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"Quo Vadis?

" Play Summary
v. 1.0, 4/21/2006
• Players select a color of Senators.
• Place "1" laurel tokens by the side of the board face up.
• Optional: Place 7 special tokens face down by the side of the board.
• Take 10 random tokens and place them face up on the laurel wreath spaces.
• Place Caesar token on the top center laurel space near the Inner Sanctum.
• Youngest player goes first (or choose randomly).
Game End and Victory Conditions:
• Game ends immediately when five Senators fill the Inner Sanctum.
• Player with most laurels wins, but only if they have at least one Senator in the Inner
Sanctum. In case of a tie, first player to reach the Inner Sanctum wins.
Turn Actions. Do one and only one of these actions:
• Move one of your Senators into a starting space.
• Advance one of your Senators from one committee to another.
• You must have a majority of votes in the current committee or the Caesar token must
be in the path the Senator wants to take. If Caesar is in the path, you will not collect
a laurel.
• Players who give supporting votes get a "1" laurel token for each vote. Only the
minimum number of tokens are awarded and the player who moved the Senator
decides who gets the tokens.
• Players are free to make deals--promises must be kept if they can be redeemed by
the end of the next round.
• If your path passes through a laurel token, collect it and replace it with a random
token. If the collected token has a Caesar icon, the player may move Caesar at the
end of the round. Tokens are kept face down.
• Move Caesar to any laurel space on the board.
• Optional: take a special token.
Optional Rules (use any or all of these as desired):
• Limited number of "1" tokens. Use 10/14/18 for 2/3/4 players.
• After 3 players have entered the Inner Sanctum, any player may demand that all tokens
be revealed until the end of the day.
• Promises must only be kept through the end of the current round rather than the next.
• If you have at least as many Senators as any other player, you may bribe your way out
of the committee by paying either 3 or 5 laurels.
• Caesar must be moved when a "2" token with Caesar is drawn.
• At the end of the game, add the number of committees where you have seniority to the
number of laurels.