0 Introduction

It has been the norm for decades that organizational strategic plans have been created by
upper levels of management. Annually, the best and brightest division heads come together to
brainstorm the company's strategic challenges and solutions, articulate the vision for strategic
growth, and formulate the plan for optimizing organizational resources. Yet with all the time and
money spent on strategic planning, often there is a lag in putting the plans into action, or the
execution fails to achieve the desired results. All managers know that execution is critical to the
success of the strategic plan, but making the plan work is an even bigger challenge than creating
the plan, in large part because execution requires a disciplined process or a logical set of
connected activities that enables the organization to successfully integrate the strategies into the
operation. Many factors inhibit the successful execution of the strategic plan, and all of them are
tied to the people of the organization.

2.0 Background of Apple Inc.

Apple is an American multinational company, was founded by Steven Paul Jobs and
Steve Wozniak in April 1, 1976 in Cupertino, California, United States. Earlier called Apple
Computer Inc., Apple is a multinational corporation that creates personal computers, Apple TV,
commercial servers, computer software, consumer electronics and is a virtual distributor of
media content. The company also has Apple stores that are used to sell iPhone, iPad, and iPods.
The first apple iPhone was released on June 29th 2007 and the company also sells
applications through the iBooks store, App Store, and iTunes store.Apple is the world’s largest

which made Apple the most valuable company in the world.S.1 billion. Apple employs 115. Scullery was told by Apple board of directors to restrict the power of Jobs that he would use for launching costly forays into untested products. Apple became the first U. In 1991.After Jobs' departure.technology company by revenue and the world’s largest technology company with all the properties. which was the first personal computer to be sold without a programming language.Apple reported its quarterly revenue is $51. Rather than following Scullery’s direction. Consequently. Apple is a reason for the birth of many mobile app development companies in Las Vegas that develop mobile apps for iOS platform. Job was removed from his managerial duties. The company enjoys a high brand loyalty. Apple’s value as of the stock price was $728. Apple is a big money maker in mobile phones. Jobs tried to organize a coup against Scullery.5 and quarterly net profit is $11. a laptop computer. which caused Job resigning from his designation at Apple. . Macintosh product faced a series of challenges. Apple replaced "luggable" Macintosh with PowerBook.According to the Forbes. In 2015.Apple’s worldwide annual sales was total $233billion by September 2015. Apple is the most popular brand in the world and more valuable than the Google and Microsoft. 2014. In 1984.In 1985.35 billion. Compared to other companies. Apple is the world’s most valuable brand considered by so many organisations. on various metrics. And. especially iPhone app development companies in Las Vegas. Apple launched a Macintosh. And also world’s largest mobile phone development company by November 25. a clash happened between Jobs and CEO John Scullery. company to be valued at over US$700 billion.000 permanent full-time employees as of July 2015.

following up their differentiation strategy they try to bring something which is complete and if it’s not they retain it rather to market. less or but integrated products. being among the most successful brands of world and marked performance of implemented strategies. low shareholder return policy and global cheaper marketing. its profit is more than the Android mobiles like HTC and Samsung.Though i Phones are selling at higher price. Apple not really an inventory but a trend setter. Apple’s widely criticized strategy as always and obvious is the strategy of premium pricing (Nair 2014). exposing Apple to giving up short term but critical market opportunities helping Apple to maintain their share until new product offering (Farber 2013). had faced lots of critics on its strategies. low cost. 3. It crosses the total turnover of China companies like Lenovo and Huawei.Android companies are struggling by Apple . like Google plans to introduce less than $100 smartphone in India and free android software availability to Samsung intensified competition (Dutton 2014). Customers most prefer the apple smart phones now days because of the features of the iPhone. although.. Today Apple is the most preferable smart phone in China. medium and upper class of economy making it difficult for the average people to purchase. major competitors are consistently working of price minimization strategy.Apple has posed a big challenge for China-born mobile companies. product segregated strategy. Moreover. Apple Inc. the product market segment of Apple is higher. low focus on market share. .0 Strategy Execution – Apple Inc. Apple Inc. had small number of strategies to follow like premium pricing.

