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A Tragic Waste of Talent

Monday night, 29th March 2010, saw the untimely and tragic death of an
automotive aftermarket industry icon. Peter Granat (53), at the time
Managing Director of AutoZone, was ruthlessly murdered and cut down in
his prime by callous, evil, and cowardly thugs, adding to the appalling
crime statistics of this country.

rrespective of motive or The secret is to identify the threat
circumstance, we must so that it can be isolated and dealt
not lose sight of the fact with. There are powerful forces in
that this unthinking act, the universe that counter evil,
in one split second, took away a and they give their support when
father, a son, a husband, a called upon. This is the message
brother, a colleague, a friend, that I have for those who are left
an entrepreneur, a visionary, to carry the flame that burned so
and more. Far, far more. Not bright. Do not despair, go for-
least someone who had built up ward with courage and character,
a reputation as an astute and and fulfil Peter’s vision and des-
deliberative businessman, and a tiny. A bullet may strike a man
maverick who was not afraid to down, but it cannot kill an idea,
challenge the status quo. From nor can it kill faith and
an industry perspective, the endurance. One cowardly and
most tragic aspect was that evil act is nothing when con-
Peter Granat had just that very fronted with many positive steps
day signed a deal, the details of and the power of good. Go for it.
which had been tantalising the Show your mettle. Honour a
automotive aftermarket for great man’s memory.
many months. It was rumoured
that he was on the cusp of From Automotive Business
something revolutionary in the Review, a fond farewell to a brave
parts market. The industry had crusader. May you rest in peace
picked up many hints of what and grace. The May 2010 issue of
was to come, but only those in ABR is dedicated to Peter Granat
his inner circle knew what was and his brave band of warriors.
in the offing. Please see page 40. Our condo-
lences to his family, his friends, his colleagues and his contempo-
From a personal perspective, I got to know Peter during the early raries.
1990’s, when he was taking Fast Parts Roodepoort to unimagined
heights. My interaction with him was as both a supplier and a No matter the circumstances, the brutal reality is that life goes on,
friendly business associate. As a customer, he was as tough as nails, so our May issue continues the tradition of journalistic excellence
but you always knew exactly where you stood with him, and fair- that from its inception ABR introduced to a moribund automotive
ness was his mantra. As a business associate he was both warm and aftermarket publishing segment. Part of this excellence is to work
distant, which encapsulated a complex character, but also gave an with AAMA (Automotive Aftermarket Manufacturers Association)
indication of his single minded commitment to a long term goal. to identify trends and/or threats in the industry, and to alert the
This masked an intense desire and it obviously informed everything stakeholders to these trends and/or threats. This month we look at
he did and said. With the signing of a very important document on a ticking time bomb facing the industry – the issue of training and
the very day of his passing, Peter was clearly close to his promised resources, and the impending crisis if action is not taken by govern-
land, and from anecdotal evidence, he was on the verge of leading ment and industry. The article may be found on page 14. This sub-
his flock of 2500 employees to a new and exciting phase in their ject is of such strategic importance for both the industry and the
business lives. Unfortunately, evil played its hand. country that ABR has decided to allocate significant space and
resources in the future to looking at various aspects and opinions,
There is a lot of evil in our country, in various guises and disguises. which we shall bring to our readers on a continual basis.
I can personally vouch for this. But I also know that evil, when con-
fronted, can be contained, and even defeated. w w w. a b r b u z z . c o . z a
2 May 2010

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What’s the Buzz?

TomTom goes to WORK

TomTom WORK, a division of the leading provider of navigation solutions TomTom NV, is a
business solution for fleet management combined with navigation and is now providing commu-
nication products and services to the South African business market. With the online tracking and tracing service, customers can monitor their fleets’
movements in real-time and communicate with their teams, whether it be for deliveries, meetings or other urgent messages. Each TomTom WORK
offering is designed specifically for each customer’s reporting needs and made available with a simple click of a button. “We know our colleagues
TomTom SA have experienced great success with lifestyle navigation solutions and we believe that there is a significant gap in the market for B2B
navigation opportunities that are able to improve business management and fleet control and at the same time generate positive financial results”, says
Thomas Schmidt, Managing Director for TomTom WORK.

Don’t Give your Tyres

Fast-paced action
Grey Hairs…
Get the best out of your tyres by following simple guidelines. Good tyre care ensures you
get the most out of your tyres, says Mandy Lovell, Public Relations Manager for Bridgestone. The Suzuki Acceleration Series is back. Following a
“A set of tyres for a mid-range car can easily cost four to six thousand Rand, yet our tyre safe- successful debut at venues around the country during
ty survey shows that many people do not protect this investment,” she commented. 2008, Suzuki Auto South Africa has decided to run a
“Incorrect inflation is the major cause of reduced tyre life, and when we survey tyre pressures, second, extended season of the Acceleration Series,
we find that the majority of tyres whose pressures are incorrect are underinflated,” she with significant prizes at stake. The Suzuki Acceleration
explained. “This causes the tyre to wear more rapidly on the shoulders. Over-inflated tyres Series features the complete Suzuki passenger car range,
wear more rapidly in the middle, although we don’t find many over-inflated tyres in our and offers members of the public an opportunity to
study.” she commented. Moral of the story: Check your tyres regularly and avoid any participate in two challenging activities. The first of
obstructions in the road at all costs, especially the dreaded POTHOLES! You will then these is a timed precision driving challenge in a Suzuki
increase your tyre-life and in turn save considerably. Swift and a Suzuki Alto around a predetermined
gymkhana track, while the second consists of a loading
task, during which participants have to fit as many
blocks as possible into the cargo compartment of a
Suzuki SX4. The full range of Suzuki passenger cars
will also be on hand for testing, allowing the public
convenient one-stop access to Suzuki’s Alto, Swift and
SX4 passenger car models. As before, the Acceleration
Series will be run in all major centres around the coun-
try, but this year will consist of a total of 20 events.
Professional drivers are specifically excluded, as the
event is aimed at normal motorists with no special driv-
ing or motorsport experience. Scores for both tasks will
be averaged to determine a winner at each of the 20
Acceleration Series events. These winners will partici-
pate in a final, to be held at the end of the year, with a
new Suzuki Swift Sport up for grabs as the grand prize.

Can’t absorb the shock?

Steering wheel vibrations, knocking noises, roll effects when cornering, bad road grip and con-
stant steering correction could be not only symptoms of worn out shock absorbers but could
also signal wear on protection and mounting kits. As usual Tenneco brings you the solution:
Monroe from Tenneco Inc. recommends that installers check protection Kits (dirt shield and
compression bumper), Mounting Kits (rubber block and bearing) as well as shock absorbers
every 20 000 km and replace them every 100 000 km, or when replacing shock absorbers.

KenKen 5 x 5
How to Play:
Like Sudoku, even though difficulty may vary from puzzle to puzzle, the rules for
playing KenKen are fairly simple:
For a 3 x 3 puzzle, fill in with the numbers 1-4.
• Do not repeat a number in any row or column.
• The numbers in each heavily outlined set of squares, called cages, must combine (in any
order) to produce the target number in the top corner of the cage using the mathematical
operation indicated.
• Cages with just one box should be filled in with the target number in the top corner.
• A number can be repeated within a cage as long as it is not in the same row or
column. Answer on page 75

6 May 2010
What’s the Buzz?

72 HOUR RECORD (quickpic)

At 2pm on Tuesday 20 April a group of 51 Drivers (including
14 media, 6 GMSA Engineers, Gerotek Test Drivers and a
number of professional drivers) set off on a mission to break a
number of existing South African speed and distance records
for diesel bakkies over 72 hours. For the mission General
Motors nominated 3 Isuzu KB 300 D-TEQ LWB LE bakkies,
2 Isuzu KB 250 D-Teq Extended Cab LE bakkies. To achieve
the goal of exceeding the previous overall distance record at
least one of the Isuzu KB300 D-TEQ single cab bakkies was
required to average more than 160 km/h, including time in
the pits for refueling, tyre changes (no routine servicing was
required as all Isuzu diesel bakkies are serviced at 15000 km
intervals). To achieve the goal the drivers worked in shifts with
each of them facing an average 2 hours 30 minutes in the car
at a time (as per MSA safety regulation). At the end of the 72
hours the leading KB 300 D-TEQ bakkie had completed 12
243.385km kilometres at an average speed of 170,047 km/h
over 72 hours smashing the previous distance record by
722.721 kilometres. The Isuzu KB 300 D-TEQ rewrote the record book for its class and set new overall records for diesel bakkies over the 72 hour
endurance event. The KB 250 D-TEQ fared equally well with the KB 250 D-TEQ beating the previous class record of 11 024 km (previously held by
a 3.0 litre diesel) by 471 km with a new record distance of 11 495.567 km. In the quest for a new set of overall speed and distance records over 72 hours
the Isuzu team rewrote 15 overall speed and distance records.

Nissan South Africa appoints new

Director to its Board
Neil Craddock has been promoted to Director of Manufacturing at Nissan
South Africa (Nissan SA), effective 01 April 2010. The former Plant
General Manager who currently oversees all aspects of manufacturing at
the company’s Rosslyn operation, as well as facilities, maintenance and
support, will now also be responsible for supply chain management and
production control-related functions. He is the first BEE Director to be
appointed to the Board of Nissan South Africa. Craddock started his career
at Nissan SA as an engineering student under Nissan’s student scheme in
1988, following completion of a three year mechanical engineering course
at Durban’s then ML Sultan Technikon. One of the industry’s first black
engineering students, he worked his way through the ranks of design-,
process- and value engineering, as well as project management. He also
enjoyed a three-year secondment as liaison engineer at Nissan Motor
Company Limited (NML), Nissan SA’s Japan-based parent company.
Following a six-year break, during which time he joined the telecommuni-
cations industry, Craddock returned to Nissan SA as General Manager of
Quality Assurance before taking up positions as General Manager of
Production and Plant General Manager in 2006 and 2007 respectively.

2010 Winner of the ‘Win (motorpics)

the Car of the Year’

collects her prize
Summya Khan, a medical typist at Flora Clinic
Roodepoort, has become the “owner for a year” of
South Africa’s 2010 Car of the Year – the VW Golf
VI 1.4 TSI 90 kW Comfortline. The prize includes
free servicing, free comprehensive insurance from
Hollard, and funding of free petrol for a year’s
motoring from Total. The value of the prize is esti-
mated to be well in excess of R100 000. The
Volkswagen Golf VI 1.4 TSI Comfortline became
the Guild’s 25th Car of the Year when it took the
title at the WesBank-sponsored COTY Banquet on
March 18.

8 May 2010
What’s the Buzz?


A new chapter has been written in the world-conquering history of Toyota’s mighty Hilux as it took on the ice and fire of Iceland’s
Eyjafjallajökull volcano, just hours before its eruption brought chaos to the skies of Europe. The legendary pick-up that Top Gear simply
could not destroy and which was the first car to be driven across the Arctic to the Magnetic North Pole proved the perfect transport for
scientists racing to set up monitoring equipment before the long-dormant mountain blew its top and sent a vast cloud of ash 9,000 m
into the sky. The vehicles used for the expedition were prepared by specialist firm Arctic Trucks to the same extreme environment speci-
fication as the Hilux used by Jeremy Clarkson and James May, of Top Gear fame, for their historic polar expedition. Arctic Trucks have
also prepared the tough Hilux research vehicles that are on duty in Antarctica. With giant low pressure 38-inch tyres, the go-anywhere
Hilux had the measure of every challenge in its path as it made its way through ice and snow towards the volcano’s fiery heart. With
Europe’s most advanced aircraft rendered powerless by the ash-filled atmosphere, it’s Hilux that once again has proved itself the master
of everything man and nature can put in its path.


Milton Keynes Council and the Renault-Nissan Alliance have passed a major milestone for the future of greener driving in Milton Keynes by
signing a definitive agreement, which sets out a road map for the roll-out of electric vehicles and infrastructure in the Borough. The agreement forms
part of the council’s Low Carbon Living agenda which aims to put Milton Keynes at the forefront of low carbon living nationally and international-
ly. Last year, Milton Keynes signed up to the Joined-Cities Plan which will create a network of vehicle recharging points across the country. Earlier
this year, Milton Keynes Council secured funding through the Government’s £30-million Plugged-in-Places scheme to help build the charging
infrastructure. The council will support the development of a network of charging posts and the Renault-Nissan Alliance will make electric vehicles
available for the public to buy.


Nissan Diesel South Africa has joined forces with the well-
known Kobus Wiese to drive their new marketing
campaign leading up to the company’s brand change in the
last quarter of 2010. The company will be renamed UD
Trucks and the implementation of the new name and
brand will peak during the last quarter of 2010, whereafter
the campaign will roll out to the company's dealer network
within a period of eight months. Kobus Wiese was part of
the Springbok team that won the Rugby World Cup in
1995, and is currently a prominent rugby commentator
and presenter on SuperSport. Wiese is also the owner of
the highly successful Wiesenhof Coffees, which has been in
operation since 1996 and has franchises across the country.
“In our mind, Kobus Wiese represents everything we strive
for in our daily interaction with our customers – he is
passionate, professional and dependable,” said Nissan
Diesel South Africa’s CEO, Johan Richards. "He has
already assisted in inspiring and motivating our team by
sharing his experience and insights as a respected interna-
tional rugby player and successful businessman, and believe
he will add great value to our marketing efforts this year."

10 May 2010
Personal profile by Roger McCleery



Ford Motor Company has been in South Africa for over eighty years. In fact the first Ford
car ever exported from America came to South Africa. Ford certainly is part of the South
African way of life, having provided cars and bakkies, and in the old days big trucks, to
this country. One thing I have noticed is that all the top men sent out by Ford lately to
run the company in South Africa are all friendly and experienced motor men and car
enthusiasts who have gone on to greater things overseas. The latest appointment as
President and CEO is a motor industry man with great experience, Jeffery Nemeth.


I participated of course in American foot-
Under our President, Alan Mulally, Ford ball and basketball and golf as well. Golf of
has formed a global strategy to make glob- course you can play all over the world.
al products. We have an operating team
out to make this company more competi-
tive in the world and of course, more prof- Went into the bank for a year and then to
itable in the years ahead. The world has the University of Notre Dame to graduate
been broken down into regions. Africa is with a BBA and an MBA. After my stud-
part of the Asia Pacific area. Our many ies twelve of my friends in class went to
manufacturing plants around the world are Ford and two of us were employed by
going to change from making a multiple General Motors where I worked on Saturn
model line-up of cars or platforms to a fac- for ten years. This brand has now been
tory assembling far fewer models. In South dropped lately by GM. My friends kept
Africa we are going to have one platform nagging me “Come to Ford” and in 1995,
for the future global compact pickup needing a new challenge, I joined the com-
truck. 75% of these will be exported to pany in the Customer Service Division as
international markets. Customer Parts Operation Analyst. Then
I was promoted to Global Profit Reporting
Supervisor after a year. Two years later I
One of course is the economics of scale was Assistant Controller in Ford Credit.
that long runs bring you, plus even better This lasted for a couple of years until 1999
quality. It also makes sense for local suppli- when I moved to Taiwan as Financial
ers manufacturing components. Ford has Director of Ford Lio Ho. I helped restruc-
made the biggest investment ever. We are ture the company in a market downturn
putting R3bn into the assembly plant in period and built the brand in a Japanese
Silverton and our successful Struandale orientated country.
engine plant in Port Elizabeth, which will the product”. He was also the one who got
FORD CERTAINLY KEPT YOU me to come over to Mazda.
be manufacturing 4 and 5 cylinder Puma
engines. This all fits in with the South MARRIED?
African Government APDP due to start in Three years of this and I was back in
2013. Silverton will be on line in the sec- Dearborn before moving to Mazda in To Nancy, who has been with me through
ond half of 2011, PE at the end of March Japan for a further three years as General all this travelling. We have three boys who
2011. In the meantime we have some new Manager of Corporate Strategy. Then in are all at school in Johannesburg. Blake
products coming this year as well. February 2007 I was appointed President (15) wants to be in the USA Rugby Sevens
of Ford Lio Ho to grow Ford and Mazda Team in 2016, Coleman (13) a golf profes-
WHERE DID YOU GROW UP? sional and Declan (7) still to make up his
and oversee day-to-day operations of Ford’s
In South Bend, Indiana, where my father Taiwan’s manufacturing facility. I am now mind.
was a school teacher of maths and science. in South Africa and following a few of my YOUR AMBITION?
My grandparents, incidentally, had worked predecessors who went out East. I just love
for Studebaker all their lives, which was sit- this country and its people. To put everything into what I am doing at
uated in the same town. the moment and sort out things as they
Yes. John Parker, who headed up Ford
Go into Engineering and Business. My dad Taiwan and ran the Asia Pacific region Haven’t thought about it but I think with
was a car nut and over the years I used to before going to Mazda. Born in the UK, he my background I would like to teach,
help him maintain his Ford, Chevs and a grew up in South Africa. He had an incred- coach or lecture at a university to pass on
Dodge, and learned a great deal about ible amount of business acumen, always some of my knowledge. And also maybe
motor cars from him. believing “Business is always about join the PGA Masters Circuit.

