UH09: TUE/THU 12: 30-1:50
Dr. Ritu Gairola Khanduri : UH 417: 817-272-2661
Office hours by appointment

With a focus on the Indian subcontinent, this course introduces students to the culture, history and politics
of South Asia. Drawing upon anthropological studies and a range of materials, including Bollywood
films, music, tourist brochures, advertisements, Gandhi's writings, and South Asian literature, students
will gain an increased understanding of the region's past and present.
Required Textbooks
Patel, Reena. 2010. Working the Night Shift: Women in India’s Call Center Industry. Stanford University
Varia, Kush, 2013. Bollywood : Gods, Glamour, and Gossip. Columbia University Press.
All assigned readings are available online via the Central Library
Newspapers and Magazines
Websites , ,

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March 24. S. The course website hosts a copy of the syllabus. Week 1 : August 18 Introduction Thursday Week 2 : August 25 Why Study South Asia? Tuesday Snellinger. http://www. (Ebook) Sinha. March 24. Amanda and Shneiderman." Fieldsights . 2014. If you are unable to access your email or course website after the second week of the semester then please contact UTA’s OIT Help Desk at (817) 272-2208. Amanda and Shneiderman.Hot Spots.culanth. (1963). "“Aryan Valley” and the Politics of Race and Religion in Kashmir.Hot Spots. March 24. Snellinger. classes are held as scheduled. P. March 24. http://www. Cultural Anthropology Online. During this week. Sarah. “Introduction” in A Companion to the Anthropology of India. Sara. instructors are not required to limit content to topics that have been previously covered. C."Framing the Issues: The Politics of “Postconflict”.org/fieldsights/510-conceptualizing-combatants-the-re-integration-of-female-soldiersas-a-post-conflict-population Week 3 : September 1 Tuesday History and Anthropology of South Asia . http://www. supplementary and optional readings.Hot Spots. New York: Routledge. 2014. 2014."Fieldsights ."Fieldsights .Hot Spots.culanth. Bhan. 2011. http://www. and external links. In addition." Fieldsights . March Thursday Clark-Deces.culanth. "Conceptualizing Combatants: The Re-integration of Female Soldiers as a Post-conflict Population."Situating Political Transformation in South Asia. http://www. Isabelle. D.ANTHROPOLOGY OF SOUTH ASIA: ANTH 3334-001: Fall 2014 UH09: TUE/THU 12: 30-1:50 instructor shall give any portion of the final examination during Final Review Week. Mona. and Coon.culanth. Cultural Anthropology Online. 2014.culanth. Cultural Anthropology Online. "Still Choi. American Anthropologist 65: 382– 387. Cultural Anthropology Online. 2014.Hot Spots." Fieldsights . by Other Means. they may introduce new concepts as appropriate. Cultural Anthropology Online. Sara. Biraja Sankar Guha 1894– Shepherd-Manandhar.

2012.” The Journal of Interdisciplinary History 12 (2): 227-252. An Anthropologist among Historians and Other Essays. “When was the Postcolonial? Thinking at the Limit. 1992. 2013. Cohn. Thursday Monsutti. “Bernard S.” Anthropological Quarterly 85." Cultural Hall. "Theory from the South: A Rejoinder. Cultural Anthropology Online. Bernard.” Comparative Studies in Society and History 3 (3): 241-249. “Representing Authority in Victorian India” in Bernard Cohn.1111/j. Jean and _____. no. 4: 1209–27. Bernard. Gyanendra Pandey and Partha Chatterjee. Ritu. December 13. 242–60. New Delhi: OUP. (Optional) . (Optional) *Thursday Cohn. Nicholas. " Anthropology and Fiction: An Interview with Amitav Ghosh.culanth. “The Pasts of an Indian Village. 3 (2012): 535-541. 2012. Cultural Anthropology Online. 2013. Cohn (1928-2003)” American Anthrpologist 107 (4): 751-753. and Ramah McKay.Theorizing the Contemporary. Biehl." Curated Collections. 1961. no. http://www. Comaroff. February 25. John.http://onlinelibrary. 2003.2012. 2012.” Annual Review of Anthropology 42: 269– 85. “History and Anthropology: Toward a Rapprochement.15481360." Fieldsights . “Anthropologizing Afghanistan.” Visual Anthropology Review 29 (1): 1-15.culanth.01159. "Reflecting on 30 Years of Subaltern Studies: Conversations with Profs.x/pdf Week 4 : September 8 History and Anthropology of South Asia Tuesday Khanduri. “Castes of Mind. 1996. “Gandhi and the Satyagraha of Newspaper Cartoons. edited by Iain Chambers and Lidia Curti.wiley. http://www. (Optional) Dirks. 1981. Damien. Stankiewicz.1987.” In The Postcolonial Question: Common Skies. “Ethnography as Political Critique. Alessandro. Nicholas. Divide Horizons. Stuart. New York: Routledge.” Representations 37 : 56-78.ANTHROPOLOGY OF SOUTH ASIA: ANTH 3334-001: Fall 2014 UH09: TUE/THU 12: 30-1:50 Dirks.

