clarity and spaciousness. full-bodied sound with lots of bass… but the lack of a 3. .

The impeccably built Model Cinema looks rather lovely (for a soundbase). but Sky Q works flawlessly and could change the way you watch TV – especially now 4K’s arrived. from £99 +£44/month BEST FOR TELLY ADDICTS £249 BEST FOR TRUE-TO-LIFE SOUND £299 £25 BEST FOR BUDGET STREAMING £799 £495 (or free with NowTV bundle) from £129 FOR THE FULL REVIEWS AND OUR HOME CINEMA BUYING GUIDE. NowTV was already a fine alternative to a satellite dish. It’s a shape-shifting 4. but for now it’s more pricey and less open than its rivals. eh? Detail levels are sky high. but this powerful streaming device brims with potential. SEE STUFF. you’ll need a 4K set to enjoy all those extra pixels. it doesn’t look like much. STUFF SAYS Netflix. its smart preloading also plays Netflix episodes almost instantaneously. it’s the most complete streaming box you can buy. but more importantly. Undoubtedly the best TV experience you can . Dali knows a thing or two about making great-looking. Amazon video and Android games in one 4K-capable box £79 2 Sky Q 3 Q Acoustics Media 4 4 Canton DM55 5 Google Chromecast 6 Dali Kubik One 7 Geneva Model Cinema 8 Philips Fidelio B5 This Philips isn’t just a soundbar. If you’ve got the cash. Of course. it supports ultra-detailed 4K video: TV and movies in four times the resolution of Full HD.HOME CINEMA 121 T HO Y BU 1 Amazon Fire TV 4K Amazon’s latest Fire TV is faster and more powerful than the previous model. It can handle high-res files and offers a gorgeous high-end sound. And yet. Apple TV (2015) Cupertino still hasn’t given us a real telly. £499 9 NowTV Smart Box £39 10 A Sky subscription is already an expensive option. This soundbase is a bit like dark chocolate: it may look plain and unassuming. If you want that extra oomph to your films without breaking the bank or sacrificing too much space. but it’s packed with a rich and full-bodied character. Its Siri Remote could be a game-changer and it works well as a platform for third-party apps and games. it has no business sounding this huge and cinematic. this soundbar has won awards two years in a row from our friends at What Hi-Fi? The Media 4 combines subtle detail with precise surround effects to be the best-sounding and best-value soundbar you can buy. With the added attractions of neat voice controls and great gaming functionality.TV/TOP-10/HOME-CINEMA PLUG INTO STUFF’S SOCIAL NETWORK youtube. iPlayer. Clever. The new Chromecast lets you search multiple streaming services from one app. great-sounding loudspeakers. but only early adopters need to dive in right now. the DM55 is worth a look. It does so with authority and insight – it’s like you’re sitting in your own personal theatre. Sure. this is a talented system worth investing in. Sky or free-to-air. For the seriously impatient. while the rumbling bass charges along with accuracy and power. and being a fairly slim box. this streamer is a tele-futurist’s delight.1 system with detachable ends that can double up as surround or multiroom speakers. giving you the best of Sky for a monthly subscription. and the Kubik One is a riveting listen. all through your internet connection. but if you’re thinking of making the upgrade soon. It’s even better in this latest version: this streaming box is a one-stop shop for all your TV needs. offers better Wi-Fi and lets you use your phone to control Android games.