12 May 2010
Training and Resources – an Impending Crisis?
Oscar Wilde was a renowned wag, who said many a truth in jest. During his first visit
to America in the late 19th century he made a comment that upset the locals. His
observation was that “America is the only country in history that went from the bar-
baric state to decadence without the advantage of civilisation in between”. Not true,
of course, and designed to stoke up emotions, and guaranteed to get many an invita-
tion to dinner withdrawn.

pon reflection, and I am sure that Mr. Wilde wanted ernment institutions, all with an enthusiastic helping hand from
reflection; it did have elements of perspicaciousness; industry. It is no longer a case of creating apprentices from a pool
and if handled properly it was the basis for great of school underachievers and turning them into mechanics who
debate. On this premise such an observation could be pass an early twentieth century trade test at Olifantsfontein. It is
made about the South Africa automotive aftermarket, as “the only now of vital national importance to attract talented young men
industry that went from backyard mechanics, DIY fanatics and and women to the combined professions of automotive engineer-
repair shop assistants to an anarchic state without the benefit of ing, mechatronics, autotronics, and whatever other term that
training and skills development in between”. Also untrue, but it takes your fancy. This is a profession that must be seen as the
does contain a kernel of truth that if not addressed urgently, a equal, if not superior, to the professions of accountancy, medicine,
statement that may be considered highly prophetic in ten years’ law, computer science, et al. Many institutions, from universities
time. The onus on industry and government is to do something to technical colleges, to on the job training and corporate training
about it, and to get proactive at a rate of knots, otherwise we are centres, must be added and hitched to the yoke of responsibility.
going to be left behind the technological curve, with devastating This cannot be a half hearted effort, and it must be tackled with
consequences. It is not hyperbolic to say that we are literally sit- efficiency and verve by everyone. We need centres of excellence to
ting on a threatening volcano, and something far more threaten- be created across the breadth and depth of the country, and no
ing than that easily pronounceable Eyjafjallajökull which vented longer can we afford the bureaucratic approach that is currently
its spleen recently. the currency of government. MERSETA is a tragic case in point.
The poor return on investment that is characterised by badly con-
The South African automotive aftermarket has lost a lot of skills ceived institutions such as MERSETA is a big subject on its own,
these past two decades, and the majority of the people leaving the which we shall discuss in future articles. But it is not a case of
industry through either emigration or career changes have been being at a point of no return, so let us be positive and look at the
primarily in the prime age bracket of between 25 and 45, without priorities:
any significant replacement through the schools and tertiary insti-
tutions. Thus, the skills pool of automotive technicians has been • Attracting young school leavers and turning them into skilled
both diminishing and aging. A scary situation, which may not be technicians at all levels
so serious if the technology curve was pretty static. Unfortunately, • Keeping these people in the industry, and ensuring that they
the exact opposite is happening. Automotive engineers have been stay up to speed with technological advances
busy bees these past 15 years, with the result that the modern • Upskilling the existing pool of technicians, and ensuring that
motor vehicle is today a technological bag of tricks, which will this valuable resource stays relevant in today’s fast changing
exercise the mind of the best trained automotive technician. And world
the bad news, or good news, depending on which way you look
at it, is that technological advances are going to be introduced We are at a crossroads, and we have a simple choice – either take
exponentially. The challenge for the global automotive aftermar- the high road, or take the low road. Many companies in the auto-
ket is to keep the world’s car parc in roadworthy condition, a fact motive industry are already taking the high road, at both OEM
that has not been lost on all the developed nations, and South and IAM level. These are the centres of excellence previously
Africa cannot ignore this imperative. In fact, South Africa’s chal- referred to, that must be replicated over and over again, with the
lenge is even more severe, because as a developing nation it needs support of industry and government. AAMA and ABR commits
to grow faster than the world average, and with growth comes to be part of this revolution, and ABR shall devote many pages in
mobility, or inversely, with mobility comes growth. The solution future to this matter of strategic importance. We shall also be
is multi-faceted, with the lead needing to come from the passing on many points of view, and on page 56 we give you the
Department of Trade and Industry, MERSETA, and other gov- opinion of one of the more proactive companies in South Africa,
Robert Bosch South Africa.

Corsa Utility changes brand

The next array of South Africa’s most popular half ton bakkie to grace show-
room floors across the country will be branded Chevrolet. Produced at the
same GM factory in Struandale, Port Elizabeth, the Opel Corsa Utility, will be
branded Chevrolet Corsa Utility. The only difference to the vehicle will be the gold bowtie
logo which replaces the chrome Opel logo, said Malcolm Gauld, General Motors South
Africa (GMSA) vice president of sales and marketing. “This change is in line with the global
positioning of the brand. South Africa is the only market where the vehicle is branded Opel,
in all other markets it is branded Chevrolet,” Gauld explained.

14 May 2010
Auto Topical

by Tony Twine

Since the somewhat skeletal announcement of the Automotive Production and

Development Programme (APDP) in September 2008 there has been a growing list of major
production investment activities by South Africa’s existing original equipment manufactur-
ers, particularly the European owned companies, totalling over R9 billion at the time
that the announcement that Ford SA would double its investment in the new light pick-up
programme from R1.5 to R3 billion over the next few years.

n October, 2009, BMW South stated at the time that Volkswagen’s suppli- Rosslyn in the second half of 2011, some
Africa Managing Director Bodo ers had made their own independent six months after the new engines roll out of
Donauer announced a three-year investments totalling some R600 million Struandale. Plant capacity at Silverton
investment programme totalling into the adjacent Nelson Mandela Bay would be increased from 2009’s level of 28
R2,2 billion to upgrade his compa- Logistics Park. 000 units at four days per week to 110 000
ny’s Rosslyn plant and supplier base. Two- units per annum, with around 75% of the
thirds of this investment amount was to It has subsequently become known that production estimated for export to Africa
enable the plant to increase its annual pro- this programme also supported the contin- and Europe. Local content levels are
duction capacity from 60 000 units to 87 uing production of the previous level Polo, planned to rise from 35% to more than
000 units, while the balance was intended as the Polo Vivo, to replace the long-run- 60%. Statements made by Nemeth and
to be diverted to its local supplier network. ning Golf 1-based Citi Golf model. It was Davies at the announcement hinted at
Trade and Industry Minister Dr. Rob also announced, early in March 2010, that some level of comfort having been provid-
Davies said, at the time, that the DTI had supplementary offshore orders would push ed by the DTI to Ford ahead of the final
provided certain guarantees to BMW in VWSA’s production volume up to 113 731 announcement of AIS terms.
the absence of finality on the APDP and units in 2010, nearly double the final 2009
related Automotive Investment Scheme volume of 59 487 units. This production Probably of less high profile, but equally
(AIS) offsets, which complement the provi- would include new Polo, in both RHD and demanding in terms of faith in the upcom-
sions of the APDP. LHD formats, Polo Vivo, the entire global ing combination of the APDP and AIS
production of right and left-hand-steer support for the industry, was the launch
This was followed a month later by clarify- Cross Polo soft roaders, and 100 000 into production during 2009 of the
ing statements made by David Powels, engines. Total vehicle exports for the year Renault Logan platform based Sandero and
Managing Director of Volkswagen of were forecast at 71 500 units. Powels esti- Nissan NP200 hatchbacks and pick-ups
South Africa, concerning his company’s mated that the company was due a pay-out out of the (previously) purely Nissan plant
participation in the global manufacture of of some R750 million from the AIS as a in Rosslyn. This represents the return of a
the Volkswagen Polo series. This followed a result of its recent investment activities. badge to local manufacturing, all be it
R3,5 billion investment programme, initi- shared with the Nissan name for the first
ated in 2008, covering new plant, local Ford Motor Company of South Africa time since the Renault 5 ceased to be
content development and preparation for president and CEO Jeff Nemeth assembled at the Motor Assemblies (now
the manufacture of the latest level Polo (at announced early in April that his company Toyota) plant in Prospecton in 1985.
70% local content level) with right-hand- was to invest R3,0 billion in its Silverton
drive in Uitenhage. (Pretoria) and Struandale (PE) plants to This all represents votes of significant con-
enable the local production of a new gener- fidence in whatever it is that DTI is happy
The programme was planned to continue ation global compact pickup, and a new to put on the table by way of investment
into 2010, with a further investment of diesel engine named Puma. This revised sweeteners, particularly at a time in which
R 500 million. The export component of number roundly doubled the 2008 the global motor industry is sweating blood
the new Polo programme had already com- announcement of Ford’s intended invest- to keep production plants open in more
menced in July 2009, and destination mar- ments in South Africa, and will be used to advantageous market locations than here at
kets for this product were identified in the increase the level of plant mechanisation the foot of Africa. One wonders exactly
United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New and fund local content development. The what happens in those smoke filled back
Zealand, Malaysia and Singapore. It was new pick-up production is due to start at rooms both here and abroad.

16 May 2010
A series of articles on the rise of the Chery automobile

Two million reasons to

choose Chery!
As a car manufacturer, you know you’re doing something right when
you can boast that your 2-millionth car has come off the assembly
line, attracting attention of millions.

arch 26 at 9am Beijing time marked the momentous milestone for Chery, the biggest car exporting automotive compa-
ny in China. It took eight years (1999 – 2007) to produce the first million, and less than three years to pass the 2-mil-
lion mark. The off-line ceremony was witnessed by 1300 people including China’s finest and very important people; such
as leaders from China’s National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information, Ministry
of Science and Technology and Ministry of Finance. The function took place at the purpose-built manufacturing facility located in the
town of Wuhu, Anhai province, and will be remembered as a historic event for all involved.

Chairman and General manager for Chery, Mr Yin Tongyue announced at the off-line Ceremony, “From today on, Chery people will
stand on the new height of two million, continue independent innovation and compete in the world arena, taking surpassing five mil-
lion and ten million as the new journey!” With such confidence and a positive outlook coming from the powers that be, we are sure
to only be further impressed by Chery’s future progress.

As the only independent Chinese brand to reach this high point, Chery has now become the top selling independent Chinese car brand
for 11 consecutive years. It has also been the biggest car exporter from China for seven consecutive years. With a track record like this we
have no doubt that Chery will go from strength to strength, providing the motor industry with top quality cars suitable for everyone.

So to everyone in the industry… Watch this space!

18 May 2010
Frankly Speaking

Eastern Promise
The story of the globalisation of the Chinese motor industry still lies,
by Frank Beeton
largely, in the future. Despite the numerous traumas of 2009, and the
emergence of China’s domestic vehicle market as the largest in the
world, the country’s automakers are still a long way from being seriously interest-
ed in exporting their products. Yes, they are getting incrementally active in various
South American and Asian markets, but very little has yet transpired in Europe or
North America. The reason is simple: the effort required to break into these markets,
which are still subject to a substantial amount of anti-Chinese prejudice, will con-
sume a huge amount of resource, which could be put to much more affect, under pres-
ent circumstances, in satisfying China’s own burgeoning domestic demand levels.

his will not always be the case, however. Once the Despite its tribulations (mainly financial) as a member of Ford’s
Chinese market stabilises, growth opportunities will erstwhile Premier Auto Group, Volvo retains a largely intact rep-
have to be exploited overseas. Preparation for this step utation as a manufacturer of safe, quality cars. Geely will, natural-
is already taking place, in two distinct stages. The first ly, attempt to exploit this, and has announced that Volvo’s manu-
involves participation in relatively small export markets dominat- facturing presence in Sweden and Belgium will be retained, with
ed by global suppliers, such as Australia and South Africa, which the strong likelihood that a Chinese operation will also be estab-
gives the Chinese manufacturers valuable insight into the expec- lished. The interaction of Geely, Ford and Volvo has considerable
tations of sophisticated buyers, and the performance of their potential to muddle the brand’s image going forward, and man-
products and support systems in an openly competitive environ- aging this process will be key to the success of the exercise. Geely
ment. The second phase revolves around the acquisition of failed would obviously like the Volvo image to beneficiate its own-
or cast-off global brands, which are expected to bring status, tech- branded products, and Ford would equally obviously like to avoid
nology and credibility with them. excessive leakage of its technology and intellectual property,
through Volvo, into China. Past experience has shown that the
There are already several examples of this latter modus operandi. control of IP in China by foreign companies involved in local
Following the demise of UK manufacturer MG Rover in 2005, joint venture enterprises has been a problematic area, with the
two Chinese companies were left holding intellectual rights to the local legal system not proving very helpful in protecting the rights
company’s processes and products. Shanghai Automotive Industry of foreign-based partners.
Corporation bought the rights to certain individual models, some
of which subsequently re-emerged under the wonderfully inven- At the same time, many global manufacturers will want to exploit
tive “Roewe” nameplate, while Nanging Automobile Corporation the favourable economics of manufacture in China, in order to
acquired the British company’s physical assets, and has subse- enhance the competitiveness of their products. Their challenge
quently started selling MG-badged products from the former MG will be to achieve this without unwittingly building the credibili-
Rover lineup. While neither MG nor Rover were big players in ty of unrelated Chinese brands, by geographic association, with
the global car market, they were instantly recognisable names with their local joint ventures. It could be that a similar linkage
a lengthy heritage. “Roewe” may have been something of a carica- between the now General Motors-controlled former Daewoo
ture, but the intent to draw attention away from Shanghai assets in South Korea, and the indigenous Hyundai-Kia alliance,
Automotive, and exploit a linkage with the days when British cars has been a positive factor in the latter’s rapid growth to global
enjoyed a solid reputation for quality and reliability, was unmis- prominence, particularly in the US. In order to reduce the
takable. chances of a similar positive “rub-off ” for Chinese brands, global
manufacturers will need to carefully “submerge” the local connec-
More recently, we have seen an ultimately unsuccessful attempt to tion to a level well below their nameplates, while ensuring that
transfer the Hummer brand lock, stock and barrel to China, but products from that source are fully compliant with their global
the just-in announcement that Zhejiang Geely Holding Group quality and engineering standards.
Company Limited has agreed to buy the Volvo Car Corporation
from Ford Motor Company elevates this debate to a considerably The good thing for the global giants is that this process is taking
higher level. The announcement of this deal on March 28th, place at a fairly relaxed pace, thanks to burgeoning Chinese sales.
2010 follows a period of protracted negotiation stretching back They are thus being given plenty of time to develop and imple-
well into 2009, which probably indicates the sensitivity of the ment their strategies, in an environment where competition from
subjects under discussion, and it has been reported that the $US China has been limited to a controllable number of smaller mar-
1,8 billion transaction also includes an ongoing component sup- kets. If they sit on their hands, however, the resulting sensation of
ply and research/development relationship between Ford, Geely “pins and needles” could become very unpleasant indeed, a few
and Volvo. years from now!

