Fellowship for Organizing Endeavors, Inc.

2015 Consolidated Report

2015 was a fruitful year for FORGE.
The organization grew into 38 staff members which is a huge family to manage and
seven major projects which are challenging to accomplish.
This year, FORGE has turned 28 years old as well.
Having personally witnessed the growth of FORGE since my involvement in the
organization as one of its volunteers back in 1993, until I became a member of its
staff and later, member of the Board of Trustees, there is only one word that could
describe what it is now.

We started as a small organization back in 1987 and now we had gone medium-sized.
Many of our current partner people’s organizations and their leaders are new; no
longer the ones that I had brushed elbows with during mobilizations back in the 90s.
A proof that we continue to expand our work.
Some of our funding partners are long-time believers of what we are doing; some had
drifted away and had gone back to support us with new projects and programs; we
found new ones with whom we venture into trailblazing new areas of work.
Just like many growing organizations, we experienced growth pains.
And we struggled to become better because of our pains.
our dedicated, experienced and passionate Board of Trustees whose pure
volunteerism continues to inspire.
THIS 2015 ACCOMPLISHMENT REPORT is a segment of our organizational journey.

Executive Director

ifpri.ph/climps/climateforum/ClimatechangeinthePhilippines. according to a new analysis by NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies. or $4. Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) in its study of Climate Change in the Philippines2 confirmed that “the observed changes in climate in most recent times have never been seen in the past 140 years. sea level rise.13 Celsius). NASA/JPL (data and overlay).youtube. water scarcity. has the new record been greater than the old record by this much.gov/news/2391/ https://pubfiles. droughts and storms. Credit: daulon/Shutterstock.3 World Bank reports that the poorest people and those living in vulnerable areas with the fewest resources to help them are the ones hardest hit by the effects of climate change 1 http://climate. According to independent analyses by NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).It is no longer debatable.org/news-release/climate-change-threatens-food-production-philippines 2 3|Page .com/watch?v=SWPzGo_C010) The Philippine Atmospheric. International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) warned that climate change scenarios played out to 2030 and 2050 in the Philippines show a reduction in average per capita consumption of cereals by 24 percent and fruits and vegetables by 13 percent—increasing the number of people at risk of hunger by 1. proliferation of pests and diseases.23 degrees Fahrenheit (0.dost.gov.4 million in 2030 and 2. Only once before.nasa.com (sunset image).pdf 3 http://www.3 billion. in 1998.” Increased intensity and frequency of extreme weather events such as floods. Globally-averaged temperatures in 2015 shattered the previous mark set in 2014 by 0.5 million by 2050—if measures to curb rising global temperatures fail. The earth’s rising temperature has reached an alarming rate. and the extinction of species are effects of climate change that have adversely impacted the heavily-populated Philippines the past years. Earth’s 2015 surface temperatures were the warmest since modern record keeping began in 1880.1 2015 was Planet Earth's warmest year since modern record-keeping began in 1880.pagasa. It projected economic costs estimated at an annual average of Php186 billion. (Watch: https://www. decline in agricultural output.

thus. including the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation. on the other hand.5 The parties arrived at a universal. making the escape of poverty more difficult.4 The Philippine situation is no exception. This convention set out a framework for action aimed at stabilizing atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases (GHGs) to avoid “dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system. the inclusion of persons with disability was taken into consideration by an international agreement. the long-term breaking up from fossil fuel and more support for the development of clean and renewable energy sources. According to environmental activists Greenpeace. visit http://www. The Sendai Framework is a 15-year. differentiated and legally-binding climate change agreement. The clear implication of the said Agreement puts into the agenda as well. COP15 in Copenhagen where an agreement to success Kyoto Protocol was unfortunately not realised and COP17 in Durban where the Green Climate Fund was created. 4 http://www.org/en/news/feature/2015/02/06/climate-change-complicates-efforts-end-poverty 5 The international political response to climate change began at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992. Civil society organizations. 195 government representatives converged for the 21st session of Conference of Parties (COP21) in Paris. catastrophic climate change isn’t inevitable: we know it is caused by human activities. The reversibility of the current situation depends on human response and action. Local government units are also challenged to bring the details of the Agreement into work at the community level. COP11 where the Montreal Action Plan was produced. now has a near-universal membership of 195 parties.bbc. 4|Page . The first COP took place in Berlin in 1995 and significant meetings since then have included COP3 where the Kyoto Protocol was adopted. human action is the cure. The main objective of the annual Conference of Parties (COP) is to review the Convention’s implementation. the private sector and other stakeholders. 6 For COP 21 Agreement in Summary. The Agreement entails strong commitment by governments to put de-carbonization at the heart of their fiscal policy.6 The Agreement is considered by many as a tall order and the most ambitious target ever formalized since the Kyoto Protocol. have to chip in by doing more lobby work for governments to reduce into practicability their commitments to the Paris Agreement. The agreement sets out a global action plan to put the world on track to avoid dangerous climate change by limiting global warming to well below 2°C. Last November 30 to December 11. It is due to enter into force in 2020. non-binding agreement which recognizes that the State has the primary role to reduce disaster risk but that responsibility should be shared with other stakeholders including local government. where the ‘Rio Convention’ included the adoption of the UN Framework on Climate Change (UNFCCC). It calls for the involvement of the private sector to invest more in green energy and in doing more research.worldbank. Thus. 2015. The Sendai Framework is also significant because of the fact that for the first time. voluntary.” The UNFCCC which entered into force on 21 March 1994. .com/news/science-environment-35073297.

