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Otherwise known as DIY laundry detergent, this stuff is
going to save me big money!!
If you are anything like me, I always ignore the measurements
when I am pouring laundry soap in the washer.
I end up always throwing extra in, just to make sure all
my clothes are extra clean & smelling great.

Hi, I’m Liz Marie

That’s all good until you are buying laundry soap twice
a month for just a two person household.. eeek!
I needed to make a change.
While browsing the internet I found a plethora of different
DIY laundry soaps & decided to use bits & pieces from
each one to make my own DIY laundry soap…



Want to make your own DIY laundry soap?
Here is how I did it…


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You can use other bar soap besides the fels-naptha {any bar} which will also change the scent exd… www. but leaves clothes scent free & fresh.lizmarieblog. 4. Place into container of your choice {I used a 4 gallon glass jar from Walmart} Facebook -I use about 2-3 table spoons per load { you can use less with this stuff!} -smells great during the wash.lizmarieblog. Mix all other ingredients into the bucket. . three bars of Fels-Naptha soap {Found in Laundry Isle} 3.5/27/13 DIY laundry Soap . Optional: Laundry softener for a bolder scent Read more » All Things Beauty » Favorite Things Friday » Giveaway » Holiday » How to Re-Do Furniture » Linky Party » LizMarieBlog » Popular Posts » DIY » Furniture Re-Do » Guest Post » House Tour » Interior Design » Liz Marie » organization » What I Wore Search SEARCH THIS WEBSITE… SEARCH Follow on Instagram This laundry soap is so easy to make! {Makes 4 gallons} 1. One four pound twelve ounce box of Borax {Found in Laundry Isle} 2.Great for sensitive skin & HE washers -I used chalk paint on the jar to label the laundry soap. four pounds of Oxy Clean {one small/one large container/laundry isle} 6. one box of arm & hammer super washing soda {laundry Isle} 5. I simply taped off a square and painted it on. Grate the fels-naptha bars into a bowl 2. dump fels-naptha into a large container {I used a 5 gallon pale} 3. one four pound box of arm & hammer baking soda {Laundry Isle} 4. simple. .com/2012/05/diy-laundry-soap/ 2/18 .com Date Night Using Almay Products! Enter for a Chance to Win $100! Follow along Join the email list Ingrediants: SUBSCRIBE EMAIL ADDRESS 1.

com Liz Marie Blog Like 8. the proud. can you believe this will last me a year? What do you think of DIY laundry soap? Have you made your own before? Share your thoughts. Products www.lizmarieblog. Sponsors I have used this soap now for a week. the marines!! Remember what Memorial day is all about.5/27/13 DIY laundry Soap . questions & more in the comments below or on the facebo o k page {here}! As seen on I hope you are all having a great Memorial day weekend! I am lucky to be spending it with my husband who is one of the few.com/2012/05/diy-laundry-soap/ 3/18 . Want to know the total cost for my laundry soap? $13. recipes.lizmarieblog.855 people like Liz Marie Blog. & have fallen in love with it. I really think this one batch will last me for a year. remember those who have served our country & defended our freedom.

i use this too! by far its the best recipe that i’ve found.i love it! www.5/27/13 DIY laundry Soap .com/2012/05/diy-laundry-soap/ 4/18 .com Popular Posts You can see our laundry room {here} YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE Ho w to Exercise Yo ur Brain to Make It Stro ng New Tech Lets Yo u Start Speaking a Language in 10 D ays Vintage Fan Makeo ver Ho w New iPad s are Selling fo r Und er $40 Inspire Me Linky Party #12 Rare D isco very Co uld Extend Yo ur Life by 30 Years Hate this Ho usewife? Yo u'll lo ve her skin secret! Master Bedroom Reveal How To Clean Makeup Brushes DIY boxwood Wreath DIY Palette Headboard DIY Rustic TV Console DIY Laundry Soap DIY Mason Jar Storage DIY Moss Topiaries How To Strip Painted Furniture DIY Antique WIndow Headboard Ho w Penny Sto cks Create Millio naires Every D ay ? FILED UNDER: DIY.lizmarieblog.lizmarieblog. LIZMARIEBLOG // Share this: Comments Ashley says: May 26. 20 12 at 4 :10 pm liz..

