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Nama : __________________________

Choose the correct answer by crossing or circling “A”, “B”, “C” or “D”!

1. What is it? 9. What are these?

It is an ... These are ...
a. Ice cream a. Neck
b. Noodle b. Shoulder
c. Juice c. Fingers
d. Milk d. Arm

2. Azkia likes ... 10. Look! She is a ...

a. Biscuit a. Grandpa
b. Burger b. Grandma
c. Noodle c. Children
d. Cake d. Boy

3. Azis doesn’t like ...

a. Fried chicken 11. She is ....
b. Rice She is my sister.
c. Noodle a. Boy
d. Potato chips b. Girl
c. Father
4. Susunlah hurup-hurup berikut berdasarkan d. Uncle
I–C–E–J –U 12. This is my ...
a. Ice cream a. Family
b. Milk b. Grandma
c. Juice c. Grandpa
d. Water d. Pet

5. Syifa : “Do you like fried chicken?” 13. I have a pet.

Ismi : “................” It is a ...
a. Yes, I do a. Hen
b. No, I don’t b. Cock
c. Yes, c. Duck
d. No d. Horse
14. Gilang has a ...
6. Syifa : “Do you like milk?” a. Cat
Ismi : “................” b. Dog
a. Yes, I do c. Rabbit
b. No, I don’t d. Fish
c. Yes,
d. No 15. I like a pet.
It is a ...
7. This is a ... a. Rabbit
a. Eyes b. Cow
b. Nose c. Hen
c. Eye brow d. Chick
d. Shoulder
16. I like ... very much.
8. These are my ... a. Apples
a. Ears b. Mangoes
b. Cheek c. Grapes
c. Chin d. Watermelon
d. Tooth ___________________________________________________________________________

17. Dini : “What is your favourite fruit? 19. What are these?
Wulan : “ I like ...” These are ...
a. Melon a. Six strawberries
b. Watermelon b. Five strawberries
c. Starfruit c. Four strawberries
d. Snakefruit d. Three strawberries

18. Susunlah berdasarkan gambar 20. They are ...

N–A–B–A–N–A a. Seven books
a. GRAPES b. Ten books
b. BANANA c. Four books
c. APPLE d. Three books

Answer these question!

21. Mr. Cepi : “Good morning, students”

Students : “_________________________________________________________________ “

22. Nauval : “How are you, Alim?”

Alim : “I am _________________________________________________________________ “

23. What is your favourite fruit?

Answer : I like _________________________________________

24. Do you know what is this?

Answer : It is a _________________________________________

25. Who is he?

Answer : He is a _________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________