New Inside Out Intermediate

Unit 12 Test

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Part A

Put the words from the box into the table.

baggy checked








(6 points)

Physical description

Complete the description with the words and phrases in the box. There are
three extra words and phrases.

blond streaks








My girlfriend is fairly tall with (1) ___________ hair with (2) ___________ . She’s got
(3) ___________ coloured eyes and a small (4) ___________ of a dragon on her left shoulder. She’s in
her (5) ___________ and I think she’s stunningly beautiful!
(5 points)

Verb phrases

Choose the correct word to complete each sentence.


Can you _____ me a cup of coffee, please?
(1) do


(2) make

(3) put

I always _____ a shower before getting dressed.
(1) have

(2) do

(3) make

New Inside Out Intermediate Unit 12 Test
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d) and green / bright / It’s a / striped / T-shirt / yellow _____________________________________________ . (7 points) New Inside Out Intermediate Unit 12 Test © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2009 2 . c) beautiful / It’s a / Italian / long-sleeved / shirt _____________________________________________ . (1) do d) (3) put Most mornings I don’t have time to _____ the washing-up before I leave for work. f) brown / It’s an / jumper / old / woolly _____________________________________________ . (1) do e) (2) get (2) get (3) make The first thing I do when I wake up is to _____ the radio on. e) American / boots / It’s a / pair of / scruffy / snakeskin _____________________________________________ . b) black / It’s an / jacket / leather / old _____________________________________________ . g) dress / It’s a / low-necked / red / silk _____________________________________________ . a) cotton / It’s a / large / lovely / shirt _____________________________________________ . (1) get (2) have (3) put (5 points) Grammar Adjective order 4 Put the words in the correct order.c) I’ve never thought about how I _____ dressed before.

b) I had my eyes ___________ (test) recently. thank you for inviting me Do you think so don’t mention it What a lovely day I’ve had it for ages Judith: This is really nice. Caroline: Yes. Judith: It really suits you. (1) ___________ . d) Jack had his hair ___________ (cut) really short. Such bright sunshine! Caroline: I know. Judith: And I love your dress. (7 points) Useful phrases 6 Complete the conversation with the phrases in the box. c) John’s going to ___________ (paint) my living room for me. it really couldn’t be better. a) Samantha’s having a dress ___________ (make) for her. Judith: Oh. isn’t it? Judith: I mean. f) Have you ever ___________ (have) your fortune told? g) You should go to the dentist and have your teeth ___________ (check). (5) ___________ . (2) ___________ .Have something done 5 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the word in brackets. Caroline: Thank you. Oh. e) My daughter wants to have her ears ___________ (pierce). I almost forgot to say (4) ___________ . Caroline: Oh this – it’s nothing special. it is. Caroline: (3) ___________ ? Judith: Yes. We wouldn’t have a garden party without asking you to come! (5 points) New Inside Out Intermediate Unit 12 Test © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2009 3 . it really shows off your figure.

Part B Pronunciation Vowel sounds [Track 29] 7 Listen and underline the word in each group with the different vowel sound. (2) dress badly because they’re not successful (3) don’t want to look good d) In the past it was easier to _________ . Choose the correct information to complete the sentences. (1) need help to look good. a) Almost all _________ people use the services of a fashion stylist. (1) are not important (2) reflect the wearer’s personality (3) show how much money they have c) Michael believes that many people _________ . (1) Michael himself is the most stylish man around (2) George Clooney needs a stylist (3) Italian men have style (5 points) New Inside Out Intermediate Unit 12 Test © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2009 4 . (1) judge a person by the clothes they wore (2) wear casual clothes (3) get a good job and income e) Michael thinks _________ . (1) normal b) (2) well-known (3) poor Michael thinks that a person’s clothes _________ . a) green friend jeans b) wear medium c) short worse bought d) their e) great first meat hair fur suede (5 points) Listening [Track 30] 8 Listen to an interview with a stylist.

(e) __________ The final type of person is the one who is just plain unfashionable. (5 points) New Inside Out Intermediate Unit 12 Test © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2009 5 . They want to be the ones that other people want to copy. (c) __________ It’s all about image for these people. Here are five approaches to fashion. big boots and dyed black hair. (a) __________ This kind of person would die for fashion. (d) __________ These people really don’t care whether it’s fashionable or not. For them. in fact they don’t. It’s not that they want to look like other people. it’s almost an anti-fashion statement. the ones who decide what is fashionable. This is the kind of person who gets up in the morning and throws on the first things that they find – even if they don’t match. while for others comfort over elegance is far more important. Levi’s or Nike. There is absolutely no thought put into the clothes they buy or wear. But unlike other people. They deliberately dress to look different. being dressed in the latest clothes is a must.Reading 9 Read the text and match the headings to the correct paragraphs. different people look at it in different ways. feeling good rather than looking good is what is important. (b) __________ For this person it’s all about the label. Not the same Why bother? Being first In the name of fashion Comfort over style Five different approaches to fashion and style When it comes to fashion and style. If it doesn’t have the right name on it then they won’t buy it. Good examples of these kinds of people are Goths with their black clothes. These people are willing to pay more simply to have the right brand like Bench. They spend a lot of time shopping trying to find that new look. For some people. but also to show that they belong to a particular group.