1% in 2013.8 Yet. Agriculture contracted by 0.10 7 http://www. and 1. the highest quarterly growth for the year. Progress has also been uneven and has been limited in other regions. 2015. and then grew 2. from 24.5% in 2010.8% in 2013.The Philippines’ Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the fourth quarter of 2015 grew by 6. more than half of the population depends for their livelihood on agriculture and about one-third of the work force are gainfully employed in the sector. The PSA also reported a higher poverty incidence among Filipino families in the first half of 2014 – to 20% from 18.1 million adults). a survey released by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) showed poverty incidence among Filipinos rising to 25. 2. more than 800 million people are still living on less than $1. many lacking access to adequate food. education and property.3 percent.undp. Philippine poverty statistics.com/content.6% in 2013. 1. 9.25 a day.9% in 2014. such as South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. One proof of this is the result of the Fourth Quarter 2015 Social Weather Survey. Globally.bworldonline.8% in 2012.7 Another proof is the sluggish growth of the agriculture sector.sws. fielded over December 5-8. Women are disproportionately more likely to live in poverty than men due to unequal access to paid work.9 . conflict and food insecurity. The country's 2015 Millennium Development Goals (MDG) was to bring down by half the poverty rate to 16.6% from the 1991 poverty rate of 33.4% (est. clean drinking water and sanitation. There is a growing demand to end poverty. which found adult joblessness at 21.html 8 5|Page .1%. This is blamed on the poor implementation of agrarian reform and the lack of commitment and competence by the administration to implement productivity-enhancing agriculture projects. support the view that recent economic growth has not been inclusive. which account for 80 percent of the global total of those living in extreme poverty. This rate is expected to rise due to new threats brought on by climate change.org.php?section=Opinion&title=philippines-will-miss-goal-of-halving-poverty-incidencethis-year&id=104105 9 http://www. however. The much-publicized economic growth has not cascaded to benefit those at the bottom of the country’s economic structure.ph/ http://www.rappler.org/content/undp/en/home/sdgoverview/post-2015-development-agenda/goal-1.com/nation/93336-lower-pwwwoverty-incidence-philippines-2016 10 http://www. However.6% in 2011.8% in the first half of 2014. inequality and climate change around the world.

According to Nelson Mandela: “Poverty is not an accident. the American economist who wrote The End of Poverty: Economic Possibilities for Our Time.” FORBES has released its 2015 Rich List. is driven in part by 290 newcomers which helped push the total number of billionaires in the world to 1. world leaders gathered on 25 September 2015 at the United Nations in New York to adopt the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.org/content/undp/en/home/sdgoverview. The 2030 Agenda comprises 17 new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).forbes. Thus. Like slavery and apartheid. or Global Goals.12 According to Jeffrey Sachs.826. The total worth of the 2015 world’s billionaires is $7. it is man-made and can be removed by the actions of human beings.To turn the demands for ending poverty into actions. to call for the end of extreme poverty must be accompanied with the call to end the accumulation of extreme wealth. The hype of the 2016 elections has already commenced and was already felt in 2015. The jump. besting last year’s record-breaking $6. The goal of ending extreme poverty outlined in the SDG is actually a global social justice matter.html http://www.05 trillion.undp. permanently. 11 http://www. according to Forbes. 1 Goal is to end poverty. by 2030. everywhere.4 trillion sum by $650 billion. the highest number Forbes has ever recorded. beginning with a historic pledge to end poverty. which will guide policy and funding for the next 15 years. The different survey results yield a statistically tied voting preference for all presidential candidates. it takes $175B to eradicate extreme poverty worldwide.com/sites/chasewithorn/2015/03/02/forbes-billionaires-full-list-of-the-500-richest-people-in-the-world2015/#3ee9f1f016e3 12 6|Page . Not one of the candidates for presidentiables enjoys a comfortable margin of popularity compared to others. It does not take complicated mathematics to argue that the world’s billionaires net worth can very well end worldwide extreme poverty.11 SDG’s No.

