AP Exam and Math Prep 2

AP Exam and Math Prep Part 1 Grade: 9/15
Question 14: Years of overhunting have resulted in the extinction of the population
of white-tailed deer living in a forest. Several decades later, conservationists
propose a plan to re-introduce a new population of deer to the forest by
transplanting several deer from an area with a healthy population of white-tailed
deer. Ethical dilemmas likely to arise from this plan include all of the following
A. Humans living near the forest might contract Lyme disease from exposure to
ticks from the transplanted deer.
B. The forest might no longer be able to sustain a population of deer, resulting
in overgrazing and food shortages.
C. Deer might encroach on the habitats of smaller inhabitants of the forest such
as squirrels and foxes.
D. Deer might wander away from the forest and into the surrounding community
of humans, risking injury and death.
E. The area from which the deer are transplanted might suffer from a
corresponding loss of biodiversity.
On problem number fourteen I put answer letter B, which was wrong. I struggled
with this question because I didn’t read it all the way through and didn’t see the
word except. If I would’ve read the assignment a little more carefully and most likely
chosen, the correct answer. This I will try to do in the future.
After reviewing the question for a second time I now know that the correct answer is
E. I know that E is the correct answer because all the other answer A through D are
considered ethical dilemmas whereas letter E isn’t and the question asks for which
answer isn’t an ethical dilemma.

Question 3: Which of the following are likely to be economic costs of noise
I. Decreased housing values in polluted communities
II. Undeveloped land used as buffers between polluted and non-polluted areas
III. Increased health care spending resulting from increased cancer rates
A. I only
B. II only
C. III only
D. I and II only
E. II and III only
On problem number three I put answer choice B. which was wrong. I struggled with
this question because in roman numeral number 1 I thought by polluted
communities they meant polluted by trash not buy noise. I forgot that noise
pollution is also a type of pollution as well as trash pollution.
After reviewing the question, I now know that the correct answer choice is D. D is
the correct answer because no one would want to live next to a factory because of

So D. Also the builders might leave buffer areas with no houses to help block out sound which waste money on land. . is the correct answer because it has both roman numeral 1 and 2.the noise pollution so the cost will go down.