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Opinion Writing EQ’s
• What is an opinion?
• What are the parts of a strong
opinionated writing?

Opinion Writing
• The key parts to an opinionated writing are to make sure it is believable and is
a strong argument:

• O- State both sides of the argument and Clearly state your opinion.
• R- Tell your reader why you feel that way. Use the word because
• E- Have 1-3 strong reasons for holding that opinion and Have an example to
support each of your reasons.

• O- Conclude by restating your opinion with enthusiasm!

Identifying both sides of the
argument to state your opinion

“Spiders: Harmful or Helpful” article and read it aloud.

Discuss both sides of the argument
Model an opinion based on the two arguments.
Work on “Organizing my Opinion” graphic organizer with a partner that
has similar opinions to you. Give 3 reasons that support their opinion.
Make sure 1 reason should state the opposite side of the argument.