Armour Rules

1. Armour like Luck (Space Assassin)
Armour is rolled like a luck roll after a character takes damage. The player rolls 2d6 and
adds the damage dealt—if the total is equal to or under the Armour Value, the armour
absorbs the blow and no damage is dealt. If the total is higher, the weapon breaks through
the armour and deals full damage. In either case, reduce the Armour Value by one. If
Armour Value is reduced to 0 or less, the armour is damaged beyond repair. Otherwise,
the armour can be restored to its full Armour Value by bringing it to an armourer or
blacksmith after the adventure ends.
Leather Cuirass 5
Leather Hauberk 6
Chain Cuirass 7
Chain Hauberk 8
Breastplate 9
Full Plate Armour 11
Small Shield +1
Large Shield +2
1a. Alternatively, the weapon deals damage equal to the amount by which the total
exceeds the armour roll, up to a maximum of whatever damage the attacker rolled.
2. Armour Increases Miss Chance
Normally, when both combatants roll the same amount on a skill roll, both are said to
have missed. Armour increases the likelihood of your opponent “missing” by increasing
the amount by which an opponent has to beat your roll in order to do damage. For
example, a leather cuirass has an armour value of +1, which means that an enemy has to
beat your Skill roll by more than 1 in order to avoid a “miss” and deal damage.
Leather Cuirass +1
Leather Hauberk +2
Chain Cuirass +3
Chain Hauberk +4
Breastplate +5
Full Plate Armour +6
3. Armour Assumed by Default (Scorpion Swamp)
Characters are assumed to be wearing leather armour by default. A character not wearing
armour receives -2 on combat based skill checks. Better armour provides a bonus to these
skill checks.

then the roll counts as a 5 and the attacker consults the 5 on his weapon’s damage table. If a character uses their shield. they may use their shield again if they wish. they cannot deal damage next round—a successful attack roll simply counts as a miss for both. the attack does no damage. Armour Deducts from the Damage Roll (Sim’s Idea) Armour deducts from the damage roll of the attacker. if an attacker rolled a 6 for damage. . A small shield absorbs half damage (rounding up) while a large shield absorbs all damage. Leather Hauberk -1 Chain Hauberk -2 Breastplate -3 Full Plate Armour -4 Shield as Skill Roll (The Warlock of Firetop Mountain) If a character is hit during combat. For example. the shield absorbs the blow.No Armour -2 Leather Cuirass +0 Leather Hauberk +1 Chain Cuirass +2 Chain Hauberk +3 Breastplate +4 Full Plate Armour +5 Small Shield +1 Large Shield +2 4. If armour reduces the damage roll result to less than 1. and the defender was wearing leather armour. However. they may attempt to block it with their shield by making a second skill roll. If the total is equal to or exceeds that of their opponent.