05 Science
Observations about trees

Has a trunk covered in rough bark that supports a framework of branches and
Branches are covered in bark and grow leaves
Leaves are many colors such as green, red, yellow, and orange
The tree is anchored to the ground through a network of roots
Leaves are connected to branches by small buds
There is a birds nest in the branches made of twigs
Caterpillars leave holes in the trees after eating them
Snails cover the trunk leaving slime on the bark

Key Questions Raised by Observations

What key factors allow trees to grow
Is there a maximum height for trees
How much water does a tree need to survive
Are there any types of pest that are beneficial to the tree
Is fertilizer necessary to grow a tree
How much sunlight does a tree need to survive
What type of soil do tree grow best in
How long can a tree survive without water

Write a testable statement based on observations
Does a tree grow better in soil or in fertilizer?

Experimental Design
Describe overall experiment to test hypothesis

In my experiment I will get two 3 quart pots. One will be filled with soil and the
other will be filled with fertilizer. I will put one maple seed in each container and
cover it with either soil or fertilizer. I will keep both pots in constant sunlight as well
as water them one cup of water every day. At the end of every day I will measure
the trees and record my results. After a month I will come to a conclusion about my

Describe procedures to test hypothesis

Get two 3 quart pots
Label pot one S for soil and pot 2 F for fertilizer
Fill pot S with soil and pot F for fertilizer
Inset a Maple Seed into each pot
Make a table for a month adding columns for each variable
Put each pot by a window with constant sunlight
Everyday water the each tree with one cup
Every day for a month measure each tree and record results in the table

Identify an independent variable in the experiment

The independent variable is whether the pot was filled with soil or fertilizer this is
the independent variable because this factor is being manipulated and recorded.

and the size of the containers.Identify a dependent variable in the experiment The dependent variable was the height of the individual trees because it is responding to the different types of fertilizer and soil. the amount of water. These are constants because the trees were the same in these three factors . Identify a constant in the experiment The constants in the experiment were the amount of sunlight.