com/" title="Liz Marie Blog" Liz Marie says: target="_blank"><img May 27 .lizmarieblog.. Are the clothes noticably cleaner? Or is it just the cost that is different? Thanks. Does this leave a residue on washer tub and clothes like bar soap in tub would?You mention any bar soap.com/wp- It does desolve in warm or cold water.lizmarieblog.lizmarieblog. 20 12 at 5 :4 0 pm src="http://www.com Reply Liz Marie says: May 27 . works excellent as well! Which sounds crazy to me. <div align="center"><a Reply href="http://www. www. 20 13 at 9:4 3 pm I’ve been making similar for several years now and I have no complaints. Reply Mischelle says: De c e m b e r 30 .png" alt="Liz Marie Blog" style="border:none. A couple of questions tho. like what ? Dial? Ivory? I know Fels Naptha is or was excellent for washing clothing." /></a></div> have heard people say dove. & yes. 1. great question! I have not noticed any kind of film or residue in the washer or on the clothes at all. I content/uploads/2013/01/GrabButtonLiz. No wonder I had terrible problems with soap scum when I use it.com/2012/05/diy-laundry-soap/ 5/18 .5/27/13 DIY laundry Soap . We stopped using bar soap years ago because there was always a scum left. I do use ivory soap but I do mine in my food processor and it really makes it a fine powder. Hope this helps.com Liz Marie Etsy Shop Bernice says: May 26. dial. 20 12 at 11:4 5 pm I wouldn’t use Ivory bar as I found out recently that is mostly made of a wax that has been whipped with one ingredient added to make the suds. 20 12 at 4 :4 6 pm This sounds really interesting. My husband plays baseball and it has worked great on getting all the stains out. Reply Toni Rasmussen says: August 29. 20 12 at 5 :38 pm Awesome! I am so glad to hear other people have tried & love it as well! I am hoping I love it forever DIY Floor Length Curtains Urbane Bronze Nightstands Reply InLinkz. 3. no problem with residue or film in my machine. but they say it works great. 20 12 at 11:5 0 pm After using it for a while it does seem to leave a small amount of residue. We will use 1 cup of vinegar through the washer ever couple of months and it seems to remove the residue just fine. so we use liquid soap in tub and shower. I was waxing my shower stall! Reply pam says: Januar y 3..lizmarieblog. Does it dissolve in cold and/ or warm water? No items to display Grab the code 2. exd.

20 12 at 5 :4 1 pm Yes. but have heard it Legal Tricks to Fixing Your Credit Score works great & is just fine for them. My youngest daughter has eczema as well and that was one question I had!!! This will be much cheaper then buying the All free and Clear! Reply shelli says: Januar y 2. Reply Liz Marie says: May 27 . 20 12 at 9:0 1 pm rock on! I’ve seen tons of recipes for the liquid kind. I do not have them. 20 12 at 5 :4 1 pm Great to hear! I wouldn’t mind trying the liquid form someday as well! & that’s awesome that it’s great for his eczema! Reply Misty Bragg says: Oc tob e r 30 .com/2012/05/diy-laundry-soap/ 6/18 . 20 13 at 2:11 pm www. Washes our clothes great.com How to Exercise Your Brain to Make It Strong Kcherry says: How Penny Stocks Create Millionaires Every Day May 26. 20 12 at 11:30 pm I make my own also! I make the liquid kind though.lizmarieblog.lizmarieblog. 20 12 at 9:5 5 am Thanks for this post. 20 12 at 5 :4 2 pm Can you use this in an HE machine? Reply How to Get Freakishly Long Eyelashes in 7 Days Liz Marie says: May 27 . and it helps with my son’s eczema. Reply What a Real Housewife of NYC Uses for Great Skin Natalie Brimhall says: Best Used Cars Under $15. it works great for HE machines. it has all the same ingredients. but not for the powder stuff. This is perfect! I’m so going to do this! Thanks for sharing! ? Nat from NatSprat Reply Liz Marie says: May 27 . 20 12 at 5 :4 2 pm You are so very welcome!! I’m glad this helped you Have fun making yours & using it Reply Liz Lusco mb says: May 26.5/27/13 DIY laundry Soap .000 May 26.

