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The system scope of the FBC Television has impediments on a few sections of the inside in

the city and also the islands. Offering TV projects to different competitors, for example, Fiji
One in Sports, for case, Rugby and Soccer scope. Another recommendation that could
similarly be realized or upgraded is the FBC social medium in which their site could have a
more fruitful draw on viewers with current events. For example, in the show portion, it could
have had a more master general angle and is appropriate for all the age groups.
Some other recommendation could be giving media freedom so the journalists can publish
appropriate information which will be relevant to the public, which is ethical and has a
positive impact on the viewers; also minimising government involvement on publishing
information as all news and information passed to the public through FBC is screened by
government. This is because public has the right to know what is happening around them and
giving the media freedom to information.
Nevertheless, FBC is all around organised out, especially composed and delegates are
allowed to plan and take in more capacities in various fields. In this manner, the extension in
changes has engaged FBC to superior to anything anybody may have anticipated.