it is an arena recognized and participated in by the people as a venue to make their voices heard by the leaders. It will focus on tasks rather than on perks and privileges. Thus. an electorate can then proceed to examine the candidates based on the criteria that she or he has determined. though. In a country where political institutions can hardly be characterized as effective or clean. NGO institutions like FORGE need to look at the 2016 elections as an opportunity to heighten the conscientization of its partner people’s organizations. In relation to the limited options that that the Filipino people are presented with for the 2016 elections. It may not be enough for a presidency to tell us how poverty will be alleviated. and. however. is one that will analyze which structures in society perpetuate inequality and will have ideas on how these societal (and not just governmental) structures can be changed. 13 http://www. This type of presidency is clear on what can and cannot be done given the existing legal and governmental environment. a functional presidency might in fact be already radical. the question that need to be asked are: 1) Who among the presidentiables is poised to deliver to us a radical leadership that would challenge the structures that is perpetuating unequal power relations in society? 2) In doing so. It may also not be enough for a presidency to say "kayo ang boss ko" or to be "pluralistic" because doing so neglects underlying unequal power relationships in society. Ateneo Political Science professor Carmel V. how will this affect the gains that the civil society has already achieved in relating to these institutions? The challenge for the 2016 elections is for the electorates to look beyond the personalities but on the kind of change that is being offered by the leadership they represent. It will be professional rather than personalistic. In a Rappler article of Thought Leaders13. Given that surveys are not good guides in choosing a candidate. Abao suggests looking beyond a functional type of presidency: The "functional" presidency is one that will improve on existing systems and faithfully implement constitutional mandates. modifying or transforming social institutions? 3) If yes. s/he will have to tell us how the poor will no longer remain poor. would she or he be destroying. A functional presidency thus will curb corruption.com/thought-leaders/72052-2016-presidential-choices-good-evil 7|Page . Though we cannot place our fate wholly in the outcome of the elections. The next presidency will have to be clearer about which societal voices will be listened to and which social forces will be strengthened – and why. It will also subject itself to accountability measures. protect the nation's sovereignty. it would be best for electorates to ask: “What do we really want?” Because once this is decided. The radical type of presidency that I have in mind.The same situation is reflected in the vice-presidential candidates surveys. rather. it is but prudent that FORGE would capacitate its partners to be able to effectively engage the candidates on issues that matter.rappler. deliver basic services and develop programs for social development.

8371 of 1997). 8|Page . and Fisheries Code (R. use and disposition of property and its increments. Christian Monsod. and political inequalities. Art. Urban Land Reform and Housing (R. And then there is the inequality in accumulation of assets. 6657 of 1988 and RA 9700 of 2009). Atty. we have seen asset reform laws being used against. In said speech. reduce social. which means that government must implement:   income reform programs such as the conditional cash transfer program and.A. economic. which was supposedly formulated to protect the sector.The 1987 Philippine Constitution is strong on the call for social justice. As well.A.” According to Atty. We have witnessed informal settlers being demolished by local governments using the very law. of health care and nutrition being accessed by different people in this country that have cumulative effect on the development of human capital. XIII. the State shall regulate the acquisition. Monsod essentially said that to achieve social justice. the people in the margins.A. To this end. mainly land and access to natural resources that provide safety nets. and remove cultural inequities by equitably diffusing wealth and political power for the common good. 7279 of 1992). ownership. over the long-term. there is no equal opportunity when one bears the trauma of stressful childhoods from the struggle for subsistence or in the case of Muslim Mindanao from being in the middle of wars which affect brain development that stays with children to adulthood. there must be an adjusting of starting positions.A. Section 1 provides that “Congress shall give highest priority to the enactment of measures that protect and enhance the right of all the people to human dignity. the access of the poor to quality education and quality health services. and asset reform programs which consist principally of four laws. namely. the UDHA law. 8550 of 1998) must be made to perform. in his speech before the 2015 General Assembly of the Caucus of Development NGOs. rather than for. Particularly. The Indigenous Peoples Rights Act (R. At present. Agrarian Reform (R. source of livelihood and human dignity for the people. this mandate has to be taken in the context that there is no equal opportunity for the different classes of citizens in this country largely because of the differences in the quality of education.

orders and structures. The palliative solutions are no longer working. religious and other sectors. 2. offenders of the law within six months of presidency though apparent is the danger of this promise and the impossibility of being fulfilled.1. Consequently. by many citizens now being attracted to candidates that promises to wipe out criminalities. projects that the organization would implement must be rooted in this context. In the complexity of the current situation. This desperation is largely manifested. 9|Page . local government units. FORGE should challenge (and shake!) exploitative powers. it is important for FORGE staff to be clear and be articulate with FORGE’s vision. FORGE staff must keep themselves rooted to the organization’s analysis of the current situation and how the organization’s vision and mission seek to respond to said situation. at present. 3. mission and values and utilize them as guide in making day to day decisions as well as in undertaking different levels of engagement with other civil society organizations. People are getting tired of being promised change which is never substantial enough to lift their miserable situations.