available on iOS and Android. this 65in Panasonic is a tempting option. The result is an impressively refined performance. Sony’s stunning newcomer ticks all the boxes for a thoroughly modern TV: beautiful looks. excellent viewing angles and solid HD upscaling. . This is a smart TV bargain. much more. 3. Packed full of tech with jaw-dropping performance. this Philips has the AmbiLux twist – creating a more immersive experience with nine projectors that extend the screen image onto the wall behind. but none can match the Panasonic’s wonderfully crisp picture. though. and this 40-incher is ideal for those with limited space. proving there’s plenty of life in LCD yet. Netflix and UHD Blu-rays regardless of which format wins out in the future. This means you’ll be able to watch compatible content from Amazon. and a prominent curve makes this Samsung eye-catching in every respect. The performance is stunning and the colours have the right balance of vividness and subtlety. which claims to offer over a billion colours to point your peepers at. and delivered a superb TV at a competitive price for its level. it offers sharply etched detail. then hit ‘buy’ or save it for later. This 55in LG combines the unbelievable contrast of OLED with the super-sharp images of 4K to create a picture that’s almost as real and enticing as looking out of the window. this is as stonking a picture as you’re going to get for under two grand. Open the app. and in a svelte frame as well. If you want a big 4K telly that won’t decimate your savings. A 48in screen seems to be the ideal size for most living rooms. Download and install the free Shop Stuff app. LG’s OLED panel can go blacker than most TVs and will dazzle your senses with its brightness. this is the TV your overdraft was made for £2299 £1299 £529 BEST FOR VIEWING VALUE £1649 BEST FOR THE WOW FACTOR £5999 £1999 £1699 £489 £1699 £3999 FOR THE FULL REVIEWS AND OUR TV BUYING GUIDE. HDR and much. 2. This is a stunning specimen of technology and design. It does fall short of the supercharged levels of peak brightness and colour bit depth that you’ll find higher up this list. You get an absolutely stunning picture and performance for the money. Above all. Samsung has kept up the pace following the success of last year’s sets. hold your phone 10cm over the page and wait for the swirly vortex. Scroll through the products and pick your options. Add 4K and you have a truly appealing proposition – there are other 4K sets available at this money. Not everyone has room for a large TV. It also boasts support for both HDR standards: HDR10 and Dolby Vision. The only downside is the equally astonishing price. 2 Samsung UE55KS7000 3 Samsung UE48J6300 4 Sony 55XD9305 5 LG OLED65G6V 6 Samsung UE55KS9000 7 LG 55EG960V 8 Panasonic TX-40DX600B 9 Panasonic TX-65DX750B 10 STUFF SAYS LG OLED55C6V This set sprinkles a little extra stardust on top of its 4K and HDR brilliance in the form of ‘Quantum Dot’ technology. Philips 65PUS8901 A seriously expensive 4K beast with HDR compatibility. Its OLED panel yields absolute blacks with precision lighting and no halo effects whatsoever. 4K. It’s only available in store at Harrods.TV/TOP-10/TVS Download the Shop Stuff app Looking for the best deal on the LG OLED55C6V? You can now find it – and buy it – by scanning this page… 1.122 T HO Y BU TVs 1 This is a truly stunning television. NAVIGATE TO STUFF. We knew that OLED and 4K together in one TV would be rather special. with one of the best pictures we’ve ever seen.

You get a new processor. NO PROBLEM! iPHONE 7 YOUR ULTIMATE GUIDE 100 BEST FREE APPS 10 TOP WIRELESS CANS 1 SUPER MARIO NEW TECH TESTED PlayStation 4 Pro Amazon Echo Fujifilm X-T2 Urban bikes megatest £4. it’s hard to beat. the Surface Book is a lustrous Windows machine with premium appeal.stuff. CLICK ON OVER TO STUFF. The 2016 version is skinny and fab to work on. It lasted eight hours on test.99 November 2016 www. There’s a new trackpad and the latest generation of Intel CPUs. This Dell brings quality construction together with horsepower that outclasses almost every other Chromebook on the market. With an innovative hinged design. there’s no real need to upgrade from last year’s model. BEST FOR PRACTICAL PORTABILITY BEST FOR VALUE FOR MONEY from £1149 from £429 from £849 from £1169 FOR THE FULL REVIEWS AND OUR LAPTOP BUYING GUIDE. this is one of the best laptops money can buy. this is a great choice. this is much like last year’s 12in MacBook. Asus knows what it’s doing. which deliver better stamina as well as a chunk more power. Microsoft’s finally made a laptop. With improved battery life and performance. it’s a challenge not to be impressed with this Asus. this is that and a whole lot more. With a crisp keyboard and responsive trackpad. this sleek hybrid gets a lot right. low price? Of course you do! This bargain beast manages to cram in a speedy Core i5 processor and up to 8GB of RAM. Smaller. However. but for the extra cash you’re getting a true ‘laptop experience’. If you need speedy processing as well as long battery life and portability.LAPTOPS 123 T HO Y BU W NE 1 Apple MacBook Pro 13in Apple didn’t change too many parts of the MacBook Pro for the 2015 Every gadget. Mac. with its fetching aluminium design and as good a display as any £1000 laptop. The price is roughly double that of similar devices. every . but given how good the Pro already was. new connectors and slightly improved battery life. Apple is scraping by with pretty much the same Air design as before. the screen’s resolution now has pin-sharp HD and the Skullcandy speakers are distortion-free. £169 6 7 Apple MacBook from £1049 Prettiness in pink aside. It knows that the Apple MacBook Air laptops are treading water and the ZenBook UX305 is pretty much everything the 2015 Air should have been. but still no Retina screen. but now Dell has given it a Windows 10 refresh. 