though I caution executives to avoid tossing employees at problems. to its shareholders while company has above $100 billion as there cash reserves. Alex Wilhelm in his article published in 2014 criticized the lower cash return policy of Apple Inc.0 People Management at Apple Inc. a customer with too large a piece of your business. there will always be People challenges when you’re not enjoying running your company. In normal business they would have to spend millions and even billions to spend on high profile shows and timing. a supplier delaying your success. in running business. which costs at Apples image (Galasoo2014). but thanks to this strategy. Apple also believed to be trend setter in cheapest strategy of marketing via patents wars. Weaker inorganic growth strategy as compared to competitors also could be hazardous for company as ‘Apple had one acquisition per year for past 25years compared to Microsoft’s 45. Google 40 andCISCO 30 (Cheney 2010). or challenges at home. Although. 4. Or you might simply lack enough employees to serve your customers. they are everywhere every time every channel for free. in 2013 out of every four smart phone sales iphone purchased is one (Meyer 2013). a key employee or two that’s disrupting the rest of the organization’s effectiveness.Until you settle these relationship issues. they’ll continue to consume a tremendous amount of emotional energy. In general. now they won the law suites but not all of them.Apple’s integrative strategy of full package of hardware mobile and software iOS is the most appreciated facilities with million applications from third party but is not cost effective. making it difficult to focus on the other three main . You either have a partner issue.

2012) objectives.‟s ability to attract and retain employees with the skills and competencies needed to achieve results for the benefit of the company. Effective training and development programs are an essential component of a learning environment that can improve the Apple Inc.1 Training and development program in Apple Inc. workers rights and injury prevention. Ways that employees learn and achieve results will also continue to transform how Apple Inc. they also train supervisors and managers on their responsibilities to those workers. Apple has also expanded professional development opportunities for workers through Supplier Employee Education and Development (SEED) program. In addition to training the workers. For example. Apple has a very well planned training and development program. 4. Focus on getting the right people doing the right things with clear accountabilities and metrics. and onsite management of foreign workers (Apple. direct hire processes.decisions. Training and developing new and current staff to fill up new roles and work in dissimilar ways will be a decisive part in the endeavors of the company to meet its transformation challenges. Its employee are one of its key advantages. The purpose of the training is to Ensure that their suppliers are meeting Apples expectations of working conditions and more importantly societal expectations. does business and engage or force the employees in further innovation and improvements in line with its. These programs educate suppliers of health and safety. especially in the research and development department and marketing department. they require management from suppliers in Malaysia and Singapore to attend a two-day workshop that covers their Prevention of Involuntary Labor standard along with best practices for labor agency monitoring. .

2. personal and family counseling. Moreover. Some of these benefits were made for workers with children) while other for young people seeking further education and payment of such expenses. flexible spending accounts for health care and dependent day care. performance bonuses. both for managerial staff and other employees. paid vacations and holidays. such as discounts of 500 or 250 dollars on Mac computer or iPad. these are the perks that won-t be used by everyone in every occasion or example) one can deal with the stress on wor3 by seeking personal counseling. while other would engage in fitness activities on site. These raises are usually done in the July and August and take effect on the employee salary ne5t month.2 Human Resource Practice in Apple Inc. Therefore. . According to Chaykowski (2012) company is offering to some employees in retain raises up to 25% based on review on store operations earlier in the year. product discounts.2014a). wellness programs. 4. pension plans. employee stock purchase option.2. they are able to choose other perks. 4. commuter programs and others (Apple. the basic benefits one should expect upon its employment in this organization are: health and life insurance. Chaykowski (2012) argues that the employee that receives the 20% raise would get about 1% dollars per hour additional pay. short or long term disability coverage. educational seminars and tuition assistance.2 Performance Related Payment Apple has the bonuses based on merits.1 Cafeteria Reward System The Apple Corporation has a number of benefits which employee could use. onsite fitness canter. long term care insurance.4. Namely.