as an organization. FORGE implemented the following projects under its two program divisions: COMMUNITY ORGANIZING DIVISION (COD) 1.FORGE. Building Disaster Resilient Communities in Metro Cebu (BDRC-MC) Project. 3. in partnership with Christian Aid UK. Rescuing Sexually Exploited Children Under Eighteen (RESCUE) Project is a partnership project with Terre Des Hommes. Urban Community Resilience through Community-based Disability Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (EnCoRe CBDiDRRM) Project. which is intended to develop enhanced urban community resilience through the effective inclusion and participation of most at risk groups including persons with disability in disaster risk reduction and management in five barangays of Cebu City. Building Disability Inclusive Disaster Resilient Urban Communities Project which is a research project in partnership with Arbiter Samariter Bund (ASB) and intended to come up with a project proposal relating to disability inclusive disaster risk reduction management system appropriate to five target urban barangays in Cebu City. 2. community and social issues and risks through community organizing and social outreach. and 4. it works to enable the poor and marginalized communities in identifying and addressing personal. the CO strategy has evolved to include social outreach work in recognition of the multi-faceted challenges that are present in our partner communities. in partnership with Arbiter Samariter Bund (ASB). family. The organization adopts community organizing as its main strategy. Sustaining Community Organizing for People Empowerment (SCOPE) Project. FORGE now calls its brand of organizing as the CO+++ strategy.Netherlands. The organization envisions empowered. For the year 2015. The Project provides direct services to children who are facing greater risk towards sexual exploitation (vulnerable children) and children actively engaged in 10 | P a g e . Through time. which is aimed at contributing to the installation of Disaster Risk Reduction and Management systems and practices both at the barangay and city levels in at least three cities of Metro Cebu. which is intended to sustain the existing good practices among partner-communities. is trekking the developmental lane as its contribution to the resolution of emerging social issues and its causes. in partnership with Misereor Germany. however. SOCIAL OUTREACH DIVISION (SOD) 1. to intensify these practices and to expand further these efforts towards building resilient communities. just and resilient communities and in order to achieve this.

however. 2. Though most projects implemented in 2015 respond to risks on disasters. FORGE delivered the following accomplishments for year 2015: COMMUNITY ORGANIZING DIVISION The Division’s major accomplishment is consistent with its multi-layered approach to community development. communities. in partnership with Caritas Switzerland. influencing national government agencies policies as well as technology sharing with government and non-government organizations. capacitating local government units for inclusive governance. leaned heavy on working with community-based people’s organizations and capacitating them to become effective partners of local government units in effecting change at the local setting. and 3. The work of the Division. Children admitted to the care of the Home are those needing immediate pull-out from their existing environment so as to stop the abuse. Canal cover and stairways with hand railings were 11 | P a g e . families. flows and routes of human trafficking which led to the development of a 3-year AntiHuman Trafficking (AHT) intervention plan. With a workforce of 38 staff (26 females and 12 males) and with the strong support of a five-member Board of Trustees. Anti-Child Trafficking Initiatives in the Transport and Tourism Sectors in Central Visayas (ACTIV Project). The Teen Dreamers Home Project. namely: establishing and strengthening people’s organizations. still in partnership with Terre Des Hommes – Netherlands. operates an alternative home intended for rescued commercially sexually exploited children. The project is a continuation of the INtegrating Child TRAfficking Prevention in the Transport and Tourism Sectors in Central Visayas (INCTRAP) Project that gathered and analyzed baseline data on the patterns. government and law enforcement. This place is intended to be a safe venue for their healing and renewal. the work of the Division expands toward building family and community resilience. is aimed at combatting human/child trafficking in Central Visayas targeting 16 cities and municipalities identified as source. A recent added feature is disability-inclusion which is a welcome improvement to FORGE’s community work. The project is aimed at contributing to the reduction of commercially sexually exploited children in Metro Cebu by working with the stakeholders such as children. 1. however.commercial sexual exploitation including online sexual abuse. Improved relocation site. transit and destination areas for trafficked victims.