2 Dell XPS 13 3 Dell Chromebook 13 4 Asus ZenBook UX305 The original XPS 13 was already a great lightweight laptop. 8 Asus X555LA 9 Apple MacBook Air 13in 10 Microsoft Surface Book Fancy high performance for a low.TV/TOP-10/LAPTOPS APPLE WATCH 2 iPHONE 7 AIRPODS WE RATE THEM ALL NO JACK. plenty of oomph and a tablet option. and shorn of its initial bugs. HP Spectre 13 How do you earn the title of world’s thinnest laptop? By shrinking and slashing until you’re left with only the essentials. If the last one was the thinking person’s ultrabook. with a lovely screen… but unless you’d lap up the extra hour’s battery life. This is an incremental upgrade. every review. If it ain’t broke… from £999 from £949 from £615 from £599 5 Toshiba Chromebook 2 Toshiba has created the most desirable Chromebook to date with some well-judged upgrades. STUFF SAYS It hasn’t radically changed. available on PC. but the Pro’s performance and trackpad are top of its class. lighter and great value. that’s more than enough to keep it right at the top of our honours list. Yet the Spectre has got serious power under the hood. if a portable road warrior is what you’re after. and the looks to give Apple’s 12in MacBook a run for its money. iPad and Android www.

Scroll through the products and pick your options. don’t underestimate the U’s fun factor. you’re probably better off saving a little extra for the imminent PS4 Pro.STUFF. 100% more Wi-Fi. You can’t fly a drone through a narrow hallway. and Oculus got there first. a window into untold flights of escapism – you’re going to want one. virtual reality has arrived. and to get similar functionality from a DSLR you’d end up spending far more. But buying an Oasis is the decadent option. which is trounced by rivals from DJI. £30 BEST FOR DIY PROJECTS £1129 BEST FOR RULING THE SKIES £269 £1094 £489 GAMES CONSOLES T HO Y BU W NE 1 Xbox One S 2 Sony PlayStation 4 Slim 3 HTC Vive 4 Oculus Rift 5 Nintendo Wii U The Xbox One S dumps all the stuff that didn’t make sense about Microsoft’s third proper games console – Kinect.TOP FIVES GEEK ACCESSORIES & CONSOLES 124 GEEK ACCESSORIES T HO Y BU 1 Raspberry Pi 3 B 2 DJI Phantom 4 3 Amazon Kindle Oasis 4 Yuneec Typhoon H 5 DJI Osmo It just keeps getting tastier by the year – 50% faster. the Kindle Paperwhite will do just fine – it has a great screen and backlighting. but you can walk down one wielding an Osmo – and the footage will be silky smooth. If you’re looking to get an e-reader to take on holiday. has a lengthy flight time. that fugly power brick – and the result is that it looks and feels like an even more enticing machine than the PS4. It really needs the Touch controllers. It’s only hamstrung by the two-hour battery charging time. While it hasn’t had the same impact as the original Wii. but what DJI has done here is to create a quadcopter that anyone really can fly – and do it safely. The world of drones can be an intimidating one. and costs less than half the price of this one. and folds up to a (reasonably) portable size. This is effectively the old standard PS4 squeezed into a 20% smaller package. No other circuit board computer touches what the Pi offers as a package: the amazing value hardware. with its anti-gravity karts and submarine racing. hold your phone 10cm over the page and wait for the swirly vortex. same price. the £400+ asking price. This allows you to roam free instead of being confined to a chair. 3. and it never hurts to show your class. HTC Vive is our VR headset of choice because of one key feature: frickin’ laser beams. though. The Typhoon H is a fantastic hexacopter that’s easy to fly. VISIT WWW. then hit ‘buy’ or save it for later. it’s a completely new way to experience games. from £249 £259 £759 BEST FOR FUTURE GAZING £549 £239 FOR THE FULL REVIEWS IN EACH CATEGORY AND OUR BUYING GUIDES. Combined with two motion controllers. But if you see a 4K TV in your future. . takes great footage and photos. Open the app. Expect to see a lot more of these in the sky soon. available on iOS and Android. 2. the mountains of online support and the sheer wealth of projects you can try. The Rift is seriously impressive. Nintendo’s bottomless bag of superb game franchises rolls on with the excitement of Mario Kart 8. The wait is finally over.TV/TOP-10S Download the Shop Stuff app Looking for the best deal on an Xbox One S? You can now find it – and buy it – by scanning this page… 1. This stabilised camera is in a category of its own. Download and install the free Shop Stuff app. and will still deliver an awesome console gaming experience. The Phantom 4 is not so much an upgrade as an evolutionary leap.

