Special Political and Decolonization Committee (SPECPOL

Republic of Moldova

Topic: Mining Rights
The problems about natural resources like mining sources between a nation and
private sectors are difficult to concluded, especially because the constant development
and changes in private sectors and the country itself.
Since Republic of Moldova has just a few natural energy resources and no
mineral resources at all, there are no mining problems in Moldova. Also, this rising
problem is not affected the Republic of Moldova significantly. But seeing the current
situation in several countries with mining problems like South Africa and Venezuela,
also regarding the mining nation’s sovereignty itself, Republic of Moldova urges the
entire state members to work hand in hand to bring this problem to an end.
Republic of Moldova believe that the problem between mining country and
private sector are urgent, judging from economy, social, politics, human right and the
nation’s sovereignty itself. Therefore, Republic of Moldova wants to suggest a solution
regarding this issue, which is to form an organization or international body under United
Nation that aims for natural mineral resources problems between countries, private
sectors or any other parties, with several provisions:




This international body or organization have the right to investigate any
dispute between a nation and private mining sectors regarding the mining
This international body or organization reserve the right to make a set of rule
and regulations that all of the nation (especially mining countries) and private
mining companies have to obey and execute,
This international body or organization can interfere the problem between
mining countries and private mining sectors or other parties, in case of :
o The private mining sectors proved to have violated the mining
country’s sovereignty, labor rights, and environmental destruction.
o The mining countries ask for assistance in the disputes.
This international body or organization only served as an observer or a third
party that can acts as mediator for the issues regarding mining itself. Mining
country and the private mining sectors have the full responsibility to decide
and resolve their issues.

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The psychologist have the right to stop the interrogation if the detainee starts to act strange and indicates the signs of panic attack or several strange behavior . we believe that the Enhance Interrogation Technique is a violation to UN Convention and also violation to human right itself. This tragedy caused the use of Enhanced Interrogation Technique or known as “Euphemism for Torture” by the CIA as one of the technique that used to forcefully extract information from suspected terrorist. This kind of interrogation indirectly infringe the UN Convention against Torture and other Cruel.The detainee will be accompanied by psychologist before and after the interrogation. So. After all of the countries uphold the meaning and importance of human right. Because whatever the detainee issues are. Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment that clearly indicate that Enhanced Interrogation Technique as one of torture kind of act. Bibliography: 3. But please note that we are supporting any other interrogation techniques that still respect the human right of the detainee. Republic of Moldova believe that the first thing to do is to make sure that every country understand and uphold the meaning and the importance about the human right itself.foxnews. https://en.html (accessed June 08. or even violate the international law.com/us/2014/12/09/list-13-enhanced-interrogationtechniques-used-by-cia-on-detainees.Special Political and Decolonization Committee (SPECPOL) Republic of Moldova Topic: The Use of Enhanced Interrogation Techniques Since the 9/11 attack. they are still a human that clearly have a human right.wikipedia. Since there are so many varying stances of the different countries involved. Furthermore. Republic of Moldova also believes that making the suspects stress in certain way and certain level is permitted with several limitations: . http://www. and conceptual struggle against terrorist of regimes that support the attack. the result of the Enhanced Interrogation Technique indicates that this interrogation technique is not efficient and effective enough because it leads to some false confession.org/wiki/Enhanced_interrogation_techniques (accessed June 08. 2016) 4. 2016) 2 .The interrogation must be assisted by at least one psychologist . even in the name of public emergency or national interest. Also. permanent damage to the detainee itself. some kinds of the techniques are not approved by the Justice Department. political. we can work hand in hand to figure out even to create another interrogation technique that respect the detainee’s human right. Republic of Moldova believes that everyone is not entitled to a torture and force is not the main solution for extracting some kind of information. the War of Terror paradigm revolved as global military.