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Halt “Severus” Dratona.

A young purple dragon possesed by the dark form of the legendary
dark stone created by the aether in ancient times. The heart of this beast is
pure and forgiving, yet the dark mask of evil that surrounds it often clouds
his better judgement, causing him to lash out at those he loves or to end
fights in unnecessary brutality. Halt's past is a mixture of joy and sadness
combined with harsh tyranny and life altering incidents.
It begins when Halt Dratona was a mere hatchling, his mother was
attacked by a group of skitches (Ape-like pirates) and her sight was taken
away from her. Halt vowed to find the leader of this pirate group and make
him pay for what he had done to his mother. Years later, Halt's mother gave
birth to his sister, Cynder Dratona. Cynder and him were the perfect team:
hunting, playing, learning, everything they did was together. When Halt was
15, his father died in the mines of his village. Devastated, his mother
stopped speaking. Cynder and Halt decided that the only way for them to
make it out of the HellHole that their lives had become was to escape to the
city of Barthe. The trip to this city would be dangerous, they both knew. Six
days into their expedition, Halt and his sister were captured by skitches.
Halt's sister was beaten before his eyes, and without warning, his blood
started to heat up, and from somewhere deep inside him errupted a funnel of
boiling rage. Anger, fire, and sorrow that had built up inside him for so long,
finally found an escape. Half the men of the pirate squadron were incinerated
immediatly. The leader, whom Halt made out to have a massive scar across
his eye and was missing his right arm and replaced by a large broadsword,
grabbed Cynder and escaped to his winged battleship before Halt could
escape the men holding him. As the massive flying pirate ship emerged into
the clouds above, Halt watched with horror and sadness. This was the pirate
responsible for ruining his mother's sight, Halt knew it must be true. And now
he had his sister.

Two Years Later

Halt, now nearly 18, worked in the metropolis known as Barthe as a
blacksmith and forger for the Royals. He had spent the last two years
gathering information on the notorious one-armed pirate, as well as training
in swordplay and smithing. Finally, as the winter season approached, he
knew he had what was needed to get back his sister.
And to get revenge for his mother.
After what felt like weeks, Halt made it to the northern-most region of the
land of the dragons. This was where he had heard the pirates would take up
shop for the winter non-raiding season. At last, he came across a small

village. He noticed that, as he was informed, the village appeared to be
empty of its usual inhabitants, with a large central fire hosting an enormous
tent that he assumed belonged to the leader, whom Halt had also learned
was named Gaul the Terrible. Beyond the fire were smaller tents that kept
the small army of skitches who were commanded by Gaul. Halt noticed a
large crystal fastened to an equally large wagon located near the command
tent. Armed with his longsword crafted from aetherial metals that he had
mined during his time in Barthe, and his cloak that his mother had made for
his 15th birthday, Halt waited till nightfall to strike.
Halt made his way to the inner circle of night watchmen and slowly and
methodically made his way to the command tent. Just inside, he could hear a
couple voices talking in a language he could not understand. As he was
peering through a small gap in the stitching, a screech in the night made him
freeze with fear. He felt as if the screech were familiar, yet the tone was evil
and terrifying. He shrugged the thought away and focused on his target. At
last he could make out the massive bulk that was Gaul the Terrible. Standing
nearly 8 feet tall, Gaul was wearing a set of what appeared to be iron
leggings, and the ever present broadsword connected to his right arm. His
face was cold and angry. Halt thought he might like to remove it from that
hulking body of his. Standing beside him was a smaller yet still rather large
pirate that appeared to be a type of captain. As he watched, Gaul muttered
something to the captain, who then saluted and left the tent. Now was his
chance, alone and unaware of his presence, Halt would enter the tent and
find the whereabouts of his sister and then punish him for what he had done
to his family. He was just about to enter the tent when that horrible screech
rang through the moonless night once more. Momentarily startled, Halt let
out a confused grunt. He cursed himself silently, and noticed that Gaul had
heard his momentary mistake. Now or never.
He lunged through the entrance flaps and collided with Gaul himself.
Unprepared, the pirate leader tumbled to the ground. Halt held the tip of his
sword to the pirate’s throat. Gaul tried not to swallow as the pink tinted,
razor-sharp gleaming blade was pressed firmly in place.
“Where is my sister?” Halt demanded.
“You’re about to find out, stupid dracona” spat Gaul.
Confused and enraged, Halt press harder. Blood trickled down the blade.
Suddenly, he became aware of the two guards that had entered behind him,
spears ready. He threatened their leader’s life, only to notice that they were
backing away frightfully. He turned back around to see a monster unlike any
he had ever seen or heard of. A towering beast standing well over 10ft, with
massive wings and bright purple glowing eyes. Never in the stories his
mother had told him to scare him from lingering outside at night, nor from
the ancient tales of creatures long past, had he ever fathomed the beast that
stood before him.

