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Footnote to Youth

It is a story of Dodong who was 17 years old when he decided to marry the girl
that he truly love and her name is Teang. And he decided to tell his Father but his refuse
to consider it. Dodong love teang so much that he could not wait for the right age to
settle down in a relationship that is hard to escape. At the age of 17 Dodong and Teang
got married without thinking of the risk being in an uneasy part of life. They just follow
what they feel. After several months of living together they got a child. Teang realize
how hard it is being a young parent. They don’t think what would happen in their future.
Until one day, when their son grow old. He follows the footsteps of his parents. He
wants to marry also at the age of 17. He told his parents about his plan. Dodong have
nothing to do but explain how hard it is and how risky it is too married at a very young
For me the story is very convincing because nowadays there so many young
people who got married. They are not thinking what would be their future look like when
they got married at a very young age. The story did not overlook or leave out anything
important because it teaches us a lot of lessons that we can get from it. The story
emphasize that we should be married in the right time and with a right man or woman. It
is a one sided story because it only focus on Dodongs life.
As a reader of this story I like it because the whole story is very interesting. And
as a teenager like me I am very curious of this story about Dodongs life or Dodongs
experience. We also question our self why other teenager should want to get married
early even it is not yet the right time. And reading this story give us some lesson to
learn, that we don’t need to get married early to prove that we really love our girlfriend
or boyfriend. The story hold my interest because I am interested in why do people
especially teenagers are excited to get married at a very young age. This story annoyed
me because I hate thinking that teenagers nowadays are already married without
thinking about the consequences of their so called marriage. And also some teenager
are not thinking about the sacrifices of their parents. They work hard just to feed them
and let them go to school. To have a better and a bright future but the teenager who got
married right away broke the dreams of her or his parents for them. I realize that we
should not rush everything cause there is a right and a perfect for it. And also I realize
that being married at young age is hard and risky. The question that story raise for me
are, some teenager even if they know that it is too risky they would still take the risk and
get married. Why would they do that? If I get married at this very young age what would
my parents feel?

and it also shows us that father’s are ready to take the risk for the sake of his family. he lost his job. His daughter tita got ill because she has not eaten anything nutritious. what will happened to Mario after he doing illegal things again? . after I read the story I like it because it shows us how the father is willing to sacrifice for the sake of his daughter. And I miss him so much. so he walked through the sinful road. He steals with his friends to experience pleasure. Even if it cost his life he will still do it just to make sure that his family is having a good life or living a good life style. but Mario was annoyed and moved away from his wife. He looked for another job but he never found one. Gloria. He gained a lot of money from it. His wife slips her finger to take some money to buy a biscuit. The story bothered me because I want to know what happened to Mario after he does illegal things again. who suffered in extreme poverty. she accepted him because she believed that Mario will change. Until such time God tested his faith. He did not inform his wife about it because he wanted her not to worry. Then they began to quarrel. it just that they have a different way to show us how much they really love us. despite of Mario’s past. because he knew that his wife will get angry. The question that the story raise for me is. For me. he arrived home. After reading this story I realize that our father love us so much. And for an apple. For four years. As a reader I think that the story is one-sided because it only tell us about the life of Mario and that includes his family and past life before getting married. The story overemphasize or overpriviledge that doing illegal things an stealing just to feed your family or just to give a nice or comfortable life to your family is not good. For me the story did not overlook or leave out anything important because it tells or shows us all the lessons that we need to learn from the story. One day. And because of this he was force to steal an apple for when he took his daughter for a walk. They sacrifice a lot just to make their family happy and live an comfortable life. As a reader of the story. I think it is convincing because like in real life situation father’s do everything that have to do for their child. that is why I have a very big interest about the story. However he changed when he meets Gloria who is a pious woman and she becomes his wife. his family suffered in poverty but Mario never went to the life he had before. And it also overemphasize that a responsible father is willing to do anything and everything for the sake of his family. The story hold my interest because it is about a responsible father and I’ve always been interest about father’s because my father died. they passed a grocery store that sold delicious apple as they’re on their way home.The World is an Apple It is a story about a man. named Mario.

