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GORDON‘ FEINBLATTue ATTORNEYS AT LAW JONATHAN E. MONTGOMERY a Fax 410.576.4082 BALTIMORE, MARYLAND 21202-3332 mery 410.576.4000 imontgomery@xt October 7, 2016 VIA HAND DELIVERY Commissioner Robert E. Moffit, Ph.D. Maryland Health Care Commission 4160 Patterson Avenue Baltimore, Maryland 21215 Re: Prince George’s Regional Medical Center Docket No. 13-16-2351 Response to Recommended Decision Dear Commissioner Moffit: This letter is submitted on behalf of my client, Anne Arundel Medical Center, Inc. (“AAMC”), in regard to your September 30, 2016 recommended decision in regard to Docket No. 13-16-2351, the application by Dimensions Health Corporation and Mt. Washington Pediatrie Hospital, Inc. for a certificate of need for a replacement general hospital to be known as Prince George’s Regional Medical Center (“PGRMC”) and located in Largo, Maryland. AAMC appreciates the determination and hard work of all involved, and especially that of you and the Commission staff in the context of this important review. AAMC endorses the adoption of the recommended decision by the full Commission. Respectfully Submitted, Jonathan Montgomery ce: Ms, Ruby Potter (via email) Mr. Kevin McDonald (via email) Suellen Wideman, Esquire (via email) Pamela Creekmur, RIN. (via email) Tom Dame, Esquire (via email) Ella Aiken, Esquire (via email) Peter Parvis, Esquire (via email) Anne Arundel Medical Center (internal distribution) 5048746, 1 46208/128381 10/07/2016