Sort (Seiri: Suriin)Identify and classify ‘wanted’ and unwanted, take out
‘unwanted items’ at the work place. Through Sorting we get rid of waste and clutter.

to do with unnecessary items in your work place?
Transfer to where it is needed most
Store in the right place near to its usage
Sell or dispose as garbage or waste

Benefits of Sorting
- Valuable space is saved
- Reduced searching time
- better flow of work
2. Systematize (Seiton: Sinupin)
“To place or arrange items necessary to your workplace in good order so they can
be easily pick up for use”.
Principles of Seiton:

Place frequent items near the user and visible to minimize searching
Arrange items in such a manner that it can be easily reached
Separate common tools from exclusive tools.
Clean tools every after use and always put it back in its place



Easy things out and keep things back easily.
lesser mistakes.
reduce searching time.
Safe working environment

3. SWEEP/SHINE – (SEISO: Simutin)
To clean the area thoroughly so that there is no dirt anywhere.
Clean regularly so that no chance to get dirty. Clean as you go
Cleaning and care for equipment and facilities and also inspecting them for
Also includes primary maintenance of
equipment – Acts as form of inspection
- work place becomes free of dirt which is the starting point for quality.
- equipment lifespan is prolonged and less breakdowns
Creates a pleasant environment.
- Prevent accidents
To maintain high standard of housekeeping
How to practice standardize??

Practicing Shitsuke:  Create awareness ( 5S day in the farm.. Standardize Activities: .)  Train the workers to develop a culture within the farm where it becomes everybody’s habit!  Treat the farm as your second home  Be aware of your own attitude and habits  Think of how to beautify your workplace.Aisle marking . Benefits: . . .Cleanliness standards .Colour schemes .. .Signage .Avoid mistakes.Improve visual and transparency management work efficiency 5.Helps workers to develop team work Begins with ME! Our work environment is a reflection of…… ….denotes commitment to maintain orderliness and to practice first 3S as a way of life.Promotes habit for complying with farm rules and procedures.Cleaning schedules Benefits of Standardize . Who we are ….Consistency in the work practices. etc. systematizing and sweeping .Activities will be simplified. SUSTAIN/SELF DISCIPLINE (SHITSUKE: Sariling Sikap) To do things independently without being told. How we are . What we are …. .create a cleaning system maintenance program schedules and responsibilities .repeat the cycle of sorting.set procedures and specifications for all workers to follow and comply. “Practicing 4S as a habit and a way of life” .

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