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Elementary School

October 10-14, 2016

Week at a Glance
*SS: Growth Mindset and Election Process
*Science: Plants
*Group A: Letters/Sounds
*Group B: Making connections, Beginning
*Group C: Making connections, Vowels
*Group D: Making connections, Word families
*Group E: Problem/Solution in a story,
Long/Short vowels
*Orange Group: Comparing 3-digit numbers;
Adding Doubles + 2
*Yellow Group: Comparing 3-digit numbers;
Adding Doubles + 2
*Red Group: Strategies for subtraction
*Blue Group: Counting sets to 20

Important Information
Weekly Folders:
Box Tops:
We will be collecting Box Tops Oct. 3-14. Please be sure to sign the
Go ahead and start saving them so you sheet at the back of the
can send them in during our collection weekly folder. In addition,
you might choose to go
time. Thanks for your support!
over the papers with your
child and any questions
they may have missed.

**ELA Groups B-E should complete 3
spelling activities by Friday. You may
choose the nights on which to complete
spelling homework as long as three
activities are completed by Friday. ELA
Group A should complete 3 letter
activities by Friday.
Monday: Math Sheet; Reading Log
Tuesday: Math Sheet; Reading Log
Wednesday: Math Sheet; Reading Log
Thursday: Math Sheet; Reading Log

Dates to Remember
Monday, Oct. 10
Art Club
Wednesday, Oct. 12
End of 1st Nine Weeks
3rd Graders on Field Trip
Thursday, Oct. 13
Fall Pictures
Friday, Oct. 14
Maintenance Appreciation Luncheon
Farmer’s Day—Dress like a farmer
Report Cards Issued
Friday, Oct. 20
Fall Festival 4:00PM

DOJO Champion of the Week

Elijah Pranivong