but it didn’t need to be. but you’ll soon pity anyone living without it. Serious athlete? This sleek. Slick and hugely informative. using either the tablet-like central controller or the free Total Connect Comfort .co. It’s really just a demonstrator kit for people who want to try this sort of tech without doing any rewiring. BEST FOR HOME SECURITY + £55/radiator + installation from £199 FOR THE FULL REVIEWS IN EACH CATEGORY AND OUR BUYING GUIDES. sleep monitoring and movement www. Check yours at Three. Set schedules to control the precise temperature of each individual room of your family home. the starter pack isn’t quite as well thought out as we were hoping. For a family-friendly introduction to the connected home. VISIT a smart scale and a whole bunch of smartphone apps to bring them all together. £159 3 Hive Active Heating 2 £249 (with installation) 4 Honeywell Evohome £204 5 Samsung SmartThings Simple enough for anyone to use and powerful enough to be useful. Details at Three. Stylish commuter on a health kick? Free up a space on your wrist: this is everything you need from a fitness watch. UA teamed up with HTC to create this all-in-one package comprising a fitness band. this will take some as well as a slightly nicer dial with a bigger screen These tweaks ensure that the Time Steel is the best Pebble you can buy. We also like the way individual profiles can be adjusted.TOP FIVES WEARABLES & SMARTHOME 125 WEARABLES T HO Y BUW NE W NE 1 Apple Watch Series 2 2 Pebble Time Steel 3 Under Armour HealthBox 4 Garmin Vivomove 5 Misfit Ray Last year’s Apple Watch was already the best smartwatch to date. a chest strap. a brighter screen – along with a greater emphasis on fitness functions without a phone in tow. helpfully. simplest smarthome kit we’ve used. from £269 BEST FOR TECH YOU WANT TO WEAR from £169 BEST FOR BATTERY LIFE £349 £139 £79 SMARTHOME T HO Y BU 1 Nest Learning Thermostat (3rd gen) The latest Nest adds the ability to control your hot water (if you have a separate tank). Misfit has crammed a lot of tech into this basic-looking bracelet. which works reliably well once it knows a face. It’s very similar to the Pebble Time.STUFF. and all the usual motion and noise detection is controllable. It’s not the most dramatic update. but you do get step tracking. now it’s found its focus. 12GB data included Connect your 3G/4G tablet or device.mymemory. with features such as geolocation and holiday mode to help you save cash. It’s a big old investment.TV/TOP-10S Get online wherever you are with Mobile Broadband. £249 (with installation) 2 Netatmo Welcome Netatmo’s smartcam now has added face recognition capability. Hive is now far smarter. There’s no heart-rate tracking. and you’ll need your phone in your pocket for GPS. silent vibration alarms. Subject to coverage. shows you a clock when you walk past. The Series 2 devices come with an array of upgrades – more power. but the extra Gorilla Glass 3 on the front makes it a bit less damage-prone and the bonus battery life means it’ll last for a solid week of proper use. It’s everything you need to fit up – all you need to add is willpower. While this is some of the best. analogue-faced watch will be the one you swap out for a dedicated tracker when it’s workout time. Use your inclusive data in the UK or abroad in 42 destinations at no extra cost.