Their mother said to say “thank you”. He asked the little boy to get him a glass of water. The mother slapped the man repeatedly. His name is Vicente. One evening Vicente arrived earlier. So he went to the house every night to teach the kids. He went out of the house. One day in a meeting a man approached their mother and volunteered to be their tutor for an extra job income and because he doesn’t do anything in the evening. For me as a reader I think the story does not overlook or leave out anything important because it shows us all the lessons that we can get by reading it. They don’t have time with their child or children and they’ll end up with the decision of hiring a tutor to teach their children and trusting a stranger. . Then she asked them to throw the pencil. One night he gives three pencils for the girl and for the boy. The girl goes to Vicente to say “thank you” buit he hug her so tight. The story overemphasizes that we should not trust strangers and always makes time for your family no matter how busy you are. The story is very convincing because some people nowadays are like Vicente and some parents are very busy with their job. The boy attempt to kissed Vicente but he told him that boys don’t kiss boys. Their mother is a president in their village. Why do boys like Vicente disrespect us girls especially the young one? Don’t they have conscience cause if they do. She rubs the girls back and told them to go upstairs. Their parents have a good job and because of that their parents don’t have enough time to teach them in their lessons. Then he let the girl write her homework. He is a bus conductor. The question does the story raise for me is. The story bothered me because I want to know what happened to Vicente after he goes out of the house. Vicente is perspiring and his eyes are strange. As a reader I like reading this story because it does not only teach us a lesson that we should not trust a stranger but also it teaches us to make time with our family despite how busy we are. The girl jumped out of his lap because she become afraid. The mother closed the door. She gives a bath to the girl. After reading this story I realize that no matter how nice or kind a person to you and your family if you only meet him or her just a few months. Then their mom arrived. The story is not one sided because it does not only tells us about the life of Vicente but it also talk about the life of the couple who has a son and a daughter.Manificence It is a story about a couple who has a son and a daughter. You should not trust them already. They will not disrespect girls. And the girl started to get out of his too tight hug. If he regret doing it.

There. At the end of the story he already smoke and also he curse or say’s bad words already. The story really bothered me because I really want to know if his mother comes back to him and what will happened to him after he smoke and drink. he was trained to be a news paper boy in the dangerous street of avenida. His father joined the employee’s strike and there he met his death when he was shot by the police officers managing the chaos in the strike. The story is not one sided because the life of the main character but it also tells us what happened to his father. Soon. In those dark street he learned how to curse. He met there many children doing just like what he is. The story did not overlook or leave out anything important because it tells us all the lesson that we can learn from it. And I also learned that we should not let temptation get in our way. We should try to see and examine what they always do to have fun cause if they do bad things just for fun then your not in the right or good group your in the bad one. Like they can easily temp by temptation and also unmannered teenagers can easily influence them to do bad things such as smoking and drinking. Like we should not let the unmannered influence use cause smoking and drinking doesn’t make our life better. He found himself alone in the street. say’s bad words and smoke cigarette because he was influenced by a group of unmannered teenagers. He and his mother were in a deep pain upon hearing his father’s death. mother and friends For me I like reading this story because as a teenager I can learn a lot of lesson from it. They influence an innocent one to drink and smoke. sometimes being beat up by bullies. And I realize that we should pick a friends wisely. it will only make our life miserable. The story overemphasize or overpriviledge about the weak part of a teenagers. She left victor to her older brother or to victor’s uncle. After reading the story I realize that once a family is broken the child would be the most pity full among all the members of the family. Yes this story hold my interest because as a youth I’m always interested in socializing with other people especially to my fellow youth.Children in The City This story is about the life of victor. He wiil meet a unmannered teenagers who will teach him how to curse and how to smoke. her mother had anew husband. The question that the story raise me is that if his dad is still alive what would be his life? And will he regret smoking and drinking? . The story is convincing because some youth nowadays are being influence by the some unmannered teenagers. an eight years old whose father was involved in a company menace because of unjust salaries and compensations.

I realize that our virginity is important because it is the best gift that we can give to our future husband. for a sick mother. A Filipino should be proud to have maintained her virginity but in case of thirty four year old miss mijares. a cherished value of Filipino Female Culture. Discovering that he has “feet of elay. Because they thought it was their true love and they thought that it was the right time. cause she give already her virginity at the right time. as well as her distance from the carpenter. Because some other girls if its not the right time they give virginity to someone.The Virgin The title “The Virgin” gives us the subject virginity. It is convincing because I can’t believe that she’s already thirty four year old but she’s still virgin. I like the main character. Reflecting on her virginal state. Miss Mijares is a dutiful daughter. The story emphasize that being a woman shoul not give virginity to someone if its not the right time. which contrasts with the carpenter’s physical strength and size. Some other girls very excited to get in a relationship. .” She suddenly notice everything else that is wrong with his stupid grin. the text subverts it. The question does the story raise for me is. In capitulating to her desire and her loneliness. Miss Mijares does so with a mixture of shame and bitterness and guilt. The story overlook or leave out anything because. Miss Mijares is a thirty four year old woman who works at a job placement agency where in her perspective in life has put her into a situation of helping first her family before herself. and she give her virginity to her future husband. if her mother did not get sick. I like reading this story because. the carpenter and the main character. in this case. will she be married right away. so that some girls give their virginity to someone. her sternness of manner and abruptness of speech. a pathetic figure. She is slim and frail-looking. his defective teeth. because I like it. Miss mijares over reaction to the discovery that the carpenter has fathered a child by a woman he is not married to reveals the extent of her acquiescene. This story did not bothered me. sacrificing herself. virginity is important to every woman and it is the best gift to our future husband someday if we get married to someone that we love. The story is not one sided because it also talks about her mother. for an aching loneliness. This story hold my interest because now a days a virgin girl is rear to find. Referring to her as “Miss Mijares” underlines her primness. female virginity. the main character named showcased were her stiff and aloof behavior where in her superiority to herself makes her unfriendly and detached to other people. By presenting its protagonist as “victim” rather than heroine of this value system. and becoming a spinster.