. can you explain how you do the vinegar for the rinse? Reply Jessie Adams says: May 8 . So Chick! says: May 27 . Reply Lo s J o hnso ns says: May 27 . 20 13 at 9:0 0 am I also use vinegar as my fabric softener. 20 12 at 8 :27 pm once again.5/27/13 DIY laundry Soap .lizmarieblog. just add the vinegar during the rinse cycle. Then add the borax and washing soda and 18 cups of water.com how do you make the liguid kind? just mix all the same ingredients together and heat on the stove till all melted ? Reply Allison says: Januar y 7 . too. I will have to inform my readers of this. In an HE machine there is a fabric softener dispenser and you just pour the vinegar in there like you would regular softener.com/2012/05/diy-laundry-soap/ 7/18 . I JUST made a batch of this and am going to try it out. 20 12 at 12:5 4 pm I process mine in batches in the food processor to get the fels-naphtha into a fine grain.lizmarieblog. thanks again! & I heart it too Reply J ill says: July 19. 20 12 at 9:38 am I always wash with the cold cycle in my front load. Stir to dissolve. Also. I have noticed that using more than one and a half tablespoons will leave a redidue in our new he front loader. Do you know if this works on cold? Also. I heart this detergent!! Reply Liz Marie says: May 27 .. Thanks for the idea! I am going to share this on our blog! Reply www. so I add white distilled vinegar as the fabric softener. She said you melt the shredded soap in 6 cups of water on low heat. Melissa. 20 12 at 5 :4 3 pm Great tips!!! Thank you so much for sharing. If you don’t have an HE machine or a machine with a fabric softener dispenser. you inspired me. 20 13 at 11:35 am I have a friend that only uses liquid.

and they attempted to put it in the dispenser. that didn’t turn out so well. 20 12 at 6:10 pm I hadn’t seen a recipe with OxyClean in it. Thanks for sharing! Reply Caro ln says: May 31. want to try this. works great! Reply J anet says: May 28 . 20 12 at 4 :0 0 pm For what size load do you use the 2-3 tablespoons. please salute your hubs for me! Reply kayla says: May 29. Do you know if it’s septic tank safe? I hope so. So she just puts it in with the laundry. 20 12 at 6:5 3 pm This looks amazing. Hope you have a wonderful Memorial.lizmarieblog. 20 12 at 11:0 7 pm i never use 2-3 tablespoons on any load… Reply Heidi says: May 29. 20 12 at 9:4 2 pm I made my own liquid using some of the same ingredients and really like it! Reply Samara says: May 28 . Sounds good. 20 12 at 10 :5 0 am So for a front load washer.com D aphne says: May 27 .lizmarieblog. just want to make sure that I’m using enough! And I love the soap jar! Thanks! Reply Ashley says: June 4 .5/27/13 DIY laundry Soap . do you just put the detergent in with the laundry or do you put it in the little detergent despenser? Reply D anielle D uncan says: May 31. 20 12 at 7 :5 1 pm Some of my family uses this recipe.com/2012/05/diy-laundry-soap/ 8/18 . 20 12 at 10 :28 pm I’ve been using this exact recipe for a couple months now and love it! Reply www.

5/27/13 DIY laundry Soap . Thanks for the quantity recipe. I think my whites are whiter and it do not notice any more fading than usual. I never wash in cold water though. I’m going to pin your recipe. I will have to pick up the rest of the ingredients my next shopping trip! P. it’s a fraction of the cost and works just as well as oxiclean) and baking soda. 20 12 at 6:36 pm Thanks so much for this tutorial. I have an HE and just add it to the powdered detergent dispenser and add vinegar to the rinse dispenser. 20 12 at 2:37 pm I made the liquid version of laundry detergent a couple of weeks ago and love it.S.com/2012/05/diy-laundry-soap/ 9/18 . I have been using It for about 1 month haven’t noticed any after effects. I also use white vinegar in the fabric softener dispenser and my clothes have never been softer. if you would prefer that I not. 20 12 at 9:38 pm I hadn’t used it with the Oxi so I’ll start adding that. Reply Michelle M says: June 4 . I am sure this homemade laundry detergent is so much better than the kind you buy out in the store! Reply JCook says: June 1. always hot or warm. oxygen cleaner (I use SUN brand. 20 12 at 10 :5 6 am Thank you SO much for sharing this recipe! I have the borax. 20 12 at 9:0 7 pm I have a lot of delicates and dark blouses for work do you think that fading will be an issue with this? Reply Cathi T says: June 7 . let me know and I will take it down Reply Andie says: June 4 .lizmarieblog.lizmarieblog. 20 13 at 8 :17 pm How much of white vinegar do you use as a softener? Thank you Reply www. Good to know how much of all this together makes the right recipe. My recipe just mixed a few cups.com Sarah@bud getfriend lyd eco rating says: June 1. Just found your blog…I will be back Reply Pats says: June 8 . Reply Gabi says: Januar y 18 . 20 12 at 11:0 6 pm I love It.

