Darío Andrés Arellano Almenar.

Tutor: Ricardo Pinto
d.official landuage
e.official headquartes
f.individuals at command of the commission
g.number of memebers and criteria for
their incorporation
h.what are the specific themes ESCAP
works on?
i.summary on the last report made by

Assignment #1: MOVENU-ESCAP
ESCAP stands for the economic and social commission for Asia
and the pacific, a regional mechanism that acts as a subsidiary
organ of the united nation’s ECOSOC (economic and social
committees) to regulate and supervise the efforts made by
developing Asian nations in terms of employment founts,
growth of GNP, and the thrive of diversification in their
economies. ESCAP was founded in the year of 1947, at first it
functioned as an organism that supported the reconstruction of

in terms of resources. founded in prosperity. as well as functioning as a guarantor of regional cooperation. The commission worked to spread the growth momentum in the region. . Growth all throughout Asia has been considerable. It works alongside with the omission for western Asia and the economic and social commission for Latin American and the Caribbean. This organization has gathered 69 times since its foundation and it is annually obliged to present a report. technical appliance and competitively in the Asian markets that sometimes conduces to a proportional income for all citizens and the improvement of their lifestyles. at the time it was known as ECAFE(economic commission for Asia and the far East). The main idea of the commission is to establish the basis of a society or series of societies that are perfectly able to guarantee social security and social conquers. to supervise the efforts made in the region and present statistics of the same. social equity and sustainability. Undoubtedly there is a concentration of professionalism. ESCAP’s vision lies in the fact to make a hardy Asian region. but a great quantity of this region’s nations still finds themselves in routes of development. the name changes to ESCAP in the year 1974.economies after WWII. but it has the competence to report or suggest certain irregularities to the UN through a resolution that will be revised and considered. It counts with a specific and autonomic fount for the implementation of certain policies. The commission does not have the attributions to sanction economically. ESCAP is considered the main UN economic and social development center. with the backbone of an economy that is ever-growing and that manages to solvent the needs of all people.

. the mission of ESCAP is to provide nations with the tools to guarantee a diversification of the economy. Taking the 2015 SDG’s as basis. better policy making. more employment founts. and the guarantee of public services for all.The great challenge that ESCAP has to face is the structural dependence or reliance of various Asian economies towards the production of one particular ruble that generates incomes that can be invested in policymaking.