20 May 2010
Life Goes On

APDP Takes Effect

In this World Cup year, the form team appears to be the South African
automotive industry, scoring goals with gay abandon. The catalyst is obvi-
ously the Automotive Production & Development Programme (APDP), and
by Austin Gamble the Lionel Messi of this team is the Automotive Investment Scheme (AIS).

he APDP may be three years production facilities at the Struandale engine
away, but deals are obviously plant are also underway. The plant will start pro-
being done in smoked filled duction of the next generation Puma diesel engine
backrooms at the Union in early 2011, which will utilise Ford’s latest power
Buildings. I’d love to be a fly train technologies. The investment will increase
on the wall during these dis- total annual capacity at the Silverton assembly
cussions, because someone has ants in the pants, plant to 110 000 units, with approximately 75%
putting a flea in the ear of the automotive of the vehicles being produced for export, mostly
industry. I think that the AIS’s generous 20% to in Africa and Europe. “This investment represents
30% refund over a period of three years is a significant next step in the ongoing expansion
mouth wateringly enticing, and it is clear that plan of Ford's Asia Pacific and Africa region and
the APDP is going to have a bigger impact than underscores the central role of our South Africa
the MIDP (Motor Industry Development operations," Jeffery Nemeth, FMSCAs President
Programme) over the longer term. BMW, and CEO, says. “With the continued support of
Volkswagen, and now Ford, have taken the car- the South African government and hard work and
rot with a gusto that would have Sancho Panza’s dedication of all our partners, we will continue to
Rucío applauding. Over R9 billion of invest- drive our operations forward in South Africa."
ment has been promised over the past few That’s not all – as part of the investment, FMSCA
months, and more is undoubtedly to come. plans to continue working with the South African government to
accelerate and enhance human resources training and develop-
On 8 April 2010 in Johannesburg, Ford Motor Company of ment of the auto industry’s current and future workforce to ensure
Southern Africa (FMCSA) announced plans to invest more than the posses the necessary skills required to support the launch.
R 3 billion to expand operations for the production of Ford’s
next-generation pickup truck and Puma diesel engine. That is an "It's critical for the South African government to continue to
extra R 1.5 billion on top of the previous announcement in 2008. support initiatives that help foster a strong and globally competi-
This increased investment represents the higher levels of mecha- tive auto industry – one that is prepared to capitalise on future
nisation and component development required to deliver vehicles opportunities and realise the potential for growth and success,"
of world class quality. The investment commenced in 2009 with Nemeth emphasised.
the upgrade and expansion of production facilities at the compa-
ny’s assemble plant in Silverton, Pretoria, and its engine plant in "We'll also continue to work closely with our partners to ensure
Struandale, PE. The assembly plant in Silverton is supposed to there is total alignment and commitment to deliver the cost com-
begin production of its all new compact pick-up truck in 2011, petitiveness and world-class quality and safety standards that have
with a high-volume, flexible single platform line that will accom- secured this investment." Local suppliers to the FMCSA stand to
modate the new pickup truck – very exciting news for all in the benefit from the increased investment – working with roughly
motor industry. The plant will be positioned as the Ford region- 66 different South African suppliers, annual spending on local
al centre of excellence for the new global compact pick-up truck, components will increase from an estimated R 2 billion each year
a very nice notch to have on South Africa’s belt. The re-vamp of to approximately R 6.5 billion.

22 May 2010
Product News

Premature Failures
Leaky, Damaged, Defective
Damage Analysis of MLS
Cylinder-head Gaskets
Damage to multi-layer steel cylinder-
head gaskets mostly involves two seal-
ing elements: beads and elastomer

The beads can fracture due to various

factors, and elastomers can become
detached from the substrate material
or be scorched.Both of these damage
profiles indicate different causes.

Bead Fractures due to excessively high

Component Dynamics
Possible causes for excessively high
component dynamics are faulty,
reused or unlubricated cylinder-head Detached Elastomer Coating due to Overheating
bolts, incorrect bolt torquing due to Classical causes for overheating are defects of the water pump, radiator, thermostat or hoses, but also insuffi-
excessively high friction during installa- cient coolant or incorrect venting of the coolant system can lead to thermal problems. Failure of the catalytic
tion, as well as damage to cylinder converter can also result in higher temperatures due to increased exhaust back pressure.
head or engine block.

Component distortions can also be the

result of engine overheating. Similarly,
if an engine is operated under pinging
conditions (pre-ignition), the high tem-
peratures and pressures can lead to
higher componentdynamics and possi-
ble bead fractures.
Burford on Brands

French Icon
As well as being a great engineer and innovator, Andre Citroen was also one
of the first motoring men to truly understand the benefit of marketing his
products. He never seemed to be short of an idea, and one of his first was
by Adrian Burford to illuminate the Eiffel Tower in Paris with his company’s name, in 30 metre
high letters from the very peak of Paris’s famous landmark down to the sec-
ond viewing platform. From 1925 until 1934 the word Citroen was permanently displayed
thanks to a quarter of a million light bulbs and 600 kilometres of electrical cable.
Legend has it that Charles Lindbergh used these lights to navigate the final stretch of
his epic, solo non-stop flight across the Atlantic in 1927.

efore that, Citroen’s vehicles had already completed of luggage at a speed of 60 km/h. Over five million were made
record-breaking feats on terra firma; a convoy of (including 1,25-million vans) before production ceased in 1990.
Citroen half-tracks crossing the Sahara from Touggourt Both the Traction Avant and the 2CV were the work of the fertile
to Timbuktu in 1922/23 and in a second expedition a mind of Andre Lefebvre but he wasn’t done yet. Arguably saving
year later - the Croisiere Noire - eight similar vehicles travelled the the best for last, he designed the radical DS, unveiled in Paris
length and breadth of Africa, and as far as Tananarive on the (where else?) in 1955. Like the Traction Avant, the basic design
island of Madagascar. Five years later, Citroen organised the was good enough to last 20 years. Some say Citroen lost its way
Croisiere Jaune, from Beirut to Beijing, crossing some of the most from about 1976 onwards, in the wake of Peugeot taking a major-
hostile territory on the planet in the process. Teams left both cities ity stake in the brand to set up PSA Peugeot Citroen. There were
simultaneously, meeting up in the heartland of China nearly three still occasional flashes of brilliance, but sometimes it seemed the
years later. In the early 1930s there were also high-speed record company was being different for the sake of it, trying desperately
runs in the famous Rosalie racers, driven for periods of up to 54 to retain a separate identity. The only true volume model ever
days and distances of up to 135 000 km non-stop. Citroen was sold in South Africa was the GS, built in Port Elizabeth from
soon well-known, and sold 71 472 vehicles in 1933. A year later 1973 to 1979. Nearly 20 000 left showrooms, but the takeover by
the Traction Avant was launched, a pioneer of front-wheel-drive Peugeot South Africa soon ended Citroen production. Citroen
and unibody construction. But there was trouble in the land. came back to SA via a consortium of investors in 2001, heavily
Citroen, despite being the biggest brand in Europe and second- backed by Imperial. The brand has struggled in recent years and
largest in world terms, was broke, partly as a result of the expense the distribution arrangement was terminated at the beginning of
to develop the Traction. Michelin – Citroen’s largest creditor – this year when Peugeot Citroen South Africa was formed, and
effectively took over the company and rationalised production, Citroen in South Africa came under the wing of the internation-
making 8 000 workers redundant. Andre Citroen died, almost on al parent company as a wholly-owned subsidiary. Already a raft
cue, on July 3, 1935. Fortunately, the Traction Avant turned out of new models has been launched, and certainly, the sheetmetal
to be a great car and saved the company. In a 20 year production looks exciting. But there’s no question that the brand has a moun-
span nearly 760 000 were made, its long life assured thanks to an tain to climb. With what appears to be 25 000 largely unhappy
advanced yet sound original design. owners out there, Citroen needs to rebuild confidence in their
after sales support and dealer network, which initially will largely
Another car synonymous with the brand is the 2CV, its launch consist of existing Peugeot outlets.
delayed due to World War II. When France fell, Citroen engi-
neers hid the prototype and the model was finally presented at the Starting with a relatively clean sheet is difficult but in this case it
1948 Paris Motor Show. With a nine horsepower (6.7 kW) probably isn’t a bad thing and the double chevron deserves to be
engine it wasn’t going to set any speed records but it did live up talked of with the reverence it once so richly deserved. Hopefully
to its design brief of being able to carry four people and fifty kilos we’ll see it happen.

FEDERAL-MOGUL Federal Mogul has just released the

2010/2011 edition of its Engine Parts
RELEASE ENGINE PARTS Catalogue to the market. An electronic
version is also available.
Federal Mogul has announced the launch of the latest edition of its Engine Parts
Catalogue. The 2010 / 2011 edition is hot off the presses and is distributed to
engine rebuilding companies, spares and parts outlets, as well as workshops and
garages. An electronic version in pdf format is also available.

Enquiries: Hedley Judd – Technical Services Manager

Federal-Mogul Southern Africa
Office: 011 630 3000
Fax: 011 630 3245

24 May 2010
Industry Update


The management and staff of Behr Hella Service, the Head Office for the Silverton Radiators Franchise network,
would like to congratulate the category winners for 2009. We also thank their local communities for their support,
without which, these awards would not have been possible.

From left to right Winner Category A -Gys van Rooyen (Rustenburg) Winner category B -Hollies Holtzhauzen (Phalaborwa) Juergen
Laucher (Joint MD Behr Hella Germany) Runner up Category C - Grobbie Grobbelaar (Frankfort) Willie Fourie (MD Behr Hella SA)
Gerhard Steenkamp who collected the award on behalf of Jade Steenkamp, (Kroonstad winner category C)
Runner Up category B - Harold Lang (Francistown) Runner Up category A Hennie Greyling (Bloemfontein)

May 2010 25
Tony’s Take

International Producer Price

Inflation Set for Blast-off
The traditional launch pad countdown of ten, nine, eight ... should be
reversed to climb upwards into double digits as a prelude to anticipated pro-
by Tony Twine,
Senior Economist, ducer price inflation rates over the coming months in many of the world’s
Director – most developed economies. This is likely to shock voters, politicians and reg-
Econometrix (Pty) ulators all around the world, perhaps acting as an initial trigger for high-
Ltd er interest rates in those countries, which would decimate their fragile real
economic growth performances.

p to the end of 2009, the ten sion turned gently into a recovery phase.
year escalation rates of many of Producers became less defensive, and grow-
the world’s most developed ing end-user confidence underlined the
industrial economies, whether price recoveries of many manufactured
measured in terms of producer prices at the items. In the short term, however, this will
factory gates, or consumer prices which now present a problem as even very modest
includes the prices of goods and services, quarter on previous quarter price increases
have been modest to say the least. The are anticipated to lift developed economies
USA has had annual average PPI inflation PPI annual inflation rates into double digit
of 1.27%pa, Euroland (in the nine years for territory. While this would not be of any
which data has been collected) have great shakes to an economy like South
reached an even more modest 0.53%pa, Africa’s, the prevailing low rates of PPI
while Japan showed negative long-term inflation in those economies outlined above
producer price inflation of -1.03%pa. Even provide a backdrop that could suggest
the somewhat more inflation prone UK panic as the figures are published over the
economy has had subdued compound PPI next months and quarters. The accompany-
inflation over the past 10 years of 2.51%pa. ing graph paints the rather startling picture
By contrast, the air bubbles in the land of that is anticipated to confront policy mak-
milk and honey, South Africa, have con- ers after the first quarter of 2010. The tab-
tributed PPI inflation of 6.86%pa in the 10 ulated data for three regions which includes
years to the end of 2009. five of the G7 group of most industrialised
nations, shows the reason for the high
2008 and most of 2009 showed negative annual escalation rates – it has a lot more to
rates of PPI inflation for most of these do with what happened to prices in 2008
economies, including South Africa during and 2009, than it has to do with any abnor-
the middle quarters of last year. By the mally high PPI inflation forecasts from one
fourth quarter of 2009, producer prices had quarter to the next in the remaining
begun moving upwards as the global reces- months of 2010 and 2011.

26 May 2010
Tony’s Take
While South Africa appears to be the odd man out in terms of the alise, the day of rising interest rates in those countries could be
graphed forecast of annual PPI inflation rates, this is because of close at hand – if that is the developed economies’ reaction it adds
the hammering that our PPI took from (mainly) commodity price yet another pint of petrol to the anticipated coming fire under
inflation during 2008, which was only partially offset by negative South African interest rates late in 2010 and beyond.
PPI inflation during the final three quarters of 2009. Prospects for
PPI inflation in the United Kingdom in the short term lie between
those of South Africa and the other named areas which experi-
enced far more drastic negative inflation on an accumulated basis
up to the third quarter of 2009.

Because the threatening levels of

inflation in the G7 countries are
expected to come about in the
base (historic effects) rather than
rapidly rising prices in the next
few months to come, one cannot
be too sure about government’s
responses to the highly newswor-
thy future expected escalation
rates. The pump priming of
most of these economies in an
effort to halt the financial sector
melt-down and then reverse the
negative real economic growth
rates there after the middle of
2008 were theoretically guaran-
teed to raise price levels and
inflation rates. If the modelled
forecasts presented here materi-

New Products

CRecorder from Launch Technologies

The CRecorder is a diagnostic tool
developed with car owners in mind.
It can collect data such as vehicle
speeds, stopping/starting times,
engine revs as well as giving diagnos-
tic trouble codes should they arise,
amongst other information.

The data is stored over a 24 hour peri-

od and if the CRecorder is left in a
vehicle in excess of 24 hours it will
start the cycle again and will record
over the previously stored informa-
tion, very similar to an aeroplane’s
black box. The unit only works with
standard OBD (on-board diagnostic)

Tel: 011 397 3073 | Fax: 011 397 6489

Cell: 082 418 2256 or 083 235 1398 or 082 701 4203 or | Email:

May 2010 27
weighty issues

Nissan Diesel Becomes

UD, and my Vuvuzela
by Frank Beeton
Rings Out!
Effective February 1st, 2010, Japanese truck manufacturer Nissan Diesel Motor Company
changed its corporate identity to UD Trucks Corporation, and it has been announced that
the South African subsidiary will follow suit to become UD Trucks Southern Africa this
September. The new name reflects Nissan Diesel’s long-standing practice of branding and
badging its vehicles “UD”, initially as a pointer to their “Uniflow Diesel” engines, employ-
ing the two-stroke combustion process and Roots-type scavenging blower, and later, when
four-cycle technology was adopted, claiming “Ultimate Dependability”. Several of Nissan
Diesel’s overseas marketing operations were already operating under UD corporate iden-
tities prior to the announcement, so this change has minimum potential for disrupting the
company’s sales or communication efforts.

issan Diesel was first estab- eighties, when the compulsory fitment of nominal payload in tons on the smaller
lished in 1935 as Nihon locally-manufactured Atlantis Diesel models, or horsepower on the larger, pre-
Diesel Industries, and had a Engines and ASTAS transmissions drove dominantly multi-axled units, which also
long association with Nissan many other brands away from the market, gained additional suffixes to indicate the
Motor Company, which included the larg- Nissan Diesel enthusiastically took on the axle/drive configuration and intended
er concern acquiring an equity sharehold- engineering challenge of adopting stan- application. This was approved by man-
ing in the specialist truck and diesel engine dardised local components, and expanded agement both locally and in Japan, and
manufacturer in 1950. In 1999, French its market coverage. examples of the resulting designations
carmaker Renault bought control of included UD 60, UD 95, UD 290 KT and
Nissan, and by association, its interests in With the subsequent removal of the strin- UD 430 WT. We even added a prominent
Nissan Diesel. In March, 2006, Volvo AB, gent local content requirements in the mid “UD” emblem to the front of the cab, and
which had joined the Renault-Nissan con- ‘nineties, Nissan Diesel moved rapidly to relegated the “Nissan Diesel” script to the
glomerate in Year 2000, and was tasked reintroduce “thoroughbred” products, black trim panel just below the wind-
with managing its trucking interests, pur- and, once again, expanded its marketing
screen. Fortuitously, succeeding genera-
chased a 13% controlling stake in Nissan footprint at both ends of the payload spec-
tions of local management continued this
Diesel out of the Nissan Motor sharehold- trum, to include both Medium
badging and designation tradition after my
ing, and, by the following February, the Commercials, and a high-powered truck-
departure in Year 2000, with the benefit
Swedish manufacturer had started the tractor for use on linehaul duties. When
that there is now a clearly established asso-
process of raking in the balance of ND’s this development took place, Yours Truly
ciation between Nissan Diesel and “UD”
shares to make it a wholly-owned sub- occupied the lofty position of General
in South Africa, which should make this
sidiary. The present name change can be Manager: Product Planning in Nissan
year’s rebranding exercise a whole lot less
seen as a move to distance UD Trucks South Africa’s truck department, and faced
the challenge of bringing the new product problematical than is usually the case.
from Nissan, and position it more square-
ly in the heavy-duty alliance made up of to market with the minimum disruption
One of the important side benefits of
Volvo, Renault Trucks and Mack, with to the brand’s established top-three sales
Nissan Diesel’s long and successful history
Samsung of Korea and Chinese manufac- ranking. At this point, I hope you’ll excuse
a little blowing of my own private in the local market is the substantial popu-
turer Dongfeng on the fringes.
vuvuzela, because a basic decision that I lation of these vehicles currently operating
Nissan Diesel has had a long, and success- took back then has made NDSA’s rebrand- at the foot of the African continent, and
ful, involvement in the South African ing task a whole lot easier some fifteen this will add huge value to the future UD
truck market, dating back to the early years down the line. brand and franchise. It has been estimated
Nineteen-Sixties. Despite the novelty of that, of the more than 60 000 Nissan
Japanese vehicles at that time, the brand Remembering the UD badges that Diesels that have entered the local vehicle
progressively established itself through a adorned those early Nissan Diesels, and population over the past 47 years, some 39
strategy of direct participation in key deal- were still in evidence at home in Japan and 000 remain in regular service. The fact that
erships, extensive local testing and devel- in other overseas markets, I proposed the more than 33 000 of these units were
opment of products, and strong aftermar- use of “UD” as part of the model nomen- shipped out of the Rosslyn plant with UD
ket support in the areas of servicing and clature on the new South African models, badges attached to their cab front panels
parts availability. During the nineteen- with a numeric component indicating will not do any harm, either!