Established and capacitated Emergency Response Teams (ERTs) in partner people’s organizations and local government units to enhance community response on disasters. which was attended by its 68 officers and selected members. Certification from the barangay that she lives in the barangay for quite some time and Masterlist of PO membership acknowledged by PCUP and HLURB. The 200-strong organization marked its formation with a petition signing for a dialogue with the Cebu City Government on their basic social services and land tenure issues which led to a dialogue attended by 116 members. 2. men and children living in the resettlement area. The dialogue resulted to the Governor’s assurance that the Provincial Government will make further study on their intent to buy portion of lots owned by the provincial government. Alaska Emergency Response Team (ALERT) of Alaska Fed. build or extend their housing structures. 3. On the other hand. This project benefited 1. namely: Tarkum Upper Laguerta Homeowner’s Association (TULHOA). Meanwhile. bucket relay and medical first aid was tested when a fire took 12 | P a g e . UCHOA Emergency Response Team (UCERT) of UCHOA. for those who wanted to repair. ALERT members’ skill on firefighting particularly on crowd control. The dialogue resulted to promise of the DWUP Chief that certificates of full payment will be released and that the request for condonation of penalties and interest of all home lots will be addressed. the resolution was for the organization to submit list of these families together with some requirements such as Certification from PO that he/she is a member. It is expected that no more lives will be put in danger with these latest site development. Recently. Laguerta Emergency Action for Disaster Responses (LEADERS) of Laguerta PPOs. United People’s Organization in Laguerta Resettlement for Genuine Empowerment (UP-LARGE) Federation was created composed of 18 officers coming from four organizations. Upper Laguerta Busay Homeowner’s Association (ULBHOA) and Sitio Legacy Community Homeowner’s Association (SILCHA). Tabarno Homeowner’s Association (TAHAS).110 women.implemented in United Community Homeowner’s Association (UCHOA) funded by City Government with the help of the barangay through the Barangay Development Council (BDC). Association of San Roque Siders Emergency Response Team (ASSERT) of SARSHAI and Mantuyong Urban Poor Emergency Response Team (MUPERT) of MUPHAI were established and trained this year. Strengthened partner people’s organizations for more effective lobby work as well as accessing of basic social services. San Agustin Mahiga Center Homeowner’s Association (SAMCHOA) and Lower Mahiga Inahan sa Kanunay’ng Panabang Homeowner’s Association (LMISKPHOA) in Barangay Banilad had a dialogue with Provincial Governor Hilario Davide Jr.

5.place last November 11. A two-day Basic Course on Community Organizing which covered the following topics: The need to organize. Strengthening of People’s Organizations Federations to influence city-level policies. Government responder like Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) was thankful for the initiative of ALERT in doing first line of emergency response which made easier for BFP to get into the fire scene without delay which enabled them to control the fire in just a few minutes. Contrasting Views of Development and also giving emphasis on Paulo Freire and Saul Alinsky brand of organizing. On the other hand. issue on gender in PasilHOA and VAWC in IVHOA were pacified. As a result. Basic CO Principles. types of carry. 2015 in their area. The participants pledged to use the knowledge they acquired to develop their respective organizations. CO ideal attitude. Budlaan ERT members recently underwent skills enhancement training facilitated by staff members of City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office. CO Then and Now. Selection and capacitation of 34 leaders from partner people’s organizations for more responsive leadership. Paknaan is consciously doing community orientations and weekly drills. They were refreshed on some basic life support skills like bandaging. 4. 6. all partner barangay-based ERTs joined the regular firefighting and basic life support competitions initiated by the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office. Review on WCC task and function as well as Family Development Program goal and objectives. generally all barangay-based ERTs are functional. splinting. Oppressed vs. Alliance of People’s Organizations Working for the Empowerment and Resettlement (ALL POWER). knot-making and a simulation exercise was conducted to apply what was demonstrated by the trainers. TAHAS and now SILCHA was able to facilitate on the resolution of husband and wife issue. during which. they realized the importance of constantly engaging with Cebu City Councilor 13 | P a g e . WCC member of UPLARGE in Busay composed of TULHOA. had an assessment and reformulation of their plan. a federation of Cebu City-based partner people’s organizations. skills and knowledge (ASK). Capacitated 14 Women and Children’s Committees (WCCs) to address family and gender issues and concerns. tips in conducting home visits as well as committee plannings were conducted to enhance the capacity of WCC members. On ERT strengthening. WCC member in UCHOA made a significant achievement in resolving the case of physical abuse to children by their parents and is now closely monitoring the family involved. In Mandaue City. Oppressor.

