Amanda Buhrman

Home Address: 19830 Grant St Corona, CA 92881
School Address: 655 S 300 W Apt. C1 Cedar City, UT 84720
Phone: (951) 833-3258 E-Mail:

Professional Summary
Reliable individual that is highly motivated and driven to learn. Succeeds under pressure and close
deadlines. Personal and professional among interactions with co-workers, employers, and
customers. Flexible and hardworking in achieving the highest expectations and goals. Works well in
both individual positions and team-based environments.


Exceptional communication skills
Personable and friendly
Highly dependable and trustworthy
Finishes tasks on time
Excellent attention to detail
MS Windows proficient
Creative problem solver
Good organizational skills/techniques
Willing to learn new skills quickly and efficiently
Able to stand for long periods of time and lift heavy loads repeatedly

Work History
Student Custodian, Southern Utah University
Brent Taylor (435) 592-5606 – Cedar City, UT
01/01/2016 to 05/2016
Cleaned and maintained the integrity of the ELC; including sweeping, vacuuming, cleaning desks,
cleaning whiteboards, cleaning doors/windows, polishing elevators, removing trash, cleaning
computers/computer screens. Entrusted with cleaning offices and with the valuables inside the
classrooms and offices. Given keys to the offices/classrooms/maintenance closet and trusted to
return keys. Held to a standard of integrity and honesty in regards to stealing/broken items. Good
relationship with co-workers and employers. Standing/walking around for long periods of time.
Alcohol Buyer
Cedar City Police Department
Officer Adams (435) 459-9417
02/19/2016 to Currently
Helped the Cedar City Police Department with underage alcohol buys. Purpose was to make sure all
stores and gas stations promote Identification checks for underage individuals trying to purchase
alcohol. Asked individuals at gas stations to buy alcohol for me; purpose was to ensure the refusal
to buy alcohol for underage individuals.
Cedar Communications Center
Linda Petty (435) 590-8081
06/04/16 to Currently
Take public service and safety calls from the public, answer and evaluate 911 calls, and dispatch
officers to calls for service. I am entrusted with the responsibility of making safe decisions and of
keeping the officers safe. I have many certifications to be able to work in this field, including POST,
fire, and medical training.

Amanda Buhrman
Home Address: 19830 Grant St Corona, CA 92881
School Address: 655 S 300 W Apt C1 Cedar City, UT 84720
Phone: (951) 833-3258 E-Mail:

Associate of Science: Criminal Justice
Southern Utah University – Cedar City, UT
• 3.88 cumulative GPA
• Awarded the President’s Scholarship
• Graduated with Associate’s Degree

August 2015 – December 2015

Bachelor of Science: Criminal Justice
Southern Utah University – Cedar City, UT
• 3.88 cumulative GPA
• Awarded the President’s Scholarship
• Member of the College Republicans club
• Member of the Pizza and Politics club
• Member of Alpha Phi Sigma (National Criminal Justice Honors Society) Currently attending
– April 2017
EDGE Program (Education Designed to Give Experience)
Southern Utah University – Cedar City, UT
 This program was designed to provide students with an experience and extended service
learning project to give them an edge over others in the job world and in graduate
programs. It is meant to show that the student is capable of designing, completing, and
evaluating an extended learning project, which demonstrates the ability that the individual
can show the same skills in the future.
 For my EDGE Project, I set up recycling bins and conducted community service and
interaction hours. I gathered recycling materials and spoke to various community members
about the benefits of recycling and how it can better help the degradation of the
environment in the future. My goal was to instill in others the idea and the passion that
recycling is a simple task but carries with it so much weight and benefits. If we all join
together, we can make a great difference.
Currently completing – October 2016
Associate of Science: Criminal Justice
Dixie State University – St. George, UT
 3.8 cumulative GPA
 Awarded the Presidential Scholarship
2014 - April 2015
High School
Centennial High School – Corona, CA
• Received High School Diploma
• 4.6 cumulative weighted GPA
• Graduated with Honors with Distinction
May 2014


August 2010 –