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Motivation Letter

March 2, 2015
Dear Sir or Madam,
We are a team composed of four 2nd year Economics undergraduate students at Nova
SBE. Our interest in the Lisbon Case Study Competition has grown after we became
aware that the best business and technology schools in Lisbon would participate, and
thus, that we would have the opportunity to compete against the brightest students in
our city. We also learnt that BCG is going to take part as a member of the jury, which is
particularly helpful since we will be able to observe what the firm’s standards are. As
we intend to apply to BCG’s internship program, having that in mind can be the
difference between an outstanding and a not-so-outstanding interview.
We have previously worked as a team in our Corporate Finance course where we
completed several case-studies which helped to hone our problem-solving skills, as well
as our modelling and valuation toolset, but most of all, we developed discipline as a
Together with Miguel’s market awareness, Pedro’s entrepreneurial spirit and Bernardo
and Maria’s communication and debate skills we expect to be up to the task.
We would very much appreciate the opportunity to participate and hope that you find
our background and experience a good fit for the Lisbon Case Study Competition. We
look forward to hearing from you soon. Should you require additional information,
Thank you very much for your time and consideration.
Yours sincerely,
Miguel Leal
Bernardo Peixoto
Pedro Tomé
Maria Ruy