Dizon as the Chairperson of Housing Committee because such engagement triggered the passage of Ordinance No. a federation of Mandaue City-based partner people’s organizations. the Mayor ordered DWUP personnel to speed up the implementation of SIR program. led the members to believe that the Mayor is not serious in resolving their issues and concerns. conducted their assessment and planning activity during which. dialogue / lobbying to city government and national government agencies and the most important is the regular conduct of their monthly meetings. Lot Acquisition or other projects and activities incidental thereto of the Socialized Housing Program of the City of Cebu” which mandates the Cebu City government to allocate at least 2% of its annual budget for land or site improvement. The Mayor failed to face them despite his earlier confirmation which. Media people who were monitoring the activity interviewed Mr. Sulong Mandauehanong Kabus (SUMAKA). 2427 entitled “An Ordinance institutionalizing a Fund for Land or Site Improvement. lot acquisition and other projects and activities thereto of the Socialized Housing Program. The assessment and planning activity gathered commitment from the officers to reactivate their federation and refocus their discussions to major concerns like land tenure issues of all their HOA members. LEADERS. MUPERT and UCERT) were formally organized as one they named their group Coalition of Volunteers for Emergency 14 | P a g e .Alvin M. Five PO-based ERTs (ALERT. incoming general assembly. the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson were able to fully settle their differences and a one year organizational plan was formulated through organizational diagnosis (SWOT analysis). Only DWUP personnel appeared and tried answering all of their questions in behalf of the Mayor. Later. who called on the Mayor and DWUP personnel to seriously implement the SIR program. Based on the report. upon reflection. Floro Enricoso. the media people went to the Office of the City Mayor to get the Mayor’s side regarding the issues and concerns of ASIRBA. Councilor Dizon admitted that the constant discussions made with ALL-POWER officers regarding the needs of the informal settler communities led to the passage of such ordinance. The Alliance of Slum Improvement and Resettlement Beneficiaries Association (ASIRBA) members trooped their way to the city hall to have a dialogue with the City Mayor and DWUP personnel regarding the serious implementation of City Ordinance No. ASSERT. 2259 or the Slum Improvement and Resettlement (SIR) program. spokesperson for ASIRBA.

the plan will be a guide of their concrete actions such as lobbying with either Office of the Civil Defense or City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council. Pooc & Tanke in Talisay City and barangays Alang-Alang. Candulawan. Cabancalan.Response and Training (ConVERT). Basak. ConVERT had their planning and reflection sharing participated by 16 members. They were also made to understand the close interrelatedness of climate change and disaster risk reduction. Linao. 7. FORGE focused its intervention in strengthening Barangay Development Councils (BDCs) and Barangay Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Councils (BDRRMCs) in terms of ensuring the regularity of meetings where plan implementation is properly discussed and monitored. Set of officers were elected in one of their consultative meetings. FORGE was able to conduct an Orientation-Seminar on Republic Act 10121 or the “Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act of 2010” and Republic Act 9729 or the “Climate Change Act of 2009” for 10 partner-barangays in Mandaue City where the salient provisions of two relevant laws were presented and discussed focusing on areas that matters most to the barangays like the importance of having a BDRRMP to be formulated in a participatory manner by members of BDRRMC. Intensified engagement with Local Government Units for policy-influencing. 17 have already formulated their comprehensive and integrated BDRRMPs while an additional 10 barangays were able to form their BDRRMC/ERT. Maghaway. At least 2 Civil Society Organizations (CSO) representatives from existing and active community-based people’s organizations representing the most vulnerable and marginalized groups in the barangay were ensured to become members of BDRRMCs mostly representing women’s organization. Lawaan. With all the accomplishments made in partner-barangays. person with disabilities organizations and urban poor organizations. Poblacion. Manipis. A total of 20 barangays entered partnership with FORGE for the project Building Disaster Resilient Communities in Metro Cebu. Tawason & Umapad in Mandaue City. Ibabao-Estancia. Cubacub. Casili. Lagtang. Tabok. FORGE also entered partnership with barangay Basak Pardo in Cebu City. Resolution entering partnership with FORGE passed by the barangay councils and Memorandum of Understanding with FORGE were signed to signify the partnership. Out of 20 partner-barangays. it remained a challenge for FORGE on the possible change of leadership after the election next year which would affect the political landscape in partner areas. Looc. namely: Barangays Biasong. 15 | P a g e .

PVCA tools and processes. participated in the deliberation of winners and attended the awarding ceremony. Sangguniang Panglungsod. agreed to facilitate Contingency Planning and BDRRM Planning next year while FORGE observes and evaluates the whole process. through its COD staff members. FORGE was also tapped by the City Government of Mandaue to take an active part in the Search for Outstanding BDRRMC as part of their Barangay Integrated Awards (BIA). the emergency response unit of the city. As part of ways forward. FORGE facilitated another Training of Trainers (TOT). Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) City Office. The planning was actively participated by 40 participants coming from 12 partner-coastal barangays of PMPI. City Administrator’s Office. FORGE was chosen as one of the evaluators / judges for BDRRMC category and played a key role in the identification of criteria following the guidelines set by DILG. conducted on-site evaluation to 27 barangays in Mandaue City. RA 10121 salient features. Bureau of Fire Protection. orientation on FORGE’s new project was done as well as leveling-off on the four thematic concerns of DRRM.Consultative meetings with national government agencies and LGUs were conducted per city which was attended by officials from City Planning and Development Office. 8. This way. skills in facilitating will be immediately evaluated for further improvement. Climate Change and DRR interrelatedness. In these consultative meetings. NDRRMC and DBM based on RA 10121. FORGE. City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office. A Trainors’ Training was planned to be conducted for Cebu City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office staff members this coming August 2016. BDRRMP formulation and Contingency plan formulation. headed by no less than the CDRRMO Officer. This will be part of on-the-job Facilitators’ Training. COD Team was tapped to facilitate the 4-day Communitybased Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Planning (CBDRRMP) to barangay officials and community leaders of Philippine Misereor Partnership Inc. Thirty participants underwent a review/orientation on the following: Basic DRRM principles. this time for selected CDRRMO staff members including ACERT. The training is aimed at capacitating the participants in facilitating DRRM planning at the barangay level in order to cope with the large number of barangays in Cebu not reached by FORGE. (PMPI) in Guiuan Samar. Technology-sharing with National Government Agencies and other NGOs. the participants. Office of Civil Defense (OCD). 16 | P a g e .