28 May 2010
Customer C.A.R.E.

CRM – a profitable
view of the customer
CRM started as a concept coined by two people (Martha Rogers
and Don Peppers) and it had to do with a simple concept as I
have been discussing in my previous articles. It is something that
we intuitively agree with. But like all concepts it needs to be
Theo Calitz has been work- translated into something practical that can be executed effec-
ing in or involved in the tively. Today I am going to use CRM to build a profitable view of
motor industry for the last
16 years. a customer; how can we make more money from our customers by
A Mechanical Engineer by applying CRM principles? With reference to the figure, we can
profession, he is passionate see that it involves a lifecycle and that CRM is not just about
about customer care and his
company, retention but about acquisition and optimisation as well. There
T-R-M specialises in auto- are many lifecycles diagrams but I will be using this one to illus-
motive CRM for the auto- trate the point. A very important and crucial part of this dia-
motive industry and has gram is the customer database. Everything revolves around and
been doing it for nine years.
involves the database. I will explore every area briefly.

Every business wants to grow or diversify
or increase its market potential. This
involves acquiring new customers. This
involves many activities but a strategy that
is quite popular in the motor industry at
the moment is to buy data which has
accurate information and preferably has
information about what the individual
currently drives or earns and then
approaching these individuals through a
variety of campaigns. These campaigns
can make use of e-mail (cheapest),
SMS/MMS, telephone or direct mail-
ing (most expensive). This is one of the
cheaper ways of acquiring new business
but with new legislation (like the new
Consumer Protection Act) is going to
become trickier to implement and it is not
always easy to get the required market
intelligence from this process. Other
aspects of acquisition have to do with
responding well and appropriately to cus-
tomer inputs. Examples are lead man-
agement and response management
which have to do with the effective it illustrates how badly the industry still faction – where we ask the customer to
response to customers approaching us, responds to leads. rate us and helpdesk – where we allow
e.g. customer submitting a lead or ‘config- the customer to interact with us freely.
uring’ their car on the website or asking Retention These are all incredibly important and
for a brochure. Customers give us many must not be neglected. From a CRM per-
opportunities to do business with them This vital area has to do with retaining the spective I believe we can do more with
but we often do not grab the opportunity customer and the obvious immediate reselling to our customers. Not only is it
to allow them to do that. I covered a sur- springs to mind: customer care – having a great selling strategy but few things
vey we did with lead management in the someone attend to the complaints and mean more to our customers than us
automotive industry a few articles ago and issues of the customer, customer satis-

30 May 2010
Customer C.A.R.E.
approaching them for more business. It is insight and understanding that enhances The trick is to be innovative – take the
a great compliment and does wonders for your subsequent efforts. The idea is to time to develop your strategy and review it
their egos! If I drive a particular brand become increasingly sophisticated in your from time to time. Do not be hesitant to
(because I believe in it and it represents implementation of CRM processes and, obtain assistance. It keeps you ahead of
me) I would really appreciate and enjoy an over time, become increasingly profitable the pack!
invite to the launch of the new model or by doing so. It is important to understand
any other activity. It would definitely per- your customer base and align it with
suade me to buy more – probably beyond your company strategy (and vice versa!). It
what I would have spent otherwise. is worthwhile applying specialist knowl- T 0861 TRM TRM
edge ito your CRM strategy. Try new
Another very important strategy is that of strategies, measure ROI and refine the
F 086 686 8382
win back. Winning back customers is strategy. Companies that apply CRM
worth every cent, it is still cheaper than strategies more effectively than other tend
getting new customers and it does to be more profitable and robust during
improve their loyalty. challenging financial times. Some ideas
(but by no means the only ideas) are doing
Optimisation customer research to increase your
knowledge of your customer. This allows
CRM processes and strategies work in a you to segment your customers and
cycle and this should be the next phase of develop a unique strategy for each seg-
the cycle. As a cycle, the stages are interde- ment with up/cross/next selling ele-
pendent and continuous. As you move ments.
from one stage to the next, you gain

Customer C.A.R.E. Programme

– sponsored by Federal-Mogul




In the previous chapter, we finalised Phase
One of the Customer C.A.R.E. consciousness
programme for your company. We called it
Phase One for ease of reference, because it
is really a permanent on-going effort, cutting
through all the phases, repeated and
renewed continually throughout the life-
span of the company, hopefully ad infinitum.
Continued on page 32

May 2010 31
Customer C.A.R.E. Programme
– sponsored by Federal-Mogul


hase One is exciting and
stimulating, and requires
PHASE TWO - THE of similar products, at similar prices.

very little formal effort,

FORMALISATION SERVICE, naturally, is very important.

because it follows a bare

STAGE WECARE has accepted that C.A.R.E.
minimum of rules, and is This is the process whereby everyone gets EVERYTHING, and they have also
concentrated on bringing involved in bringing the customer focus realised that this must be understood both
the customer to the fore of all business formally into the decision making process- intellectually and emotionally by every
dealings and decisions, both consciously es of the company. This is done by basical- staff member, for WECARE to have the
and sub-consciously. ly re-structuring the company to not only competitive edge. With this important
allow for this to happen, but to encourage knowledge, the chief executive has done
Phase Two and Phase Three requires more the wreath laying thing, and the propagan-
the thought processes to flow in this direc-
effort, because these phases have defined distic orgy of customer idolisation has
tion. I am not saying that you must turn
roles in the Customer C.A.R.E. pro- been implemented, with the staff being
the company upside down to achieve this;
gramme, and have to reach a certain level bombarded from all angles with pro-cus-
but by going through this process, you will
of performance before Phase Four can be tomer slogans, pamphlets, announce-
not only sensitise your staff to specific
implemented. These phases do have one ments, etc.
functions, you will also identify areas of
significant thing in common with Phase
performance that need attention. A varia-
One - they are never completed. Phase Phase One, with Step # One done, and
tion of new brooms sweeping clean, or of
One is an on-going exercise, and this also Step # Two well on its way, is part of the
being able to see the wood, in spite of the
applies to Phase Two and Phase Three. furniture.
trees. Each company is different, with its
The major difference is that at a certain
own quirks, so I cannot give specific It is now time for Phase Two.
stage of Phase Two and Phase Three, Phase
advice on all functions. What I can do, is
Four may be implemented. Phase Four The Formalisation Stage.
create a fictional company, and discuss this
does not rely specifically on Phase One for
process for that company. You can then How do we go about it?
implementation. Next chapter, we begin.
pick out what applies to you, and adapt to
your circumstances, and put flesh on the
Phase Two may be called the Customer
skeleton. This fictional company is called
C.A.R.E. Formalisation Stage, whilst
WECARE (PTY) LTD., and it imports
Phase Three is the Customer C.A.R.E.
Training Stage. Both run concurrently,
ECSTASY seat covers, a revolutionary new DISCUSSION POINTS
product which, when fitted to the driver’s 1. Are you confused? If so, why?
and both must be measured. Both have
seat, gives the driver a sense of well-being,
peaks and troughs in their levels of activi-
and creates a higher tolerance level, which 2. Describe, in your own words,
ty, and both have high and low levels of
reduces road rage, with all the concomi- Phase One, i.e. Step # One and
intensity, which is necessary for maintain-
tant benefits. Being a revolutionary new Step # Two.
ing interest, and momentum. Neither fiz-
product, there is still a high level of prod-
zles out, and both continue throughout
uct development activity, with customer 3. Draw a diagram, listing Phase
the life span of the company. Whereas
input being of critical importance. Even One, Phase Two and Phase
Phase One is the emotive stage of the pro-
though this is a new product, many com- Three, and describe each level.
gramme, with emphasis on Pentecostal
panies have jumped on the bandwagon,
type behaviour, Phase Two is the nuts and
and there is no patent on the concept. 4. Can you guess at Phase Four?
bolts stage, with Phase Three being
Therefore, WECARE competes against
focused on attitude training.
local manufacturers and other importers

32 May 2010
Tyres and Their Contribution
to Safety in Motoring
We have been talking in previous issues about using the correct tyres for the purpos-
Marcus Haw

es they were designed. Specifically we have mentioned the load and speed limits of
tyres. We have stated how people should buy tyres which can take the loads and
speeds they will be using the tyres at. We have also slated some dealers for selling
the wrong tyres.

ow conversely some fleet owners actually do stipulate
these specs when buying tyres; especially the load rat-
ing. And then they ignore all logic and overload the
vehicle. Recently after being called out to inspect a
fleet it was found that every tyre was rated at exactly the same load
index. We were impressed with the operators attention to this
detail until we discovered that he was continuously overloading
his vehicles by about 600Kgs per vehicle. These are express parcel
delivery type vehicles which work 24 hours and do long distance
at constant high speeds. Now one has to question the logic behind
this operators practices, not being interested in what load the tyres
could carry, but had previously had an insurance claim turned
down after an accident because the tyres were underrated for the The fleet operator who runs a fleet with such blatant disregard for
vehicle. All his vehicles are the same in carrying ability and all safety should be banned from the transport industry.
have the same original tyre load index, but are more often than
Ok, so enough about the load and speed bit. If you haven’t got the
not carrying loads way above their ability.
message by now it’s not going to happen and you’re going to end
Now doing the right thing for the wrong reasons is just as silly as up in the same category as just discussed. But load and speed are
those not knowing what they are doing in the first place. not the only factors which need to be looked at when choosing
Overloading not only places excessive stresses on the tyres, but on the right tyre for the right job. There are many other things to
every component of the vehicle. Safety is compromised all the look at when trying to get the best life and the best performance
time, and these people think they are doing a fine job and mak- from your tyres. Even tread design is specific to requirements.
ing profit. This example is not an uncommon one. We constant- Shoulders and sidewalls are designed with purpose of operation in
ly come across vehicles which are being dangerously overloaded. mind. These are not the sort of things that the average buyer
Previously this was the domain of the heavy transporter. The would know about, but certainly fleet operators should take all
advent of weigh-bridges on many main trucking routes has these things into account when bulk buying for a fleet he should
reduced this considerably. It still happens, and sometimes money know the needs of. He should for example know from previous
changes hands and these hands miraculously “reduce” the loads. experience if his fleet needs strong or flexible sidewalls. He should
know if his operation builds tyre heat or if he runs at reasonable
temperatures. He should be able to base his buying decisions on
knowledge of his operational needs. And even if he doesn’t know
what tyre is best suited he should be able to provide the seller with
enough information on his operational requirements to ensure
that he gets the right tyres for his particular operation. No one
does this and they don’t understand that this is the way tyre buy-
ing should be done. By following these rules tyres will be in a
situation where they would be perfectly suited to the functions
they are required to perform. Therefore they would perform to
their full potential and be most economical.

Most importantly, they would be performing within all their

safety parameters.
However, these weigh-bridges concentrate on the heavy vehicle
Next month we will go into this a bit further. Until then, THINK
and the parcel type guys, along with bakkies and taxis carry on
SAFETY and travel safe!
overloading with ever increasing abandon.

34 May 2010

Cell Phone Use in a Motor Vehicle

by Eugene Herbert
– either way it’s a no brainer
The subject this month has to do with the matter of cell phone use. While we know that legislation permits “hands free” operation there
are those that still
a) Persist in using phones illegally - are you one of them? And
b) Make use of such devices when it is patently unsafe, albeit hands free
The information featured below is virtually “hot off the press” and details what the NSC in the United States has found with regard to
the use of mobile phones. For those who would like a copy of the ‘WHITE PAPER’ referred to please drop us a line and we will mail
a copy to you. My e-mail address is

The National Safety Council Releases White Paper on Brain Distraction during
Cell Phone Use While Driving
Itasca, IL – The National Safety Council today released a white paper describing the risks
of using a cell phone while driving. The white paper, “Understanding the distracted
brain: Why driving while using hands-free cell phones is risky behaviour,” addresses the
lack of understanding about the dangers of cell phones and hands-free devices. The white
paper includes references to more than 30 scientific studies and reports, describing how
using a cell phone, hands-free or handheld, requires the brain to multitask – a process it
cannot do safely while driving. Cell phone use while driving not only impairs driving
performance, but it also weakens the brain’s ability to capture driving cues...
The paper describes how drivers who use cell phones have a tendency to “look at” but
not “see” up to 50 percent of the information in their driving environment. A form of
inattention blindness occurs, which results in drivers having difficulty monitoring their
surroundings, seeking and identifying potential hazards, and responding to unexpected
situations. Numerous public opinion surveys show most drivers believe using a cell
phone while driving is dangerous. However, many admit they regularly talk or text while
driving. At any time, 11 percent of all drivers are using cell phones, according to the
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. NSC estimates more than 1 out of
every 4 motor vehicle crashes involves cell phone use at the time of the crash.
“Cell phone use while driving has become a serious public health threat,” said Janet
Froetscher, NSC president and CEO. “This white paper provides the necessary back-
ground and context for lawmakers and employers considering distracted driving legisla-
tion and policies. Several states and municipalities have passed legislation allowing
hands-free devices while driving. These laws give the false impression that hands-
free phones are a safe alternative, when the evidence is clear they are not.
Understanding the distraction of the brain will help people make the right deci-
sion and put down their cell phones while driving.”

36 May 2010

by Roger McCleery

Roger McCleery asks the questions

See how many of these 20 Questions you can answer.
1. How old is the Volkswagen Beetle this year?

