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Classroom Times

Teacher: Mary Hines

October 10-14

We are learning
Religion: God wants us to worship Him, 12 spies
scope out the promised land.
Reading: adding -s, -es, and -ing to words. Reading
Math: reviewing strategies to add and subtract (fact
families, drawing pictures, using objects to count)

Monday: memory- The 3rd commandment
Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy
Read assigned story this week.
Home escape plan (worksheet) Due Thursday.
Wednesday: Psalm 32:10 Love surrounds the
one who trusts in the Lord. (Due Thursday.)

Science: skeletons of animals and people
THURSDAY-spelling test. Note change.

Spelling: nap, naps, sit, sits, win, wins, fit, fits, hit, hits.
Bonus words: her, too Test is on Thursday this week.
Social studies: children need to know their phone
number and address. I will begin testing on these this

This week
Tuesday: library books are due.
Wednesday: chapel at Emmanuel. ParentTeacher conferences. Assigned times are being
sent home with this note on Monday, Oct. 10

Upcoming events

Thursday: Parent-Teacher conferences
Friday: No school

Monday, Oct. 17: e-learning day.
Wednesday, Oct. 26: Baptismal
Sunday, November 13: Lambs choir
sings (Soest), Pancakes for the Arts
breakfast. Both choirs sing.
Wednesday, November 23: Special
Friends' Day

Assignments will be posted that morning on
This is required homework since it is
considered a school day. Your child will have 5
school days to complete it. If your child needs a
school computer let me know.

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