Download and install the free Shop Stuff app. it’s almost the same as the Leica V-Lux. (body only) 3 Canon EOS 80D £999 4 Fujifilm X-T10 5 Canon EOS 5DS Even a child would get great results with the 80D – it’s the photographic equivalent of playing FIFA 16 as Barcelona. 3. an excellent viewfinder and 4K video recording. available on iOS and Android. super-fast autofocus. fast burst mode and 4K video recording aren’t to be sniffed at. and the III edition does nothing but improve on it.STUFF. £1399 (body only) 2 Sony A7R II Yes. detailed macro shots.TOP FIVES CAMERAS 126 SLR SLRs T HO Y BUW NE 1 Fujifilm X-T2 The X-T2 is a lesson in how to upgrade an already great gadget. you won’t find much better. It also handles beautifully and can be paired with some of the most consistently superb lenses you’ll ever find. as well as 4-axis stabilisation and Wi-Fi. HD video capture and superb stills performance make the Panasonic a star performer when it comes to the basics too. against Burnley. . The RX10 II was a fantastic camera. 2. but at about £300 cheaper it deserves an extra star. The RX100 IV is a premium point-and-shoot that offers all the versatility. It’s one of the best all-rounders we’ve seen. £829 BEST FOR POCKETABLE POWER £499 £129 £1549 £589 FOR THE FULL REVIEWS IN EACH CATEGORY AND OUR BUYING GUIDES. pick your options then hit ‘buy’ or save it for later. this should be the one. Open the app. on full auto mode. you can jam the affordable S7000 in your jeans and you won’t even notice it’s there. Yes. huge ISO range. £2999 (body only) £449 (body only) BEST FOR ALL-ROUND VALUE £2699 (body only) COMPACT CAMERAS T HO Y BU 1 Sony DSC-RX100 IV 2 Panasonic Lumix LX100 3 Nikon Coolpix S7000 4 Sony RX10 III 5 Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 Yes. If small and light is the way you need to go. Yet it still packs a 20x optical zoom and back-illuminated 16MP sensor. it’s expensive. but the A7R II combines impeccable build quality with a class-leading full-frame sensor.TV/TOP-10S Download the Shop Stuff app Looking for the best deal on the Fujifilm X-T2? You can now find it – and buy it – by scanning this page… 1. VISIT WWW. flexibility and all-round performance you could ever need. it’s pricey for a compact. If you want a camera that takes the hard work out of getting fantastic photos. A fantastic piece of kit that any pixel-peeping SLR fan will get heaps of enjoyment out of. so Fuji gave it superb video and autofocus skills to go with the already top image quality and build. stunningly sharp portraits and everyday photos. The finest camera Sony has ever made. The result is a truly superb all-rounder. The astounding 50MP sensor puts an incredible amount of pictorial detail at your fingertips. and if you’re looking for a high-performance camera without the hassle of interchangeable lenses. Scroll through the products and options. This is one of the most capable premium compacts on the market – and the LX100’s 4K capabilities give it a crucial edge over its rivals. For rich landscapes. The FZ1000 is incredibly versatile – a fixed-lens camera capable of shooting fantastic stills and video in almost any situation. A brilliant bridge camera. but the high frame rate. and the 5DS is very much pitched as Canon’s ultimate stills camera. the X-T10 beats most other choices at any price. 5-axis image stabilisation. The X-T1 was itself a brilliant camera. hold your phone 10cm over the page and wait for the swirly vortex.

com GREYHOURS VISION SHINE ELECTRON. Three variations.cheapobrand. Swiss movement and 100m water resistance. The new Vision collection is available now. a color touchscreen. great quality and great social values at prices anyone can afford. With 80 preset sport modes and rich sport-specific metrics. music and art. precision stopwatch and calendar wheel at 4 o’clock. FROM £399 Suunto Spartan Sport is an advanced multisport GPS watch with trim fit. www.albanyandco. CHEAPO BRAND NANDO METAL. £220 The Vision Shine Electron is built from the finest 316L stainless steel and shielded by a Blue PVD coating.suunto. 100m water resistance. SUUNTO SPARTAN SPORT. £465 This Swiss-made diving watch is limited to just 125 pieces. www. FLAGSHIP 40MM. £55 www.dumaurierwatches. www. £300 The HAWK T100 from British watch brand Nite Watches combines unrivalled T100 rated GTLS (tritium) illumination tech with a lightweight reinforced polycarbonate casing. It comes with a French sapphire glass and is fitted with a soft calf-leather strap from the best French GWC MESH CHRONO. Quote STUFFNOV at The Gentlemen’s Watch Co. has a seamlessly machined stainless-steel NITE WATCHES HAWK T100. That’s why they offer great . here are seven ways to satisfy your horological cravings DU MAURIER COMMODORE LIMITED EDITION. via minimalist and sport.S TU FF PRO M OTI O N STRAPPY FAMILY From high-tech to classic. www. Cheapo Brand believes that good-looking watches and sunglasses shouldn’t cost you a fortune. Limited numbers are available for discount pre-order.greyhours. £49 The strikingly minimal Mesh Chrono from Megir boasts a steel mesh band. a compass and up to 16 hours of battery life in training mode.nitewatches. £69 The Flagship 40mm from Oxford-based Albany & Born in Sweden and inspired by www. www. for 10% off (expires 31/10/2016).com ALBANY & CO. It’s a classic combination of style and performance: the Commodore is a true dress-diver that looks as good with a suit as it does in the water. Spartan Sport could be your ideal training partner.gwcwatches. 01509 610610 Vintage Watch Movement Cufflinks When these watches stopped who knew they would be reincarnated as really cool cufflinks. Crafted from 1920s . Presented in a vintage inspired .1950s Swiss watch Pretty Eccentric Visit: www. £49 .myshreddies. set with original ruby jewels and mounted as cufflinks.Highly Classified To advertise call Jessica Sarfas 0208 267 5521 www.