2. What is the Governing body of 4-wheeled motor sport in the world called?

3. What made Ford and Firestone merge?

4. What motor company in South Africa has led vehicle sales for 30 years?

5. When did Fiat take over Alfa?

6. Who owns the 1928 Bugatti GP car that won the first Monaco Grand Prix in 1928?

7. Who owned a psychedelic painted Rolls Royce Phantom?

8. What country organised the first Grand Prix for cars?

9. Great Britain imposed a speed limit in 1865. What was it?

10. Where is Skoda made?

11. What is the name of Ford South Africa’s new MD?

12. What car has replaced the Citi Golf in South Africa?

13. What current F1 driver has won the Australian F1 Grand Prix twice in a row (2009 and 2010)?

14. How many Fords gathered to set up a new record in the Guinness Book of Records at Phakisa Raceway recently?

15. How many air cooled Volkswagen Beetles were produced?

16. What manufacturer had a model called an Isetta?

17. Where was the first F1 Grand Prix held behind the Iron Curtain?

18. How many Bugattis were made by Ettore Bugatti?

19. Who made a car called an Air Flow?

20. Where is the oldest National motor racing circuit in South Africa?

Answers on page 72

May 2010 37
The Phoenix

Farewell to a Friend
and Colleague
The untimely passing of Peter Granat, Managing Director of
AutoZone, on 29th March 2010, generated an outpouring of grief
and accolades over the next few days, and to accommodate the
many who wanted to show their respects, two memorial services
were held, over and above the private funeral service.

ne memorial service was held in White River, for Peter’s beloved community and for sup-
pliers, colleagues and friends who could make the trip. A follow up memorial service was
held at AutoZone’s premises in Denver, Johannesburg, for staff and those who could not
attend the White River ceremony. In addition, all the AutoZone branches around the
country closed between 13h30 and 14h00, to allow the staff at the branches to also show their respect
for the “Boss”. ABR was at the ceremonies in White River and Denver, and in tribute to an icon in the
automotive aftermarket, we provide a montage of words of praise and poignant pictures, taken from
the final farewell at AutoZone on Friday, 9th April 2010.

40 May 2010
The Phoenix

“A great idea finder whose dream “Peter was a visionary, a Giant in the
shall never die” Industry”

“AutoZone was Peter – he has now made room “He knew every aspect of the business, was hard
for those who are left to be AutoZone” to please, did not procrastinate, and Got Things
“With his high work ethic, he took a fragmented
business and 35 stores and created the largest “He loved his staff, and this was reciprocated”
automotive parts retailer chain in South Africa”
“He was a colour blind boss that everyone could
“Leaders touch a heart before asking trust, with an open door policy”
for a hand”
“He changed the lives of people, and supported
“He was driven by outcomes, not activity” many charities discreetly. He turned the Denver
Hostel into a peaceful place”
“With his detail orientation and his firm belief
in relationships, Peter was the driving force “He changed US and THEM
behind AutoZone” into One Team”
“He cared for all at AutoZone, he displayed self- “He taught me humility, and he taught me
less loyalty and he did the right thing at all about life. He was humble, passionate, and
times” unassuming, and success never changed him”

“He always stood up to be counted” “He gave generously and discreetly to many, and
to many he was a Father Figure”
“He was one of the great men that I knew, and
he has left us with a job to do” “He saw the best in everyone, and he always
stood up for the downtrodden”
“On behalf of the warehouse staff, he was hum-
ble and soft, who focused on our job security – “A symbol of greatness, touchable, my Leader,
there will be no other Peter” my Mandela”

“He was the ideal boss, and the perfect role “A Giant in the Motor Parts
model – the personification of simplicity, toler- Industry”
ance, and understanding – a Super Boss and a
Humanitarian” “Greatness comes to only a few exceptional
human beings, and we now have to do things
“He inspired us to be More. His passion and better in his memory”
commitment made for fulfilment, challenge and
sometimes frustration, which meant that mira-
cles were performed regularly”
“We shall do Justice to
your legacy at AutoZone”
“I shall remember Peter for his love of life”

May 2010 41
Diamond Dialogues

Giel Steyn

In this series of articles ABR discusses with Giel Steyn of Grandmark International the four significant factors that should be taken into
account when purchasing automotive parts - Technology, Quality, Safety and Value for Money. These four characteristics are inter-related, and
each cannot stand on their own, and together they become a motorist's best friend. Similarly, diamonds are also judged on four characteristics,
known as the “four c's” - carat, clarity, colour and cut; and of course, diamonds are a girl's best friend. Grandmark International, as a dis-
tributor of automotive parts, is keenly aware of the need to source only the best in Technology, Quality, Safety and Value for Money, and
therefore it is appropriate that this series of articles is titled Diamond Dialogues.

A Champion of Quality
“It is an immutable law in business that words are words, explanations are explana-
tions, promises are promises – but only performance is reality”. This is Giel Steyn’s
favourite quote when the subject of quality comes up. He marries it to the words of
Jim Wade; the driving force behind the UK based Business Improvement Network, who
says that “in any organisation, at any one time, quality is precisely defined by the
organisation’s current measurable objectives”.

hese quotes were uppermost in in both word and deed. An example of this
Giel’s mind when he reflected attitude is the TYC automotive lamps that
on the South Africa automotive Grandmark are importing for resale into
aftermarket’s journey of discov- the competitive South African market.
ery from the mid 1990’s when the shackles TYC automotive lamps have received
of sanctions were lifted, and many excited accreditation from the SABS, and with the
distributors, wholesalers, and even retail- SABS mark the parts fraternity can have
ers, made the pilgrimage to the factories in complete confidence in these high quality
the east, and to the many automotive trade lamps. The intention of the Consumer
shows, where South Africans were wel- Protection Act is to encourage high quali-
comed with open arms. The result was an ty parts and accredited product and TYC
enormous influx of imported parts. It was Act which comes into effect later this year fits the bill perfectly. Grandmark
as if the gates of Aladdin’s Cave had been will accelerate this thinking, and it is with- International is a true champion of quali-
opened, but the honeymoon was short and out doubt that once again the trailblazers ty, in all its facets.
not so sweet. Many distributors soon in embracing this Act will be those who
realised that there was a tremendous vari- comprehend the pitfalls in dealing in prod- We wish to pay gratitude to Peter Granat,
ance in quality in the goods flooding in, uct of unknown quality, and who appreci- the recently deceased Managing Director
and that those wonderful prices put flesh ate the business fundamentals of conserva- of AutoZone, was also a champion of qual-
on the maxim that “the common law of tive trading. These are the disciples of Jim ity, and he would have not only approved
business balance prohibits paying a little Wade and who identify with his values, of the goals and objectives of the CPA, he
and getting a lot – it can’t be done”. Today, and who seek product that pass the inter- would have been an enthusiastic imple-
most of the distributors and importers of national quality and safety tests, and who menter of all the aspects of the act. The
automotive parts share this understanding, want to be part of the solution. South African automotive aftermarket will
and are fully aware of the need to deal in Grandmark International is one of the be the poorer without him.
quality parts. The Consumer Protection organisations who support this philosophy

44 May 2010
Industry Update

Junior Lions FC
Triumphant in SKF
SA’s Meet the World
Soccer Tournament
& Secures Spot in
Sweden’s Gothia Cup

KF South Africa’s commitment to the local devel-
opment of sport and other skills in communities
and schools once again came to the fore with the
company’s recent sponsorship of the ‘SKF Meet
the World’ Soccer Tournament. The SKF Meet the
World tournaments are a pre event to the Gothia
Cup which is widely acknowledged as one of most popular and
well-known international youth football tournaments in the
world. Sweden has been hosting the Gothia Cup for the past
30 years and the tournament has attracted 1 500 teams and
some 770 000 youths from over 127 countries. SKF is the
main sponsor of the Gothia Cup. By sponsoring the Gothia
Cup, SKF aims to create a meeting place for young people to
meet across boundaries and develop respect for one another’s
cultures and differences. “Soccer is one of the most popular
sports internationally and South Africa is no exception. The
search for young talent continuous apace and in a country
where there are still many underprivileged schools and sports
clubs, it is vital for captains of industry to sponsor development
of young players with potential”, comments SKF South Africa
Managing Director, Gavin Garland.

The great skill and accuracy of the JUNIOR LIONS FC,

secured their win! SKF South Africa will be sending this team,
as well as a few extra selected players to the Gothia Cup which
will take place from 18th to 24th July 2010. The prize includes
an all expenses paid trip to Sweden, a dedicated coach, pre-
arranged training days and friendly games from end April to
beginning July 2010.

May 2010
Launch technologies

X-431 Master Flying off

the Shelves
In its March 2010 issue ABR broke the news of Launch Technologies South Africa’s
extremely attractive upgrade offer on the X-431 Master, and we promised to give fur-
ther information on this versatile and useful workshop tool. We are happy to do this,
but far more importantly we need to urgently advise the market that this promotion
has been a phenomenal success, and to encourage existing X-431, ADC2000 and
Carlink owners to place their orders now, as the X-431 Master is literally flying off
the shelves. The reason that we do this is that there is a strong possibility of stock
shortages in the coming months.

BR spoke to Hans Coetzee, Marketing Manager of Despite this, Launch Technologies S.A. is prepared to continue
Launch Technologies S.A. (Pty) Ltd., who attributes the with its offer to its valued customers to upgrade their existing
possible savings of 60% as the major factor behind the Launch diagnostic machines at a cost saving of up to 60% on the
success of the programme. Hans describes this promo- price of the X-431 Master, depending on the age and condition of
tion as one of the most “realistic programmes” that he has been their existing equipment. The Launch X-431 Master still uses the
involved in, as it enables workshops to upgrade to a world class same proved, user friendly operating procedure as its predecessor,
product at realistic prices. The global success of the X-431 Master but has a considerably larger vehicle data base (55 marques vs. 28
is testimony to the qualities of this top class piece of equipment, for the Super Scanner), and with its increased computing power
and it is this worldwide demand that concerns Hans as to avail- it communicates with vehicles much faster than the X-431 Super
ability in the coming months. Scanner. It also comes with a unique 16 pin connector which
incorporates the BMW 16, Can-Bus II, OBD II and Smart OBD
II plugs amongst many others.

The success of the programme has meant that Launch S.A. now
has many traded-in Super Scanners in excellent condition, which
are now available to new customers, particularly those in the
emerging market, at very good prices. Launch has upgraded these
machines to the latest specs available for these machines, and
where additional data is required, downloadable software is
available at reasonable prices. In addition, there will be a
three month warranty on these machines. For further
information, current and new users may contact
Launch Technologies S.A. (Pty) Ltd at one of the
following contact no’s/addresses:

Tel 011 397 3072/3;

Fax 011 397 6489;
Hunter 082 418 2257 or
Hans 082 701 4203 or

For those wishing to

upgrade the details
required would be model,
serial number, physical
address, contact person,
contact number and service
May 2010

The Citroën C5
by Howard Keeg
– a Real Meneer
Apparently, some journalists in Europe are describing the new Citroën C5 as the best
German car ever built in France. After a week in the company of this vehicle, in the
range topping 3.0 HDi V6 AT, I can report that I believe the French are short chang-
ing themselves.

his car, to my mind, is unique in many aspects, and it
is unflattering to compare it to any other vehicle, and
particularly to bring nationalities into the frame. The
French must get over this Franco-Prussian thing and let
us seal off the Maginot Line once and for all, and rather describe
this car as the best global car ever to come out of France.

You may think that I am taking it too far in describing this car as
unique. But unique it is. Let me explain why I say this. I hate traf-
fic jams. I despise gridlock. I would rather give a pint of blood
than be stuck in one of Gauteng’s interminable parking lots (note I just put the seat massage into overdrive, reclined the backrest,
that I do not use the term freeway) for longer than five minutes. and had a happy and constructive discussion with my fellow pas-
And when it comes to gridlock for over half an hour, I need to sengers about what a sterling fellow that Julius Malema was, and
have that pint of blood removed just to take my blood pressure how fit he was to lead the nation. This car does that to you. For
down to reasonable levels. I honestly would prefer to face Bakkies the more detail orientated readers, I could go on and on about the
Botha in the boxing ring for ten rounds, than to endure our hor- vehicle’s understated and classy styling, the level of specification,
rific roads. I simply cannot wait for retirement so that I can retire the innovative Hydractive 111+ active suspension with different
somewhere in the Karoo where there are no robots and a vehicle modes, the Euro V turbo diesel engine that gives power, perform-
population of less than ten. But, there could be salvation around ance and fuel consumption that makes hybrids obsolete, the
the corner, in the form of the Citroën C5. On the day that I had active and passive safety features, and my personal favourite, the
to return the car, I was stuck in the mother of all traffic jams on integrated tyre pressure monitor, but all I’m going to say is go find
the R21 just outside the airport, for 90 minutes, and moving out for yourself.
about 200 metres in that time. Normally, I would have assaulted
my fellow passengers with language that would have had sailors I did embarrass myself when I gave the car back. It is not a pret-
applauding and taking copious notes. I would have implored the ty sight to see a grown man lose it, but the paramedics were
Lord to take me there and then. I would have immediately con- understanding and I do need the rest. I’m not yet ready for dis-
tacted my estate agent to start sussing out Phillopolis. Guess charge, but if anyone can lend me R465 000, then I can solve the
what? With this vehicle I didn’t bat an eyelid. problem.

48 May 2010
Vehicle Evaluation

The Last Car

In 1992 Francis Fakuyama wrote a book titled “The End of

History and the Last Man”. This book was in response to
the collapse of communism, and Fakuyama’s belief that
democracy was the final form of government. This was
what came to mind while I was evaluating the Chevrolet
Cruze 1.8 LS.

he Cruze is not going to excite many motoring journalists, but it did get the
nod as a finalist in the South African Guild’s 2010 Car of the Year competi-
tion, and for good reason. As I drove this vehicle around the highways (high-
ways!) and byways of Gauteng, I started to come to the conclusion that the
Cruze is the ultimate functional car. It does all that is required from it with a
minimum of fuss, and isn’t that what it is all about? Forget the frills, the adrenaline rush, the
fevered arguments in the pub – we are talking about the end of history and the last car. As
I ticked the boxes; boot space – a big yes;
passenger space – yes; driveability – yes;
safety – yes; comfort – yes (this would
not satisfy Sepp Blatter, but the average
Joe, yes); style – yes, but once again, not
Piranfarina’s cup of tea; I realised that
there are simply no bad cars anymore,
and that the Cruze could very well be the
hypothetical last car. Performance, fuel
economy, price, all are in the top quartile,
and as an overall package, this is
Fakuyama’s dream car. Humanity is
reaching its end, so we may as well cruise
into the functional future.

Brian Olson ; GMSA General Manager

Marketing (foreground) and Malcolm
Gauld - GMSA Vice President Sales and
Marketing were ecstatic at the announce-
ment that the Chevrolet Cruze 1.8 LS
was a Wesbank/SAGMJ 2010 Car of the
year (COTY) finalist

May 2010 49

Another Super
Capricorn Supplier
With the immense benefits relating to the Capricorn co-operative concept
for both members and suppliers, it is not surprising that ABR has come
across yet another happy union. With the solid reputation that Capricorn
has built up in Australasia and South Africa, it is natural to find out-
standing suppliers such as Imcomex who have joined the growing band of
Preferred Capricorn Suppliers.

The Imcomex team comprises highly motivated people, who work hard and play hard, and the vibe is positive and resonant of a “can-do” philosophy

mcomex was founded in 1994 and initially focused on parts for the truck and bus market, but has adapted over time, keeping up
with the rapid changes in the automotive aftermarket. With a philosophy of quality parts, and service and delivery at competitive
prices, Imcomex was bound to grow, and today is a well known and respected distributor of replacement parts for Mercedes Benz,
BMW, Audi and Volkswagen vehicles as well as Mercedes Benz and MAN trucks. This reputation was built on the MEYLE brand.
Wulf Geartner Autoparts (MEYLE) was founded in 1958 and has grown into a global export and trading organization. With its head
office in Hamburg, Germany, MEYLE now serves more than 120 countries, distributing in excess of 12 000 line items to the independ-
ent parts sector, and with product that often exceeds OE specifications. Imcomex has leveraged off these positives. Having initially
focused on the Gauteng area, Imcomex now services wholesalers, retailers and independent workshops countrywide, and has branches
in Centurion, Cape Town and Windhoek, Namibia.

