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Just this week, I was asked more than once this very question, what does
TRUE LOVE WAITS really mean? For a second I stopped and pondered on that
query raised. I wasnt able to answer immediately. Does this mean while serving
the Lord its okay to have a fling and you both just give each other an assurance
that you will wait and commit until the time is right? It bothered me that I cant
just keep my silence with regards to this.
For two years now, I have been organizing True Love Waits concert in our
church and never did I realize that it is actually becoming nothing but plain
vanity until that conversation. Well its very aim is simply to educate the youths
to faithfully and wholeheartedly serve God while waiting for that someone He
prepared for them and His timing. But as the years passed, its very essence is
like a salt that is losing its savor. Todays generation is evolving so as the ideas of
every individual concerning love. When you ask teenagers nowadays if sino or
kaano-ano nila yung kasama nila, they will just tell you friend ko lang or friends
lang kami. Wala naming masama dun diba? But the truth is that, there is more
behind that friendship. Maybe, yes they are not in a relationship but they treat
each other as though they are. M.U., yung parang kayo pero hindi, the very
typical relationship status of today. Some even just jump from one person to
another since there has been no commitment in the first place. Real commitment
is no longer as important as it was from way back. In this age, these seem
reasonable and acceptable since everyone is doing it. But as Christians, do we
really believe that this is what God called us to do and made us to be?
In Romans 12:2 it says, Do not be conformed to the patterns of this world
but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. In this verse God didnt say
that it instantaneously can happen all at once but BE transformed and not BE
conformed. It is an action you have to take, a decision you have to make, and a
process you have to undergo. God made you to be different, not to be like the
rest. We know that the very moment we accepted Christ as our Lord and Savior,
our past, who we were, are no longer part of who we are today. We have been
separated from the world. The old is gone, the new has come. You are called to
be a model, someone who others can look up to. Do you think still doing the
same things as others are doing make you a good one? Reality is you can never
truly serve the Lord while you are still chasing and committed most especially
with the wrong one and at the wrong time. You cannot serve two masters at the
same time. God doesnt want anyone to share your time, your heart and your
mind with just as you dont want anyone to share your special someone with,
while He is still working and edging you to be the person He wanted you to turn
out to be. He may also be a Christian or not, you both may be serving the Lord
or not, if God says its not yet time, it is not yet time. If God says he isnt the one,
he is not the one. Do not let your fragile emotions and reckless decisions be the
reasons that others fall off from the hands of God and turn their backs at Him.

God made you for a greater purpose and that purpose is to love you. Yes,
God made you to love you. And to show Him that you are thankful of that love is
to obey Him for it is the best expression of it. Lay it all up to God. It may be too
much but its all for your own benefit. If to fill-in the void inside is the main
reason why you involve into opposite-sex relationships, I tell you, God can give
you overflowing love and much more than your mind could ever imagine.
Offering ones life doesnt end by confessing it but you have to act it out, show
Him that you really do trust Him. Do not just remember your God but love Him
with all your heart, mind and soul and serve Him while you still have all the time
and energy. If you are by now in a relationship, lets just label it as such, pray.
Pray for it. Ask God if it is really what He wants. Listen to Him and let Him have
the last say. Do not decide who is and who is not the right one for you. If ever
you receive a NO or WAIT for an answer, obey. Never question Him, never doubt,
never reason-out, and rather submit. If its a YES then continue putting God at
the center or your relationship, forget Him not.
I am not writing this to condemn you because I am not in any way better
than you but God gave me the burden to share this to at least help, remind and
protect you because I too have been there and been through the same. It wasnt
easy, the process was painful, choosing God over the idea of love and the
opportunity to be loved by someone was the hardest yet the best decision I have
ever made. As I took my first step in my journey with God and left behind
everything that was hindering me from serving Him, my life changed and He
opened up my eyes of this reality. I am brimful with lavish love more than I think
He would ever pour out on me every day of my life. I have never been the same
since that very moment. I am experiencing Gods goodness, blessings and His
presence in so many ways. And as someone who understands you, trust me I do,
I want you to experience God the same way I am experiencing Him. Lets keep
guarding each others heart through prayers.
God bless.