unmindful of all those people that pitied him because of his lose. Carding and caldong went to the mountain top. The question that the story raise for me is. The story is not one sided because it talks all of the characters in the story. I’m really very bothered by that part especially when carding cry unashamedly and unmindful of all those people that pitied him because of his lose. They harvest their palay to save it from drowning and kept their Carabao up in the hill. at its peak. if the baby grow old what would be his life without his mother? How carding move on from his lose? What happened after the flood? . who had seen first. carry away houses. Caldong went confused why Caldong was in the lowlands when it is not yet market days. they informed the others about coming. When they reached the topmost part of the mountain they knew that Caldong wasn’t lying. ran towards them. Bastian. Carding and company.The Flood The mountaineer named Caldong. For me as a reader the story is very convincing because it happened in real situation cause there are times thet some people learned us. the wife of Carding pickup her baby and hurrying down the stairs. spoke of a flood that would drown the whole wide lowlands. He lifted the baby and Carding did too. After hearing the news. he knew that it was him because of his and smelly look. Tonio. Lucing. went back to the village to tell what they have seen. excluding Bastian and Berong. crops and all living things. As soon as they heard a loud shot from the mountains and the mighty roar of onrushing flood. So. even at the distance. And they got into hill Carding cried unashamedly. Lucing died while Carding was carrying her. After reading this story I realize that we should listen if someone warns us about something or someone cause there’s no harm in listening to their warning. Yes because I’m very interested in showing people how much I really care for them just like what caldong do in the story. Carding. who came to help. But the story did not overlook or leave out anything important that because we can get a lot of lesson from it. Yes I do like reading this story because I some how can relate to the story sometimes if someone warns me about something or someone I didn’t listen nor care to what he is saying. Berong Mang Tinoy. The story really bothered me because I really want to know what happened after the flood and about the death of lucing carding’s wife. to Lucing. The story overemphasize or overpriviledge that we should trust some who tried to warned us and it also overemphasize how much carding really love lucing his wife. the following day Carlos Conception.

And also I realized that if you love someone you should remain faithful to him or her even if they’re a thousand miles away from you. and the way she talk. and manner. When Kikay and Tony are alone.New Yorker in Tondo It is a story of a girl named Kikay who went to New York to study hair culture and beauty science. Tony confront her. Nena and totoy also came. This story did not overlook or leave out anything important because it shows us the different lessons that we can get from it. Tony forgive her and they went back to each others hand. she ask for forgiveness and she promise him that she will go back to her original self. I like reading this story because it really happened to other people. Tony was trying to open the issue of them being engaged before she left. kikay’s friends and kikay’s sweetheart are shock because Kikay adopted all the New Yorkishthings like life style. But Kikay didn’t want to listen. Tony gets irritated of what kikay say. looks. The story overemphasized the importance of looking back in to our past and forgetting it because without it will not attain everything that we already have right now and it also help us to be strong and to be wise toward our tomorrows. Instead she keeps on ignoring it and she even told him that being engaged to him is just a childish act. When Kikay is already awake. The story did not hold my interest because i don’t like the way ho kikay acted . The story is very convincing because there are a lot of people who goes to another country but when they came back they became another person and thay don’t mind what people say to them. Reprimand her and tell her that new York didn’t bring her any good. While waiting for kikay to wake up. language. They feel that they are more class compare to others. One day Tony Visited her when he heard that Kikay’s has already arrived from new York. and she even influence her mother with her way of living. It is one sided because it focus only on kikay”s life . When she came back to Tondo. While they are talking kikay tell them everything she experience in New York and she even keep on comparing New York from Tondo. Especially nowadays and a lot of us goes to other country when we came back we change and got boastful. It annoys me because of her new attitude. I realize that if you love someone you should fight for them and tell the him or her that how much we really love them. After kikay hear what tony said. She immediately entertained her friends and she doesn’t want to be called as Kikay instead she wants everybody to call her Francesca. The question does the story raise for me are what wiil happened if Kikay did not go to New York? What if Tony and totoy did not fight would Totoy be able to tell Nena how much he really love her ? .