The results of the survey were also presented back to the representatives of Cebu City Federation of Persons With Disability Inc. Kinasang-an. 2015. The survey was conducted with persons with disability to gather first-hand information on the present condition.9. national government agencies and civil society organizations in creating a safe and protective environment for children. largely orthopedic in condition. barangay officials. respond and recover from disasters. Reached-out to 439 children through outreach work in hang-out places. Pasil. The root of the Division’s existence was the organization’s Integrated Program for the Protection of Women and Children back in 1997. being the most vulnerable. economically dependent. As the year’s passed. GAD officers of the 5 target barangays together with representatives from the Cebu City Council as well as Department of Social Welfare and Services of Cebu City through their Persons with Disabilities Affairs Office (PDAO) Focal Person for further validation. The results became basis as well in crafting of a one-year partnership project with Arbiter Samariter Bund (ASB) which commenced and was launched in November. who are victimized into commercial sexual exploitation. concerns. 1. not participating in community activities and considered a liability rather than asset by the community. Result of the assessment of the disability-inclusiveness of the barangay plans was also presented to the barangay officials for validation. issues.. FORGE outreach workers uses community organizing skills and principles in penetrating hangouts of vulnerable children and integrating with them to understand their situation and the changing practices of child commercial sexual exploitation. however. The Division’s work. It was created as a response to the trend of using women and children to earn income and the use of poverty as excuse for such exploitation. Sawang Calero and Buhisan. mostly elementary level in education. is not merely focused on the child but involve the rehabilitation of the children’s family and community as well as influencing local government units. SOCIAL OUTREACH DIVISION The Division’s creation is FORGE’s response to the need of protecting children against one of the worst forms of child labor and exploitation --commercial sexual exploitation. the level. FORGE has decided to zero-in on the rescuing of children. The survey yielded results that most of the persons with disability in the targeted barangays are in their prime years. Disability-Inclusion in Barangay Disaster Risk Reduction and Management. without properties of their own. quality and form of participation in the community and capacity to prepare. single. namely: Carreta. Area profiling on the situation of persons with disability was conducted in five selected partner-barangays in Cebu City. As 17 | P a g e .

FORGE ran two Activity Centers located in Cebu City and Lapulapu City. Child Trafficking and Child Sexual Exploitation and counseling sessions. In 2015. The Teen Dreamers Home Project has always been an alternative Home for Commercially Sexually Exploited Children for healing and renewal since 2009. These children were encouraged to visit the FORGE Activity Centers for deeper interventions. study sessions. 3. A total of 27 children clients were admitted and provided with temporary shelter. assistance to formal education. FORGE have always collaborated with the communities where vulnerable children are rampant through its advocacy and networking work. group dynamics sessions. tutorials and leadership formation sessions. study sessions on children’s rights. outdoor activities. values formation sessions and spiritual development. the Centers provided the reached-out children with street education sessions. 2. 17 of them stayed in the Teen Dreamers Home until December 2015.a result. Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking 18 | P a g e . parents’ sessions. group counseling. creative therapies. sewing and cooking). counseling. HIV-AIDS. arts and crafts. singing. medical Services and family interventions in FORGE Teen Dreamers Home. 172 of them were new contacts with 58% of these new contacts verified to be victims of commercial sexual exploitation through community and family visits. out of 27. Parents of children in Teen Dreamers Home were also reached out and availed of home visits. Also. Human Trafficking. 80 reached-out children consistently attended the Personality Development and Life Planning Course provided by the Centers. While children were staying in the Teen Dreamers Home. 439 children were reached in 2015. talent and skills development (dancing. out of the 27 admitted to the Home. It has provided residential care services to vulnerable children and children actively engaged in prostitution/ sex tourism/online sexual abuse. 25 of them were sent to formal school and 22 of them sustained and moved to the next year level. Provided alternative hang-outs for vulnerable children as well as children already into commercial sexual exploitation (CSE). parents’ programmatic training and parent-child dialogues. Engagement with local government units and national government agencies ensured that the plight of children in commercial sexual exploitation were included in government agenda. psychosocial services. 4. In 2015. FORGE Social Outreach Division staff engaged the Barangay Council for the Protection of Children (BCPC) as well as national government agencies and entities like Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and its local counterparts. various activities were provided such as individual counseling.

