Fabián Alvarado

Religion and how to thing about democracy.
Are we living in one society in which the government and the religion are separated spheres or
our lives? What roll should plays the religion in the western democratic states of today? The strict
separation between the state and the church are a constant in the currently western societies;
nevertheless it doesn’t implied the beliefs and the religious institutions have been removed or his
importance in the everyday life faded. It doesn’t also implies that there should be a campaign to reject
and impose the secularism as a policy of state, to the contrary the religion is the opportunity to create
spaces of freedom and to understand that the debate and the respect the different ways of live should be
the cornerstone from western democracies, lets me clarify that using the Christian holidays as an
Holidays, from the Durkheim’s sociology perspective are rituals, sacred events that shaped the
life among the years and more important, integrate the different parts of the society allowing his
members shake out the weight of the daily life while it reinforces the collective symbols. Nevertheless
the western national societies are homogeneous or are going to the homogeneity, far from it the global
and local social movements through the Western have claimed for the recognition of plural societies.
Then, we have to ask ourselves whether these religious holidays as Christmas should take part in the
secular government, which implies spend the government resources and impose the Christian
celebrations over all the citizens.
To tell the truth, there a not an economic argument to reject the holidays, or any other belief.
Christmas are one explosion of consume and the government spending could be consider minimal or just

as the religion. We could ask ourselves whether a Christmas tree more relevant that a Hanukkah or if all kind of religious holidays should be delated. The secularization of the state is more than the division between state and religion. What matters is that the democracy is always the place of discussion and always involves the reconstruction of collective symbols. are performed in different ways by different social actors: even when the Jewish or other social groups does not share all the Christian holidays they can use it and take some rest for their daily activities. which disguises of defense of the freedom.another promotion to the growth of one economy. it’s the opportunity to recognize the plurality and to search new spaces of freedom. we cannot just choose and impose the social recognitions. the economies of the western-democratic societies. . even when the consensus could not be total. I don’t mean that we should keep still. promote exclusion or impose only one form of life. and his influence in the political camp. even have pushed up. We should search new forms of participation in the whole society. And the conflicts in the Middle East are far away to damage. and we should not move through narratives of hell and exclusion. Unquestionably the answer is not. Then. The holidays. the real discussion have to be attached to the symbols that one society choose.