50 May 2010
Imcomex now offers a wide range of MEYLE products: Steering, suspension and chassis parts; Rubber metal parts; Brake parts; Filters;
Water pumps; Engine and Transmission parts; Electrical parts; Lighting, Cooling components.

Imcomex has also concluded exclusive distribution agreements with other well established German companies, such as VIEROL AG,
Jurgen Witte GmbH, Hagen Truck Parts GmbH (HTP), and MVI Motorenteile GmbH, and can now boast an additional range of well
known brands such as Vaico, Vemo, Hengst, SM, Bilstein, BF Germany, ST, and Cool Expert. These suppliers enable Imcomex to cover
a range from electric, electronic, air conditioning replacement parts; body parts; chassis and steering and suspension parts; specialised
shock absorbers; filters; engine parts; and gearbox parts, supplied at competitive prices and backed up by a 24 month warranty.

There is a bright future for Imcomex, and the cherry on the cake is now its Capricorn link. Ever since Imcomex signed up as a Capricorn
supplier, its business with Capricorn members has increased twofold. The reasons are not hard to find:

The Capricorn link…

he bottom line is that for the Capricorn model to work • Capricorn members have ease of access to Imcomex products
it needs a critical mass of members and suppliers. This and do not have to go through credit checks or fill in endless
has already been achieved, but respected aftermarket paperwork to purchase, all they need is their Capricorn mem-
suppliers like Imcomex are welcome to apply and are bership number
readily accepted into the fold. With Imcomex being specialists in • Imcomex has countless networking opportunities through
replacement parts for Mercedes-Benz, MAN, BMW to name a Capricorn’s annual functions and web based facilities
few, the partnership is poetry in motion.
• Capricorn members are guaranteed the highest quality parts
from a solid brand with Imcomex being a Capricorn supplier
And the benefits are definitely mutual for both parties involved:
Brand association is vital in these partnerships and at the end of
• Imcomex knows that at the end of every month there will be
the day makes the various brands involved only stronger and more
no need to follow up and hassle the Capricorn members for
far reaching. We look forward to many more positive Capricorn
payment as this comes from one account, which cuts down
developments… as they make life easier for both its members and
considerably on time consuming admin and also improves
cash flow

To join Capricorn Society Limited call André Changuion

on 083 287 3498 or e-mail him at or visit their website on

May 2010 51
Tyre News

TDAFA Road Show

The TDAFA (Tyre Dealers and Fitment Association) recently held a series of road
shows around South Africa to keep their members abreast of the latest developments
affecting their businesses. ABR attended the Highveld & Northern Region’s show
held at the Constantia Hotel & Conference Centre on 19th April 2010.

Jeff Osborne, CEO of the RMI, opened The Legal Eagles will Hermann Erdmann, National TDAFA Chairman,
the TDAFA Road show and welcomed love the CPA updated the delegates on TDAFA issues
the delegates

he TDAFA is one of the more proactive constituent accountable for what they sell and the services they provide. The
associations of the RMI (Retail Motor Industry organ- ambulance chasers are licking their lips, but well run businesses
isation), and this road show was packed with informa- that communicate effectively with their customers, and have their
tive presentations, and valuable feedback on two vital- documentation well drawn up, will have very little to fear.
ly important issues that will soon affect the tyre industry. Hats off Conversely, shoddily run businesses will have to get their act
to Vishal Premlall, Director of the TDAFA; and Hermann together, or face financial ruin. ABR shall be covering this ACT
Erdmann, National TDAFA Chairman; for representing South in greater detail over the coming months, to prepare our readers
Africa’s independent tyre dealers with such passion and commit- for October 2010.
ment. Sponsored by Chemvulc, IQUAD, and Nedbank, the road
show focused on the impending Consumer Protection Act and The Waste Tyre Regulations 2009 which were promulgated on
the submission of an integrated industry waste tyre management 13th February 2009 are another kettle of fish. ABR expressed its
plan by the TDAFA to the Department of Environmental Affairs. concern in its April 2010 issue about the high price to be paid by
There was also a fascinating presentation by Frans Cronje of the the long suffering motorist to clean up our tyre habits, as detailed
South African Institute of Race Relations on the future scenario by the SATRP Company at the Tyrexpo Conference in March
facing our country. And of course, the looming wage negotiations 2010, and we are happy to know that we are not alone. We quote
have become a hoary annual. from the TDAFA’s submission to the DEA, “the plan put togeth-
er by the SATRP Company to deal with waste tyres is not work-
The Consumer Protection Act, No. 68 of 2008, was signed on 24 able nor is it sustainable in the South African economy. The cir-
April 2009, and came into partial effect on 24 April 2010, and cumstances in South Africa are unique, and we are looking for an
will be fully effective on 24 October 2010. This is a revolutionary African solution to a uniquely African problem. The draft SATRP
piece of legislation, as it gives unprecedented protection to the plan is not a solution to the industry’s problems and is not sup-
consumer, and when it takes full effect it will make the South ported by the independent tyre dealers.” The TDAFA, together
African consumer amongst the best protected in the world, and it with the Tyre Importers Association, have now submitted their
will also change the way business is conducted in South Africa. own plan, and ABR shall be watching the saga unfold and shall be
With this power in the hands of the consumer, businesses will be reporting back to our readers on a regular basis on developments.

52 May 2010
Robert Bosch
A series of articles on the versatile FSA 720/740/754 series

The Golden Triangle

– KTS, ESI[tronic], and FSA
Variety is the spice of life. Not many jobs satisfy this requirement, but for today’s
automotive technician this pleasurable aspect is a daily reality. Modern vehicles are
no longer mere mechanical marvels. They are also highly efficient computers on
wheels, utilising many different modern technologies and innovative techniques to
perform their mobility function flawlessly for many years. With anything as dynamic
and utilitarian as this versatile people and goods carrier, things naturally do go
wrong. It is the nature of hard working parts, but in the case of the motor vehicle,
fortunately a rare occurrence. However, when disaster does strike, this is the cue
for the caped crusaders, better known as automotive technicians, to go into action,
and to turn their years of training and fabled diagnostic skills to good use. These
invaluable members of society identify the problem, source the parts and ancillaries,
and then repair and/or replace where necessary, and after the grand deed is done
they send off another grateful and satisfied motorist.

arlo du Plessis is a member of this august body • Fuel
of “vehicle paramedics”, and as the proprietor of • Compression
Cencar Centurion, a Bosch Service Centre, he
• Spark
also relies strongly on the golden triangle of the
KTS Compact Control Unit Diagnostic Tester, These three key aspects need to be investigated, so Carlo gets to
the ESI[tronic] Service Information System, work. Anyone who has been following this series of articles will
and the FSA Engine Management System. Carlo relies on these know exactly where Carlo will start his investigation; the battery.
three products to solve any problem thrown at him. Recently As Carlo reminds us at every visit, it all starts at the battery, so the
Carlo had to respond to a crisis call. A customer’s Volkswagen battery needs to be the first thing to be checked. In this case, the
2004 Golf III 1600i had cut out on a stretch of lonely road and battery passes the test, but because the car is not starting, Carlo
was refusing to start. It was late at night, so response time and cannot test whether it is charging. This he shall test later. Now
action was of the essence. In a flash, Carlo was at the scene. Failing Carlo checks the fuses. They also check out okay, but these rudi-
to solve the problem on site, Carlo arranged for the car to be mentary checks have to be carried out, to obviate unnecessarily
towed in, so that he could throw the full weight of the golden tri- time consuming tests further down the line. Since the Golf III
angle at the technical puzzle. Being of a methodical bent and pos- utilises the MP9 system, it has a diagnostic socket, so out comes
sessing a bloodhound’s instincts, Carlo knows that there are sim- the trusty KTS to check for error codes. The first set of codes are
ply three things that are required to make a petrol engine run: irrelevant, because of the non-starting condition of the car, so
these are cleared, to see if the car will
start after this procedure. The problem
remains, so Carlo goes to the basics,
checking actual values where available
against the KTS. Then, critically, Carlo
checks whether there is power supply to
the ECU. If not, that is the direction to
go, but in this case, the power supply is
okay, so the next step is a relative
compression test utilising the FSA. The
FSA also gives a print-out on the
compression at each cylinder, which is
useful feedback, and it can be given
to the customer for information and
reassurance. Once again, everything
checks out okay, so the investigation
continues – which we shall cover in the
June 2010 issue of ABR.

“This is an example of a relative compres-

sion test, which may be handed to the cus-

54 May 2010
Training & Resources

Modern Vehicle
Technology – are our
Technicians Ready?
The development cycles in vehicle technology have accelerated rap-
idly in recent years. Above all, the increasing number of electronic
components in modern vehicles has brought about changes in auto-
mobile production, thereby changing the demands on vehicle work-
by Dave Stalker shops. These days, the primary task facing vehicle mechanics, techni-
General Manager, cians or engineers is to deal with testing and diagnostic technology,
Automotive Technical sensors, electronic actuators and on-board computers safely and
Service, Bosch Automotive efficiently. By contrast, purely mechanical tasks have been pushed
Aftermarket Division
into the background in the workshop environment.

he modern motor car, and even commercial vehicles, Many workshops already use the Bosch Diagnostic tester and
are today almost a computer on wheels. The electron- Software to perform system diagnosis and identify and rectify
ics in vehicles today take care of ensuring the engine faults in a vehicles electronic system. The training provided by
runs smoothly and economically, the automatic gear- Bosch reinforces the technician’s ability to use the equipment
box adapts to the load of the engine, the braking system supports effectively and productively. To contribute towards creating a
control in emergency situations, the suspension adapts to differ- desirable standard for technicians and workshop owners, Bosch
ent weight configurations, the air conditioning or heating sets at further introduced the Bosch Systems Technician, Bosch
the desired temperature, the windows & sunroof operate on com- Diagnostics Technician and Bosch Diesel Technician certification
mand, and all these can happen at the same time. courses. These allow technicians, who have attended a prescribed
range of Bosch courses, to qualify to attend one of these examina-
Someone has to repair and maintain these systems, should they tion courses. These examination courses tests the technicians the-
malfunction. Equally important is that “someone” has to secure oretical and practical knowledge on the various systems within a
the knowledge from somewhere. Of course, we are not referring modern motor vehicle and only those passing the required tasks
to basic training , but advanced sophisticated training using spe- will be awarded the Certificate and Badge.
cialised tooling and computerised equipment; after all the vehicles
they are expected to maintain are as equally sophisticated. The successful workshop today needs to close the “competence”
triangle, being;
As an example, Robert Bosch SA has a high tech training facility
providing training to the Automotive Industry. In existence since
1981, it offers a range of technical courses covering Auto
Electrical, Electronics, Vehicle Safety and Comfort, Engine
Management, Vehicle Braking & Servicing as well as Diesel Fuel
Injection for both conventional and High Pressure electronic
diesel systems. the right person;

Vehicle technology in South Africa is as close to the vehicles’

country of origin. Today more Vehicle Manufacturers (OEM’s)
are represented in South Africa than only ten years ago, and many
of them bring in only fully imported vehicles. Likewise, new correct tooling & equipment;
models launched in Europe, Far East or USA, are available in
South Africa sometimes only a few months later. This means there
is little technology delay between the country of origin and South
Africa. We have to be capable of addressing this technology as and specialist training.
soon as it appears on our shores, as these vehicles will be in the
hands of South African motorists expecting prompt and quality
service. A motor car in South Africa is a costly investment and for
many a “pride and joy” asset. If a modern high tech vehicle can be
imported to South Africa the motorist expects South African
Only this will enable a workshop to provide a cost effective qual-
workshops and technicians to be able to service and maintain it
ity repair with sustainable profitability.
irrespective of circumstances.

56 May 2010
The Light of
Ever heard of the old joke about the mayor’s convention,
when the mayor of Lichtenburg introduced himself to the
mayor of Kakamas, and proclaims, “Ek is die lig van
Lichtenburg”? He then enquires, “En wie is jy?” An old joke,
but still a classic, which is worth repeating in light of our
e-CAR article this month. ABR recently visited this histori-
cal town in the North West Province, in search of the real
light of Lichtenburg, and found it in the imaginatively named
West End Auto Electrical services the entire Thabo Mbeki Drive, which runs parallel to the equally imag-
needs of the town. inatively named Nelson Mandela Drive.

espite the new street names, Lichtenburg is truly a his- Being on the main road to Zeerust, West End is visible to passing
toric town, founded in 1866, with many firsts and traffic, but since the du Randt’s joined e-CAR in 2009, this visi-
many achievements. It has two of the largest cement bility has increased significantly. Despite their excellent reputation
factories in South Africa, it has South Africa’s largest in the area, the du Randt’s realised that with the rapid changes in
cheese factory, it has the deepest sinkhole in the country the automotive aftermarket, they needed to join a strong aftermar-
(Wondergat), and it also boasts a unique game breeding centre, ket brand, to give them the benefits of a national identity, world
adding to the world’s population of addax, mohr gazelle and class visual standards, continuity of quality parts supply, and a
pygmy hippopotami. The world’s biggest pure red diamond was technical standard that is continually evolving. e-CAR provides
discovered in Lichtenburg in 1927 during the diamond rush that this, and more. Having recently passed the AA Quality Assurance
took place there from 1925 to 1935. And of course, the great Audit, and now members of the RMI, which are part of the
General de la Ray is buried in this agricultural centre. Lichtenburg requirements for e-CAR membership, West End Auto Electrical is
is also the centre of much agricultural activity and this means that well positioned to remain the workshop of choice in Lichtenburg,
there are many forms of motorised transport in Lichtenburg and is even surprising its customers with free soccer balls during
requiring vehicle maintenance facilities such as West End Auto the months leading up to the World Cup, courtesy of e-CAR’s
Electrical. West End Auto Electrical was founded in 1982 by Dick innovative marketing initiatives.
du Randt’s father. This business, now run by Dick du Randt with
the assistance of his wife Ilse and son Marchant, plus Johan
Grobler, has built up a solid reputation over the past 28 years, pro-
viding an excellent service to the Lichtenburg townsfolk and sur-
rounding community. Dick is the General Manager, whilst Ilse is
the “Minister of Finance”, and Marchant is the Service Manager
Auto Electrical, and Johan is the Service Manager Mechanical.
West End Auto Electrical is particularly renowned for its after sales
service, which has earned it important contracts both near and far.
Word of mouth is particularly strong in the rural communities, to
such an extent that West End Auto Electrical even looks after the
MAN truck fleet at the Mogwase Game Park in the Pilanesberg
Reserve. The importance of businesses such as West End Auto
Electrical has increased significantly in recent years as a result of
the closing down of OEM dealerships in the smaller towns. On
the upside of these closures is that West End has inherited quali- Part of the service orientated team at West End Auto Electrical.
fied technicians from these dealerships, which has upped the skills Dick du Randt was not available as he was away doing what he
levels, and allows for a high level of technical service. does best – servicing customer’s vehicles.

To join the fastest growing workshop network in South Africa and to add a new dimension to your
business, contact Wilfried Langenbach at 0860 003 227 (0860 00ECAR)

May 2010 57
Imperial Update

Preparing for Soccer’s

World Cup
This year is an exciting one for all South Africans. We should take pride in the
forthcoming Soccer World Cup that will place South Africa on the map as a foot-
balling nation and an enticing holiday destination.

owever, the hosting of such an event brings with it Rather interesting are the sold out bookings for our motor-
a variety of new challenges to which the motor homes and 4x4 vehicles indicating a tourist who intends to
industry will need to adapt. The vehicle rental mar- explore the country beyond the realm of the football stadia.
ket is one of those industries and we at Europcar However, not all is as anticipated, and to date only 20% of our
and Tempest Car Hire have already begun our planning to meet passenger rental car fleet has been booked, the trend being
the needs of the soccer spectacular. Historically we de-fleet 3 000 echoed in the hospitality and air travel markets where hotels are
vehicles from our rental fleet after the Easter weekend to end of releasing rooms back to the local market and airlines are being
June. However owing to the expectation of increased demand, forced to reduce their fares. If these bookings are not more pos-
we will not be doing this in 2010 – we will retain the vehicles itive in April and May Europcar and Tempest will de-fleet
until the end of May, when a decision will be made as to how accordingly.
many cars will be released into the pre-owned market. The
impact of two months depreciation on these vehicles is minimal. Business as a whole will face challenges during the period and we
Furthermore, we have increased our people carrying and luxury will all need to keep on our toes. Dealerships sales will slow
vehicle fleet by 250 vehicles to accommodate anticipated down and the extended school holidays will mean a drop in pro-
demand. Springbok Atlas, our luxury coach division, is already ductivity during the tournament. Conversely, food and accom-
fully booked for the duration of the World Cup and 162 coach- modation suppliers will be busier than ever.
es will be in action, transporting fans and dignitaries. Not only
have we managed to achieve impressive coach rentals through The 2010 FIFA World Cup is a fantastic opportunity to show-
Springbok Atlas but, in conjunction with Hyundai, we will be case our country as a destination and we will hopefully see the
transporting the 32 teams during the tournament. Each team benefits in years to come, when foreigners return for their annu-
will be provided with two luxury coaches to take care of all their al vacation. We need to prove to the world that we have a cul-
transport needs to and from hotels, training and the stadiums. ture of service. We have done it before, so let’s do it again!