but I want to see something that looks like it’s cleaning when I open my washer.michellestastycreations. at my Creative Thursday Link Party (open through Monday each week) at http://www. This mixture can produce toxic fumes not safe for your family. 20 12 at 9:4 2 am Great recipe. but it sure does smell good when it’s washing. and any other posts. I might just have to give this one a try. This one seems like it might have at least a few suds since it has so much Oxy Clean. Let me know your thoughts on that. but for a house of 4. Have a wonderful weekend. It doesn’t really stay on the fabric because I use vinegar in the rinse. It’s also cheaper than oxiclean and it works great so far.blogspot.5/27/13 DIY laundry Soap . I found your blog through Somewhat Simple blog party and I would love to invite you to share this. Reply Lauren says: June 9. I’d love it if you’d stop by and share at Off the Hook! Reply Michelle says: June 10 . I so want to try your recipe I’m wondering if it has ever caused a problem with the lines from your home (maybe dumb question) but I’ll ask it anyway. Your comments make it look very promising! Reply Charlotte Knox says: June 11.com. 20 12 at 10 :29 am I had heard there was some problems with mixing OxiClean and bleach so I substituted the OxiClean with powder Clorox 2 (I buy it from the Dollar General store in my area $2.com Pats says: June 8 . 20 12 at 1:19 am This is amazing! I would love to make my own laundry soap. we should be saving a bunch of money Reply www. Michelle Reply Shirley says: June 10 . I’ve yet to try it because you cannot/should not mix bleach with Oxiclean. Reply CreekGal82 says: Se pte m b e r 6. 20 12 at 9:0 4 pm I’ve used my own laundry soap before. 20 12 at 9:39 pm What I forgot to add to my comment was that I add essential oils to my mix.lizmarieblog. but I found that the recipe I used didn’t have ANY suds. I’ve just been using for a week. I don’t mind just a few.com/2012/05/diy-laundry-soap/ 10/18 .50 for a box just over 2lbs) I didn’t reasearch it but I thought Clorox might not react with Clorox (2). 20 12 at 6:35 pm Great I’ve been wanting to try this sounds like a winner! You know how they tell you when you purchase a new washer its best to use a liquid? Well.lizmarieblog.

*fingers crossed* I used about a cup of scent crystals to the whole batch. Thanks so much for sharing at Mom On Timeout! Reply Pamela says: June 19. Love your blog .Mo m On Timeo ut says: June 12. 20 12 at 8 :11 pm So cool!! Hope you can link this up at my new linky party Trendy Tuesday!! http://www.sweetlittlegals. and God knows what else. Thanks so much for sharing. I was never satisfied with the results (especially for what they are asking me to pay a week). from Gain to Tide. 20 12 at 11:5 1 am Just finished making mine and I did my first wash ! I hate spending money cleaning products. to punch up the scent a little.com/2012/05/diy-laundry-soap/ 11/18 .lizmarieblog. 20 12 at 11:16 pm I’ve been seeing this idea on Pinterest for ages! After marching from one side of the detergent aisle to the other. Can you use this in an HE washing machine? Thank you Blessings Kristen King Reply Harmony says: July 15 .com/2012/06/trendy-tuesday-4.lizmarieblog. when I could use the money to buy myself something I actually used the grate attachment on my food processors to grate the soap and it took less than a minute to do ! Thank you…. I just made a batch of this. 20 12 at 10 :11 am I’m definitely going to try this! Thanks for sharing! Reply Trish . I love your blogs !! Reply Tricia says: June 19. 20 12 at 1:4 9 pm Thanks so much for recipe. 20 12 at 3:5 2 pm Liz.com Sara says: June 11. I have been wanting to try and glad it works on the HE machines. I’ll try to remember to get back with my results. 20 12 at 1:5 2 pm Pinning this! I really need to try to make my own.5/27/13 DIY laundry Soap .html Reply Linda says: June 12. Vinegar as a softener? What kind? www. Reply kristen King says: June 19.

