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New Inside Out Intermediate

Unit 1 Test

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Part A
Friendship expressions

Complete the text with the phrases in the box. There are two extra phrases.

a lot in common
hit it off

close friends

ups and downs

count on

drifted apart

fell out

got on well together

went our separate ways

I met Andy when I was just fifteen. At first we didn’t (1) ____________ at all. We really didn’t have
(2) ____________ . He was into sports while I only liked music. Then one day we had to work on a
school project together and we discovered that we (3) ____________ . After that, we spent more and
more time together and became (4) ____________ . Of course, like most people we’ve had our
(5) ____________ , but we haven’t (6) ____________ and I’m sure that I can always
(7) ____________ him if I need any help.
(7 points)


Match the expressions in the box in Exercise 1 to the definitions.

a) good and bad experiences or situations


b) having the same interests


c) liked each other and became friends


d) like one another the first time you meet


e) people who know each other well and like each other


f) rely on somebody


g) had an argument


(7 points)

New Inside Out Intermediate Unit 1 Test
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a) Who do is your favourite actor? b) What were you do yesterday? c) Who you meet yesterday? d) How long you knew each other? e) What kind of things you like? (5 points) New Inside Out Intermediate Unit 1 Test © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2009 2 .Grammar Tense review 3 Complete the questions with the words in the box. How long What’s When Where Who a) ________ your best friend’s name? b) ________ does he live? c) ________ have you been learning English? d) ________ would you like to meet the most? e) ________ did you start learning English? (5 points) Question forms 4 Correct the mistakes in these questions.

1 How are life / things? 2 How’s going / life? 3 Oh! pretty / great good. (often) _______________________________________________ (5 points) Useful phrases 6 Underline the correct words. (always) _______________________________________________ e) Samantha doesn’t go to parties. (6 points) New Inside Out Intermediate Unit 1 Test © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2009 3 . (regularly) _______________________________________________ d) My sister is on the phone to her friends. (now and again) _______________________________________________ c) Jack goes clubbing.Adverbs of frequency 5 Put the word or phrase in brackets in the correct place in each sentence. 4 What are you up to lately / these days? 5 I’d afraid / better dash. a) Do you go out with your friends on Friday night? (usually) _______________________________________________ b) I have a glass of wine. 6 I’ll give / take you a call.

(5 points) New Inside Out Intermediate Unit 1 Test © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2009 4 . c) Mary and Toni talk on the phone every two or three months.Part B Pronunciation Numbers [Track 1] 7 Listen and underline the group of numbers you hear. a) 1/2 1/4 1/4 1/2 1/4 3/4 b) 1/6 5/8 3/10 1/6 5/8 1/3 c) 15% 3% 33% 15% 3% 30% d) 12% 20% 12. d) Toni doesn’t like going on holiday with Mary.5% 12% 20% 5% e) 3/8 3/5 3/6 3/8 3/5 3/4 (5 points) Listening [Track 2] 8 Listen to an interview with Toni about her best friend. b) Toni and Mary aren’t very good friends any more. Are these sentences true (T) or false (F)? a) Toni has known Mary for twenty years. e) Mary’s husband wanted to be friends with Toni.

So. The website was the idea of Steve Pankhurst and his wife Julie. At the time they were expecting their first child and Julie was interested in finding out whether her school friends were also married and had families.Reading 9 Read the text. so it is quite possible that people write things about themselves which simply aren’t true. However not everything about these websites is positive. T / F / NG e) People can write false information. The websites have also been blamed for a number of marriage breakups – a result of old school couples getting back together! (5 points) New Inside Out Intermediate Unit 1 Test © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2009 5 .com was the idea of a couple called Pankhurst. T / F / NG d) Some school friends have met on the site and then got married. T / F / NG c) Julie wanted the site to help people find dates. There are a lot of happy stories of friends who had gone their separate ways after leaving school and had lost touch. Firstly. but who have now become friends again after contacting each other through the website. where they can write their own profile and view profiles of their old school friends. Is the information in these sentences true (T). T / F / NG Internet sites such as Friends Reunited in the UK and Classmates. T / F / NG b) Classmates. Friends Reunited launched in July 2000 and now has millions of people in the US are extremely popular. false (F) or not given (NG)? a) Friends Reunited started in 2000. the main idea was simply to find a way in which old school friends who had lost touch with each other could be reunited. there is no way in which a lot of the information can be checked. Now thousands of people are doing this through the website.