Outlook positive for car rental and tourism

ith over 130 locations across Southern Africa and The review says the successful rebranding of Europcar raised its
prime positions at all major airports, IMPERIAL’s profile, with expected long-term benefits, while acquisitions
rebranded Europcar is a prominent force in the expanded the brand’s footprint and capacity. “Tourism businesses
car rental market, while Tempest has become a benefited from sporting events and are well-positioned for 2010
trusted brand in the low-cost car rental market. The group’s car opportunities and beyond. We decided to pursue scaleable oppor-
rental services are supported by the largest used car dealer network tunities in the tourism sector that will amplify our leading posi-
in South Africa. Wholly owned tourism interests include inbound tion in inbound operations and coach touring,” the review adds.
tour operations and niche-tourism services. According to
Europcar’s annual review, a decline in travellers to South Africa It concludes that a slow but sure recovery is expected in the inter-
and a decrease in used car sales over the same period resulted in national inbound tourism market and business travel, while the
slightly lower revenue, though margins were largely maintained. FIFA World Cup will provide further stimulus for car rental.

58 May 2010

Durban Hosts KIA Mascot

Friend Campaign
13 April 2010. Kia Motors, an official automotive partner of the FIFA
World CupTM, gave six young children from Kwa-Zulu Natal, Durban the
opportunity of a life time: to experience the thrill of the FIFA World CupTM
up close and personal with the official FIFA Mascot, Zakumi.

he KIA Mascot Friend Programme, which was The participants were judged on their power to surprise, confi-
launched on 27 March 2010, searches for children dence, personality, and audience appeal. Judges on the day were
between the ages of 8 and 14 to accompany Zakumi, Idols star Munro du Toit and well known sports presenter Sibo
the official Mascot of the 2010 FIFA World CupTM, Mkhize from Ukhozi FM. Of course Zakumi attended the event
onto the pitch before match kick-off for each of the 64 matches. keeping a close eye on his future friends who will be accompany-
ing him on match days.
The Durban search for the six youngsters took place on 27 March
at the Gateway Shopping Centre. Through a massive media Of the 97 entries judges finally decided on: Bosisiwe Shangase,
campaign children were encouraged to come along and show off Nikhil Devchander, Brian Kkomonde, Subramoney Cohen,
their talents in either, dancing, singing, acting or their ability to Nevali Mohan and Maegan Graham.
play a musical instrument.
Mohan won on her singing and dancing which she performed to
the tune of J-Ho from the movie Slumdog Millionaire. “ I could-
n’t wait to see Zakumi, I rushed to see him, and I am so fortunate
to be part of such a wonderful experience, thank you so much
Zakumi and KIA”

The road show will travel to all nine venues where matches will be
played and allow the same opportunity to other children of the
same age. On Saturday, 17 April 2010, it will be the chance for
youngsters in Johannesburg (Sandton City) and Nelspruit
(Riverside Mall) to show us their talent.

KIA also offers many other programmes that gives soccer enthu-
siasts a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to experience the 2010
FIFA World CupTM live. For the latest KIA news and models visit Kia Motors is an official partner of the 2010 FIFA
World CupTM.

60 May 2010
Show Time

Euroquip and
Philips Brighten
Castrol Extreme
Auto Show
The Castrol Extreme Auto Show has
become a SEMA mini me, and a must
see for those interested in cars,
across the spectrum, from classic
to fast, and the sixth show held in
April 2010 at the Dome, Northgate.
ABR was there to take in the action.

rom an automotive aftermarket perspective, the
shining light at the show, both figuratively and
literally, was the Euroquip stand. ABR spoke to
Prakash Bhagwan, Director, who was displaying
his growing range of brands, including Valeo, Hella,
OCAP, and his latest shining star, Philips. Euroquip is the
exclusive importer and distributor of Philips automotive
lamps and Prakash is understandably excited in being able
to supply the South African automotive aftermarket with
the world’s most technologically advanced lamps.

Philips Automotive Lighting, a business group of Royal

Philips Electronics, is one of the world’s largest suppliers
of lamps to the automotive industry and aftermarket,
whose products enhance the safety and comfort of the
world they illuminate. You can find their light sources in
almost every car on the planet, and their strategic ambi-
tion is to set the pace in the lighting industry as the first-
choice innovative partner for the supply of safety and per-
formance oriented lighting solutions.

An outstanding example of Philip’s technological innova-

tion is their use of UV Quartz glass for optimal lamp per- Director Prakash Bhagwan and General Manager Yusuf Joosub doing
formance. By implementing UV-blocking quartz glass, duty at the Euroquip stand
Philips increases the pressure inside the bulb and conse-
quently generates more light. In addition, only an illumi- What you should know before
nated quartz glass bulb is capable of withstanding severe
thermal shocks, protecting against premature failure and
changing your lamps
giving double the working life compared to the normal 1. Change lamps by pair
bulbs. Protection against ultraviolet rays is another
2. Replace headlamp bulbs every 30,000 kms or every two-years
unique plus for Philips. UV blocking Quartz Glass offers
far better protection against ultraviolet rays than standard 3. Adjust all lights regularly to avoid dazzling
quartz glass and consequently prevents plastic head light-
4. Check all signaling and interior lamps
ing units from yellowing.
5. Regularly clean headlight lenses
Prakash promises to keep the market informed on the
6. Always have a spare kit in your glove compartment in case of
wonderful properties of Philips automotive lamps and
tips on optimal performance, and ABR shall always be on
hand to pass this information on. As an appetizer, 7. Upgrade your automotive lights to homologated and original
Prakash gave this important safety advice: quality lamps

64 May 2010
Wilde Things

South Africa
– a Nation of
by Fingal Wilde Contrasting Faces
The gruesome gunning down of Peter Granat, MD of AutoZone, has got me thinking, and
reflecting on what is going horribly wrong in our country. A country that was on the verge
of something great in 1994; a rainbow nation, and a shining beacon for the rest of the world.
Little did we know that the seeds of hatred were deep in the hearts of young teenagers such
as Julius Malema, who would have been a mere nine years old at the time of the unbanning of
the ANC and the release of political prisoners, an act that has been described as magnani-
mous by many commentators. Surely at that age you cannot be bitter for life! Particularly
when you have been such a fortunate beneficiary of the new dispensation.

he murder of Peter Granat me, I know what I’m talking about; I have of ANC supporters are behind Malema,
may have little to do with been there. I have confronted the devil’s then I am afraid to say that we must have
crimes of hatred. It also may spawn and I’ve met his disciples head-on. the most cretin mended electorate on the
not be a mindless and ran- I know what damage they can wreak. But planet. But I don’t believe it. I think that
dom hijacking that went the devil must be confronted; otherwise the vast majority of South Africans,
horribly wrong. It could be far deeper he will march on remorselessly. The good including the ANC voters, are appalled by
than that, as many are suggesting. It may news is that the devil is basically a coward, Malema’s utterances and behaviour. It is
have been an evil act perpetrated by those and does not like confrontation. He simply not credible to think otherwise. It
dark forces that lurk in the shadows of prefers to deal with malleable souls. is Zuma who is playing the more danger-
high flying businesses, and who are used ous game, by not sending this appalling
when the pace gets too hot. Shades of the But enough of the evil amongst us. This is adolescent back to the kindergarten,
Brett Kebble murder. a worldwide phenomenon, and there are where he belongs. To allow Malema to
enough forces of good to keep this scum play court jester is not wise, and definite-
I was intrigued by a recent television inter- in check. Let us rather look at the unique ly not statesmanlike.
view given by Guy Kebble, when he South African phenomenon known as the
repeatedly compared Glenn Agliotti to a ANC Youth League. There is simply no Now to the positive face of South Africa. I
“putrid bag of puss”. More intriguingly, other organisation like it. It is led by a have been travelling the length and
there appears to have been no reaction to poorly educated buffoon, and is reported breadth of South Africa for many decades,
this rather unflattering description. on by news organisations which should and I can report that unfailingly I have
Maybe on the premise that it is better to know better. Malema is not evil; he is sim- only experienced goodwill and friendli-
let sleeping dogs lie, rather than stirring ply an idiot harbouring hatred. Anyone ness wherever I have gone. We are a great
up a hornet’s nest? Personally, I can relate who disputes this just has to go to nation, of happy and upbeat people, no
to Guy Kebble’s rather florid language, as YouTube and listen to his “discussion” matter their circumstances. When the
I have also looked evil squarely in its face, with Barack Obama in late 2008, with people do behave badly, it is because they
and it is not a pretty sight. Something like thanks to Darren Wackhead Simpson. have been stirred up by the small clique of
a putrid bag of puss, but worse! It may Wackhead exposed the true Malema with power hungry thugs as represented by
hide behind a well constructed facade, but a brilliant spoof, but nobody appears to Malema. And maybe Zuma, who could be
when it lets the mask slip, it assaults all the have taken notice. Not those in power, playing a deceitful and dangerous game?
senses. Your skin crawls and your hair anyway. The problem is that his ignorant This will explain his silence. Let us turn
stands up, your eyes squint in protection spouting can be leveraged by the forces of our face against these bad people, and let
against the unworldly haze, your nostrils evil, and his incredibly stupid and naive us show our true face – a face of tolerance,
blanch from the stench of Hades, your followers can be incited to commit evil. If optimism, and forbearance. We simply do
tongue distorts into a furry ball as it tries it is true that Zuma is too scared to rein not deserve our current crop of leaders.
to process a sulphuric mass, and your ears him in because of the massive support he Come on, fellow citizens, let’s do some-
echo with the sound of darkness. Believe enjoys, then God help us. If the majority thing about it.

66 May 2010

Calmer Khama Karma

The Partinform Automotive Trade Show crossed the border into Botswana on the
evening of the 20th April 2010, and hosted some 150 visitors, roughly half from
spares shops and half from workshops. A good mix from the organisers’ point of
view, and a good indication of the balance in the Botswana automotive aftermarket.

otswana is a shining beacon in southern Africa, and Partinform manufacturers to interact with the attendees; work-
serves as a good role model for its neighbours. The sta- shops, parts shops, and a few DIY customers; to promote the con-
bility in Botswana is testament to the foresight of its cept of branded quality product. Colin Murphy, Chairman of
great statesman, Sir Seretse Khama. Born into nobility, Partinform, told the assembled crowd that “the automotive after-
but banished because of a perceived inappropriate marriage, market has different levels of affordability, but everyone wants to
Khama eventually returned from exile as a private citizen in 1956 keep their cars going longer and in roadworthy condition. The
to become Prime Minister of then Bechuanaland in 1965, and he message of quality is getting across, and when people are given the
immediately set about negotiating independence for his country. choice, nine times out of ten they will pay more for quality. The
As President of Botswana, he promoted the ideal of multiracial human being is a rational animal, and therefore it is important for
democracy and achieved universal free education, whilst diversify- resellers and fitters to give their customers the intelligent choice.
ing and strengthening the country’s economy. His class, nature, And as professionals, it is important for them to explain the dif-
disposition and character created an ethical cause and effect, ference. Whilst the South African Consumer Protection Act may
which ultimately meant that Botswana had a calmer khama not apply in Botswana, it is still unwise to hide behind the skirts
karma. His son Ian is carrying on the tradition under the title of anonymous overseas suppliers – it is the local supplier’s reputa-
President Lieutenant General Seretse Khama Ian Khama. tion that is on the line, and the simple solution is to only sell
branded quality product”. In Botswanese, Colin was peddling his
This tranquillity was evident at the Maharaja Conference Centre own version of calmer khama karma.
in Broadhurst, Gaborone, and provided a rare opportunity for the

68 May 2010
The Prize Winners

May 2010 69

70 May 2010
Witbank 11 May 2010 Rustenburg 19 October 2010
Newcastle 17 August 2010 Soweto 9 November 2010
Polokwane 21 September 2010

C o m p e t i t i o n C o r n e r
The readers of ABR are not being ignored – three proactive readers will be drawn out of the hat to join the Forza
Ferrari Racing Experience party at the Zwartkops Race Track Pretoria on 25 November 2010. Just answer these
three questions, and send to fax 086 6579 289 or e-mail

1. Who is the current President of Botswana?

2. When it comes to the purchase of parts, what is the intelligent choice?

3. Which magazine covers the Partinform Trade Shows?

Name and Surname: __________________________________________________________________________________

Company: ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Position: ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Postal Address:_______________________________________________________________________________________

Contact Tel. no’s:_____________________________________________________________________________________

e-mail address:________________________________________________________________________________________

May 2010 71
Fast Wheels

Rain Saves F1 in
Rain not only saved the Formula 1 GP race in Melbourne but turned
it into one of the most exciting and entertaining Grands Prix. Not dif-
ficult to do after the boredom of Bahrain run on a featureless
by Roger McCleery desert island circuit in front of the few folk – mostly immigrant -
workers, I would imagine.

ettel retiring his Red Bull Renault made it a 1 – 2 for Alonso were 3rd and 4th to ease further ahead in the Drivers and
Ferrari with Alonso leading home Massa to give the Manufacturers Championship. Rosberg was 5th again in the
Maranello team a 22 point lead in the Manufacturer’s Mercedes Benz ahead of Lewis Hamilton, who was tagged by
Championship. Good start for Ferrari, after a disas- Webber with a lap to go. Liuzzi, the Italian, brought the Force
trous 2009. Comes Round 2 and the Aussie GP in the State of India car home in 7th. They have never won a race yet, but give
Victoria. Not exactly known as a road circuit with lots of passing them time. Altogether what a GP should be. Human drama,
opportunities other than drivers going off into the gravel traps, the excitement and close racing with youngsters like Alguersuari
fans were doubtful that the current F1 rules would provide a bet- showing we have class talent on the way up.
ter race than in the Middle East. Ironically a huge Aussie crowd
pitched up – probably to see the returning Michael Schumacher, Malaysia and Round 3 was guaranteed to be a cert for rain. It was.
and to see if Mark Webber could pull off a win. But not during the race, which was run on bone dry roads.
Webber was on pole in the wet qualifier which was stopped when
Then the rain arrived. Jesse Adam of The Star said, “The wet
the track became unraceable.
weather is a wonder-drug and miracle cure for dull motor racing”.
Not a deluge but enough to wet the track and neutralise the cars In hot – HOT – weather, Seb Vettel out-dragged his team-mate,
and drivers and to get all the team members in the pits involved
Webber, to the first corner and as he had done in the first two GPs,
in the race. And action and drama we had aplenty on Lap 1.
and that was that. A 1 – 2 for the Red Bull Team which puts them
Schumacher had his front wing taken off in the notorious first cor-
3rd in both the Drivers and Manufacturers Championships. An
ner where his brother, Ralf, launched his car into retirement six or
interesting event on the widest and fastest roads but no great GP
seven years ago. A Sauber flew over a competitor’s car, when its
as far as passing was concerned. We are back to Bahrain problems.
brakes supposedly failed. Kobayashi, Hulkenberg in his second
No overtaking. Lots of drivers trying to get through but not much
Grand Prix, and Buemi all retired on the first lap. Alonso also spun
his Ferrari. Then genius or luck? Jensen Button, the winner of the happening as the turbulence behind the cars prevents passing and
Aus Grand Prix in 2009, did a Senna. He was going nowhere keeps them well apart.
down in the pack on wet roads so had to do something different.
He went into the pits to change onto unsuitable slick tyres after Nico Rosberg got his first podium position in 3rd spot with the
nine laps. But the roads were drying out and he passed all, land- Mercedes Benz. A fast improving Renault and Kubica getting bet-
ing up in front after Vettel retired with something wrong with the ter all the time with even more bits fitted since Australia, led a pro-
front end of his car on lap 26. That was Vettel’s second retirement cession home of Sutil (Force India), Lewis Hamilton who was
in two GP’s. The skill of the drivers in basically equal machinery unable to get past. Massa and Button were on Hamilton’s tail with
because the down-forces are not so good on wet roads and visibil- the same problem. Alonso’s Ferrari came to a steaming stop while
ity a problem – was brilliant. Ten cars / drivers, retired mainly Michael Schumacher stopped with a left rear wheel nut missing
through collisions. What was left racing was certainly exciting to altogether!! Bet that got the pits talking long into the night.
us watching on TV.
Pray for rain in China and Round 4 when the featureless Shanghai
Kubica, the Pole, did wonders for Renault with a second spot after Track plays host to Formula 1. Maybe pray for light showers for
new aerodynamics had been fitted since Bahrain. Massa and the rest of the season before Vettel clears off into the blue.