com Reply Lori says: July 21.lizmarieblog. I was just wondering if all of these ingredients could be found at Wal-Mart? Thanks again for posting this . 20 12 at 12:5 1 pm so excited to try this!! Also. and yours has the best reviews! Im going to get supplies tomorrow and make a batch Thanks so much! www. Can’t wait to try both the dishwasher and laundry soap.48 at Walmart instead of $13.lizmarieblog.5/27/13 DIY laundry Soap . Reply Rebekah says: August 14 . 20 12 at 11:27 am Thanks. it cost us $23. 20 12 at 5 :4 3 pm I have been looking at different recipes. 20 12 at 12:19 pm Hi. I’m not sure it would actually save my small family that much money. 20 12 at 11:10 pm Liz Marie – do you know if you can use fabric softener in addition to this?? Reply shari says: August 26. I’m not sure where the $13 came from but I wish I could get tk that price!! At $26. many thanks to your husband!! God bless you both!! And God bless America!!! Reply Carol Lovingood-Hiers says: August 27 . 20 12 at 2:35 pm I just bought everything and paid $26. 20 12 at 11:28 am I think this is a great recipe however when we bought all the ingredients. Reply J enilee says: De c e m b e r 7 . Are you sure this is how much you paid? We were kinda disappointed with the price however we were very happy with how much detergent it made! Reply Stephanie says: De c e m b e r 31. I am very frugal and love saving money on stuff I have to buy in order to have money for the things I love to buy. Liz I love everything on your blog! Being frugal. I live in a smaller town in Kansas where there aren’t a lot of store options.com/2012/05/diy-laundry-soap/ 12/18 . I especially love the idea of making cost friendly detergent. Reply Chandra says: Se pte m b e r 2.

Bronner’s peppermint soap but no oxy clean. I love it!! I have a HE washer. Finely grating all the Fels Naptha ahead of time and mixing it into the soda/borax was labor intensive. From other posts I’ve read I will try putting the bar soap in the food processor instead of grating – process with some of the other powdered ingredients. I like knowing what is in the detergent. Works well. The clothes are clean. and it’s much less work than all that grating or melting on the stove to make liquid detergent. The amount of soap used is small. That’s it. This is a great recipe!! Reply Whitney says: Januar y 6.com/2012/05/diy-laundry-soap/ 13/18 .lizmarieblog. just one suggestion from one diy girl to another! Reply www. Anyone else having this problem ? Reply jen says: Januar y 5 . mostly use cold water and our water supply is very hard water. Love how it works-and I use vinegar as the softener. 20 13 at 4 :5 8 pm Just finished my approximately YEAR’s worth of laundry soap and am ready to make myself another batch! My husband made fun of me when i made it but the fact that I’m not bringing home a huge HEAVY box of soap every 3-4 months is totally worth the extra harassment. 20 13 at 11:0 8 am I’ve made this recipe twice and soon to make it for the third time.lizmarieblog. 20 13 at 1:15 pm I have made this but I’m having a big problem with it being hard as a rock in the airtight container. costs VERY little. cleans great. you can grate the bar soap in a food processor & make REAL quick work of it. I mix equal parts washing soda and borax (borateem) and keep it in a container. Reply ashley says: Januar y 10 .com Reply Bobbie says: Januar y 1. Reply Linda says: Januar y 6. Love this stuff! Thank you thank you! Reply DonnaReed says: Januar y 9. It smells great. I change the water temperature to whatever is appropriate and toss in the clothes. 20 13 at 10 :21 pm I use Dr. 20 13 at 11:15 pm been making homemade soap for a couple of years now. 20 13 at 11:5 4 am I have been making and using my own dry laundry soap for over a year.5/27/13 DIY laundry Soap . Now I just grate about a teaspoonful into hot laundry water and toss in a tablespoon of the washing soda/borax mixture. Once I see that the grated soap has dissolved.

