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Week: October 10th-14th

Mrs. Potter’s 4K news
*Reminders/Important Dates*


October 11 – Last Day for Field trip collection
(No money excepted after Tuesday, 11th)
October 18th and 20th – Parent/Teacher Conferences
October 20th – PTA Fall Carnival
October 21st – NO SCHOOL!
October 26th – Field trip to Cooley Farm (please note transportation changes
that were sent home)

This Week

This week, I am sending
home a paper for you to pick
a day/time slot for your
conference time. This will be
a general idea for me to use
when scheduling. I will let
you know of the definite time.
These conferences should last
no more than 10 minutes. I
will do my best to work with
your schedule but we have 40
children to schedule so the
sooner you get them turned
in the better! If there is a
sibling let me know the
teachers name and I will try
to coordinate with them as

This week we will review our letters “Aa and
Ll” and introduce the letter “M” and the sound
it makes. Students are doing very well
remembering the motions and sounds that go
with each letter! We will also be learning about
the season, Fall, and the differences between
fall and summer. In Math this week, we will be
reviewing and practicing one-to-one
correspondence with the numbers 1-5. We will
practicing our fine
motor Words
skills by
some special leaves to decorate our
day we
Great Job to everyone that
classroom for Fall!

on forms
/ money
will be
Oct. 11th!

**Please put any importantNO
papers/money/ notes inside the
SAIL folder **

Kasey Potter
Alicia Rodgers
578-1231 ext. 4109

practiced their “Rainbow
Words” last week! WOW!!!
The kids were so excited to
read to me on Friday. Thanks
for all your support!

Items Needed:

Thank You to everyone
that sent Lysol wipes and
baby wipes!!!!!!!  We
will be using them a lot
during winter the winter
months to battle flu