2. it's part of a well-thoughtout plan to deliver strong products and to create an Apple culture. the company has not only eliminated this problem but has made an excellent customer-loyalty move. and historical practices. However. because of the heavy working hours in apple. This is a space where Macheads can not only get service but also hang out with others who enjoy Apple . Find out more about these and other strategies that Apple employs to achieve its tremendous customer loyalty. By creating a store strictly devoted to Apple products. 2014). is a company that enjoys fanatical brand loyalty. it's obvious that Apple Inc. individual. according to Edwards (2013) some employees are feeling under stress due to the long working hours. A Store Just for Apple: Apple has historically been troubled by big-box sales staffers who are ill-informed about its products. according to Reed (2014).. This is the most common complain of the Apple employees. Namely. Apple stores are a friendly place where Mac and PC users alike are encouraged to play with and explore the technology that the company offers.3 Life .3 Creating Loyal Customers When shoppers sleep outside of stores just to be one of the first to buy an iPhone. organizational policies. this brand success is not a result of dumb luck or forces beyond Apple's control. It has “incredibly high standards..Work Balance According to Nieto (2008) issues of life-work balance vary considerably according to institutional sector.ridiculously inflexible with the hours it expects you to work” (Reed. The company hasn’t been able to effectively facilitate this balance in the employee’s life. Life-work Balance may be one of the weakest points in the Apple human resource practices. 4. However.4. a problem that made it difficult for Apple to set its very different products apart from the rest of the computing crowd.

Why? Because Apple makes it so easy. up-to-the-minute and smart. Apple is a hip brand. It pushes a strong identification with everything young. most Mac programs are produced by Apple. and you can download music via iTunes. Apple captures customers before they even know that they are customers. If students go through school using Apple products. Once you've become smooth. love to write about Apple. Media Fodder: Media outlets. but they're willing to give gadgets like the iPod or iPhone a try. would you want to go back to uptight? Varied Products: Many consumers may not be ready to buy an Apple computer. Education Sales: By selling its products to schools and universities. they're more likely to consider buying an Apple computer in the future. Apple keeps its customers excited about buying new Apple products now and in the future. The Mac guy is smooth and confident. With leaked rumors about new developments. By creating this early exposure. they become comfortable with the interface and familiar with the superior performance the brand offers. while PC appears uptight and old. Consider Apple's I'm a Mac campaign. strengthens customer loyalty. This meticulous planning is a . Buy an iPod. Complete Solutions: Apple's products complement and complete each other. Apple users generally don't have to stray to find products and solutions they want. so its products are a result of both extensive research and strong design. Are You a Mac?: Let's face it.products just as much as they do. By perpetuating this cycle of media frenzy. By creating this space. Products That Deliver: Apple carefully considers what consumers are looking for. Apple turns classrooms into showrooms. For the average user. By selling products with lower entry costs. Apple encourages current and new customers to get excited about what it has to offer. Apple gift wraps news stories that are just begging for speculation and hype. especially bloggers. it creates an opportunity for new users to be introduced to Apple. from hardware to software. If these users enjoy their gadgets. its very own expo and mysterious shutdowns of its online store. This sort of control over the entire user process.

By giving customers an opportunity to employ Apple in their living rooms. Consistency: All of Apple's products have the same basic architecture. Apple makes it easy to stay loyal to a brand they already like. Of course. Bright colors. and this makes them more open to making a repeat purchase. Apple was wise to stick with building a good product and letting AT&T handle the service. interaction becomes multifaceted. The company offers consumers a number of different ways to enjoy its products. With the iPhone. Attractiveness: From packaging to aesthetic design to user-interface experience. New Innovations: Although the architecture of Apple products is consistent. similar to administering iTunes for the iPod. a smiling icon and slick-looking hardware remind customers every time they use Apple products that what Apple offers is appealing. contracts and a number of other factors that often lead to customer frustration. pockets and offices. the average consumer's interaction with the company is likely to be low. You have to consider billing errors. customers who already own Apple products have a good idea of what they'll be getting before they make a purchase. Because of this consistency. Unless something goes wrong. the iPhone presented an opportunity that could have made Apple much more involved. .large contributor to Apple's high customer-satisfaction rates. It's plain and simple: Robust and easy-to-use products not only make your customers happy. With a phone. quality of wireless service. Apple makes its products accessible and attractive. its portfolio is not. you don't have any reason to speak with an Apple customer-service representative. Outsourcing Unpleasantness: With Apple products. They know that it will be easy to adapt to new hardware. but also make them want to buy more products from you in the future.