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.. Last year you met someone on holiday and became WRITING TASK 1 You should spend about 20 minutes on this Begin your letter as follows: Dear .Practice Test / Writing IELTS-PRACTICE-TESTS... . In your letter say how pleased you are to hear from them invite them to stay with you tell them about your ideas of how you could spend the time together Write at least 150 words..... © IELTS-PRACTICE-TESTS.. All Rights Reserved. This content is for your own individual study only... You cannot share or transmit it. Write a letter to your friend inviting them to stay with you.. He/she has informed you that they will be travelling near to your home town on business in a few months time.. Non compliance could result in legal action against you... .. You do NOT need to write any addresses... IELTS-PRACTICE-TESTS..

You cannot share or transmit it. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or Practice Test / Writing WRITING TASK 2 You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. All Rights Reserved. Write about the following topic: It is quite right that top sports people should be paid a lot of © IELTS-PRACTICE-TESTS. . This content is for your own individual study only. Non compliance could result in legal action against you. Write at least 250 words.

com © IELTS-PRACTICE-TESTS. .Practice Test / Writing This content is for your own individual study Model Answers IELTS-PRACTICE-TESTS. All Rights Reserved. Non compliance could result in legal action against IELTS-PRACTICE-TESTS. You cannot share or transmit it.

I’ve got quite a few ideas of what we could do together. as well as seeing © WRITING TASK 1 Model Answer Dear Jane. . Joanne IELTS-PRACTICE-TESTS. Lots of love. How wonderful to hear from you. I just hope you’ll have enough time for us to get together. Actually. I know how you love sunbathing and swimming. you’ll be coming to Devon! Well. and what a surprise! So. That means that you have no excuse for not staying with me! I have a very comfortable spare room which you’re very welcome to use. It’s delicious! Hope those are two good reasons to tempt you to stay. Also you should try the IELTS-PRACTICE-TESTS. All Rights Reserved. the company you’re going to visit is very well-known here and it’s only about 20 minutes drive from where I live. that’s great news. You cannot share or transmit it. If you can stay for a couple of days. Non compliance could result in legal action against you. so we could spend some time on the lovely coves down here. This time of the year the sea is quite warm and the beaches are not too seafood.Practice Test / Writing IELTS-PRACTICE-TESTS. Really looking forward to meeting up again. of course! Let me know the dates as soon as you can. of This content is for your own individual study only.

com to keep in mind the bigger picture and the contributions to society they make including tangible contributions to the economy as well as intangible contributions they make as role models. In addition. This content is for your own individual study only. it seems that certain top sports people earn enormous sums of money for doing something they enjoy and for doing something which does not contribute greatly to our society. in reality. we need to consider other factors and not solely the remuneration paid to these sports people. While we can see that they are benefiting personally. We should also not forget that these people are role models for young On the other hand. while it is easy to understand why the salaries of top sports is often criticised. However. and the not-so young. not only in sport but in other areas of life. in this case. in order to decide whether this situation is right or not. © IELTS-PRACTICE-TESTS. In conclusion. but clearly valuable. It seems to be this kind of comparison which. Non compliance could result in legal action against WRITING TASK 2 Model Answer It is quite right that top sports people should be paid a lot of money. IELTS-PRACTICE-TESTS. for many people. For example. we would see a huge difference. we need IELTS-PRACTICE-TESTS. the economy is also benefiting. highlights the unfairness of this situation.Practice Test / Writing IELTS-PRACTICE-TESTS. It seems indisputable that top sports people are often paid huge salaries. This contribution is clearly impossible to measure. too. You cannot share or transmit it. .com. the fact that people enjoy their work and the fact that they are paid much more than people in other professions is largely irrelevant. All Rights Reserved. Many people feel these salaries are paid in return for a fairly small contribution to society. be so small. On the face of it. the income and the employment which some top sports people create. if we compare these salaries to the top salaries of doctors or nurses. what some people see as a small contribution to society may not. Consider for example.