the project sponsored the formal schooling of 82 reached-out children. 4 of which graduated and got qualified for college. the intervention has supported the following: 12 elementary students. sports festivals. Out of the 82 children. Strengthened partnerships with private sector through their outreach committees. FORGE were able to refer cases to these agencies which were beyond what FORGE can respond with. 5. 53 High School students. FORGE also endeavored to organize and train community leaders to become Agents of Change for Children and Teens (ACCT) as child protectors and child rights advocates. Specifically. 2 scholars received academic awards while another 2 scholars received leadership and active in extra-curricular activities award. Referral mechanisms at the barangay level for responding on child abuse cases were also developed through FORGE’s technical assistance and in partnership with BCPCs.(IACAT) and its local counterparts. in the bid to localize Anti-Trafficking In Persons (ATIP) laws and advocacy. Of the 74 students that were supported by the project. transit and destination of trafficked victims. respond and stop TIP incidents. among others. Samboan and Daanbantayan municipalities have drafted their own referral 19 | P a g e . Intensified anti-trafficking initiatives in Central Visayas. FORGE has established link with private companies through their corporate social responsibilities to refer qualified children for training. It was in 1998 that FORGE launched its Support-A-Dream Project that sought sponsors for children rescued from commercial sexual exploitation to go back to school. Christmas parties and even employment for clients who are already qualified. Provided scholarships to 82 children through the FORGE Educational Assistance for Sexually Exploited children (FORGE-EASE) Project. The goal is to end the cycle of violence in families within their communities. Assisi Foundation and Dutch Advent Campaign. 10 of which graduated and got qualified for high school. 74 sustained their schooling and got qualified to move into the next year level. 6. In response to the growing incidence of child trafficking in Central Visayas. Last 2015. it being considered as source. FORGE Social Outreach Division pushed for the LGUs to establish a referral pathway of reporting TIP cases in their community which would ensure the coordination and cooperation of all concerned agencies in the LGU to monitor. FORGE has intensified its work against child trafficking. In 2015. San Remigio. 7. Such project evolved to become the FORGE-EASE Project which gathered support from individual sponsors. 9 college students. and. This was in line with the organization’s belief that formal education is one of the most important tools that children-clients can hold to attain a life free from exploitation.

Santa Fe and Samboan had successfully established ATIP Help Desks at the port areas. reporting and responding to TIP cases. recording. Changes of LGU leadership could result to newly elected officials not understanding and/or not appreciating the work that has been started or even if they are open to the ongoing interventions. the work of orienting them with the basics of what we are doing in the communities might necessarily be repeated. flyers. Information. and to LGU and barangay officials were also conducted to raise awareness about ATIP laws and other child protection laws. FORGE should improve local response and mobilization in sustaining the programs and projects that FORGE has initiated. With 84% of FORGE’s workforce exposed to the field. Education and Communication materials in the form of fans. CHALLENGES IN OUR WORK 2016 Elections. Santander. Mandaue City. improving their technologies as well as enhancing their mechanisms for better governance and better responses to community needs and issues is seen to be successful. Sustaining community interventions. and others were developed to support and sustain the impact of study and education sessions conducted. The current strategy of FORGE’s work that entails collaboration with local government units is seen to be at risk of being affected with the upcoming 2016 elections. local dutybearers. San Remigio. To achieve this. Admittedly donor-dependent. there are real security and environmental risks that threaten the organization’s staff members. the 2016 elections is a reality that the organization must definitely be prepared. 20 | P a g e .pathway and final consultations with the mayors and department heads of PNP. However. FORGE’s continuing challenge which would have to be responded is the sustainability of its interventions. Meanwhile. The organization’s work with LGUs in 2015 in raising their awareness. the organization must begin operationalizing its Resource Development Plan to develop internal and local resources and slowly move away from donor-dependence while being able to sustain and improve community interventions. Thus. Ubay and Sibulan were being helped in their effort to have their referral pathways be approved by the local Sanggunian. Security and environmental risks. MSWD and Tourism offices were already conducted. This in turn. The implementation and support to the organization’s Local Security Plan must be ensured and monitored by the Management Team. the two Divisions are already planning for the eventualities that would come out from the said event. shirts. would have repercussion to our limited resources. Study and education sessions with tourism and transport stakeholders. The project also worked to encourage the tourism and transport sectors to coordinate and cooperate with local law enforcement agencies and report any TIP case that occur in their establishments. The different awareness and capacity-building activities were conducted to strengthen local initiatives and programs in monitoring.