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Donald Trump

Community: He is creating a community that is concerned about the
situation in the United States, he is unifying everyone in the US.
Cooperation: He is creating new alliances with his old partners in the
business sector, making deals to cooperate in advantage to have better
prices and lower taxes in the economic and other sectors.
Democracy: Donald Trump thinks that foreigners that live in US should
not have the same rights and obligations that Americans have, he
believes that people that live in the US which are not Americans, are
intruders that are bringing problems to the country. He doesnt have a
democratic mindset, and only sees for his own good.
Equality: He is proving that all USA citizens are equal and deserve the
best, but he does not believe that immigrants are part of the US
Freedom: He knows well that the USA is a free country that is why he
wants to respect their freedom to speak, he just want to stop the
detractors that speak against terrorism.
Justice: He defends what it is fair to all the american people to have,
they deserve America, their country, he plays fair for all the americans
that need protection and money, he needs to protect them and give
them his support.
Security: He wants to improve the Passport control so the pólice will be
more strict with the people visiting the US, that i show he will stop
terrorism and immigrants to stop damaging the US economy.
Self-reliance: He is a person that has confidence in whatever he will talk
about, even if his ideas are against equality and democracy.
Stability: As a real estate mogul, he promises economic stability for the
USA this by, among other policies, increasing taxes for the lower class
and decreasing them for the upper class.
Diversity: Donald trump has always stated his intolerance towards other
cultures such as latinos, muslims and chinese. His famous proposal to
“build a wall” that divides the USA from Mexico has shaken the world
because of its racist premises.