Book Review

Title – Words of advice for
President’s critics
The article is trying to advice the President’s critics to never go
on the president’s way of stopping, or fighting illegal drugs. The
article stated how the issue of Martial Law arises 6 days ago
between President Rodrigo R. Duterte and Chief Justice Lourdes
sereno. The column also elaborated how the drug trafficking
faced by the present administration to end. And the message tells
that the nation should understand the President’s words “under
the context that the President’s anti- drug campaign cannot wait
for the slow wheels of justice Philippine style”. But the author
never stated or elaborated what Martial Law is all about, it’s
advantage and disadvantage to the Filipino people and to the
nation and how this law is being implemented. I wish the article
give the reader an awareness of the said law. The knowledge
regarding this will help the reader where to stand in this issue
and if they are going to agree or not in the President’s position to
this kind of power He possessed.
Regarding the issue of Martial Law. In my opinion, perhaps put of
by the letter of chief justice, which he saw as Six days ago,
President Duterte warned Chief Justice Sereno to get out of his
way regarding illegal drugs criticism of his war on drugs and that
is the time when the president asked if she would like him to
declare martial law. I’m on the side of the president in terms of
stopping illegal drugs that obviously ruined the life of someone
who uses illegal drugs and also a sympathy to their victims.
Filipinos are killed even the babies are not safe because of illegal
drugs and at this point under the new administration the crime
rate is continuing in reaching the lower level of 40 percent. And I
commend to the new government to that. But for the president to
declare another martial law after 35 years of being free from that

law is not a joke. Because martial law means military discipline,
arresting individual without warrant, curfew hours, banning a
group assemblies, closure of media – meaning rights could be
abused and authorities can be abusive. But unlike before, martial
law can be declare of the commander in chief when the public
safety requires it. The Philippine Constitution of 1987, specifies
that a state of martial law cannot override the function of both
the judiciary and legislative branches of the government and
declaring a martial law has a new process according to phil.
Constitution that says that the declaration should be affirmed by
the congress and via vote and even will review by the supreme