hhhhmmm. 20 13 at 4 :0 8 pm I made this too.com/2012/05/diy-laundry-soap/ 14/18 . My recipe said use 1/4 cup and I see you just use a few spoons. xo rachel Reply Catrina Comella says: Januar y 24 . 20 13 at 7 :5 2 pm Just wondering what I did wrong …. Sounded great until I checked cost of ingredients.lizmarieblog. I’m trying to read through a few comments to see what others have to say. where in the world did you find all that for $13? Reply Katherine says: Fe b r uar y 8 . The soap does last a long time and does save you money.5/27/13 DIY laundry Soap . Reply Margaret says: Januar y 31. Reply linda hochstetler says: Fe b r uar y 20 . 20 13 at 12:17 am Hi there! I’d just like to thank you for putting this blog together! I just finished making my own laundry soap and I am so excited about the savings and how well it works! Again. I’m thinking it is the fels naphtha soap but not sure. thank you! Reply Janelle says: Fe b r uar y 20 . 20 13 at 1:24 pm Haven’t tried this yet. I have found though that the laundry detergent now prevents my bath towels and kitchen linens from being absorbent. Just a thought Reply A Ro mantic Po rch says: Januar y 23. I did this when my husband wasn’t working to save money. 20 13 at 8 :4 7 pm Thanks! I plan on trying this out soon! My husband is also a Marine so I plan on buying the items from the commissary. 20 13 at 1:4 3 am I made a laundry soap similar to this but I made the liquid form.lizmarieblog. Interesting. Maybe I was doing something wrong…or using too much maybe?….?wondering where I messed up! www. 20 13 at 4 :0 6 pm How did it only cost you $13? The Oxi Clean alone is more than that.followed directions for your laundry soap and it only made 2 gallons and cost $19…. Perhaps that is why the total cost was $13 and not $23 like it cost others..com Rosemary says: Januar y 13. After a few washings it seemed to me that it left a chalky white residue that was noticible on our colored clothes. Instead of soaking up water it seems to repel it.

But.00 for all of my ingredients. 20 13 at 12:5 4 pm Thanks for sharing! I made this today and love it.lizmarieblog. 20 13 at 10 :5 2 pm The first time I saw the recipe the blog post said “a years worth of detergent for $20″ or something close to that. the downsides were that I could not get it to totally mix well – manually stirring didn’t work well and between uses it would turn in to a lumpy mess. My cost was more than the 19$ because I purchased two of the green works containers off amazon that were 56 oz. Also. i was shocked at that price. So. If you shop around you can get it cheaper than $26. and how much you use.com/2012/05/diy-laundry-soap/ 15/18 . so no complaints here. We are out in 29 Palms. This dry version is wonderful! Reply Twilightmom562 says: Apr il 3. My cost was around $15.com Reply Erin says: Fe b r uar y 21. If you live in Hawaii the cost of ingerdients will be alot higher than someone in TN. I had made homemade liquid laundry detergent and. Can’t wait to mix it all up and use it. i think another way you are saving is you can use less than what you do with store bought so that makes it last a lot longer. it’s all relative to how many loads you wash a day. DH also noticed that our clothes weren’t as white using the liquid version. where did you find the shelve you used behind your appliances? I have been wanting to do that in our laundry room! Reply Carolyn says: Mar c h 8 . 20 13 at 3:4 2 pm I made it. for around 20. 20 13 at 6:39 pm Awesome Idea! My husband is also in the Marines and man does he always do laundry with all of his dirty field cammies and skivvies! Seem’s like we go through laundry soap so quickly. these ingerdiants by themselves are pretty cheap.5/27/13 DIY laundry Soap . so most of the houses run off of septic. I’m glad that it contains OxiClean which will help prevent yellowing. One question though. how big your loads are. Bronners pure Castile Lavender hemp soap. I used it. i bought the off brand oxyxlean and that is optional.lizmarieblog. I wouldn’t hold her to the penny on how much it cost. Along with the downy unstoppable’s scent booster in the scent “Lush” to enhance to lavender soap scent. Reply Lea says: Fe b r uar y 23. it STILL saves a TON of money that we use per year for liquid detergent. I love it! Reply Jen says: Apr il 11. However. even at 50. Instead of the fels-naptha I bought Dr. it was a lot of fun! www.00 and 6 bars of the lavender soap for 16$. 20 13 at 4 :0 5 pm Can you use or should you use bleach with this recipe? I am so excited to try this out! My friend and I got together and made this. It contains Oxygen bleach which is safe for septic. I purchased Green-works Oxi Stain remover in replace of the Oxi clean.

