Bicycle Maintenance Manual

Copyright © 2012, World Bicycle Relief

PAGE 1 Schrader Dunlop Presta Hub Shell Components . 15-02-12 . World Bicycle Relief Rev.Frame Fork Top Tube Steerer Tube Seat Stay Head Tube Seat Tube Fork Leg Rear Dropout Down Tube Saddle Handlebar Chainstay Bottom Bracket Shell Tire Fork Dropout Stem Saddle Rails Seatpost Carrier Lamp Bracket Frame Tread Headset Fork Mudguard Spoke Spoke Head Spoke Sidewall Casing Bead Rim Tire Rim Strip (Inside) Tube (Inside) Washer Chainguard Chain Chain Adjuster Bottom Bracket Nipple Crankset Pedal Valve Stem Stand Mudguard Stay Rear Hub Front Hub Valve Types Hub Hub Flange Copyright © 2012.

World Bicycle Relief Rev.Tire Lever Hacksaw Blade Cutting Tool Patching Glue 1 2 Remove tube 4 3 Hold underwater to locate hole Cut patch from old tube 5 6 3 min Scratch patch area with hacksaw blade or sandpaper Copyright © 2012.PAGE 3 Add patching glue to tube and patch Press patch down hard on tube Tube Repair . 15-02-12 .

15-02-12 .PAGE 4 L E K J Bottom Bracket .10mm spanner K H 15mm spanner J 26mm spanner 36mm spanner Lockring spanner M Hammer C Cotter Anvil I B F GREASE C D A Frame A G I B BB Spindle C BB Bearings (2) D H Right Crank Arm and Chainring I Cotter Pins (2) J Cotter Pin Washers (2) K Cotter Pin Nuts (2) Adjustable Cup E Lockring F Fixed Cup L Left Pedal G Left Crank Arm M Right Pedal Copyright © 2012. World Bicycle Relief Rev.

PAGE 5 Headset . 15-02-12 .13mm spanner A Frame B Fork J K 30mm spanner H GREASE M C Headset Bearing (2) D Upper Headset Race E Lamp Bracket I L N F Headset Spacer G Lock Nut H Expander Bolt G A I Washer F J Handlebars K Handlebar Grips (2) L Stem E M Stem Bolt N Expander Wedge B D C C Copyright © 2012. World Bicycle Relief Rev.

World Bicycle Relief Rev. 15-02-12 .PAGE 6 B Chain .Pliers A GREASE D A B A Master Link B Master Link Side Plate C Retaining Clip D Chain C C D Copyright © 2012.

World Bicycle Relief Rev. 15-02-12 .15mm spanner 17mm spanner H 15mm cone spanner E D G C F B A Axle B Hub Shell C Bearing (2) D Cone E Locknut GREASE A C H G F Axle Washers (2) G Axle Nuts (2) Copyright © 2012.PAGE 7 H Fork F Front Hub .

PAGE 8 T U V S F B A Y W X GREASE KT Rear Hub . 15-02-12 .10mm Spanner D E C A B F G H J I L K 15mm Spanner M 17mm Spanner Screwdriver 15mm cone spanner N R O P K Q A Axle Nut (2) J Hub Driver B Axle Washers (2) K Large Bearings (2) S Brake Cone C Snap Ring L Hub Shell T Left Dust Cover D Cog M Axle U Brake Arm E Right Dust Cover N Clutch Cone V Washer F Lock Nuts (2) O Clutch Washer W Bolt G Bearing Shield P Clutch Spring X Brake Arm Clip H Cone Q Spring Holder Y Nut I Small Bearing R Brake Shoes Copyright © 2012. World Bicycle Relief Rev.

World Bicycle Relief Rev.1 # of crossings Hub holes 2 A 4x 10 3x 8 2x 6 1x 4 B D A 7 8 A C 6 5 4 3 2 B 1 B -or3 A C E A F intertwine intertwine H G G F H E A B C A B Copyright © 2012. 15-02-12 .PAGE 9 Wheel Lacing .

Spoke Wrench Truing Rounding Dishing - + + + - - + Rim Off Center + Tighten Copyright © 2012. 15-02-12 . World Bicycle Relief Rev.PAGE 10 = = Correctly Dished + - Rim Off Center Loosen Wheel Alignment .

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