LP Startup Bypass

Type NBSE60S

Specifically designed for IP / LP
Startup Bypass applications

Compact, robust design

Clamped trim for easiest maintenance

Springloaded spray nozzles or internal
torus desuperheater with cutting edge
for shortest evaporation length

Designed for frequent start-ups

Designed for conditions up to 60 bar /
580 °C

Tightness ANSI FCI70.2, class V



The IP/LP-Bypass Valve Type NBSE60S is an
abbreviation of the well known Sulzer IP/LP
Turbine Bypass Valve NBSE55/60.
Application: steam-conditioning valve for steam
throttling combined with desuperheating through
spraywater injection directly at the valve outlet. Its
prime areas of application are low pressure (LP-)
Startup bypass systems for coal-fired reheat steam
power plants, specifically designed for Startup
conditions where the valve capacity requirements
are largely influenced by a relatively low differential
pressure between inlet and outlet of the valve.

The valve combines the function of pressure
reduction and desuperheating. The pressure
reduction takes place in three stages, the inlet
cage, the seat and the outlet cage.

The spraywater injection system is designed for the
large spraywater quantities required in those
applications where the steam is usually dumped
into the condenser.
With the range of available body materials, the
NBSE-valve can be applied for the operating
temperatures of today’s most advanced thermal
power plants. The valve is specially designed for
the cyclic operation of bypass systems.

Three standard configurations of inlet cages are
available for each valve size. The standard
configuration with the highest Cv incorporates a
slotted inlet cage, the second configuration has a
inlet cage with holes and slots using holes for the
high throttling ratios across the inlet cage. The third
version uses small holes in the inlet and outlet
cage providing the lowest noise emission of the
three versions.

VIII Seat-/stem tightness ANSI FCI 70. which benefits in a further reduction of the evaporation length. flow to close Spherical shaped Pipe connection For steam pipes: butt-welding For spray-water pipes: butt-welding at spraywater manifold Steam data range Temperature: ~ 500 . The Desuperheating is carried out circumferentially inwards ensuring full cross sectional coverage within the steam flow ensuring through equal distribution that all the spray water is exposed to the high temperature steam ensuring optimum evaporation.or pneumatic cylinder Electric actuator upon request Serviceability Replaceable stem/plug Replaceable seat Replaceable inlet cage Replaceable spray-nozzles Bolted bonnet Options Transition pieces for large pipe diameters and material compatibility Prewarming and drain connection available on request Orientation No restrictions as for the valve operating position . The actual evaporation length will depend on several factors such as: water temperature.2. The nozzles are designed and developed by CCI. straight downstream length. Material concentrations and abrupt changes of wall thickness are avoided. In both methods. Hydraulic.or pneumatic actuators can be equipped besides the proportional valve for control purposes with redundant safe closing devices. C12A : 580°C) Inlet Pressure: ~ 20 – 60 bar Outlet Pressure: 12bar Trim Balanced Trim type with inlet and outlet cage Pressure rating Job rated according ASME Sect. The valve body with its spherical shapes is designed for cyclic operation and frequent startups. velocity of steam etc. This benefits in a very short. the water is injected into the area of maximum velocity and turbulence of the steam which results in both type’s very fine atomization and quick evaporation and therefore the benefit of short evaporation lengths. The spring loaded nozzles provide excellent atomization of the spray water regardless of spray water flow and therefore provides optimum rangeability regardless of the steam flow. class V Desuperheating 4 – 6 springloaded spraynozzles (variable injection area) depending on outlet size and water flow or Internal Torus Desuperheater Water distribution Circumferential distribution Actuation Double-acting hydraulic. The distinguished shape of the outlet section of the control valve incorporates a cutting-edge after the spraywater injection.580 °C (design Temp inlet : WC9 : 550°C. percentage of spray water.The Desuperheating spray water is injected through spring loaded spray nozzles (variable area) or through several small fixed nozzles (Torus Desuperheater) in the outlet of the valve. degree of superheat after water injection. Technical Specification Body style Angle. CCI has the tools (CoolSiz™) to calculate the evaporation length of the actual application conditions. The valve can therefore serve as combined control and safe shutoff valve.

Cross Sectional View Springloaded Spraynozzle Desuperheater Torus Desuperheater .Typical Valve Characteristic Standard Materials Body 100% A217 WC9 217 C12A Capacity cv / cv100 80% 60% Inlet connection Same as body Desuperheater P22 Outlet connection P11/F11 Water connection F11/F12 Bonnet 40% Inletcage Version 1 A182 F91 Inletcage Version 2 Inletcage Version 3 20% A182 F22 (10CrMo910) Inlet Cage 10CrMo910 X20CrMoV121 Outlet Cage 0% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Stroke y / y100 10CrMo910 Stem X19CrMoV121 Seat X20CrMoV121 NBSE60S .

600 20” – 24” 26” – 36” 4” – 6” B x x A Outline dimensions Valve Dimensions Type A B C Weight NBSE60S mm mm mm kg -400 550 1270 2865 1690 -500 580 1550 2920 2530 -600 620 1650 3055 3890 CCI Switzerland Im Link 11 P. U.600 4117 / 3556 3829 / 3308 3317 / 2866 C x Inlet / outlet pipe dimensions Valve size Inlet Outlet Water connector NBSE60S .Flow Capacity (Cv/Kv) Valve size Version 1 Cv/Kv Version 2 Cv/Kv Version 3 Cv/Kv Inlet Cage Slots Slot / holes Holes NBSE60S .O.500 20” – 24” 26” – 36” 4” – 6” NBSE60S .05 / Rev.400 20” – 24” 26” – 36” 4” – 6” NBSE60S . South Korea Telephone ++82 31 985 94 30 Telefax ++82 31 985 05 52 CCI Austria Carlbergergasse 38 P. Box 19 AT-1233 Vienna. Kimpo Gun Kyungi-Do.S. Box CH-8404 Winterthur Telephone ++41 52 264 95 00 Telefax ++41 52 264 95 01 CCI World Headquarter 22591 Avenida Empresa Rancho Santa Margarita CA 92688. Austria Telephone ++43 1 869 27 40 Telefax ++43 1 865 36 03 prods_NBSE60S_rev1 / 816 / 8. Sweden Telephone ++46 533 689 600 Telefax ++46 533 689 601 CCI Japan 194-2 Shukunosho Ibaraki-City.7. 1 . Osaka 567 Japan Telephone ++81 726 41 71 97 Telefax ++81 726 41 71 98 CCI Korea 26-17.O.500 2762 / 2386 2506 / 2217 2179 / 1883 NBSE60S . 26 Pungmu-Ri Kimpo-Eup.A Telephone ++1 949 858 18 77 Telefax ++1 949 858 18 78 CCI Sweden Box 602 SE-661 29 Säffle.400 1873 / 1618 1738 / 1501 1503 / 1298 NBSE60S .