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Collin Glaser

Mrs. Osborne
Language Arts, Blue
12 January 2014
Fishbowl Discussion
This Thursday my group did the fishbowl discussion. On a scale of 1-10 I thing I
had a 7. I think I had a seven because I asked good questions when there was silence. I
commented on other people’s opinions. I made eye contact with my fellow group
members. On a scale of 1-10 I think I scored a 6 on my contributions to the conversation.
I was still involved and contributed to the conversation. I think some of my other group
members contributed more to the conversation then I did. On a scale of 1-10 I think we
scored an 8 on the level of teamwork. Everyone in our group knew each other well and
was comfortable speaking to one another. We worked together to express be opinions
about the book. I personally could have what transpired in the fishbowl discussion by
asking more questions and going into more depth on the conversation. My goals for the
next fishbowl discussion would be to come more prepared with textual evidence and
more questions so the conversation doesn’t run flat.
On scale from 1-10 I think are group scored a 6. The reason I say this is because
are group didn’t go in depth in the conversation. We asked yes or no questions and didn’t
elaborate on questions that could have gone into more detail. On a scale from 1-10 I think
we scored a 5 on are contributions to the discussion. We all contributed but we didn’t
have effective contributions. This is one of the reasons why there was silence in the
middle of the discussion. On a scale of 1-10 I rate the teamwork displayed in the
discussion an 8. We all contributed and didn’t put down anyone’s ideas. Also no one had
trouble cutting people off or talking too much. I think the discussion would have been

Because of these reasons Buran became the riches person in Baghdad. In even Daughters and Seven Sons Buran is underestimated by her mother and father when she first purposes the idea of going to Tyre. We can learn way more from other people then just observing ourselves. If we do this next time the conversation will never stop and we will use up the full five minutes the teacher gives us.better if we all went into more depth on the questions instead of giving a yes or no response and an explanation. Also when you express your opinion on a book it could change someone else’s opinion on a book. If you didn’t express your opinion no one would know what he or she are. Also buran wud never have succeeded if she didn’t put forth any effort. I have also learned that you could do anything if you’re put forth your best effort. When Buran goes she sows everybody that she was wrong. It is important to express your ideas and opinions on literature. I have learned from Seven Daughters and Seven Sons that you cant underestimate anyone. .