Minutes of Serra Club Meeting

Thursday, Septrmber 8, 2016

Members present: Kathleen O’Brien, Leon Gentrup & Beth Gentrup, Nancy Rice, Pat & Jerry Schmit, Rod
Wiebelhaus, Dave Lux, Kristi Steffen, Paul & Sue Weeder and Father Ross
Guests : No Guests
The meeting was opened by Sue Weeder. The meeting began with Serra Vocation Prayer
Programs​: A short program on Saint Theresa of Calcutta was given by Dave Lux. Dave read Father Peter
Michael’s encounter not with her personally but with her Sisters of her Order. He talked about the Mother
Theresa who helped me love.
Secretary: The minutes of the previous meeting were read & approved and can be found on the website.
Treasurer​ Kathleen O’Brien shared
Treasurer’s Report for May:
Opening balance $7,142.14
Income: none
Serra Dues paid out - none
New Members - none
Final balance $7,142.14
Kathleen reported that dues for this coming year can now be paid and please share with her any changes such
as email, phone or address with her.
Reports of vice presidents:
Communication:​ Kathy Steffensmeier, not present.
Vocations:​ Chasubles - Linda took 15 with her to the Serra Conference she attended in Indianapolis
Membership:​ 33 paid members .
Programs:​ Dave Lux talked about Saint Thersea of Calcutta
Old Business:
October - Priesthood Sunday: ​Norfolk in the past has done a coffee and rolls, prayer intentions at Mass and
a card shower by parishioners. It was suggested to checkout the Serra website for other ways to celebrate
Priest Appreciation Supper: Father Jeff Lorig will be our speaker this year. Nancy R. talked to Brad and said
he would have Gail call her to make sure things are still the same. Mary L will take care of publicity and the
paper products. Gentrup’s will take the RSVP’s for the supper. The KC Hall is reserved for the night
​New Business:
​Program for October: ​will be Cindy Wiebelhaus and another couple who will be talking about Catholic
Heartwork Camp in Knoxville, Tenn. They chaperone 30 students for this camp.
Chaplain’s comments​: Fr. Ross talked about Father Grocelles book called “The Friar's Table by John Collins.
This book detailed his encounters with Mother Theresa. “God through his humility choses to work through
Next Meeting​: ​ October 13, 2016
Respectfully submitted,
Beth Gentrup
Food Schedule:
November 10th:​ Priest Appreciation Dinner
December:​ Social Gathering