University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science
Department of Electrical Computer and Software Engineering
ELEE 3260U: Power Systems

Assignment 3: Due: Oct.14th / 2016

Fall 2016

Q1. Three-phase circuit that works with 50 Hz, Get the inductance when wires are
aligned with the bellow figure. The wire radius = 4 mm.

Q2. 1-ph. T.L. has 3 conductors of 0.25 cm radii for go wire and 0.5 cm radii for return
wire. The arrangement of T.L. is as bellow

Q3. Double-circuit three ph. T.L., Get L per km if the circuit is transposed. The
conductor diameter = 25.32 mm.


954024 cm. 3-ph. (b) PU series reactance at the length = 160km (bases value= 100MVA and 345kV) (c) capacitive reactance GMR=0.354 m. Q5.. GMR = 0. The distance between wires = 304. conductor diameter=1. Get L per km per phase. 3-ph. f=60 Hz. T.L.8 cm. with f = 60 Hz. Q7.L. the conductor aligned as triangular shape with two in 25ft of the distances and the third = 42ft.Q4. conductor diameter =0.L. The conductors are in bundled configuration as in bellow figure. Double-circuit three ph. Q6.0466ft.0284ft. Get: (a) XL by ohm per km per phase at d=450 mm. Get C and the Xc. f = 60 Hz.879inche 2 . GMR=0. The length = 150mile. The conductor diameter = 30 mm. with equilaterally spaced conductors. T.382inche. Conductor diameter = 2. Get inductive reactance per phase per unit length and capacitive reactance per unit length. T.