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Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo, Japan.

March 2004

Degree: Ph.D. in Commerce and Management. Ph.D. dissertation on the Thai healthcare industry and its efforts to export on site.

Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo, Japan

March 2001

Degree: M.Phil. in Commerce and Management. Master thesis on Japanese auto maker’s global strategy and localization in auto
design activities, based on Business History discipline.

Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo, Japan

April 1997- March 1999

Research Student. Participated in International Marketing Seminar as well as contributing in term projects.

Kasertsart University, Bangkok, Thailand

May 1996

Degree: M.B.A. in Management. Gained more practical knowledge in business management from successful businessman guest
speakers, and simulated management games.

Ramkamhaeng University, Bangkok, Thailand

November 1991

Degree: B.B.A. in Marketing. Simultaneous study and work.

Assumption Commercial College, Bangkok, Thailand

March 1988

Certificate of Commerce. English Program.

Thesis and Dissertation List
・ “Health Care as Export: The Case Study of the Thai Health Care Industry” Ph.D Dissertation. Hitotsubashi University.
2004. [In English].
・ “The Meaning of Local Design in Global Strategy: The Case Study of Product Development of Toyota Soluna by Toyota
Thailand” Master Thesis. Hitotsubashi University. 2001. [In Japanese].
・ Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, Chulalongkorn University

July 2010

・Faculty of Business Administration, Kasetsart University

July 2010

“Revisiting Determinants of Green Product Purchase Intention”, Chulalongkorn Business Review 123, 108 - 122.
as second author [in English]
“De-commoditization and the strategic planning” ” Kasetsart Applied Business Journal Vol. 4 (1). 101-108. [in Thai]

・Kasetsart University Excellence Center

March 2010

Full Report on “Meaning and evolution of Corporate Social Responsibility in Thailand” [in Thai]

・Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, Chulalongkorn University

October 2008

“Measuring environmental friendly consumption behavior”, Chulalongkorn Business Review 117-118, 145 - 156.
as second author [in Thai]

・Book Review for Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship

June 2008

Patrick Lencioni (2007) The Three Signs of a Miserable Job

・The Institute of Innovation Research

December 2007

“Innovation in Service Sector: the Theoretical Framework and Case Studies of the Japanese Service Firms” IIR working paper
series [in English]

・Faculty of Business Administration, Kasetsart University

November 2007

“Trade in Health and Social Services in Free Trade Era” Kasetsart Applied Business Journal Vol. 1 (1). 69-76. [in Thai]

・The Social Sciences Research Institutes of the University of Tokyo

March 2002

“The Meaning of Local Design in Global Strategy: The Case Study of Product Development of Toyota Soluna by Toyota
Thailand” Social Sciences Research Institutes Research Project No. 4 Asia and Management: Market, Technology and
Organization, Kubo ed., 79-104. [in Japanese].

(To be continued)


