Violent extremism is the beliefs and actions of people who support or use

violence to achieve ideological, religious or political goals. This kind of action comes
from a violent-extremism groups or individuals, including domestic terrorist and
homegrown violent extremist. Most of the time, this acts inspired by personal,
religious, political or other ideological beliefs that promote and use violent
There are varieties of thoughts about the violent extremist origin. Most of
people thoughts that violent extremist are constructed by either political leader who
wants to draw public attention and gain or maintain their power, or dominant group
who wants to maintain power and resist demands for change, characterize the
actions of marginalized groups as "extremist" and create a self-fulfilling prophecy
which elicits increasingly extreme actions from these groups.
Another thought about violent extremist is that it’s an emotional outlet for
severe feelings. Severe feelings that we are talking about is persistent experiences
of insecurity, humiliation, resentment, loss and rage that lead someone to have a
conflict engagement strategies that equal with those experiences. Thus, extremists
will use violent, destructive strategies, not because they are instrumental to
attaining other goals, but because they feel righteous, vengeful, and good.
Violent extremism actually has both positive and negative consequences. On
the positive side, it can draw public’s attention to some hidden concerns of violentextremism group or individual. As such, it may motivate a more powerful foe to
consider negotiating, or third parties to intervene.
On the other side, violent activities committed by extremists, such as
bombings, kidnappings, and the spread of bio-toxins can traumatize and alienate
peoples and leaving the society in fear. It can also cause destruction for critical
infrastructure or key resources that can cause unstable condition for the society.
We can’t deny that violent extremism is growing rapidly and become one of
the greatest threats to international peace and security today. And people
(government or international organization) tend to fight this threat by countering
this act, which I think, is not effective and too reactive. With direct approach and
direct engagement with the violent extremist, it’s just makes the situation worse.
Based on the previous act that has been done by government or international
organization, this kind of engagement makes the violent-extremists furious and tend
to commit more violent acts towards society.
From my point of view, a well-educated, well-informed, and well-equipped
families, communities, and local institutions are the keys to fight this thread. Based
on the current situation, I believe that violent extremist happened because of lacks
in education, law enforcement and relationship between the communities.
Most of the people today still not aware about what violent extremism is
really are. The society today tend to ignore and not to care about the violent acts

the first step to prevent and fight this thread is to give the society education about violent extremism to make them have a clear definition and understand the phenomenon of violent extremism. especially the one that may be targeted for recruitment by violent extremists. along with regional and international organizations. With a good law enforcement. the next step is to inform the society about any recent activities of violent extremism. at least government knows the main concern of the society. And also. and communities in their country. As for the violent extremism acts that has already spreading everywhere and grow into an international threads. at least if the violent extremism gone badly or worse. Another important thing to prevent this phenomenon is to build a strong connections and well established relations between government and society. . excellent military forces. avoid the things that can harm their lives. Because any acts that goes against human right and humanitarian law are the responsibility of everyone who believes in humanity. Giving the society the information about current violent extremism activities can also help government and international organization by simply reporting some alleged activities on their surroundings. religious. With a strong connections and relationships. as well as political. After makes the society aware about what is violent extremism really are and why should they fight for it. there is no other way to fight against it unless all countries. local institutions. because people needs to know what are the things that they have to avoid. so that they can help to solve the issues. Therefore. prevent and fight against for this phenomenon. at least.that has been done by extremist. and strong national security system. so that they can. it can make them be aware to their environment and their surroundings. from my point of view. And the final step is to support law enforcement in the society especially in deter and disrupt recruitment or individual mobilization and community-oriented policing efforts. academic and civil society communities. and strengthen military force and national security system. And. most of the people actually did not have any clear understanding about violent extremism. should join hands to forge a multi-faceted response that respects international human rights and humanitarian law. we can have a quick and good respond to handle the situation.