Shiv Nadar University Week 6 : September 22 Identity Politics: Class Tuesday Alter. New York: Routledge. “Disenfranchised by History” http://indianfolklore.’ American Anthropological Review Guest speaker. Dr. (Ebook). Dipankar. and the Middle Class: Locating the Body in a World of Desire. http://onlinelibrary.php/Mukt/article/viewFile/742/944 Guest speaker. “Yoga.wiley. 5: 239-69. Christopher 2009. “Caste Today: The Relevance of a Phenomenological Approach.3.” American Ethnologist.1525/can.02a00010/pdf Week 8 : October 6 Identity Politics: Gender Dewey. Thursday Film and Guest speaker Week 7 : September 29 Identity Politics: Religion Tuesday Pollock. and the Parallel Public Sphere in India.1990. “Religion in South Asia. Modernity. Ranjeeta Dutta. Thursday Gupta.ANTHROPOLOGY OF SOUTH ASIA: ANTH 3334-001: Fall 2014 UH09: TUE/THU 12: 30-1:50 Week 5 : September 15 Identity Politics: Caste Tuesday Guilmoto. Castes and Classes in A Companion to the Anthropology of India. and Politics: Some Readings and Uses of Salman Rushdie's The Satanic Verses. Talal (1990). Cultural Anthropology. Jamia Millia Islamia Thursday Asad. Joseph. ““Dear Dr. Ethnography. 2005. Dr. Violence against Women.” in A Companion to the Anthropology of (Ebook). Dandekar. Ajay Dandekar. New York: Routledge. 36: 124–139. Literature. S. . Demography for Anthropologists: Population. (2009).5. Kothari …”: Sexuality. Sheldon. Ajay.” India International Center Quarterly 32 (1): 138-153.

working-the-nightshift. Berlin: Berghof Research Centre. and the Politics of 1 (2011): 112-137. 28 (2): 120-132.1548-1360. Consuming Modernity Public Culture in a South Asian World (Ebook). Working the Night Shift: Women in India’s Call Center Industry http://www.doi. "Making Time for the Children: Self-Temporalization and the Cultivation of the Antisuicidal Subject in South India. 3 (2014): 433-456. Ward.x/pdf Week 11: October 27 Global South Asia: Media Tuesday Keeler. Indian Religions in the Global Emerald Trade: A Photo Essay – Visual Anthropology Review. Annamalai. no. 1995.working-the-nightshift." Cultural Anthropology 26.mkgandhi. (Optional) *Essay 1 due in class Thursday Thursday Appadurai.1111/j.” American Ethnologist 36 (1): 2-19 Thursday Brazeal.2010. no. and A. M. .org/10. Arjun.01 *Ogura.14506/ca29. “Playing with Modernity: The Decolonization of Cricket. Week 9 : October 13 Modernity Tuesday Reena Patel. Naisargi. Brian.” In Breckenridge.ANTHROPOLOGY OF SOUTH ASIA: ANTH 3334-001: Fall 2014 UH09: TUE/THU 12: 30-1:50 Thursday *Reena Patel. http://onlinelibrary. Director. Kiyoko.htm Gandhi and Contemporary Politics: Guest speaker. http://dx. Gandhi Museum Week 10: October 20 Modernity and Social Movements Tuesday Dave. 2009. Mr. Animals. Seeking State Power: The Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist). C. Appadurai eds. 2008. Hind Swaraj http://www. Gandhi. “What is Burmese about Burmese Rap. Jocelyn Lim. K.01082. Working the Night Shift: Women in India’s Call Center Industry http://www." Cultural Anthropology 29. "Witness: Humans.wiley.

” Kathmandu. Thursday Bollywood : Gods. Gross National Happiness and Environmental Status in Bhutan. (2006). “The Political Economy of Social Accountability in Nepal.’” Dialectical Anthropology 33: 345–63. “Women’s Empowerment and Rural Revolution: Rethinking ‘Failed Development. Development and Poverty Tuesday Tamang. 96: 657–681 Thursday Leve. September 2009. Glamour. Glamour. Week 15: November 24 Democracy. Thursday Gupta. Introduction: “Poverty as Biopolitcs” in Red Tape. Seira. Anna. Bollywood : Gods. Week 13: November 10 Democracy. and Carmen Malena. Akhil.ANTHROPOLOGY OF SOUTH ASIA: ANTH 3334-001: Fall 2014 UH09: TUE/THU 12: 30-1:50 Week 12: November 3 Media *Tuesday Varia Kush. Development and Poverty Tuesday Larson. D. Geographical Review. 2011. Nepal: The World Bank. *Thursday: Thanksgiving Holidays Week 16: December 01 Tuesday: Course overview *Essay 2 due on Blackboard *Thursday: American Anthropological Association Meetings .” Kabul: Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit. and Gossip. Development and Poverty Tuesday Zurick. 2009. Durham: Duke University Press (Ebook) Week 14: November 17 Democracy. 2012. Lauren. “Toward an Afghan Democracy?: Exploring Perceptions of Democratisation in Afghanistan. and Gossip.