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Information on Resource person

Name: Jannette T Bagtas
Position: Dentist specializing in Orthodontics and Dental Implants
Health Facility: Balagtas Dental Clinic

Imagine a hospital or a clinic without a proper management. Yes they do save
lives by removing infectious wastes from patients and by using some toxic chemicals.
But what will happen to their wastes? Their wastes that will just spread more diseases
or in worst scenario, will be the reason of deaths of many people. It will indeed become
very problematic for everyone. Not just for those health facilities for their number of
patients will increase but also the innocent people around those health facilities and and
eventually, it could be a national problem. That is why proper disposal management is
being implemented strictly to those health facilities.
Our group tried to interview many different hospitals near the UPLB campus but
unfortunately we were rejected by them. And so yesterday, our groupmate interviewed
his very own mother, Dra, Janette T Bagtas, a dentist specializing in orthodontics and
dental implants in her own clinic in dasdaddasdsa. We were informed that her way of
segregating wastes is by categorizing them: Biodegradable, Non-biodegradable and
biological. Biodegradable wastes are the uninfected cottons and gauze; non-bio wastes
are the gloves and masks and biological wastes are tooth and blooded cottons. Also,
each categories are given to the garbage collector every Mondays, Wednesdays and
She said that the treatment used for each of the category is on the garbage
collector and recycling her clinic’s wastes is very unlikely to happen due to their nature.
Also, wastewater is not done because the only biological waste during surgery are
saliva and blood.
Dra. Bagtas’s clinic is not that big and the only place being disinfected are the
seat and the air. She disinfects that air by using Lyson and the seat by wiping it with
Clorox. Use of medical masks and gloves, disposable syringes or barrels and other
instruments, 70% ethyl alcohol and hand disinfectants are the precautionary measures
done by Dra. Bagtas to prevent disease transmission.