com Reply Michelle says: Apr il 12.co m says: August 26. 20 12 at 5 :26 pm [. Reply zane says: May 18 . 20 13 at 8 :38 am Yes! You can use bleach. After they were all bleached white I threw them in the washer & washed them with my DIY laundry soap {here}. 20 12 at 8 :0 3 pm [.] equally..] color: Oyster by Valspar Rug: DIY project {here} Light fixture: DIY project {here} Laundry Soap: DIY project {here} Burlap Art Work: DIY project {here} Laundry basket: TJ Maxx Dresser: Antique Scale: Antique Vase: [.lizmarieblog.. 20 13 at 8 :0 8 pm I’m interested in trying this but I would like to know exactly what you mean by “any bar soap”.5/27/13 DIY laundry Soap . 20 12 at 6:4 4 pm www. 20 13 at 2:30 pm Only thing I have is I believe it only makes about two gallons not four Reply Trackbacks D IY Co lo red Skinny J eans | lizmarieblo g..co m says: July 29. I then took the damp jeans after they were washed & put them back in the 5 gallon bucket in [. I’m not certain whether this submit is written by him as no one else understand such unique approximately my problem.] Reply D IY D ish D etergent | lizmarieblo g. Reply Christina says: Apr il 13. You are wonderful! Thank you! Reply business insid er J o b interview says: Apr il 27 .co m says: June 17 . 20 13 at 3:5 1 am I was recommended this blog by means of my cousin. and I’m stunned why this twist of fate did not came about earlier! I bookmarked it.com/2012/05/diy-laundry-soap/ 16/18 ..] Reply Laund ry Ro o m Makeo ver | lizmarieblo g.. Does that mean I can use Carress or Dove body bar soap in its place? Any response to shed light is appreciated! Reply Kend ra says: Apr il 22... 20 13 at 6:5 9 pm Helpful information. Lucky me I found your site by accident.lizmarieblog..

says: May 24 .5/27/13 DIY laundry Soap . 20 13 at 8 :33 am [.. 20 13 at 9:0 2 am [.. and LOVE it..com/2012/05/diy-laundry-soap/ 17/18 . and there is still some left! One of the best things about using it is that my washer [....] Reply D IY Laund ry So ap – One Year Review & Recipe says: May 19.] Reply Po rtland Orego n | Family and Child ren Pho to graphy | Pinterest Lo ve | Po rtland Orego n Pho to grapher | Christina Yates Pho to graphy says: Mar c h 15 .. I started this amazing recipe! Ingredients: [..lizmarieblog. After quickly grabbing my things at Wal-Mart. HOME MEET LIZ MARIE HOME TOUR PROJECT GALLERY ADVERTISE FAQ’S ©2013 LIZMARIEBLOG. I had researched it online before I made it & combined a few different recipes that I had [. I’ve made two batches of laundry soap so far.. 20 13 at 1:0 5 am [. The recipe I follow is from Liz Marie Blog..] Reply D IY Sunscreen | Mo m-Makes.. 20 13 at 9:4 1 pm [..] Reply Speak Your Mind Name * Email * Website POST COMMENT Notify me of follow-up comments by email..] outfit 2-3 times a day {miss aves} we go through several loads weekly. 20 13 at 1:35 pm [..] year around this time I made my very first batch of DIY laundry soap...lizmarieblog.] Laundry Soap: This stuff is awesome.] Reply Make Yo ur Own Laund ry So ap says: Fe b r uar y 6..] Reply D IY Laund ry So ap ( D etergent) | D IY Cleaning says: Januar y 23.] saving money people! A few months ago I made homemade laundry soap {You can find that recipe & review HERE} & now I have made my own DIY dish detergent & [.... Notify me of new posts by email... I really liked the one that lizmarie did.] DIY Laundry Soap [..] way too much money on more toxic products that don’t work as good as homemade..com [..COM >> DESIGN BY NINA RANDONE www.. My only advice when making this [. I made the laundry detergent 8 months ago.

com/2012/05/diy-laundry-soap/ DIY laundry Soap .5/27/13 www.lizmarieblog.lizmarieblog.com 18/18 .