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Sebastian Aarnes

Evolution of own work
What aspects are I’m pleased with, why?
What could be improved? Why
How does it am represent a social group (us) why?

I am very pleased of the outcome, especially with the thought of my first
front cover, which was a terrible mess.
The front image was just not very good, and overall unstructured. I
managed to make a new one in the last second, which turned out better
than expected. I like the colours of the front because it’s just relaxing to
look at (I think so at least), and matches the image, and the tiger on the
models jacket. I’m mostly pleased about the masthead, which I think gives
a clear impression about this being a college magazine that aims at every
individual (you the youth). I guess the whole front could have stood out a
bit clearer, with stronger use of colours or larger text, at least in the
contents page. In the content page, I’ve only used dark colours, when I
should have used bright ones. All of the four images is quite boring to look
at, which I also could have improved. Content images is suppose to
interest the reader by letting that person connect the image with the
content, without really thinking too much about it, and this requires
quality images.