The North America Case Research Association . Beijing. and Philadelphia ・Junior Faculty Consortium. “The Meaning of Local Design in Global Strategy: The Case Study of Product Development of Toyota Soluna by Toyota Thailand” (In Japanese). Nuttapol Assarut.2005. Hawaii. 2006 . Ma. Project leader ・ October 2008: Kasetsart University supported the study on Corporate Social Responsibility: project leader Workshop. The Academy of International Business ・Editorial Review Board. “Service as Export: The Case Study of the Thai Health Care Industry” ・The Japan Academy of International Business Studies October 2001 The 8th Annual Conference.The Academy of International Business Studies . Hitotsubashi University. and Healthcare Management Division at New Orleans. International Journal of Management in Education June 2007 October 2007 – Present Professional Association Membership .The Japan Academy of International Business Studies . China ・Embryo Case Writing Workshop. 2006 October.The Academy of Management . December 2007 The Western Japan Chapter at Kobe “Trade in Health Services” ・The European Business History Association September 2004 th The 8 Annual Conference at Barcelona. Hitotsubashi University ・Workshop: How to Write Research Proposal for Research Fund by Research Council (Thailand) ・Professional Development Programs at the Academy of Management October – December 2007 April 2007 September 2006 2004. Training and research activities ・Visiting Scholar at the Institute of Innovation Research. Research Grants ・ October 2009: National Council of Research support the feasibility study of exporting Thai caregivers to Japanese elderly market. the Academy of International Business. project started November 2009 scheduled to finish by September 2010. Korea “Psychic distance in personal care service internationalization.The European Academy of Business in Society (To be continued) 2 . Cape Cod. and 2007 Management History Division. Business Policy and Strategy Division. Japan ・Trades in Health Services Workshop at Yonekura Seminar. Chulalongkorn University with Patnaree as the Project Leader. ・Research and Teaching Workshops.The European Business History Association June. The North America Case Research Association. a case study of Thai care givers and Japanese elderly” ・The Academy of International Business Studies December 2009 The South-East Asian Chapter at Hong Kong “From donation to social innovation: the evolution of CSR in Thailand” ・The European Academy of Business in Society August 2009 ・The European Business History Association August 2008 The 8th Annual Colloquium at Barcelona “Corporate Social Responsibility as Viewed by the Public: a preliminary survey” The 12th Annual Conference at Bergen “Retailing Internationalization: Blending into local society” ・The Academy of MNEs. Work in Process ・ The Feasibility Study of Exporting Thai Caregivers to Japanese Elderly Market: the Psychic Distance Perspective Co-research with Dr.Patnaree Suphawan Srisuphaolarn Presentation List Presentation List ・ The Asia Economic Community Forum Page 2 November 2010 The 2010 Meeting at Incheon. University of Michigan February 2005 Achievement and international academic circle services ・Best Reviewer.

etc. 1992-March 1997 Client Services Officer taking care of Isuzu Vehicle account. Marketing Management. Dr. Bangkok. South Korea September Department of Marketing. (Thailand) Ltd. Consumer Behavior to both graduate and undergraduate students. ・ Kasetsart University. An active committee of the faculty in E-Office. Kunitachi. International Trades Department: Teaching two sessions of Marketing and Management to junior and senior undergraduate students in English Hitotsubashi University. Tokyo 186 JAPAN Email: yonekura@iir. ・Guest speaker: The Office of Extension and Training (Kampaengsaen Campus) in cooperation with JICA in Third Country Training programs with excellent evaluation from participants. focusing on effect of health insurance system on the development of the industry. Thai: Native Language Japanese: Fluent Skill English: Fluent References Prof. Japan Summer Semester 2001 Teaching Assistant for MBA course—Management Philosophy Dai-ichi Kikaku Thailand Co. program curriculum. Thailand June 2006 – October 2009 ・Lecturer. Thailand October 2009-Present ・ Lecturer.hit-u. Department of International Business. student extra-curriculum activities. Continue working on the Thai health care industry. Hitotsubashi University. Mitsubishi Co. Comparative Business System and International Marketing and one course at Graduate School--Doing Business in Japan.. Dr. Hirotaka Takeuchi (the co-author of the Knowledge Creating Company) Dean of Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy Hitotsubashi University Kanda. Promoted to be Resource Planning and Development Chief in 1996. Seiichiro Yonekura Institute of Innovation Research Hitotsubashi University 2-1 Prof. Logistics and Transport: Teaching 4 courses at undergraduate program --Cross-cultural Professor at Harvard Business School 3 . Tokyo. Environment and Evolution of International Business. enrollment started Winter 2009.June 1990 Office Sales Staff to take care of Automobile Makers section for Bridgestone tires. Faculty of Business Administration: Teaching International Marketing in addition to Principle of Marketing.hit-u.Patnaree Suphawan Srisuphaolarn Work Experience Work Page 3 Experience Thammasart Univesrity. Reports and meetings were in English.June 2006 Assistant Professor. Japan April 2004-August 2004 Research Assistant. and other government agencies (under the Ministry of Agriculture in particular) Konkuk University. Thailand Nov. Thailand May 1988. ・Assistant to the Dean: (Planning and Development) : Setting up Ph. Knowledge Management project.D. Email: htakeuchi@ics.