One day she received a letter from her Tita Delia. For me I like reading this story because it shows us how important having a happy and a complete family and it also shows what is the feeling of being awaywith your beloved family. Isang was a hostess in a nightclub. who had a petitioned for Rosario and her Papa to go to the United States. a jeepney. . Rosario noticed for the first time how her mama looked. When they arrived to San Francisco International Airport. The bay was rosaries favorite place when the world seemed tangled and chaotic. The story overemphasize that being away with your love ones is not easy. her mama was a thin woman wearing glasses.Pinay from Pasay Pasay city is only few blocks away from Manila bay. she was given the opportunity to work and earn some money. If her father have money . Rosario remembered the faces of her brothers and sister’s in the Philippine’s. classmates and relatives bade them goodbye. she will bring her brothers and sister to her grandparents house. At the manila International Airport. The Rosario’s father drove a taxicab. and she enrolled in an all girl’s school but Rosario was killed there. to have money to travel and see the beautiful places. When her mama and papa are fighting. heart and mind wherever you go. or an esso tanker. Rosario wrote a letter for her mother. And she said “I want to be someone. The story did not overlook or leave out anything important because it gives us all the lesson that we can get from it. And some parent fight cause financial problems and other problems.” For me as a reader of this story I think it is convincing because just like in real life situation some father forgot what they had a family who are waiting for him and he just spent all his money drinking San Miguel beer with his friends. to be successful. After reading this story I realize that we should not judge people especially does who work in the club because we don’t know what is the reason behind it. At the end of the school year. every minute. Rosario is thirteen year old and she lived in a family compound shared by her grandparents on her father’s side. her aunt in California. her mother longing for a better life and the kindness of Isang. Rosario has a friend and it was isang. her Tita Delia and her Manong benny greeted them warmly. And her four brothers and two sisters lined up for a family picture as neighbor. And I also realize that some fathers are responsible just like the father from the story because sometimes they forget about their family and spent all of their money in buying beers unmindful if their family already eaten breakfast or lunh and dinner. he will only spent it to his friends and will buy alcoholic drinks. And in the school you can never be assured that you will never be bullied. You missed them everyday.

I'm sure that you've heard of the dictum "show not tell". He didn’t mind all of their problems instead of finding a solution to their problems his always drinking with his friend the dog eaters. This friends have prepared a canine treat for their drinking about. things that are not committed by dyslexis fingers. like drinking every morning. Victor doesn't have direction in life. I have many problems with this short story. For me I think the story is very convincing because just like what happened in the story it also happened in real life situation. First is the language. her cup is filled and takes certain matters into her hands as a desperate attempt to escape her squalid going through. It is rife with grammatical errors and typography. Like for example. She feels that eating dog meat is indecent and inhumane. It is possible that the version I read was carelessly typed by someone else but one could defect lapses in diction and parallelisms. The food disgusts Mariana. Yes the story overlook or leave out anything important like what are the consequences of always eating dog. Victor ended up in poor state. Second is technique. And he didn’t value his family. he doesn’t even cared about Mariana’s condition and having a baby. What would be her life after the baby is aborted? . It has no trill and also for me it’s boring to read. The story overemphasize or over-priviledge that planning to aborting a child because it only focus on Mariana’s life. After reading this story I realized that drinking can’t help you with your problems and also aborting your baby can’t lessen your problem. the distreeed wife of a husband lacking in ambition. Reading the story feels a little gossipy and this made me lose interest in whatever Mariana the disillusioned prota gonist. But when she realizes that the people around her do not have any problems with this. Mariana's husband is Victor and he is one of the Dog Eaters. For me I don’t like this story based on my opinion the story is not interesting. There is a flashback scene shoved to the reader that tries to summarize how Mariana and her husband. The story annoyed me because of what the husband do. I like themes of disillusionment .particularly this one because of its could have worked better had the structure been reconstructed. They have one child and Mariana is also pregnant with their second baby. The question that the story raised for is if Mariana pursue the abortion of her baby. the group of Man that are drinking and eating dog as their Pulotan it is very common here in the Philippines. Mariana. explodes when her husband's friend invite him for a drink.The Dog Eaters This story "The Dog Eaters" tells the story of a couples disintegrating marriage againts a backdrop of poverty.

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