Character Name: Lorayne Thornhallow Player Name________________________________________ Home World: Veneris (Imperial World) Career Path: Arch-militant

Rank: 1 Motivation: Vengeance Quote:“The taste of both war and revenge is sweet upon my tongue. I hunger for more.” Description: Lorayne Thornhallow has been many things: mercenary, bounty hunter, and now bodyguard to Rogue Trader Sarvus Trask. Lorayne had a normal life on the Shrine World of Veneris until her seventeenth year. A merchant’s greed ruined her family’s fortune and drove her brother to suicide. Consumed by anger and despair, Lorayne left her home world and wandered, learning the ways of war as a soldier for hire and then as a bounty hunter, until she finally tracked down her prey and made the merchant pay dearly for his ill-gotten gains. Sarvus Trask then took her on as a bodyguard, and she has stayed with him since.

Weapon Skill WS Ballistic Skill BS Strength Str Toughness T Agility Ag Intelligence Int Perception Per Will Power WP Fellowship Fel



4 5

3 3

4 1

4 3

4 3

3 7

3 5

4 3
+10% +20%

Awareness (Per) Common Lore (Int)† Imperium War Dodge (Ag) Intimidate (S) Medicae (Int) Scholastic Lore (Int)† Tactica Imperialis Search (Per)

⌧ ⌧ ⌧ ⌧ ⌧ ⌧ ⌧ ⌧ ⌧ ⌧ ⌧ ⌧ ⌧

⌧ ⌧ ⌧ ⌧

Micro-bead, void-breather, bolt shell keepsake, medikit, manacles, data-slate full of wanted bounties, 2 clips of bolt ammo.

Special Ability: Lorayne possesses the Weapon Master special ability. With any Basic-class weapon (such as her Locke-pattern Boltgun), she gains a +10% bonus to hit, +2 to Damage (already added in), and +2 initiative. Tearing: Thornhallow’s Locke-pattern boltgun fires volleys of armour penetrating rounds that explode upon impact. When rolling for Damage, make two rolls and choose the highest result. Combat Formation: Lorayne can direct her comrades to be prepared for danger. Before rolling initiative, any group involving Lorayne can choose to use her Intelligence Bonus (4) for all initiative rolls rather than their individual Agility bonuses. Remember that Lorayne (and only Lorayne!) gains a +2 bonus to her initiative when using her boltgun in combat.

The three most important things to know about playing Lorayne are: • You are a master of ranged combat and excel at shooting with your chosen weapon, a Locke-patten boltgun. • You have the Medicae Skill and possess some talent and sewing up wounds. • You live for the thrill of the hunt and enjoy the hot-blooded rush of battle.

Enforcer Light Carapace Armour Points: 5

Total: 15 Current_______________ Fatigue_______________

Name: Locke-pattern Boltgun Class: Basic Damage: 1d10+7 Pen: 4 Range: 90m ROF: S/2/4 Clip: 24 Reload: Full Special Rules: Tearing

Half Action: 4m Full Action: 8m Charge: 12m Run: 24m

Total: 3 Current_______________


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