uk/3 Mobile Broadband SIM preloaded with 12GB Available at www. you will need to buy a top-up and convert to our Pay As You Go Mobile Broadband Add-on (valid from date of activation).co. 12GB data included Simply insert our Data SIM into your 3G/4G tablet or device and connect to the internet on the for details. Use your inclusive data allowance to get online abroad in 42 destinations – for details see It’s the Internet with legs. lasts for up 12 months. You can use your inclusive data in the UK or abroad in 42 destinations at no extra cost.Get online wherever you are with Mobile Broadband. Once your data is used up or expires. Subject to coverage – check yours at otherwise data charged at 11p/MB – see .

or next-gen photo albums. It all works thanks to some clever folks from MIT. Sandwich those together and – boom! – you’ve got a Hogwarts-worthy Polaroid in your hands. so you’ve got plenty of time to commission your futuristic portrait. It’s going to take us a while to recover from that. which means you can do it at home. T What did the cheese say to it’s reflection? Hey Lumii! Very good. novelty cards. Not quite Harry Potter snaps. Which is. They’re calling it Lumii. you know. But why? “But why?” Imagine if Krunk had said that to Gorg when he first brought a flaming stick back to their cave. Neat. because the way they work is rather clever. are they? Not exactly. These 3D prints are easier to make and have a larger depth of field than existing holograms. These 3D prints don’t quite move around with their own intelligence and sentient will. But back to these magical photos. These are printed on separate layers using a regular printer. Plus they have lots of potential uses – homemade advertising. and there’d be no such thing as Netflix. DON’T MISS THE NEXT ISSUE! ON SALE 3 NOV [ Words Esat Dedezade ] light-field photos . though they’re not that far off. We’d still be eating berries and living in furs. Lumii’s special light-field engine then processes these 3D models.NEXT BIG THING? hose appear to be Polaroids. but they are full colour holograms that have been printed using standard inkjet printers. before an algorithm calculates and churns out a set of unique patterns. glasses-free 3D experience using a combination of algorithms and light-field technology. who have developed a realistic. a sort of magic in itself. Subjects are scanned and a 3D model is created. But enough preaching. Lumii’s still in the alpha stage right now.

uk ATAC-TA TREAD PROFILE ATAC varies the tread profile across the tyre for the ultimate in handling and stability.3 OK O INA E M : TH L W M ET ED DR H . R U For further information on the Avon Tyres range. reduced tyre noise and improved mileage. M /T O Designed and made specifically for the power cruiser/touring market. C IGI NAL ST E Q • OR U UIP MENT AP • PR O VE D O So it’s no surprise that Triumph has approved the Cobra Radial tyre from Avon for all Thunderbird LT new fitments. BO T AV 1M RE O M : N TY TY RE RE S: S 94 STR TO F . head turning chassis. visit www. ob ra The Triumph Thunderbird LT represents the best of British engineering with its iconic parallel twin engine and class leading. Cobra’s unique sidewall design and aggressive tread pattern promotes nimble handling and an ultra quiet ride experience. ENHANCED AQUA FLOW Computer designed tread pattern propels water away aiding water dispersion and maximising wet grip.M EL BE IVE: IC UL C LT LU A T IP TC L LA H TY G : E PE 6 A TE 2N SP RBO D EE X: 6 T D. EQ 1 6 PAC L UI 9 I 9C TY PM : 10 EN C H M TH IU RA TR PA H www. INVERTED FRONT TYRE GROOVES Delivers smooth handling. U R IN G /C Drawing on Avon’s sports tyre technology. improved wet braking and shorter stopping distances throughout the tyre’s life.2 Q 70 UID º C FI O RI OL N E G D.LL EL P UN D ER LT TW BI RD G re a En t B gi r it ne ish er in g IN LI . optimum water dispersal. Cobra provides incredible stability and longevity – perfect for touring. O IN D TY RI G TE OH PE IN RV C : C A A L A IS ER . C FORCE FOLLOWING GROOVES Work in tandem with forces transmitted through the tyre for increased wear resistance.