It was his sister.
Horrified, Halt dropped the sword and toppled backwards off of the pirate
captain. Gaul rose, laughing. “You see, I never did care for you dragons. That
is of course until I learned about the secret powers hidden within some of
your kind. All that is needed is a bit of a ritual, a dark power stone, and of
course,” he said implying Cynder with an evil smirk, “a ‘willing’ participant.”
“You monster! What have you done to her?” Halt screamed at Gaul.
“I’ve merely unlocked the potential that was always inside her.” He
shrugged. Without warning, Gaul shouted a command and raised his sword
arm towards Halt. The screech that Halt had been fearing over the night
erupted from Cynder and she lunged forward, attempting to snap his neck.
Halt dodged out of the way and yelled for her to stop.
“Sis, it’s me! Your big brother has come to save you. Stop this madness, it’s
me can’t you see that?” Halt yelled, bewildered that this was happening.
Cynder turned around to face him once more, her eyes glowing fiercely
purple. “I have no family.” She stampeded forward once more, this time Halt
was unwilling to move, mortified by the statement his corrupted sister had
just said. She pinned him to the ground, screeching into his face. She swiped
a massive claw across his chest, releasing a gush of blood. Halt merely
winced as he said, “Sis…no it can’t be. This can’t be happening.”
Cynder backed off and screamed for him to fight back. Halt stood to his feet,
clutching the wound.
“No. I won’t fight you.”
Cynder, enraged that her prey would not put up a fight, glanced towards her
master, Gaul, who nodded and motioned for her to finish this. She reared
back, prepared to put all of her monstrous weight and pin all six razor sharp
claws into her brother. Wait.
Her brother. Emotion poured into the blackened heart of Cynder as she
recalled a time where the figure in front of her had helped her defeat the
bullies of their home village. Home, mother….her mother! This was Halt! Her
brother whom she had been torn away from two years earlier. Has it really
been two years? She thought as the normal mind and form of Cynder was
being returned.
“Oh gods…Halt!” as she shrank back to her normal form, her mind freed from
the enslaving power of the dark magic, she stumbled towards her injured
“Cynder! Oh thank gods you’re back! I thought for sure that was going to be
it and-“
His phrase of excitement was torn away by the sound of a sickening thud.

