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Don't hit your professor

Last year, in Germany, about 3 months after I started learning Chinese, I decided it was time to
seek a little bit more about Chinese culture. I went to a local gym in my city and was surprised to
find out that they had a Kung fu academy. Not only that, the martial style they teached there was
the Wing Chun, famous around the world for being the main style used by Bruce Lee and Ip
I was determined, I had to try it! I signed up for an experimental class, it was the very first time I
would have any contact with a more traditional fighting style, and I was very excited to see how
it would be compared to western styles like boxing.
I tried to start by making some good first impression and saying something in Chinese. I was
very frustrated to find out that almost nothing was working, almost like I was speaking
something other than Chinese, even the characters decorating the place I could not understand!
Little did I knew that my master could only speak Cantonese.
After the communication failed, the master began demonstrating with the other students some
moves and drills they normally practiced, and how they would be effective in any fight. Seeing
that I was not convinced, he decided to ask me to try something against him, like punching
forward. I did, the first he dodged almost with no effort...but the second...he paused to explain
something and did not expect it coming!
I had just hit a Kung fu master on the face! The first word in Cantonese I learned
was a universal Chinese expression: 啊呀....!To make my despair worse, even though he
said it was nothing, we could see a little bit of blood on his mouth. I was so
Later I ended up being really impressed by the training, and decided to join the class, even
though I had just one month left in Germany. The master and I became friends, and I returned to
Brazil with the tale about how I hit a Kung fu master and survived to tell the story.