The New Generation

time. causing disorientation. LEDS. Laser and Displays with On/Off option Gives discretion and safety in night operations. It is possible to defi ne if each element will be on or off. strong muscular contractions and making an individual fall. allowing the Law Enforcer to temporarily incapacitate the aggressor. LEDS. LASER AND DISPLAYS Flashlight. FLASHLIGHT. The discharge is made through a progressive-action trigger which. . allows the device to send electrical pulses for a 5-second period. SPARK Spark is an incapacitating electroshock device that sends electrical pulses acting on the neuromuscular system. or when the presence of law enforcer must not be noted. charge battery and temperature inside. It has ambidextrous activating commands and automatic cartridge ejection system. MULTITASK DISPLAY Date. AMBIDEXTROUS EJECTION KEY SAFE EJECTION SYSTEM Cross section of electrical circuit at the time of cartridage ejection.000 shots. More capacity 20.PANORAMA OF SPARK Features SIDE LEDS FIXED SIGHT Indicate spark on. when pulled. when pressing the cartridge ejecting ambidextrous key. CARTRIDGE 6 and 8 meters AMBIDEXTROUS ON/OFF KEY TRIGGER FLEX LIGHT Progressive action trigger BATTERY HOLDER Rechargable battery.

(optional) Competitor .000 shots) Shielded battery holder Unshielded battery holder* (Optional) Laser sight Adjustable laser Flashlight Ambidextrous on-off switch Camera (Optional) Electronic display Date/time display Battery indicator Internal temperature indicator Progressive action trigger Fixed sight Flex Light / Stealth Mode External serial number I-REF Traceability System Multi-Language Water resistant Cushioned sinusoidal pulse Wi-Fi data transmission Neutralization system (Optional) *Most Independence and flexibility .COMPARATIVE TABLE SPARK X COMPETITOR Comparative Table Automatic cartridge ejection Automatic cycle interruption after 5 seconds Rechargeable battery (+20.

Ergonomic grip: Enhanced safety.(optional) Additional information: www. Neutralization System: Electronic neutralization system that disables device operation if spark is removed from the operator’s hand. Flex Light / Stealth Mode: Flashlight. Using an electronic system. Unshielded Battery Holder: Most Independence and flexibility . Laser and Lateral LEDs can be electronically disabled for tactical operations.SPARK PARK ADVANTAGES Safe afe Ejection System: In addition to the rapid arming system. Automatic shock shut-off 5 seconds after firing: Discharge interrupted after 5 seconds. Spark Wi-Fi Connection: Data is now transmitted between SPARK and the Datakit by wireless communication .com . Rechargeable: More than 20.condornaoletal. the new DSK710 is equipped with a safety system to enhance efficiency in the rearming process. the operating cycle is interrupted at the moment the cartridge ejection key is pressed. Developed in high strength polymer.000 shots Internal memory: 1000 last shots.no need for USB connections any more.