“Halt…I’m so sorry..please forgive me…I don’t want to die..” Cynder’s voice
was forced and very faint. Halt was horrified as he looked down to his sister
as she stumbled towards him, having more and more trouble doing so, to see
a massive black shafted crossbolt lodged into her back, piercing through her
heart and out her chest. Gaul in the background tossed his anti-personal
crossbow to the side and snarled an insult to the fading soul of Cynder. Halt
couldn’t believe what just happened. He had freed his sister of the evil that
had ensnared her for two years, and they were finally reunited, only to have
all of that ripped away from him before his very eyes. Gaul howled with rage
and ran towards Halt. “You ruined my war machine! I’ll destroy you for this!”
Halt, equally enraged, lunged past the hulking Gaul to retrieve his sword
from the smashed command tent. A skitchen guard tried to stop him only to
receive a gleaming aetherial sword through his breast. Halt, filled with rage,
ripped the sword from its first victim and turned toward Gaul. The pirate
leader had run beside the massive cart holding the dark crystal to retrieve
his hand axe and had now turned around to face his opponent. Halt felt the
blood in him turn frighteningly hot, his veins popped, his heart raced, his
vision blurred. He released a plume of smoke and boiling fire from his jaws
aimed directly at Gaul. The pirate attempted to dodge out of the way but was
caught by the flames. Screaming in pain, he flailed wildy with his sword and
axe and struck into the crystal with his sword arm. Covered in ash and
burning skin, he attempted to remove his now stuck arm from the dark
crystal. Halt started towards Gaul, his breath coming in very short rasps, and
his eyes beginning to sparkle. A faint whistle was begun to be heard
throughout the camp, several of the skitches realized what was happening
and fled their tents in attempt to get away from the camp. Halt stood before
Gaul who was still trying to remove his sword from what kept it held in place.
He attempted to swing his axe but had it easily deflected and then flicked
from his hand by Halt’s sword.
“I’ve waited a long time for this. Burn in hell you monkey scum.” Halt reared
his sword back sideways as Gaul spat insults, “Severus von tutundum.” Gaul
said with a cool hint of anger at Halt. “You are no better than me, dracona.”
Halt’s sword came across the throat of the tyrannous pirate captain in a flash
of pink and blue. The sword struck into the dark crystal, which Halt now
realized was the source of the whistling. The noise he noticed was becoming
increasingly louder. He let go of the sword and turned back to the now
lifeless body of his sister. He knelt beside her and said a draconian prayer of
peace and good fortune for her afterlife in the stars above. Suddenly, an
explosion occurred behind him, throwing him to his side. A massive hole was
gouged into the side of the crystal, and the whistling had now increased to a
deafening scream. Whispers and shouts were heard as ghouls and dark
spirits flung themselves from the crystal. Several of them wrapped
themselves around Cynder and Halt, and he watched in horror as his sister

begun to disintegrate. Suddenly his bones were frozen and he was launched
into the air, unable to move.
“Wha-“ He managed to utter. His eyes focused on the crystal beneath him,
widened as he now saw the ghostly figure of his sister suspended in the air in
front of him. Her eyes were shut yet she was muttering things in an ancient
form of draconic. Suddenly her eyes snapped open and now beamed as
ghostly white flames protruding from her skull. “Severus von tutundum. The
ancient meaning for ‘Evil Born Beast’,” she said in a voice that was not her
own, “This shall be your new name as you transform into your new self. Go
forth with these new found powers combined with the soul of your sister and
destroy all that is evil in this cruel and unforgiving world. Show no mercy.”
She said in a booming voice. Her body began shimmering and then was
A bright flash, a thunderous bang, and Halt fell to the ground beneath him,
his eyes rolling into his skull.

Several days later..

Halt woke with a start. He rose to a crouch on all four legs, quickly surveying
his surroundings. Strange.. he thought. I don’t remember feeling the urge to
ever walk on all fours. He suddenly realized a strange sensation. Several
strange feelings, in fact. The first thing he noticed were the large blackened
purple wings attached to his back. Those definitely weren’t there before. The
next thing he noticed was the fact that his vision was incredibly focused.
Anywhere he looked he could see as if he were standing right beside it. He
looked around and noticed some tattered tents and smoldering heaps of ash
and charred wood. He suddenly felt an urge inside him and a flame erupted
from inside him with ease, smoldering the pile into a new pile of scattered
flames. Certainly couldn’t do that before. He then noticed the body of the
cruel pirate that was Gaul. Instantly his memory was returned to him. His
monstrous sister, the returning of her body, the crossbolt through her chest,
himself defeating Gaul, and then of course the haunting memory of his
sister’s spirit enforcing the new life that he was to live combined with her
soul. He looked down at his hand. It was a rich dark purple, with the blood
gleaming through his skin. He rushed toward a water well and looked down
into it to see his reflection. Standing in the watery reflection, was a dark
purple dragonborn who had been transformed into a more primal version of
the ancients, with dark wings that fluttered on his command.
And the biggest thing that he noticed as he stared in disbelief at the
reflection that now belonged to him, were the eyes. They were white flames,
shining brightly.

Severus Von Tutundum.
The name he had received from both Gaul and his spirited sister. This is what
he had become. A symbol of fear itself with a mission to vanquish all that
was evil in this horrible world. He had absorbed the dark magic from the
crystal when it exploded and transformed into a darker more sinister version
of his past self.
Halt?... he heard a voice in his head.
What happened to us?..where is my body?
The voice belonged to his sister.