Texturized PET

Polyester fibers, the synthetic fibers, are long chain polymers derived from coal, air,
water, and petroleum. They are formed through chemical reaction between an acid and
alcohol. In this reaction, two or more molecules combine to make a large molecule
whose structure repeats throughout its length. These molecules are very stable and
strong. There are variations in the compositions and therefore in the properties of
polyester fibers. Polyester in different forms is used widely in textile application to make
polyester (PET)resin and Filament Yarn such as Partially Oriented Yarn
(POY),Polyester Drawn Textured Yarn (DTY), Polyester Fully Drawn Yarn (FDY),
Polyester Staple Fiber (PSF), Polyester Spun Yarn (PSY), Technical Yarn, Tire cord
and Mono filaments Yarn.
Types of Polyester
The polyester fibers are generally available in two varieties- PET (polyethylene
terephthalate) and PCDT (poly-1, 4-cyclohexylene-dimethylene terephthalate). PET is
the most common production. It is stronger than PCDT, while PCDT has more elasticity
and resilience. PET can be used alone or blended with other fabrics for making wrinkle
free and stain resistant clothing that can retain its shape. PCDT is more suitable for
heavier applications, such as draperies and furniture coverings.
Types of Polyester Yarns
The polyester yarns have a wide range of diameters and staple lengths. The yarns are
made basically as monofilament yarns, multifilament yarns and spun yarns.
Textured Yarns
These yarns are made of PET multifilaments. Texturizing is either done along with the
drawing process or afterwards during throwing or texturizing process.
Draw Texturised Yarn (DTY) is manufactured by texturising partially oriented yarn using
texturising machines. Polyester DTY yarn is a continuous filament yarn that has been
processed to introduce durable crimps twists, interlaces, loops or other fine distortions
along the lengths of the filament. Yarns made from thermoplastic materials can be
textured by heat setting in a twisted condition, which results in polyester DTY yarn of
greater bulk, higher stretch, and more pleasing aesthetics.
Polyester DTY yarn can also be obtained in various colors by the dope dyed technology
or by conventional dyeing. Dope dyed DTY is usually packed on paper bobbins whereas
Raw White DTY which is used for dyeing is loosely packed on perforated plastic tube so
that all the yarn can be easily dyed when the bobbin is dipped in color. DTY yarn can be
in Semi Dull or Bright or Trilobal Bright depending upon the type of sections of filaments.
DTY is suitable for fabric end uses like outer/inner garments, skin-clinging garments,
furnishings, upholstery, etc. This is a replacement of cotton and cotton blend yarns with
very low moisture content.

The fabric not need to dyed. Such twisted yarn can also be heat-set to make the yarn permanently thermo-set the twist. . such as clothing. recording tapes. industrial fabrics. home furnishings. This makes it resist shrinking and it doesn't stretch out of shape. These knots are not actually the knots tied when two threads are broken but they are the tangle knots created by heating pressure. Machines used for pilot texturizing pet – Barmag AFK –M texturizing machine (for FDY or FOY) Application of the polyester textured yarn Polyester textured yarn is used in manufacturing of many products. home furnishings.it is the dope dyed yarn so can be used directly. Different heating techniques can be used to make the yarn set for specific use . bags and many other uses. Polyester clothing can be preshrunk in the finishing process. Technical Properties of DTY yarn can be moulded in several ways to make the yarn suitable for its vast uses. nonallergenic insulator. It has several advantages over traditional fabrics as it does not absorb moisture. Polyester DTY yarn can also be twisted to high twists like 1500 TPM or 4000 TPM (twist per meter). thus it is used for filling pillows. Also the DTY yarn can be made with several combinations of Intermingle points . outerwear.Drawn Textured Yarn (DTY) yarn is obtained when Polyester POY is simultaneously twisted & drawn. and sleeping bags. 2. DTY yarn can be in Semi Dull or Bright or Trilobal Bright depanding upon the type of sections of filaments.10 knots/meter or Semi-Intermingle (SIM) having 40 . also known as Interlaced yarn. Polyester textured yarn are an effective. computer. are the replacement for lightly twisted yarns. DTY yarn is mainly used in weaving & knitting of fabrics for making clothes. and electrical insulation. These Intermingle yarns. seat covers. Catonic DTY is made from Catonic PET Chips.50 knots/meter or High-Intermingle (HIM) having 100 . Its low absorbency also makes it naturally resistant to stains. Catonic DTY is another variant of Polyester DTY that is mainly used in blankets.it can be Non-Intermingle (NIM) having 0 .120 knots/meter.1 Heater DTY is normally woolly & more stretchable as compared to DTY with 2 Heater. quilting.