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Departamento de Lenguas


Aug. 5, 2016
To whom it may concern:
This is a letter of recommendation for Bryan Derry who I have known for
10 years because of his work at the Language Department of the University
of Guanajuato in Mexico. I am writing this letter because Bryan is
interested in pursuing a doctoral degree.
Bryan was my student in a teacher training program (ICELT In-Service
Course of English Language Teaching) from the University of Cambridge
and given at our university. At the same time he began teaching at the
Language School of the University of Guanajuato. Without a doubt, I can
recommend Bryan highly.
During the above mentioned course, I noticed a number of positive
qualities that Bryan has as a student and as a person. He is responsible,
enthusiastic and hard working. I observed him as part of his course
evaluation and he was found to be an exceptional teacher who cares about
his students and creates a positive environment for learning. He is also
creative and energetic, as well as patient. Academically he is strong, always
questioning and giving his opinions in areas of discussion. I can affirm that
Bryan has the necessary language skills to study a doctoral degree.
Concerning his work at the Language School, Bryan began giving English
classes in the English Department and working at the CAADI (Centro de
Auto-Aprendisaje de Idiomas/Self-Access Center of Languages) where
more positive qualities were observed. He is an excellent worker who
pitches in with all the numerous tasks that need to be done in our school. I
am impressed with his professional attitude with colleagues and students.
He shares his high level of knowledge with others and is well liked by his
students as well as his colleagues and supervisors. He has worked with me
as an ICELT tutor and observer for the past 5 years. In this area he has
leadership and organizational skills.

Later, Bryan voiced his desire to continue his education in this area. He
finished a MA in TESOL from Auckland University, offered here at our
university. Again I saw the abovementioned qualities. He is highly
motivated to study a doctorate and I am very pleased to see again his quest
for more education.
Additionally, I have worked closely with him in two research projects and I
am impressed with his original ideas, and his expertise in the area of
qualitative research. He has presented with me in national and international
conferences and published articles with me. During this time I could see
that he had a professional attitude, communicated well, and was hard
If I could find more positive words to describe Bryan, I would definitely
use them. I feel he would be an excellent student for his doctorate. I can
recommend him without a doubt.
If you should have any questions concerning Bryan, please feel free to
contact me (

Dr. M. Martha Lengeling

University of Guanajuato