The difference between research idea and research question is that
research idea is the area where you want your research to focus on
while research question is the statement that identifies your research
4. There are many approaches to doing your research. One of them is the
quantitative research where it involves collecting and converting into a
form wherein you can draw a conclusion from it. Another approach is
called the qualitative research. This approach involves recording,
analysing and attempting to uncover the deeper meaning and
significance of human behaviour and experience, including
contradictory beliefs, behaviours and emotions.
6. The conceptual frameworks of the thesis I found generally forms the
basis of their thesis. It directly talks about what the research would be
7. Research methodologies is the type of research you will like to
undertake when undertaking your research. The thesis undertook a
data collection method and put it into a program that will analyse it
and give them a conclusive answer. It was an easy type of
methodology and can be done in different types of research that needs
factual data.
8. The thesis used the survey research. It was used mainly because the
population of the subject was large.
9. The researcher conducted the research in the population that can used
the product in the future.
A sample population was used and it is called random sampling.
It is described fairly well and allowed the reader to critically
evaluate the method used.
The research used both the qualitative and quantitative data
collection methods.

3. A researcher can be a reflexive practitioner when they are willing to reflect and openly discuss their research project. Validity. 5. sound. Every researcher must show their own abilities when doing the research.1. Plagiarism. This is because the research study must not be copied on someone else’s and also be transparent in how you carry out the research project. Transparency. Do no harm. meaningful. This is an important ethical issue as it addresses the overall competency of the researcher. and is useful the research is. Another important part of the ethical issues. Integrity. This is evident in every aspect of the research. 4. and their relation to their engagement with participants in the field. you must be truthful in your research and never copy someone else’s work. you must not harm any participants and think about their general safeness. Ethical reflection is the time where the researcher thinks critically about the standard of their research. Researchers should always be transparent in that they will provide all the information necessary regarding what they have done during carrying out the research proper. truthful. As a researcher. Plagiarism and Transparency are what I think are the two ethical concerns in each step of the research process. Power. The researcher must provide a valid research that is logical. 2. Ethics is the moral values that governs a person or group’s behavior. their code of conduct and behavior as a researcher. robust. . In carrying out your research. This is an ethical issue that you should follow.

This idea will help you develop a raw theory. you first need to have an idea. constructivism. The three philosophical frameworks used in social research are positivism. Theory is a set of ideas intended to explain facts or events and concepts are ideas. We cannot explain facts or events without any idea about it that is why concepts are the building blocks of theory. and interpretivism. 5. A research without a theoretical base is limited because it does not have a particular body of knowledge. 10. Knowing what has already been done regarding your theory is a good start and will help you stay away from that course. Quantitative data are data that are numeric. Social constructionism is a theory of knowledge in sociology and communication theory that examines the development of jointly constructed understandings of the world that form the basis for shared assumptions about reality. The next step is to research about this raw theory. To develop a theory. Numerical coding of qualitative data can be inappropriate because the data loses its richness. 7. The philosophical framework in regards to social research is the worldview within which the research is situated and which can be seen in every step of the research process. Qualitative data can be coded numerically if you have a small number of quality responses. 4. and complexity. 8. It is necessary to engage with the literature before making final decisions regarding the focus of the research project to be able to . Positivism means that every rationally justifiable assertion can be scientifically proven. depth. Interpretivism opposes positivism in which it believes that the social realm cannot be subjected to the same methods of investigation as the natural world.1. 3. Having a small sample gives the advantage to assign a number to each one. 2. 9. The findings of the research are only limited on the context in which it was researched and can only contribute in that particular area. 6. Qualitative data are non-numeric data that came from individual responses that are too complex and cannot be represented quantitatively.

.know what has already been done and to be able to focus on a different track of the same research.