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C6 Class News

Mrs. Bradshaw

October 10, 2016


Daily 5

In Topic C, (which begins with lesson 4), the teaching
sequence opens with students counting on the place
value chart by ones from 0 to 124, bundling larger
units as possible. Next, they represent various counts
in numerals, also known as standard form, designating
and analyzing benchmark numbers (e.g., multiples of
10) and numbers they bundled to count by a larger unit.
Next, students work with base ten numerals representing modeled numbers with place value cards, also
known as Hide Zero cards, that reveal or hide the value
of each place. They represent three-digit numbers as
number bonds and gain fluency in expressing numbers
in unit form (3 hundreds 4 tens 3 ones), in word form,
and on the place value chart. Students then count up
by hundreds, tens, and ones, leading them to represent
numbers in expanded form. The commutative property
or switch around rule allows them to change the order
of the units. They practice moving fluidly between word
form, unit form, standard form, and expanded form.
Students are held accountable for naming the unit they
are talking about, manipulating, or counting. Without this
precision, they run the risk of thinking of numbers as
simply the compilation of numerals 0–9, keeping their
number sense underdeveloped.

Bundle of 100

Bundle of 10

La Mariposa

Just 1, no

We’re continuing to work on Daily 5 expectations
this week. These behaviors include reading the entire time. Talking to classmates, asking for a
drink, and getting a different book may seem
harmless to independent reading, yet they interrupt the stamina-building process. I often encourage students to take care of these needs at another time of the day.
“Good Fit Books” or books they can read, understand and are interested in, which they will read
during Daily 5. They will be spending most of their
time actually reading, which research supports as
the number one way to improve reading. I anticipate the motivation and enjoyment of reading will
skyrocket when this gift of choosing their own
books is accompanied by extended practice and
specific reading instruction for each individual
We’ll begin Unit 2 in the new language arts program curriculum this week. The theme is “Problems
That Characters Face.” The expected pace for
each unit is 3 weeks, then the student’s work
booklet will be sent home. You’re more than welcome to discuss the content, and have your child
share his/her new learnings.

Second graders should be reading each day a
minimum of 20 minutes. Please encourage your 
child to read books that are appropriate for
them, not too easy or not too hard.
Math - Monday: Module 3, Lesson 3
Tuesday: Lesson 4
Wednesday: Lesson 5
Thursday: Lesson 6
Parent signatures in the agenda nightly

Book Orders-I’m sending home 2 flyers this
week for October. I’ll submit a class order on
Friday. If you miss that deadline, you may order online at anytime with free shipping with
those flyers. Our class code is LWR93.
Thank you for checking your child’s agenda
and red folder. I don’t send the red folder
back home daily, but students are already in
the responsible habit of returning them the following day when I do! Any corrected work is
yours to keep.

Daily Language/Daily Math—
I’m seeing more scores of 9 and 10; students are getting used to this routine! More to be
sent home on Monday.

Box Tops Collection
We’re now collecting Box Tops through October 24. A form is available on our school page
for you to attach the box tops, add your information, and I can send it along to our PTA.

Please label all items that your child is bringing
to school such as lunchboxes, jackets, reusable water bottles, and backpacks. If something 
goes missing, please check the lost and found
carts outside the office.
A new PTA envelope will be sent home on for
Jog-a-thon donations. If you’ve already contributed toward this fund raiser, thank you! The
Jog-a-Thon is this Friday, Oct. 14 at 8:30 for
2nd grade.

It’s Red Ribbon Week! A brief summary for
each day:
Monday: Students help make a message on
the fence with red cups.
Tuesday: Students wear crazy socks.
Wednesday: Wear Red Day
Thursday: Students wear a team jersey
(can be their own, or a professional team’s design).
Friday: Jog-a-Thon, pledge to continue
making healthy choices.

Interface Family Service will be in the MPR on
Thursday, October 20, at 6:00 P.M. The presentation will focus on parenting skills to improve
relationships with children. The topics will be
“Coping with Stress,” and “Behavior at School.”