Answers From page 37

1. 75 years 5. 1986 11. Jeffery Nemeth 17. Budapest Hungary (1989)

2. FIA (Federation Int. 6. Johann Rupert 12. VW Polo Vivo 18. 7900
Automobil) 7. John Lennon 13. Jensen Button 19. Chrysler
3. 1947 – William Clay Ford 8. France 14. 586 20. Cape Town (Killarney)
married Martha Firestone. 9. 5 kmh 15. 22 million
4. Toyota 10. Czech Republic 16. BMW

72 May 2010
Midas Sport

In the Driver’s Seat

A series of articles on Midas motorsport initiatives in 2010
A lot of interest has been generated by the Midas Sport entry in the
Bridgestone Production Car 2010 Championship, not least because of the
iconic status of the Lotus brand.

part from the lure of the brand, it was the David vs. Evora Cup racer. Thus, as the Bridgestone Production Car
Goliath nature of the vehicle that appealed to Stefan Championship gathers steam, you can expect further development
le Roux, Midas Franchise, Marketing and of the Exige’s aerodynamics, suspension and engine calibrations,
Commercial Vehicle Director. “The innovative con- and you can look forward to exciting racing. Richard Pinard, the
cept, the radical thinking behind the design, the driver of the Exige, tells ABR that the potential of the car really
Lotus racing pedigree, the potential controversy around the classi- excites him. Pinard says that he feels privileged to be part of the
fication of the car, and the guaranteed visibility because of these Lotus global racing renaissance. “Ever since the Malaysian compa-
factors, all played a role in ny Proton took over
our decision to sponsor this Lotus, they have been
vehicle” explains le Roux. making a racing
comeback”, says
The potential controversy Pinard. Pinard stresses
that le Roux is referring to is that whilst Lotus’
the fact that the Lotus Exige Formula One foray is
has turned design on its head, the high profile activi-
being a production car based ty, it is a global effort
on a racing car, and not the across many classes,
other way round. Thus, any- and that with its spon-
one with a family would not sorship Midas is play-
be advised to buy this car, ing a trail blazing role
because the very ethos behind in bringing the Lotus
the concept of this vehicle is racing brand back to
weight reduction. Colin South Africa. “I still
Chapman, the founder of remember Ayrton
Lotus, was obsessed with Senna’s maiden victo-
weight, and this resulted in ry in the 1985
fast small cars with ground- Portuguese Grand
breaking suspension solu- Prix at Estoril in his
tions. And therein lies the black and gold Lotus,
rub for the Midas Lotus when he beat second
team. Over and above the place Michele
massive disadvantage of Alboreto in his Ferrari
power against the other cars by over a minute. It
in the production car series (a was a driving master
1,8 litre engine vs. 3,0 litre class. And who knows,
brutes), which is mitigated by maybe before the end
weight and agility, the SP The Lotus Exige on display at the Castrol Extreme Auto Show of the season, I can do
Racing outfit, who are tasked – displaying this vehicle at shows and dealerships is an integral part something similar in
with the set-up of the vehicle, of the Midas sponsorship strategy. the Exige?”
have to contend with a frisky
and temperamental animal. The nature of the production car series We leave the last word to Stefan le Roux, “Midas is the preferred
requires production car attributes, i.e. normal road tyres, whilst distributor, value added provider and franchisor to the automotive
the Lotus Exige is far more suitable to slicks. Something like aftermarket in South Africa, and we prefer to fly under the radar,
expecting a pedigreed race horse to run with clunky horseshoes. so we can relate to the Lotus brand and its values. We are happy to
Thus, the set up of the vehicle becomes a fine art, and getting it be the catalyst to the Lotus racing renaissance in South Africa, and
right assumes critical proportions. Help is at hand, with SP Racing we look forward to seeing our lightweight racer putting it over the
getting useful feedback from Gianluca Pisanello, Lotus Race big boys in the future, in true David vs. Goliath style”.
Engineer, and Jarno Trulli, Formula One Racer, who have teamed
together at Lotus Motorsport overseas to set up the new Lotus

May 2010 73
The Fink

ABR receives many letters to the editor, for which we thank our readers. The problem is that most of the letters are too nice.
The majority compliment the magazine, and if we were an airline publication we would dutifully print the best, and rest
on our undeserved laurels. But, once in a while, we get interesting letters, which sometimes deserve a response, and sometimes
deserve to be aired. Not for content, but rather the emotions they stir up. These are the letters we are looking for, so please see
if you can outdo this month’s effort. We have appointed Fabius Ignatius Nathaniel Krance of the Department of Civil
Liberties to act as intermediary. You will find that Mr. Krance is perfectly suited to this task.

The first letter, hopefully the first of many, is from Ms BH of KwaZulu Natal, who was concerned about
a photograph in our March 2010 issue, and particularly our description of the photograph
as “eye candy”. Here are the findings of Mr. Krance.

il 2010
1st Apr
ran ce ropriate
To: BH haniel K d Inapp
I g n a tius Nat hav io u r a n
o C. My
From: F
abiu s
In t r usive Be e le tters A t
orate o f g wit h th st. Your
f t h e Direct le s b eginnin t io n al intere
dam n ar m o with t it rs of n a appro-
Dear Ma iv il L ib erties, a e p u b li cations, c e r n in g matte e n t is e xtremely
of C otiv co n ont
rtment r autom ications as the c
e s e n t t he Depa C h ie f Nanny fo d s m s commun g e n t a t tention, g e t.
I repr itle is ils an for u r l eve r
. M y official t , fa x es, e-ma a r d e d to me e d d o n as we’l ne your
Actio n s
p o n d to lette r s
h a s b een fo r w
c lo s e t o Arm a g
k A B R to “expla a v e
o re s AB R as ua s to le
role is t 2010 to as being out – yo ing them
e o f 1 9 March s b e e n defined u r q u e ry is ab d . A r e you ask n t o use the
miss iv tter ha a ctly y o ch wo r o u mea
a x u y
nd t h is m
now w h a t e
here is n o s
s? O r d id history,
priate a n eed to k r n et and t g im plement o r ig ins, their e
respo n d , I
n the in t e
dwor k in out t h e ir hrase ey
e s t ig ate and n a r y and eve s t it s e lf of woo is s e r t ation ab r e n c e to the p d r e d
in v e dict io div e long d e re fe o hu n
To fully lo o k ed in th h fo r ABR to s r e quires a t o e x plain th a n d over tw ll e r
a v e you w is emse lv e g the m igat io n eet o t a
self”. I h la n e )? Or do o e x plain th r e y ou askin e n s iv e invest “ E y e Candy T in g
(e x p R t r a e x t of t h e pres e n t
a plane so, to as
k AB etc. O report a
fter embers odies re
la in . If p h il o s ophies, , I c a n n a r e m r io u s b e r c ia l
word ex
p their If so s in que
stio es va l, and c
e n t s it uation, h e r e fe rence”? w o la d ie o c ie t y compris d u s t r ia t c o u ld
r r t the t eS in u
their cu se expla
cy that enue. Th political, event, b
d y , a s in “plea g r e at secre a p p r o priate v t io n o f tea at e a t t e n ding this e y e candy”.
ca n u c t e d in h a t a n o n s u m p h o w e r “ S O M E
ws cond ont
the tota
l c
sw rm f our
intervie meets o
nce a m
7 repres e the te ecome o
, w h ic h n c e r n e d about p h a ll 2 h e t im e, henc o w w h at has b is t ry of
Society” n c ie s , all co t o p h otogra r a p h e d at t u . I d o not kn a t io n al Reg
onstitu e s kee n
to be p
hoto g sed y o the N sthet-
many c t o g r a pher wa p a r e d c le a r ly confu a s b e e n put on h o u t a ny anae
The ph o pr e , as it dh dw it have
events. d ie s w ho were p p y r eporting y d is m issed an d a n d castrate w il l n o longer
s lo r il v e ly
t two la dicative
een sum
rnails re
he defin
only ge , this is in li st has b d his finge in ess, and
n a t e ly u r n a o h a b u s
Unfortu g jo ; he has
als ple’s
offendin her peo to our
a n d a r ds! The u t t h a t is not all c r a t c h ing in ot ging this
s t li s m . B b e fo r e s r s e lf . fo r b r in
ourna wice aries as
Thank y
Sloppy J l think t h lumin ressed.
. T h u s, he wil s u lt s u c e ly a d d
uc h
ic balm se and in uat itizens s
en adeq
to confu e has be eyes of c
the balls l imp o r ta n c
th e e a g le
er in g
nationa dent on r unwav
is m atter of o c ie t y is depen r o a c h and you e r to
hat t h of our s an ap p shud d
I trust t e v e r y fabric fo r y o ur purit n d n a rrow. I B H .
n. T h de d ht a as
attentio commen e straig ividuals
u . Y o u are to be e v e r y o ne on th s u c h s t urdy ind t u n a te to
as yo
t t o k e eping m e if n ot for e x t r e m ely for
men ld will b
eco Natal ar
w h a t this wor o a s t o f KwaZulu
think e North
ple of th ALERT,
The peo h e ir m id s t .
d e d to RED
u in t e upg r a l expe-
have yo m a t t er can b a d , a nd I wil
u, th e go a h e e and
s n o t s atisfy yo y o u t o give the l T a s k s . His nam
oe for na iar.
If this d uired is er, Natio ciary Fr
a ll t h at is req h ie f U n derwrit e , O ff ic ial Fidu
an d to the C noet z
r letter rence K
dite you k U r q u hart Cla
title is F
u r s in supine a
Yo anny
r a n c e – Chief N
F.I.N. K
74 May 2010
The Last Writes by Baron Claude Borlz

“For our more discerning readers .....”

I have a friend house. Meanwhile, Igor is still in the lab water that are doing it.."– Al Gore, Vice
from Mpumalanga tidying up. His eyes catch movement, and President
who is into alternative humour. This he notices the fingers on Betty's hand
one is as old as the hills, haha, and is twitch, keeping time to the haunting piano "I love California. I practically grew up in
truly appalling. That’s why I’m inflict- music. Stunned, he watches as Bob's arm Phoenix." – Dan Quayle
ing it on our readers: begins to rise, marking the beat! He is fur-
ther amazed as Betty and Bob both sit up "We've got to pause and ask ourselves:
It’s a dark and stormy night. Bob Hill and straight! Unable to contain himself, he How much clean air do we need?"– Lee
his new wife Betty were vacationing in dashes up the stairs to the conservatory. He Iacocca
Europe... as it happens, near Transylvania. bursts in and shouts to his master: "Master,
They were driving in a rental car along a Master! ..... The Hills are alive with the "The word "genius" isn't applicable in
rather deserted highway. It was late and sound of music!" football. A genius is a guy like Norman
raining very hard. Bob could barely see the Einstein." – Joe Theisman, NFL football
road in front of the car. Suddenly the car If you ever feel a little bit stupid, quarterback & sports analyst.
skids out of control! Bob attempts to con- just read this; you'll begin to
trol the car, but to no avail! The car think you're a genius.. "We don't necessarily discriminate. We
swerves and smashes into a tree. Moments simply exclude certain types of people." –
later, Bob shakes his head to clear the fog. Question: If you could live forever, Colonel Gerald Wellman, ROTC
Dazed, he looks over at the passenger seat would you and why? Instructor.
and sees his wife unconscious, with her Answer: "I would not live forever, because
head bleeding! Despite the rain and unfa- we should not live forever, because if we "Your food stamps will be stopped effective
miliar countryside, Bob knows he has to were supposed to live forever, then we March 1992 because we received notice
get her medical assistance. Bob carefully would live forever, but we cannot live that you passed away. May God bless you.
picks his wife up and begins trudging forever, which is why I would not live for- You may reapply if there is a change in
down the road. After a short while, he sees ever," – Miss Alabama in the 1994 Miss your circumstances." – Department of
a light. He heads towards the light, which USA contest - She won!. Social Services, Greenville, South
is coming from a large, old house. He Carolina
"Whenever I watch TV and see those poor
approaches the door and knocks. A minute
starving kids all over the world, I can't help "Traditionally, most of Australia's imports
passes. A small, hunched man opens the
but cry. I mean I'd love to be skinny like come from overseas."– Keppel Enderbery
door. Bob immediately blurts, "Hello, my
that, but not with all those flies and death
name is Bob Hill, and this is my wife Betty.
and stuff." – Mariah Carey “If somebody has a bad heart, they can
We've been in a terrible accident, and my
wife has been seriously hurt. Can I please plug this jack in at night as they go to bed
"Smoking kills. If you're killed, you've lost and it will monitor their heart throughout
use your phone?" "I'm sorry," replied the
a very important part of your life," – the night. And the next morning, when
hunchback, "but we don't have a phone.
Brooke Shields, during an interview to they wake up dead, there'll be a record."
My master is a doctor; come in and I will
become spokesperson for federal anti- – Mark S. Fowler, FCC Chairman
get him!" Bob brings his wife in. An older
smoking campaign
man comes down the stairs."I'm afraid my
assistant may have misled you. I am not a "I've never had major knee surgery on any
medical doctor; I am a scientist. However, other part of my body," – Winston
it is many miles to the nearest clinic, and I
....Feeling smarter yet?
Bennett, University of Kentucky
have had a basic medical training. I will see basketball forward.
what I can do. Igor, bring them down to
the laboratory." With that, Igor picks up "Outside of the killings, Washington has
Betty and carries her downstairs, with Bob
following closely. Igor places Betty on a
table in the lab. Bob collapses from exhaus-
one of the lowest crime rates in the coun-
try," – Mayor Marion Barry, Answer from page 6
Washington, DC
tion and his own injuries, so Igor places
Bob on an adjoining table. After a brief "That lowdown scoundrel deserves to be
examination, Igor's master looks worried. kicked to death by a jackass, and I'm just
"Things are serious, Igor. Prepare a transfu- the one to do it," – A congressional
sion." Igor and his master work feverishly, candidate in Texas.
but to no avail. Bob and Betty Hill are no
more. The Hills' deaths upset Igor's master "Half this game is ninety percent men-
greatly. Wearily, he climbs the steps to his tal." – Philadelphia Phillies Manager,
conservatory, which houses his grand Danny Ozark
piano. For it is here that he has always
found solace. He begins to play, and a stir- "It isn't pollution that's harming the envi-
ring, almost haunting melody fills the ronment. It's the impurities in our air and

May 2010 75